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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 20th Jan 2014

Kinder Trial:- "The winners were Tom Brunt and Kirsty. The course was longer than usual, but covered the same mix of terrain around the Hayfield basin. It was chill on the hill and the late finishers had to contend with lightning and a truly painful, stinging hail storm. None the less, another great event."
Here is a set of photos, kindly sent by Lewis, following the trip round...Results:-

Northern Cross Country Championships - Knowsley Park. Men's results. Ladies
Blakes Heaven - results.
Tigger Tor - results.
Whitestone - Kendal Winter League (Cartmel).

1st February - Edale entries.....

Buttermere Sailbeck is most welcomely re-instated in the FRA Calendar, Saturday 10th May. Pre-entry always helps, though EOD is listed, the organiser being the most esteemed Rhys. Words of thanks are needed for taking this excellent course on once more.
And in similar vein, it seems that Reeth Hills might be re-instated later in the year....

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posted by DaveT on 14th Jan 2014

Anglesy Coastal Run.
There is this Endurance Life set of coastal trail events around the country, and apparently very popular as entries get filled up. This is a map of the Anglesy course, and don't it look appealing? There are 10km, half and full marathon, and ultra courses.
Our man spurned the usual haunts of Ashurst Beacon to guide the others around the full marathon course. Either he ran well, navigated well, or misdirected the others as he was home first by 22 minutes. results. John Hunt finished in 2.56.10, which seems no bad time for an off-road event.

CP details and route notes. Absolutely vital is to check the compass on leaving the summit, even when it is clear. Entry details

Please, please, send email (this is DT, Carshare...) any parkrun results which can go on the table....
DPFR Parkrun Bests 2014.
Big thanks to Jim Paxman, who has sent results in from Endcliffe Park. He adds "I hope that the others don't mind being outed as road runners! However, we'll fill in a few gaps in the table."
Most pleased now to have a Ladies table, as Jenny Caddick was along.
Mike Nolan has clearly gone for it today, setting the Age-Graded Score at 81.16%, and the fastest - 17.36.
Not to miss off:- "David Arundale, 25:31, VM55-59 62.31 % and Guy Seaman 28:22, VM60-64, 58.58%

Box Hill:- results. Pete Tapping and Tony Maycraft found it, wherever it may be....
Stanbury Splash - results. distinctly tropical condtions on the Haworth moors, with a most rare appearance from the sun. The paths and slopes were soaked and slippy, with three streams to waddle across. Tom Brunt and Stuart Bond had ventured out, changed and in the hostelry before Carshare eventually finished.
Lamb's Longer Leg -results.

2013 Snowdon Race - is on Channel 4, Sunday 19th - tomorrow....7.05am....
Tour de France/Yorkshire - the timings for Stages 1 and 2.

Carshare League entries. Wadsworth Trog, 8th February, race 1, entry form, needs to be in - it will fill up! I've sent in an entry for race 2, Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round on March 8th. Pre-entry, using the standard FRA entry form. The organiser has kindly confirmed acceptance, so no worries about getting the entry in early. Carshare's big chance to stuff Willy, you see...

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Friday 24th January 2014 at 8:09am
posted by DaveT on 7th Jan 2014

Nobody running? Any parkruns that you can please send?
DPFR Parkrun Listings.
(to get on this list it needs to be this year....)
The Age-Graded Score is now lifted to 76.33%, hopefully more results to be sent , especially to fill in gaps in the table, and from our Ladies. Children of course would get a listing...
Jon Pemberton has set the fastest, with a trip around Graves Park. 2nd place, 19.27. Any other parkruun results out there?
Please send email (this is DT, Carshare...) along any Parkrun results, from wherever.

Langdale 2014. The Ambleside website shows:- "This race will go ahead provided agreement on safety procedures can be agreed with the FRA. Entries will not be accepted before July 1st. Any entries received before then will be destroyed. Entry details will be posted here on or before July 1st."

