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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 4th Nov 2013

Llyn y Fan. Almost another mystery location, as most of us have never heard of the place. Research shows it in South Wales, somewhere. Most likely near some lake. But it's the final race in the Inov8 Open Welsh Fell Race Championships, and our intrepid explorer reports:- "This was out the back and beyond, and a pain to get to, to put it mildy, but once there an absolutely superb course made even more brilliant by blue skies and no wind. I’d have preferred to go round 3 or 4 more times, but sadly only one lap, and a day for sprinters and youngsters."
Results. John Hunt was round in 47.38, 10th. That makes John 1st V40 and official Welsh Champion, following the footsteps of a previous holder, Joe Blackett.

Tour of Pendle - Saturday 23rd November. "There is a strict limit of 500 runners for the event so pre-entry is advised to be sure of avoiding disapointment on the day (Plus it’s cheaper & you’ve more chance of a t-shirt!)"
Entry List. well past 420.
A reminder that club runners aren't allowed past CP9 without suitable abuse to be hurled at the marshal, on a hitherto undisclosed, maybe unvisited? knoll.

Roaches:- results.
Dunnerdale:- results.
Leg it round Lathkil:- results.
Clay Bank West - results.

FRA Presentation Night. The final English Championship tables aren't yet on the FRA website.
Unofficially, it may well be, for the teams:-
(In recent years medals have been awarded to all those who have scored counting points in the four counting races - page 107 of the Calendar)
Senior Men:- 1st : counting races - Buckden, Fairfield, WASDALE, Edale.
MV40:- 2nd - : counting races - Buckden, Fairfield, WASDALE, Edale. (Wasdale is better than Blisco)
MV50:-3rd - : counting races - Blisco, Turner Landscape, Wasdale, Edale.
Senior Ladies:- 2nd ; counting races - Buckden, Turner Landscape, Blisco, Edale.
LV40:- 1st .counting races - Buckden, Fairfield, Blisco, Edale.
Senior Men:- 2nd . counting races - Yetholm : Blisco : Peris.
MV40:- 2nd - counting races - Yetholm : Blisco : Peris.
MV50:-3rd - :counting races - Yetholm : Blisco : Peris.
LV40:- 3rd. counting races Blisco and Peris.

DT - I don't see a list being published as to who gets medals, but if you've been a crunch race counter, that should do. To be hoped plenty can be at the night, details on the Clayton website.

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posted by DaveT on 8th Nov 2013


This is The Vatican, and the city is Rome.

Simply - where is the Brown Vest? The city will suffice....
And any more roving photos of the Vest on holiday would definitely enliven these dark winter days, just send something along - please!
(Rumours of free flights to the destination as a prize are unconfirmed...)

Answers, please, to email - the usual address for Carshare.

Correct answers - Rob Little comes along followed by Tom Brunt...Greg....Lewis....Willy...John Hunt...
Winners prize will be awarded at CP9, Tour of Pendle....from the supply of Jaffa Cakes.

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posted by DaveT on 7th Nov 2013

The FRA Calendar  has loads of next year's events  showing. Including:-
English Championships:-
Short :- Pendle - 5th April : Hodder Valley  (Bowland) - 13th September.
Medium - Coniston - 3rd May : maybe Kentmere, 20th July.
Long - Ennerhdale - 7th June : Sedbergh - 17th August.
British Championships.
   Ennerdale - 7th June. Long.
   Dollar - 28th June. Medium.
   Ireland - 29th March. "Donard Challenge", from Newcastle. Short.
No idea as to  Wales

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posted by DaveT on 28th Oct 2013

Grin and Bear It:- What else could we expect, holding the race in bleak November and shoving in extra bogs of moorland. Suffice to say that the top crossing from Cut Gate to Swainshead was rather damp, with many unfathomable depths for those who fell into them. Which is most likely everyone. Throw in some walkabout clag as a bonus. The first bleak part stayed dry, leaving the rain for the return leg, and some proper clothing emerged to cope with the conditions. Excellently organised - of course - and some real right decent fell course.

Clwydian Hills
- results.
Cop Hill - results.

