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posted by DaveT on September 30, 2007

Please tell me if you're travelling to an event - don't go by yourself - people will fill up a car if they know there's a lift going - some of the away races are only viable with a full car. email Phone - 01943 464032. New items will appear at the top of the page

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posted by DaveT on December 15, 2014

FRA Calendar - well, mine has come....

Tour de Helvellyn -

The Stoop - Haworth.
Crookstone Crashout:-

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posted by WillyK on December 3, 2014

With DP News likely to be some time yet, and entries already open for at least one of next year's counters (Y Moelwyn), it's time to reveal the eagerly awaited fixture list for the Carshare League 2015.  So here you go, kicking off in Wales on 24th Jan with the possibility of an awayday weekend taking in some fun and games in the Rhinogs on the Sunday as a warm down ...

Sat 24 Jan 12:00 Tarren Hendre AS EOD 6m/2000ft NW Wales
Sat 14 Feb 11:30 Windy Hill BM Online entry now open 9m/1280ft SW Pennines
Sat 14 Mar 12:00 Black Combe AM EOD 8.1m/3280ft SW Lakes
Sat 28 Mar tbc Llantysilio AS 6.2m/2100ft NE Wales
Sat 18 Apr 14:00
Y Moelwyn AM (Brits) Online PE from 1Dec 10.5m/2800ft N Wales
Sat 2 May 13:00?
Stuc a’ Chroin AL 13.7m/4920ft C Scotland
Sat 13 Jun tbc Durisdeer, Dumfries AM (Brits) Online PE from 1Mar 9.1m/4070ft Lake District
Sat 18 Jul 15:00 Ingleborough AM 6.8m/1970ft Yorks Dales
Sat 15 Aug 11:00 Seven Sevens AL (Brits) 18.9m/8780ft N Ireland
Sat 29 Aug 14:00 Pendleton AS 5m/1500ft SW Pennines
Sat 19 Sep 11:00 Three Shires AL (LCT) 12.4m/4000ft Lake District
Sun 1 Nov 10:30 Gisborough Moors BL 12.4m/2790ft N Yorks Moors

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posted by DaveT on December 8, 2014

Eskdale Eureka - N.Y.Moors:- results.
Peak Raid3 - Round 4 - Crowden. - results.
Litton Christmas Cracker:- results
Simonside Cairns -results

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posted by DaveT on December 11, 2014

"Oli Johnson was a real menace".
"Oli Johnson showed Stockport just what they were missing as he ripped his former team apart with a goal, two assists and a shot against the post in front of 2,547 supporters on a freezing afternoon."

Looks like our esteemed runner is doubling up as a footballer, lining up for Guiseley United.
He's certainly kept quiet about this...
Read all about it...  (if anyone can be bothered, that is..)

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posted by DaveT on December 2, 2014

North Grain and Back:- a beautiful morning and a testing course, winning time over 2 hours. A very good turnout for this special occasion, results now on DPFR Results.
Oxspring Hunshelf Amble:- results. was a good trip around Trunce territory. The race will be held twice next year, in each direction, and makes for scenic running, and plenty hard enough.
Gravy Pud:- results.
Percy Pud:- results.

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posted by DaveT on November 24, 2014

Carshare is back from Zurich. Just got the timing wrong, missing being DPFR's first entrant in the Zurich Silvesterlauf through the streets. And very close to getting dressed up for the Parade of Santas....

Dark and White Mini-MM 3 : from Edale. - results.
Kirkbymoor - results.
Peak Raid 3 - Round 3. from Totley.- results.

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posted by John on November 27, 2014

Stewart Kemp says: "I've entered the Trigger. Now need to sort out logistics. I can drive and offer lifts to Marsden but need someone at Edale willing to take me back to Marsden afterwards (and I expect race will take me about 4hrs 30mins depending on conditions)."

It's a while away yet but anyone who can help with the logistics please talk to Stewart.

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posted by WillyK on November 21, 2014

With apologies to Carshare for invading his blog, it only seems fair that the whole club (and not just the Facebook cognoscenti) should get to comment on this one.  

We are deeply indebted to both Adi Davis and Jim Fulton for providing the tracks that allow us to pose the questions:

2014-11-21--image.jpg1. which track is Ashley's?

2. is this finally the proof we needed that great fell running minds (Jim and Ashley's) think entirely alike?

3. if 2. is conceded, then how can genetics account for the occasionally inspired variations upon variations upon a route which these two magnificent tracks reveal?

No cheating now; only answers backed up with a plausible explanation can be accepted - so don't just refer to the tracks on the website for your answer. A pint for the best set of answers, in the Carshare comments section below (comments on Facebook also welcome, though these will not qualify for beer).

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posted by DaveT on November 17, 2014

"Three Tops" :-
FRA Presentation Night:- Congratulations to all our medal recipients, and hope that you had a successful, most deserved, evening.
Wrekin Wrecker:- results.
Clowne Half Marathon:- results. Some familiar names lurking within...

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