Pendle AS - Pre-entry English Championship (1) .

The Trigger:- results.
Trig Point:- Cannock Chase:- results. A repeat victory for Rob Little.
Firbank - Kendal Winter League . results
YHA "King of the Castle" - Borrowdale. results. And another win, here by Rhys, followed shortly by Tom Saville, and Rachel making up the set.
"Uphill TT course, good fun, a bit different, and excellent cakes and drinks afterwards."

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Wednesday 15th January 2014 at 6:34am
posted by DaveT on 5th Jan 2014

Greg , Rhys, and Willy have the correct answers
CP1 - Ian Hodgson Relay, Angle Tarn (and passed by on Howtown.)
CP2 - Kinder Downfall
CP3 - Ennerdale - Blackbeck Tarn.
CP4 - Tour of Pendle - Ogden Clough.
CP5 - Sedbergh - (the top West CP, before heading back across..)


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posted by DaveT on 28th Dec 2013

Yorkshire Cross-Country Championships. at Lightwater Valley, near Ripon. results.
Auld Lang Syne:- results.
Captain Cook's Races:- results. A hopefully safe return up there from Joe, 1st V50.
Nine Standards:-
Moz's Birthday Run.
Clay Bank East - far away by Guisborough. results. A most notable win by Johnny Malley.
Scout Scar - Kendal Winter League. results.

Meanwood Trail race. (Leeds). I only mention this because the idea is so good. Start and finish from the pub. 6 miles. £4.00 entry, of which £2.00 is a voucher to use in the pub. You get a detailed set of route instructions, and set off by yourself any time between 11.00am and 12.00 noon. Maybe the idea will catch on? Wot's more, I didn't get lost...

Ilkley Moor is AS, 2nd March. (missed from the FRA Calendar ). Pre-entry now available.
Great Lakes Run - is looking for a new host club, and that's some big ask. Changing times indeed.

Parkruns. If anyone hasn't considered these, they work so very well. 5km, 9.00am , every Saturday all over the place. Venues. Free, no hassle, and you get a right shift on. With Parkruns all over, no way I can keep tabs on them all, so any results would please need to be sent to me. Only a Men's table just now, easily a Ladies thing can be put on if wished.

Quite a decent year for our Teams in 2013, but that's been and gone. Now for this year's campaign. First is Pendle, AS. Pre-entry, .which needs now to be in. For those not used to the start and finish, the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round , Saturday 8th March, could be extremely useful. Willy has wisely included it in the Carshare League - another pre-entry.
For Ireland, Rob Little can likely help out with any accommodation needs. Please let me know when any flights are booked, as this will help with car-hire, etc. A memorable weekend is some certainty....

Kendal Winter League:-
Not that I've done any of them, but worth having a think about if you can join our esteemed Lakeland residents? Short and sharp, it seems.

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posted by John on 1st Jan 2014

It was none other than the club chairman Tom Westgate who we lined up as caption fodder in the last edition. Why was his face so painfully contorted? Why was it covered in ice? What had made his lips turn purple, and why were those goggles such a strange shade of yellow, (was it to match the Dark Peak purple?). Quite a few of you addressed the goggles question, and it was Tim Hawley’s perseverance in doing so that has finally brought him the glory that he’s craved for years through his repeat multiple entries. His winning words: “Yeah, it’s an old army trick. Pissing in your goggles keeps them clear.” In second place, Tom himself, picturing himself as some kind of latter-day Scott of the Antarctic: “Last entry: ‘For God’s sake look after our club’.”

This time, we turn to the Edale Skyline kit check, where Stewart Kemp and Kenny Turner were drawing great amusement from something that seemed to be lurking around Kenny’s nether regions. Or were they? As ever, the only limits to what was going on here are in your imagination. Over to you…


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posted by WillyK on 29th Dec 2013

The traditional thirty-six hour DP consultation period having lapsed since publication of the Winter DP News - without comment, protest or worse - I now declare the following twelve fixtures as counters for the Carshare League in 2014. Please note the preponderance of pre-entry only races and consider getting your entries in early, including for the first race at Wadsworth on 8th Feb (entry deadline 27th Jan).