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posted by DaveT on 22nd Oct 2013

Snowdonia Marathon - is our representative here once more? Of course! results. John Hunt sends:- "Good weather this year (it's all relative), certainly compared to the week before in the same place and previous recent years."
7th place, 2:51:30, and 1st V40, having to hammer it down to the finish, as the next two vets are 9secs and then 7secs back.

Guisborough 3 Tops. results.   photos.  The final event of the Carshare League, of which Greg is the most worthy winner. Unfortunately our locals, Joe and Dan, were otherwise occupied. Windy, cold and wet at times, and being a Medium race needing decent kit to be carried by everyone. But this was not to be. Greg followed the right people, David Lund got his money's  worth and followed the wrong people. Carshare just plodded slowly round.
 Thankfully Customs and Excise missed the car on the return trip, with driver Steve (from Ripon) - 1st V60 - 3 bottles of wine : Greg - 1st V50 - 3 bottles of wine : DT - 1st V65 - 3 bottles of wine: David - a very high placing - 2 bottles of wine. Not sure the locals will want us lot back next year.

Carshare League 2014? I'm hoping that Willy will keep this going, it's a good incentive to visit new races, places to be running, and meet up with other folk. I'm sure any suggestions for next year would be appreciated, choice of races and all that.
  (the Otley Chevin midweek race should be a compulsory counter.)

Buttermere Shepherd's Meet - results.
Great Whernside:-

OMM - Brecon Beacons - results. Far too complicated for me to sift through...
Passing Clouds..

Club Championships:-  "It is wonderful to see the commitment of so many club members determined to turn out for the premier event of the season, despite such appalling ailments and injuries - many of which would see lesser mortals in hospital beds with the Club Chaplain hovering within whispering distance, 'just in case'. We have 39 entries so far. As seems to be the norm, the sharp end of the field is still lacking entries at this stage. Those determined to beat Willy Kitchen are coming in thick and fast. There is also a good selection of those with value for money as a key expectation. First draft of the Handicaps will be out in early November for the complaints to really start flooding in."

Eric Mitchell:-For those wondering who this may be, Eric is the Club President. This is from Cycling Weekly. Like other DPFR members of earlier days, having a most strong background of cycling, and also notching up notable fell achievements. Perhaps others can fill in more, I seem to remember a Fellrunnr article not that long back?


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posted by DaveT on 14th Oct 2013

FRA Relays - Llanberis. Unofficially, Senior Men - 1st : "B" Men - 3rd : Ladies - 3rd : V40 Men 3rd : V50 Men - 3rd : Ladies"B" - 11th.
 results. .  A report -    very good reading, etc.
  A most impressive set of achievements and commitment. Thanks to all representing, and to team organisers. Any reports most welcome, as so many of us not there are sharply interested. Looks like - as so often - the navigational leg is decisive?
  Seem to think it's at Kirkby Lonsdale next year.

Lakeland Classics. Individuals. Teams . First team - again - closely hunted down by Borrowdale and Ambleside. Completions by Tom Brunt (2nd, 1st MV40) : John Hunt (5th, 3rd MV40) : Joe - 8th : Andy Dickenson : Dave Sykes : Ashley : Nicky (2nd Lady, 1st LV40) : Roy Gibson : Keith : David Lund : Greg : Jenny Caddick : Ben Robson.
The List     of completions from when it first started.

Carshare League
:- the table is updated after Langdale, and every likelihood that Greg will be the winner. But maybe not....If so, many congratulations, and no doubt he can look forwards to the lucrative first prize, sponsorship and written book memoirs. Though there is still Guisborough 3 Tops to come as the finale.

These dark cold, horrible nights:- if  anyone has a mystery photo, enigma or other such stuff, please help, as a mystery puzzle would brighten things up? (or even suggestions for this year's siting of CP9 on Tour of Pendle...)

Wirksworth Undulator - results.
The Screes
Saltergate - Levisham. results. Looks like Joe has entered his new age-group....

Far distant. Chevin Chase is on Boxing Day, around Otley Chevin. And it's £16.00, for 7 miles. Though it does have electronic chip timing..... And yet it will fill up, but not from Carshare....

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posted by WillyK on 17th Oct 2013

... 'til the fat lady (that'd be me then) sings.  Methinks Messrs Rimmer, Tait and indeed my own early call of a clinching victory for our Greg may have been somewhat premature, since young Ashley, and infant David L, both retain a chance of pipping our front runner at the post.  Ashley's chances are strongest unless, that is, Judith decides she's not done enough running on her broken rib and pitches up to claim victory for the women in the first Carshare League.  Carshare's own chances are rather less strong, but he too might yet pull this one out of the fire if he were to win the final race at Guisborough Three Tops (all you need is a little incentive to rekindle past glories, eh DT?).  Route notes here - I'm just sorry I can't be there to see the series through to its conclusion.

As for Langdale, conditions were benign, and twenty three brown vests had a good old frollick round the old horseshoe, with the BG graduands performing especially well - in Laurence's case notwithstanding a twenty minute detour off the wrong flank of Blisco.  The team prize probably goes to Ashley, Dave S and Jenny C - reward indeed for Jenny's good samaritan ministering to one of several bloodied fallers - and the steward's enquiry from Peris suggests that Ashley (I think), or possibly Greg (was it?), who may have driven Dave S, Jenny C and Oli J up, perhaps overhauled Keith, Heather and Nicky to claim those particular spoils.  To be honest, though, I'm not sure I any longer have the will to establish this definitively either.

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posted by DaveT on 7th Oct 2013

Windgather:- results.
Breidden Hills:- results. Lest you be wondering where this may be, it's on the Wales/Shropshire border, remotely near John Hunt territory.

Langdale: - results. One of the better weather days, dry, a bit chilly and no clag. Slotting between the two Relays rather influenced the sharp end. Tom will no doubt know better, but did the front runners choose to go over Esk Pike, rather than that horrible traverse? "I wasn't close enough to the sharp end  to see exactly what was going on, but in the post-match analysis it became clear that some had gone higher (deliberately in one or two cases, inadvertently in others). General consensus was that the lower line is probably quicker."
 Kieran has written, all is well. Two stiches in the head and also the knee. The justification for all this fuss about body cover.
Photos. an excellent set of pictures drom Ilkley's Bob Hamilton, taken throughout the route, most definitely worth a look.

Wasdale Show
Results. another BOFRA classic. Start, touch the top of Kirk Fell, and finish. Simple. This is the final race of the BOFRA Championships. Mike finishes the series 9th, and 2nd V40 : Hazel is 1st, with a clean sweep of eight wins. Final Table.
Withins Skyline - results
Penistone Hill Race -  results.

OMM - Brecon Beacons. 26th/27th September. A request for help:- "Clare Howes and I are both new students at Sheffield University and are doing the OMM this October. We were wondering whether there are any people from SYO that are going and would be willing to give us a lift?  Please could you pass this message on to anyone who may be able to help us."
 If you can help, please email  Tamsin Moran.

Tour of Pendle, 23rd November, and hopefully we'll have plenty at the evening's Presentation Night, nearby. The race is pre-entry, can't see any limit, but likely to be some class field. And there's the added mystery as to where CP9 will be situated this year.

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posted by DaveT on 30th Sep 2013

 Ian Hodgson Relay. results.
   Senior Men:- 2nd. 4 minutes behind Borrowdale. Rob Little and Pete Hodges had fastest Leg on Leg 1. All was close at Kirkstone Inn, but Borrowdale had fastest legs on 3 and 4.
   MV40:- 1st. Worryingly close to Bowland for those anxiously watching, but we need not have fretted.
   Ladies:- 3rd : A very strong Ambleside team were far clear, and then Keswick.
 Most testing conditions, the clag was right down, rocks were wet and slippy, and wet and cold up high.
 Carshare wonders how one team is reputed to have visited Ambleside, trying to find Red Screes...
  As ever, huge thanks to everyone representing, and to team captains for organising, and of course to the event organisers.
  As to what happened within each team, that's best left for others to divulge.

Saddleworth Edges:- results. One of the most scenic of Peak races - up onto Alphin, then around to Chew Reservoir, around to the top of Dovestones, and pleasantly back through the woods and fields. An early stile and some narrow paths would hinder any slow starters, but a good trip round the edges. Back to conditions of having the shoes laced up tight, the peat returning to typical bogginess.

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posted by DaveT on 22nd Sep 2013

FRA Link.