I'm hoping there's something here for everyone, that the races are a little more kindly distributed across the year for the top end (and those of us with kids/supporting duties in June/July), and that, mile for mile, these races are all worth the journey.

Thanks also to Carshare himself for pointing out the suitability of the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round as an alternative recce for the English champs counter at Pendle, and the novelty of a 'pint/half before you cross the finishing line' at the Charlesworth Chase. Particularly sorry that I'll likely have to miss that one which, as honorary defending women's champion, would have posed the difficult question whether I should consume a pint or just the women's half at the finishing line; and here's hoping at least one representative of the distaff side of the club will be moved to at least turn up for a minimum of five counters this year (hell hath no fury like an honorary woman scorned).

My entry's already in for the Wadsworth Trog (the clue's in the second part of the race title), and I've space for at least three passengers (email). Looking forward to seeing some or more of you there, and to getting to know a few more club mates on the highways, byways and in a variety of cafe-stops on route to the different races.

Sat 8 Feb 10am Wadsworth Trog BL

(PE only)

20m/4000ft S&W Pennines
Sat 8 Mar 11am Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round BM

(PE only)

10.4m/1950ft S&W Pennines
Sat 29 Mar 12 pm Donard Challenge AS (Brits) 4.7m/2790ft N. Ireland (Newcastle)
Sat 12 Apr 11am Coledale Horseshoe AM (PE preferred) 8.5m/3000ft Lake District
Sat 17 May 11am Charlesworth Chase (Simon's Seat) BS 5.2m/1200ft Yorks Dales
Sat 14 Jun 11am Cwm Pennant Horseshoe AL 16.8m/5900ft Wales (Snowdonia)
Sat 28 Jun 2pm Dollar AM (Brits) 9.3m/3380ft Scotland
Sat 2 Aug 11am Borrowdale AL (LCT) (PE only) 16.8m/6550ft Lake District
Sun 24 Aug 1pm David Bell Memorial Hoppits Hill Race BS 3.5m/820ft Peak District
Sat 30 Aug 1pm Maesgwm Muddle AM (Brits)

(PE only)

8.7m/2790ft Wales (Llanberis)
Sun 14 Sep 8.30am Lake District Mountain Trial O

(PE only)

16m/7875ft Lake District (venue tbc)
Sat 18 Oct 2.30pm Screes AS 4.9m/1550ft Lake District (Nether Wasdale)

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posted by DaveT on 27th Dec 2013

Carshare League 2014.
No doubt Willy will be giving more details of the races, which are listed in the DP News epistle. First is Wadsworth Trog, and runners chasing the many lucrative League Prizes would ddo well to notice that entries are open, details, and with a limit of 200, best get going on this. For them that's not acquainted with the race, it's an extremely good event to get gruelling miles in the legs.
As ever, if anyone wants Route Notes over any race, just send through, someone will no doubt have done the race sometime.
Further away in time is Simon's Seat. (Wharfedale). I can't recommend this highly enough. Camping alongside, c/o Farmer Ted (Mason), excellent village pub to start from, and a compulsory pint to be drunk before crossing the finish line.

Bradfield Boundary Run:-
Festive Disorientation - from Chunal.

Tuesday:- Auld Lang Syne:- another busy thing from the Haworth cold quarries.

Captain Cook's Races:-
Nine Standards:-
Giant's Tooth (above Halifax) -

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posted by DaveT on 13th Dec 2013

Very best of Christmas wishes from Carshare to everybody and anybody!

Quite simply - where is it? Not a trick puzzle, it's within a recognised climbing guide....
Well, correct answers from Tom Brunt a nd Greg. This is Great Wolfrey Crag, SE 063374, above Grimwith Reservoir which is near Grassington.No real path to reach it, not much of a climber's path beneath nor along the top, but a most scenic place to be running by.