Senior Men: Lloyd - 4th - winner is Rob Jebb.

MV40:- Lloyd - 2nd, winner is Morgan.
MV50:- Keith - 10th, winner is Mark Roberts
MV60:- DT - 5th, winner is Ben Grant.

Senior Ladies.Judith - 3rd.winner is joint equal, Victoria Wilkinson and Helen Fines
LV40:- Judith - 1st. : Nicky - 10th,

Teams. In recent years medals have been awarded to all those who have scored counting points in the three counting races.
Senior Men:- 2nd (2nd at Peris) : winners were Borrowdale, we're ahead of Ambleside on countback : counting races - Yetholm : Blisco : Peris.
MV40:- 2nd -  (2nd at Peris) :Winners were Borrowdale, we're ahead of Carnethy on countback : counting races - Yetholm : Blisco : Peris.
MV50:-3rd -  (2nd at Peris) :counting races - Yetholm : Blisco : Peris.
Senior Ladies:- 4th ( 1st at Peris) ; winners were Ambleside - we only had two counting races.
LV40:- 3rd( 1st at Peris) , only having completed two races, though both wins.counting races - Blisco and Peris.

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posted by DaveT on 24th Sep 2013

English Schools Fell Championships:- around Benson Knott, Kendal. results.
       "Bradfield School are the ESFRC Champions for 2013.", Congratulations to the runners, and to their esteemed coach.

Edale Skyline:-
 Results with splits. So very dry, just not the same Skyline which rolls up in March. So a lot of running, with less heavy stuff through the bogs.  Senior Men - 1st : V50's  2nd, which gives 3rd overall. Any help with other anythings most welcome.
 Organisation? As good as it gets. I just can't think of any othe race which is so well organised. Standing out, beside the work of the organiser - both times - is the committment of non-runners to marshalling, the completely excellent food afterwards, and the boxes of Wirral Plums.
   How good is it to have a comprehensive kit check. Waterproof was laid down in advance, under new safety rules it's compulsory, and everyone should comply. Also the manning of the CP's, enough marshals to help out should the need arise, and to take decisions on the condition of tired runners.
   The efficiency of the results system - on-line for when we got home.
  In every way a standard for any other race to look up to.

Route changes:- there have been many over the years. We originally started up Grindslow Knoll, which was also the last CP, from where it was all downhill and get that can of Wards. At one time Edale Cross was the CP after Brown Knoll. We now have paving slabs where it used to be heavy bogs. This year the avoidance of Twitchill. Times and records are hard to define.

The slowing down of being old. Not for Michael Crook, 1st V65 winner. His was much the same time as in 1992, 21 years back. That's impressive, to say the least.
FRA Forum - is back again.

FRA Presentation Evening. Details.  Saturday 23rd November. Just round the corner from Pendle Hill, and to be hoped we can have a good turn-out. Carshare will expect the usual tirade of abuse from knoll-wishers at a yet to be disclosed secret knoll reputed to be near CP9.

Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross. results. Another win for Rob Jebb, not sure who was there for us?

RAB Mountain Marathon -
Newlands Valley. results.

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posted by DaveT on 16th Sep 2013

Three Shires:- results.
Scafell Pike:- results
Lantern Pike:- results.
Good Shepherd:
Stanage Struggle:-
Viking Chase

North York Moors Summer Series. A scrutiny of the final standings reveals that Dan Middlemas is 3rd Senior, and 1st V40, no doubt having accumulated umpteen of Dave Parry's bottles of wine.

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posted by WillyK on 17th Sep 2013

With just two fixtures left in the Carshare League, Mr. Rimmer has eked out a slender leader from @DPCalendar and Carshare respectively.  Still time to pre-enter at Langdale, with 27 brown vests already signed up, and always a great race.  Carshare's notes here.  As for Guisborough 3 Tops, well Carshare's notes make it sound like a case of 'if you go down to the woods today' - and are well worth a read even if, like me, you'll be at the OMM and thus missing the league's climax.  Better be sure to put clear blue water between myself and Carshare at Langdale then ... which I fear may be a tall order.  More to the point though, will our Greg pop up to improve upon his leading score in the clubhouse, or might Messrs Holmes, Kay or Lund make a late bid to complete five counters?  More importantly still, will Ms Jepson or Mr Taggart catch on to the fact that English and British Championship medals might look good on the mantlepiece, but there's nothing quite to compare with victory in the inaugural Carshare League?  You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.
 Carshare adds:- more details for Guisborough 3 Tops are here , a map and route description. If you've not been to Roseberry Topping and such, well worth the trip up, on good roads. Starting from the Rugby Club, a good place to gather afterwards.

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posted by DaveT on 10th Sep 2013

FRA website - it seems this has been hacked into, or something, and is under repair....

Peris Horseshoe - Results. Lots of us there, and right good conditions. Little wind, mainly clear and not too hot. Oli - 4th,  Lloyd - 5th were high up, Judith, as ever, very high up. Don't know about teams, Ladies must be very strong, and the V50's delivered,  behind Carnethy and Borrowdale, but hopefully enough for overall 3d place.
   Until the FRA website returns, I can't sort out overall standings.
   As for the Half Peris, I was joined by Richard Hopkinson, who similarly remembered Lliwedd and Snowdon, and was happy to cease at Pen y Pass. There's much to be said for just doing the Half : I was tired but not drained silly, so had a rest and carried on over Crib Goch and Crib y Disgyl. Couldn't face the masses on Snowdon mind, so dropped down to the railway and plodded down.
  A day later's weather would have caused major problems, in the wind and the wet.
(A most timely reminder at the start from the Carshare League Organiser that there's no chance of Half Points.I need to look at Terms and Conditions...)

Great North Run:- results. Keith had a right good run at Peris, but this might have been heavy going as a follow-up.. Any others up there?
Burnsall BOFRA - a glance through the results (none of us there) shows runners doubling up after Peris....

The news of John Blair-Fish comes as some big shock, he was running well at Blisco, in his own strange shuffling style, but so strongly effective. He was a Dark Peak member for many years - indeed still on our current membership list - and on the Peris start list.

Nine Edges Endurance:- results.

Mountain Trial:-
all around Borrowdale...race cancelled just as we were due to start, owing to the inclement nature of the weather. A few of us had a run in the wind and rain and there's no doubt the decision was correct, a real shame for the organisers.
Dale Head:-
Fit as a Butcher's Dog:-

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posted by DaveT on 1st Sep 2013

Carshare  is now away returned - but without that expensive handbag....

Next Year's World in Austria,  same time of year, in the Stubai Alps....

Logshaw Sheepdog Trials:-
Ben Nevis:- results
Grisedale Horseshoe:-
All these "Raid" events:-
Padfield Plum Fair:-
Yorkshireman  Full Marathon - results.
Trunce . Final Results. Congratulations indeed to David Lund - overall series winner!
Roseberry Topping - for them that lives up there...results.

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posted by DaveT on 26th Aug 2013

Czech Republic - World Masters -   Lots to sift through here. Results. 3rd place (LV45) for Judith, and 2nd LV45 Team. Stephen Pyke was 10th MV45 : many other well known runners, Craig Roberts - 1st MV50 : Ben Grant - 2nd MV65 : Carol Evans - 2nd LV50. 1st MV65 Team. The lists are indeed worthy of a look through.

Peris Horseshoe - looks likely to now be full, maybe some begging to the organiser might help, but EOD seems a forlorn hope...

Dufton Show:-
Exterminator:- results.
Shelf Moor:- results. showing that the first home runner was disqualified for having no kit.....

Summer Series (11) - Broomhead Baffler.
Derbyshire Chevin:- results.
Ikley Incline - one mile, uphill and finish at the top. Not one of Carshare's startling performances, to put it mildly. Though interesting to meet up with our new Statistician, Ian Hartman, who lives just on t'other side of the hill...
Great Longstone:-

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posted by DaveT on 18th Aug 2013

Nicky's Races:- results

Burnsall Classic:- Carshare League (the Next). Results.  And classic it is. The rain stayed elsewhere, so just soft slippy going. Simon Bailey set off at a pace to demoralise anyone hoping to beat him. The descent was a matter of how much risk to take bounding down the heathery stuff, with hidden boulders. Only Jon Pemberton visiting, a shame as it's such a good race.