There are rumours of a New Year's Thingy being sent through....


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posted by DaveT on 16th Dec 2013

60th Crookstone Crashout.
Boxing Day Bogtrot.
Chevin Chase, (around Otley Chevin) . Good, but £18.00 just don't seem right. Too expensive for poor Carshare.
900+ runners, that's some big money coming in. Johnny Brownlee home first - again.
Wansfell:- results.
Guisborough Woods:- results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Sunday 29th December 2013 at 6:28pm
posted by DaveT on 10th Dec 2013

FRA Calendar 2014 - well. there's plenty to go at within. All these safety rules and regulations. But they need to be read, and accepted. If you don't like them, don't enter and stand on that start line. Marshalling requirements have been tightened up, and - just as for Parkruns we're expected to help out with marshalling at least three times a year - shouldn't I/we be doing our fair share of marshalling for fell events?..
Recording Numbers. On CP9 at Pendle I was asked to write down numbers. When it's busy any numbers pinned to legs just can't be quickly seen, neither can those part-covered by a strap across the front. So now, numbers must be clearly seen. People who had put a top on easily lifted the top to show their number, and not a problem.

The Trigger. (12th January.) Steve Monaghan asks:- "I have an entry for The Trigger and I am looking for transport to Marsden for the start - do you have any members who can offer a lift ?"
DT - please email if you can help out.

Really Wild Boar . Results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Monday 23rd December 2013 at 7:47pm
posted by DaveT on 2nd Dec 2013

Three Tops Race - DPFR.
So I'm reading Ian's report, and must take issue with its literary content. "The RO contrived to baffle every one by stupidly leaving his car keys on the bonnet of his car so he returned and restarted the race allowing him to weasel a crafty route up to catch the main group".
Is not the verb correctly written as "Worsell", instead of "Weasel"? Perhaps someone with a PHD in DPFR Literature could help out?

Eskdale Eureka - the North-east Eskdale, mind you....results.

England Athletics Whatever:-
"Should you wish to continue to be registered with England Athletics you should go through an EA affiliated club, and pay the £10 EA fee via them. At the moment there is no arrangement for athletes to register direct with EA.".
DT - no comment from me, lest I say something better not said...

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posted by DaveT on 25th Nov 2013

Gravy Pud:- results.These are well worth a look through, as the top end is filled with these young whippersnappers....
Cardington Cracker - results

High Peak Marathon - is some while off, end of February. Loxley Crawshaw sends:- "I'm wanting to compete in next years High Peak Marathon so I'm either looking for a place on a team or to find 3 other runners wanting to do it. I entered the ballot last year but didn't get in so in theory I should have more chance this year. There is only 5 more days left to enter though."
DT - please email if you can help.

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posted by DaveT on 18th Nov 2013

FRA Presentation Night.


An excellent venue, a memorable night, with individual recipients, a bucketful for Judith, and team medals for just about everything. To see the Senior Men walk out as English Champions is something right special. Hopefully photos will emerge from us, and the Clayton website could be something decent.
Don't they say something about anybody can win it once, but retaining it.....
Time for a huge thanks to all the Team Captains for rallying the troops to the cause, getting the Teams out when it matters, and getting the results.
Next year's Inter-Counties looks a cracker, laps of Witton Park in Blackburn.........

Tour of Pendle. results.
Cold, but good clear conditions for a good trip all around Pendle. Many thanks to Willy for his abuse diected to CP(, on the correct knoll, sadly. As ever, well - even thoroughly- organised, coping well with the lager than usual field.
A kindly Wharefdale runner had picked up loads of Gel wrappers on his way round, and left them with me: litter shouldn't be happening.

Lost Jacket:- Tim Rutter asks:- "Anyone found a grey hagloffs waterproof with yellow zips? I may have left it in the hut/ sportsman. 07980 812 786, if you can please help."