Arnison Crag Horseshoe -
Weasdale:- results.
Grasmere:- results.
Bradbourne:- results.
Barrell Inn:- results.
Summer Sharpener (3):-

Dark & White MM - Dovedale.
Inclined to Madness - results. Our distant N Y Moors brethren keep bashing away up here, with Dan Middlemas consistently churning out big results, though what happens when he lines up with Joe?
Ennerdale Show - results.
Moel Famau - results

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posted by DaveT on 11th Aug 2013

  Nant y Moch Skyline.     Report and map Another new race into DPFR visits, this, around Mid-Wales, by John Hunt, 5th and 1st V40. They seem to have endured the same Saturday storms...  results.

Taddington Lanes - "A pleasant evening run around the limestone lanes and tracks about Taddington. Low key, with 38 runners setting off from the village institute. Well organised and marshalled, with barbecue and prizes of jars of horlicks and packets of cocoa for the veteran winners.Two Dark Peakers joined in. First - Jason Bennett ( V40 ) - 24mins 22secs Fourth and first V50 Jon Batt ( Dark Peak )-26mins and 12secs First Lady Diane Lee 26mins 56 secs First lady vet K.Harvey 31mins 38secs ,Joan Waller (Dark Peak )36mins 10secs."

Long forgotten results - of course it's never too late. Simon Reed has been wandering to distant lands. Here's Bridges or Bust (Shropshire) and Dockray - Hartside, where Joe was also lined up.

Howtown, AL, 14 miles, 4600ft:- results. What some battering! Incessant rain, howling gale which was face-on all the way round (it seemed). Plenty of clag, which saw visitors to High Street, and apparently Bampton village, and no doubt other scenic places.
A right excellent course, and worth a change if you've done Sedbergh plenty.
  Wot? No team prize? With Rhys - 1st, and Joe - 4th, all that was needed was a slow weary plodder to somehow get round. But all in vain.
 Seriously, though, £3.00 entry, unlimited hot drinks and most excellent cakes - it needs putting on anyone's list for another year. As good as they come.
  Richard Snowden deserves some mention, as he gave up his race to safely get a wobbly runner down into Martindale, and safely out of potential trouble.
   The event showed the clear need for taking "personal responsibility". Having the correct equipment was essential : and no flags to follow, no point in hoping to blindly follow, as the field spread out. It comes down to looking at the map and checking that compass.

Sedbergh:- results.
Belper Rugby Rover:- results.
Lakeland Country Fair:- results.
Trunce (8) results.
Shipman Knottsresults.
Wednesday - the club run has moved from Strines to The Sportsman. Now to be a short race followed by a barbecue. Food will be free, buy your own drinks. Please let Mark Harvey know if you intend coming.


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posted by John on 21st Aug 2013


Jura up for grabs again

Why was Tom Westgate risking frostbite in the Cairngorms? Did the goggles help him to take personal responsibility for his safety? What was he muttering through those swollen purple lips? As ever, the only limits in the new caption competition are the limits of your imagination.

Please add your best efforts as a comment...

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posted by DaveT on 15th Aug 2013

FRA Link.

Senior Men:-  Lloyd - 1st :  Rhys - 2nd.
MV40:- Lloyd - 1st : Stephen - 8th.
MV45:-  Stephen  - 4th :John Hunt - 5th :
MV55 - Mike Egner - 1st. (mustn't be forgotten, after all!) : Keith - 7th
MV65:- DT - 5th:-
MU23:- Johnny Malley - 9th :

Senior Ladies:- Judith - 2nd.
LV40:- Judith - 1st : Helen 9th.
Nicky -10th
LV45:- Judith - 1st : Nicky - 7th :

Senior Men's Team:-  1st  (1st  at Turner L. ). Overall winners.
MV40:- 2nd (2nd at Turner L). 2nd overall, can't improve, can't be caught.
MV50:- 3rd. (2nd at Turner L). All to happen at Edale - us, Pennine, Bowland, Helm Hill, Penistone - going for 2nd and 3rd.
Senior Ladies:- 4th ( 2nd  at Turner L). With a good Edale, hoping for 2nd.
LV40:- 1st   ( 1st  at Turner L).
Overall winners.