Wart's Revenge:-
Commondale Beacon:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Oct 2013

For whatever reason the FRA Championship link isn't that sharp, but this is most likely the final placings.

Senior Men: Lloyd - 3rd= with Morgan : Rhys - 5th : Stuart - 6th : winner is Simon Bailey, Rob Hope 2nd :
MV40:- Lloyd - 2nd, winner is Morgan : Spyke - 9th.
M45:- Spyke - 3rd : John Hunt - 5th. : winner is Jim Davies, 2nd - Mark Roberts.
MV55:- Keith - 8th, winner is Dave Neill : 2nd - Mike Egner.
MV60:- DT - 7th, winner is Ben Grant.
M65 - DT - 3rd = with Kieran : winner is Barry Blyth.

Senior Ladies.Judith - 3rd: Nicky - 9th : winner is joint equal, (as in the British), Victoria Wilkinson and Helen Fines
LV40:- Judith - 2nd : Nicky - 6th : winner is Helen Fines.
LV45:- Judith - 1st : Nicky - 4th.

Teams. In recent years medals have been awarded to all those who have scored counting points in the four counting races.
Senior Men:- 1st (1st at Edale) : : counting races - Buckden, Fairfield, Wasdale, Edale.
MV40:- 2nd - (1st at Edale) : counting races - Buckden, Fairfield, Wasdale, Edale.
MV50:-3rd - (3rd at Edale) : counting races - Blisco, Turner Landscape, Wasdale, Edale.
Senior Ladies:- 2nd ( 1st at Edale) ; counting races - Buckden, Turner Landscape, Blisco, Edale.
LV40:- 1st (1st at Edale) .counting races - Buckden, Fairfield, Blisco, Edale.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Monday 18th November 2013 at 8:15pm
posted by DaveT on 11th Nov 2013

Ireland 2014. Donard Challenge , AS, is the event, Saturday 29th March. A new event, but I did a similar thing some time back. We started on the sea front, CP1 was the top of Slieve Donard and CP2 was the finish in Donard Park. This must be the same idea, but the direct line up some Black Stairs was a trifle thoughtful and might have been re-routed.
Greg asks:- "Looking to book Ireland flights, £52 return at the moment from Liverpool to Belfast , anyone else wanting to do the Brits next year?"
DT - a memorable weekend is a certainty. Fly to Belfast, share travel south to Newcastle in the Mourne Mountains, and partake of Ireland's usual hospitality. Sharing travel, flights, etc, makes it all so much better. Please let me know if you're thinking of going...

Energy Drinks in a Long Race.
For this year's Wasdale, I asked at our proper bike shop about what to take in a long event, and I tried some tablets which dissolved into a drinks bottle. It seemed good, much better than just water. With Ennerdale being the double AL race next year, and it's the traditional thirstiest race of them all, it may well be worth trying something out at Pendle, and having your chosen energy drink at CP9, before the final big climb. Whatever - I'll take any supplies of food and drinks that you give me beforehand, I'll be lurking around the carpark before the start.
If anyone can contribute with proven drinks recommendations, please help out!

Club Championships:-
Hope Moors and Tors - results.

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posted by DaveT on 4th Nov 2013

Llyn y Fan. Almost another mystery location, as most of us have never heard of the place. Research shows it in South Wales, somewhere. Most likely near some lake. But it's the final race in the Inov8 Open Welsh Fell Race Championships, and our intrepid explorer reports:- "This was out the back and beyond, and a pain to get to, to put it mildy, but once there an absolutely superb course made even more brilliant by blue skies and no wind. I’d have preferred to go round 3 or 4 more times, but sadly only one lap, and a day for sprinters and youngsters."
Results. John Hunt was round in 47.38, 10th. That makes John 1st V40 and official Welsh Champion, following the footsteps of a previous holder, Joe Blackett.