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posted by DaveT on 5th Aug 2013

Turner Landscape, English Championship (5). results.
Ideal running conditions for this race, all around the Duddon fells. Dry, clear, and cloudy but no clag. All very well organised, a compliment as it's a newish event. Much strong, fast running.
As the Senior Men are confirmed as Championship winners, many congratulations are in order, to the depth of runners who have contributed and travelled, but especially to Rob Little who has successfully galvanised the troops so effectively.
 Without checking the statistics, Judith - another very high finish today - must have completed something/many things, and the Ladies will get on the results tables after Edale, hopefully. Lloyd was also very high, we just need to see whether he's got anything/everything settled.
Don't know about the MV40's, and the MV50's packed well, now hoping for a boost in numbers at Edale, as several regulars can't be there.

Well - after the triviality of the English, wot about the Holy Grail of fellrunning, the ian Hodgson - is this the year for the Men?

Arncliffe Gala - results.
Boulsworth - results.
Half and Long Tour of Bradwell:-~
Dark and White MM
- from Totley, results

Relays:- A while off, but worth thinking about. The Ian Hodgson, 4 pairs, is Sunday 8th October, and the FRA - Llanberis. Sorting out teams will be difficult, to put it mildly. Both events will involve hills probably harder than local climbs, so getting some creditable, dependable races under the belt will help selection. There will be plenty of willing runners, so wobbling around with injuries won't really be very helpful....

Ben Lomond . Looking for strange new venues for next year, Carshare ponders over the Ben Lomond race, but only a maybe...Looks like a strong up and down affair. And looking at the results, I see that DPFR were represented this year, in May, John Rocke being 8th.
 So if you've got any unpublished results, places we've hardly heard of, please send them in.

Monday - Summer Series (10) - Hurkling Howler.
Eccles Pike - results.

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FRA Link
British Championships:-

Senior Men: Lloyd - 4th.
MV40:- Lloyd - 1st=  (level with Morgan)
MV50:- Keith - 8th, Greg - 10th.
MV60:- DT - 2nd (but will definitely drop out after Peris)

Senior Ladies.Judith - 3rd.
LV40:- Judith - 1st.

Senior Men:- 2nd (2nd at Blisco)
MV40:- 3rd (3rd at Blisco) - an improvement on 4th at Peris may move us up a notch.
MV50:-2nd  ( 3rd at Blisco) - see who travels to Peris....
Senior Ladies:- 7th ( 2nd at Blisco)
LV40:- 5th( 1st  at Blisco)

English Championships .

Senior Men:-  Lloyd - 1st :  Rhys - 8th. : Oli - 9th.
MV40:- Lloyd - 1st :
MV45:-   Stephen Pyke - 4th :
John Hunt - 7th :
MV55 - Mike Egner - 1st. (mustn't be forgotten, after all!) : Keith - 6th
MV65:- DT - 5th:-
MU23:- Johnny Malley - 9th :

Senior Ladies:- Judith - 2nd.
LV40:- Judith - 1st :  Nicky - 6th : 
Helen 7th.
LV45:- Judith - 1st : Nicky - 5th :

Senior Men's Team:-  1st  ( 3rd  at Blisco, after Borrowdale and Pudsey). DT - it seems correct, needing to wipe off the un-English counters?
MV40:- 2nd (2nd at Blisco)
MV50:- 4th (2nd at Blisco)
Senior Ladies:- 4th ( 2nd  at Blisco)
LV40:- 1st   ( 1st  at Blisco)

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Peris Horseshoe - Entry Form. The final British event this year, entries now going, and also the Half Peris for them that's can't get all the way round...(or is Carshare saving himself for Edale...)

Next Year's British Championships. John Blair-Fish was at Blisco, and he's put this on the Carnethy website. "The Fell Runner's Assocation AGM following the race was also interesting for its brevity at 30 minutes and revelations that the British championship next year will be dictated by British Athletics with one race at Dollar with prizes only for Seniors. "
DT - implying there will be no Vets categories?  There are plenty of good events in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, maybe this is where Willy's Carshare League can come into strength, choosing a good travelling holiday event?