Tour of Pendle - Saturday 23rd November. "There is a strict limit of 500 runners for the event so pre-entry is advised to be sure of avoiding disapointment on the day (Plus it’s cheaper & you’ve more chance of a t-shirt!)"
Entry List. well past 420.
A reminder that club runners aren't allowed past CP9 without suitable abuse to be hurled at the marshal, on a hitherto undisclosed, maybe unvisited? knoll.

Roaches:- results.
Dunnerdale:- results.
Leg it round Lathkil:- results.
Clay Bank West - results.

FRA Presentation Night. The final English Championship tables aren't yet on the FRA website.
Unofficially, it may well be, for the teams:-
(In recent years medals have been awarded to all those who have scored counting points in the four counting races - page 107 of the Calendar)
Senior Men:- 1st : counting races - Buckden, Fairfield, WASDALE, Edale.
MV40:- 2nd - : counting races - Buckden, Fairfield, WASDALE, Edale. (Wasdale is better than Blisco)
MV50:-3rd - : counting races - Blisco, Turner Landscape, Wasdale, Edale.
Senior Ladies:- 2nd ; counting races - Buckden, Turner Landscape, Blisco, Edale.
LV40:- 1st .counting races - Buckden, Fairfield, Blisco, Edale.
Senior Men:- 2nd . counting races - Yetholm : Blisco : Peris.
MV40:- 2nd - counting races - Yetholm : Blisco : Peris.
MV50:-3rd - :counting races - Yetholm : Blisco : Peris.
LV40:- 3rd. counting races Blisco and Peris.

DT - I don't see a list being published as to who gets medals, but if you've been a crunch race counter, that should do. To be hoped plenty can be at the night, details on the Clayton website.

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posted by DaveT on 8th Nov 2013


This is The Vatican, and the city is Rome.

Simply - where is the Brown Vest? The city will suffice....
And any more roving photos of the Vest on holiday would definitely enliven these dark winter days, just send something along - please!
(Rumours of free flights to the destination as a prize are unconfirmed...)

Answers, please, to email - the usual address for Carshare.

Correct answers - Rob Little comes along followed by Tom Brunt...Greg....Lewis....Willy...John Hunt...
Winners prize will be awarded at CP9, Tour of Pendle....from the supply of Jaffa Cakes.

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posted by DaveT on 7th Nov 2013

The FRA Calendar  has loads of next year's events  showing. Including:-
English Championships:-
Short :- Pendle - 5th April : Hodder Valley  (Bowland) - 13th September.
Medium - Coniston - 3rd May : maybe Kentmere, 20th July.
Long - Ennerhdale - 7th June : Sedbergh - 17th August.
British Championships.
   Ennerdale - 7th June. Long.
   Dollar - 28th June. Medium.
   Ireland - 29th March. "Donard Challenge", from Newcastle. Short.
No idea as to  Wales

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posted by DaveT on 28th Oct 2013

Grin and Bear It:- What else could we expect, holding the race in bleak November and shoving in extra bogs of moorland. Suffice to say that the top crossing from Cut Gate to Swainshead was rather damp, with many unfathomable depths for those who fell into them. Which is most likely everyone. Throw in some walkabout clag as a bonus. The first bleak part stayed dry, leaving the rain for the return leg, and some proper clothing emerged to cope with the conditions. Excellently organised - of course - and some real right decent fell course.

Clwydian Hills
- results.
Cop Hill - results.

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posted by DaveT on 22nd Oct 2013

Snowdonia Marathon - is our representative here once more? Of course! results. John Hunt sends:- "Good weather this year (it's all relative), certainly compared to the week before in the same place and previous recent years."
7th place, 2:51:30, and 1st V40, having to hammer it down to the finish, as the next two vets are 9secs and then 7secs back.

Guisborough 3 Tops. results.   photos.  The final event of the Carshare League, of which Greg is the most worthy winner. Unfortunately our locals, Joe and Dan, were otherwise occupied. Windy, cold and wet at times, and being a Medium race needing decent kit to be carried by everyone. But this was not to be. Greg followed the right people, David Lund got his money's  worth and followed the wrong people. Carshare just plodded slowly round.
 Thankfully Customs and Excise missed the car on the return trip, with driver Steve (from Ripon) - 1st V60 - 3 bottles of wine : Greg - 1st V50 - 3 bottles of wine : DT - 1st V65 - 3 bottles of wine: David - a very high placing - 2 bottles of wine. Not sure the locals will want us lot back next year.

Carshare League 2014? I'm hoping that Willy will keep this going, it's a good incentive to visit new races, places to be running, and meet up with other folk. I'm sure any suggestions for next year would be appreciated, choice of races and all that.
  (the Otley Chevin midweek race should be a compulsory counter.)

Buttermere Shepherd's Meet - results.
Great Whernside:-

OMM - Brecon Beacons - results. Far too complicated for me to sift through...
Passing Clouds..

Club Championships:-  "It is wonderful to see the commitment of so many club members determined to turn out for the premier event of the season, despite such appalling ailments and injuries - many of which would see lesser mortals in hospital beds with the Club Chaplain hovering within whispering distance, 'just in case'. We have 39 entries so far. As seems to be the norm, the sharp end of the field is still lacking entries at this stage. Those determined to beat Willy Kitchen are coming in thick and fast. There is also a good selection of those with value for money as a key expectation. First draft of the Handicaps will be out in early November for the complaints to really start flooding in."

Eric Mitchell:-For those wondering who this may be, Eric is the Club President. This is from Cycling Weekly. Like other DPFR members of earlier days, having a most strong background of cycling, and also notching up notable fell achievements. Perhaps others can fill in more, I seem to remember a Fellrunnr article not that long back?


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posted by DaveT on 14th Oct 2013

FRA Relays - Llanberis. Unofficially, Senior Men - 1st : "B" Men - 3rd : Ladies - 3rd : V40 Men 3rd : V50 Men - 3rd : Ladies"B" - 11th.
 results. .  A report -    very good reading, etc.
  A most impressive set of achievements and commitment. Thanks to all representing, and to team organisers. Any reports most welcome, as so many of us not there are sharply interested. Looks like - as so often - the navigational leg is decisive?
  Seem to think it's at Kirkby Lonsdale next year.

Lakeland Classics. Individuals. Teams . First team - again - closely hunted down by Borrowdale and Ambleside. Completions by Tom Brunt (2nd, 1st MV40) : John Hunt (5th, 3rd MV40) : Joe - 8th : Andy Dickenson : Dave Sykes : Ashley : Nicky (2nd Lady, 1st LV40) : Roy Gibson : Keith : David Lund : Greg : Jenny Caddick : Ben Robson.
The List     of completions from when it first started.

Carshare League
:- the table is updated after Langdale, and every likelihood that Greg will be the winner. But maybe not....If so, many congratulations, and no doubt he can look forwards to the lucrative first prize, sponsorship and written book memoirs. Though there is still Guisborough 3 Tops to come as the finale.

These dark cold, horrible nights:- if  anyone has a mystery photo, enigma or other such stuff, please help, as a mystery puzzle would brighten things up? (or even suggestions for this year's siting of CP9 on Tour of Pendle...)

Wirksworth Undulator - results.
The Screes
Saltergate - Levisham. results. Looks like Joe has entered his new age-group....

Far distant. Chevin Chase is on Boxing Day, around Otley Chevin. And it's £16.00, for 7 miles. Though it does have electronic chip timing..... And yet it will fill up, but not from Carshare....

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posted by WillyK on 17th Oct 2013

... 'til the fat lady (that'd be me then) sings.  Methinks Messrs Rimmer, Tait and indeed my own early call of a clinching victory for our Greg may have been somewhat premature, since young Ashley, and infant David L, both retain a chance of pipping our front runner at the post.  Ashley's chances are strongest unless, that is, Judith decides she's not done enough running on her broken rib and pitches up to claim victory for the women in the first Carshare League.  Carshare's own chances are rather less strong, but he too might yet pull this one out of the fire if he were to win the final race at Guisborough Three Tops (all you need is a little incentive to rekindle past glories, eh DT?).  Route notes here - I'm just sorry I can't be there to see the series through to its conclusion.