Borrowdale:- results.  "It was nearly ideal conditions, if a bit blustery now and then. Lots of good runs by Dark Peak. Nicky- first woman
Lloyd - third Man. Second women's team - Nicky, Clare & Steph, Second mens team- Lloyd, Joe Blackett & Jon Morgan."
Tegg's Nose:- results.
Osmotherley Show:- for poor Carshare, who completely revelled in the delights of not having to slog up Gable and Dale Head...
Round Hill - a pleasant trip round the moors above Otley. No other travellers enticed by the attractions of Otley moorlands....
Farleton Knott - BOFRA. Results.
Creag Dhubh - results
Monday - Summer Series (9) - Washington Wasp, from Langsett
Bradwell - results.
Steel Fell - results.
Cracken Edge:- results.
Ricky's Race:- results.
Bransdale  - results.

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English and British Championship AS - Blisco Dash. results
   Hot and dry, but thankfully we only had the one hill to get up and down. Senior Men were 2nd, behind Borrowdale - out in depth. Two races left in the English, and everything to go for. Ambleside Ladies were first, hopeful of a good result for our Ladies. No clue as to the V40, and most hopeful of decent points for the V50's. Next is Turner Landscape, AM, entry form , needed before 4th August. 
   The results were out most efficiently, no doubt soon on the Ambleside website. Lloyd very high up, Rhys soon after, Judith 4th.
Clear conditions, but it seems that Blea Tarn still had visitors, and several extra-long variations on the descent.
  Please ask if any help is needed on getting the Turner Landscape route sorted... Well

Durness Highland Games 
Well may you ponder where this is, but a look in the World Atlas shows it as top left coast of Scotland. I find it strange that John Hunt's family holiday conveniently had a race nearby - wot a coincidence. "

Guess what there was a highland gathering today (just where we’re camped) with a hill race. Just your normal thing until the thunder and lightning passed directly overhead, AWESOME now we’re all home safe and alive. Dark Peak had one runner there, but there wasn’t a team prize, he drifted off the front following a quad bike. I’ve never followed the lead “car” by listening for the engine before. Usually they stay in sight, this guy had no intention of going at a runners pace he just kept blasting off into the hag (clag) and then waiting and then blasting off. It only added to a fun trot of a 4 mile race, that broke into a raging thunder storm after 2 miles, where life literally hung in the balance. It was brilliant, he was the annoyed one because none of us could run up gentle inclines at 30+MPH. DPFR can now add the Durness games hill running winner to their list. I won the open and the open mens over 35 category, which after warming up by coming 3rd last in the 440yds track race 15 minutes before the start was not in the bag on the start line. These highland games are awesome, my kids did the 100yds, 50 yds sprint, sac races, egg and spoon races and pillow fight."

Lingmell Dash:-
results. An extremely high 3rd place for Ashley! Has he beaten the might of Borrowdale? or were there only 14 runners....

Lakeland Classics updated - yes, three wins, but  Borrowdale and Ambleside are also in the points, and I can't hear that fat lady singing even a note...

Monday - Trunce 7:- results.
Dark and White MM - from Teggs Nose. results.
Derbyshire Chevin:- results
Salt Cellar - results

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Coniston Country Fair - resultsI only saw Trevor Milner lurking intently around, with Fliss on camera duties. An excellent AS race, from a typically busy Country Fair. The venue was Coniston Hall, beside the Lake, so giving most pleasureablenatural washing facilities afterwards. A simple race, CP1 was the trig point, next was the finish. Getting up was alright, plenty of people to follow. Coming down there were lines all over the hillside, a different part from the usual Coniston Race, over the Walna Scar road, and hope to land at the correct fell gate.

Cracoe - BOFRA - (Wharfedale) -results.
Snowdon:- results.
Great Hucklow:- results.

Monday - Summer Series (8) - from Cutthroat Bridge.
Goyt's Moss
Stoney Middleton:-
Rydal Round: results.

Whilst waiting for the Wasdale results, I looked at 1997, also Championships. 101 finished, 35 retirements, hot - but not as bad as this year. Two DPFR finishers, Mark Hayman was 19th, me - 27th. Though lurking around are Joe - 4th, LizBatt and Jim Bell. Retired are Bob Berzins, Barry Thackery. Only one LV50 + finisher, last placed, and only one MV60+ finisher. How things have changed. I should also have mentioned that the Lakeland Classics must now be nailed for this year?

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