As for Langdale, conditions were benign, and twenty three brown vests had a good old frollick round the old horseshoe, with the BG graduands performing especially well - in Laurence's case notwithstanding a twenty minute detour off the wrong flank of Blisco.  The team prize probably goes to Ashley, Dave S and Jenny C - reward indeed for Jenny's good samaritan ministering to one of several bloodied fallers - and the steward's enquiry from Peris suggests that Ashley (I think), or possibly Greg (was it?), who may have driven Dave S, Jenny C and Oli J up, perhaps overhauled Keith, Heather and Nicky to claim those particular spoils.  To be honest, though, I'm not sure I any longer have the will to establish this definitively either.

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posted by DaveT on 7th Oct 2013

Windgather:- results.
Breidden Hills:- results. Lest you be wondering where this may be, it's on the Wales/Shropshire border, remotely near John Hunt territory.

Langdale: - results. One of the better weather days, dry, a bit chilly and no clag. Slotting between the two Relays rather influenced the sharp end. Tom will no doubt know better, but did the front runners choose to go over Esk Pike, rather than that horrible traverse? "I wasn't close enough to the sharp end  to see exactly what was going on, but in the post-match analysis it became clear that some had gone higher (deliberately in one or two cases, inadvertently in others). General consensus was that the lower line is probably quicker."
 Kieran has written, all is well. Two stiches in the head and also the knee. The justification for all this fuss about body cover.
Photos. an excellent set of pictures drom Ilkley's Bob Hamilton, taken throughout the route, most definitely worth a look.

Wasdale Show
Results. another BOFRA classic. Start, touch the top of Kirk Fell, and finish. Simple. This is the final race of the BOFRA Championships. Mike finishes the series 9th, and 2nd V40 : Hazel is 1st, with a clean sweep of eight wins. Final Table.
Withins Skyline - results
Penistone Hill Race -  results.

OMM - Brecon Beacons. 26th/27th September. A request for help:- "Clare Howes and I are both new students at Sheffield University and are doing the OMM this October. We were wondering whether there are any people from SYO that are going and would be willing to give us a lift?  Please could you pass this message on to anyone who may be able to help us."
 If you can help, please email  Tamsin Moran.

Tour of Pendle, 23rd November, and hopefully we'll have plenty at the evening's Presentation Night, nearby. The race is pre-entry, can't see any limit, but likely to be some class field. And there's the added mystery as to where CP9 will be situated this year.

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posted by DaveT on 30th Sep 2013

 Ian Hodgson Relay. results.
   Senior Men:- 2nd. 4 minutes behind Borrowdale. Rob Little and Pete Hodges had fastest Leg on Leg 1. All was close at Kirkstone Inn, but Borrowdale had fastest legs on 3 and 4.
   MV40:- 1st. Worryingly close to Bowland for those anxiously watching, but we need not have fretted.
   Ladies:- 3rd : A very strong Ambleside team were far clear, and then Keswick.
 Most testing conditions, the clag was right down, rocks were wet and slippy, and wet and cold up high.
 Carshare wonders how one team is reputed to have visited Ambleside, trying to find Red Screes...
  As ever, huge thanks to everyone representing, and to team captains for organising, and of course to the event organisers.
  As to what happened within each team, that's best left for others to divulge.

Saddleworth Edges:- results. One of the most scenic of Peak races - up onto Alphin, then around to Chew Reservoir, around to the top of Dovestones, and pleasantly back through the woods and fields. An early stile and some narrow paths would hinder any slow starters, but a good trip round the edges. Back to conditions of having the shoes laced up tight, the peat returning to typical bogginess.

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