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posted by DaveT on 6th May 2013

 Fairfield. English Championship 1. results.
   Foul and horrible driving up, but the delayed start, due to a muddy parking field, let the rain mostly pass through. Clear, cold, but alright really.
For individuals, I'm thinking that Judith was 1st LV45, and Johnny Malley was 3rd MU23
 But - my pathetic adding up has it that the Men won 1st Team . Not up at the right front end, but packing most effectively, which is what it's all about. And not just depending on the counters, but much more depth than last year. Vital. Borrowdale Vets were enormously clear, we may be 2nd, ahead of Calder Valley.
Ladies look likely to be 3rd? behind Calder (18), Ambleside (36) with 52 pts.
And the V50's were far, far distant.
   Next English is Buckden Pike, details etc, pre-entry or EOD. No navigational worries, but a recce to know what it's all about will be useful, mainly to know how much effort to put into the first big hill, (like up the steep side of the Winnats or Mam Tor beside the shale face), then to get your best line for shifting down, and there's the wall to jump near the finish.

Cressbrook Crawl:- results.
Mount Famine
:- results.

Jura:-Tim Rippon sends:- "Steve Matthews and me are travelling to Jura. We have room for 1 more if anyone interested, please   email  or txt - 07800820380. "

Wasdale Pre-Entry List

Trunce (3) - results.
Jack Bloor
:- results, and the photos  reveal an energetic runner in a brown vest near the front, traditionally seen in yellow. Trying so hard, Carshare wonders whether Tom just coasted round on Saturday?
Mearley Clough - results
Shining Tor:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 29th Apr 2013

Turner Landscape Entry detailsno panic, there's no entry limit. A cracking race, justifiable as a Championship event.

Sunday's Trail Run:- was an excellent innovation, apparently plenty of then way down south. You pays £5.00, of which £2.00 is a voucher to spend in the host pub afterwards. The idea. Set off any time between 11am and 12.30pm, and on registering you get a route description to follow round. Even I could follow the instructions and not get lost, a most pleasant mixture of fields, paths, woods, tracks and a bit of road. Just over 6 miles. For any village pub/cafe wanting some business, a very good idea indeed.

Pendle Cloughs
. Carshare League 4. results. A most worthy race to have in the Carshare League. As always, very well organised and very good running around parts of Pendle we don't usually visit. Not as crowded as the Tour, which means having to think about finding the way, rather than follow a beaten trail. Cold, but clear and as dry underfoot as Pendle is likely to be.
   Neil Northrop used his skill and navigational ability to come home first. I hesitate to say the same about Joe's navigational ability, who used the time-honoured approach of following a local (Mike Wallis) and then leaving him on those final fields. Good to see Joe, 2nd, clearly running so strongly.
 Well done to all our travellers, hope you enjoyed a good event.

Wot an insult? This well-meaning lady asked me if I ran for Clayton. Could anything be so derogatory? And a Lancashire club at that....(I'm suspecting it wos a put-up job by the nearby Clayton Chairman...)

Next event is Yetholm - recommended as a very good course, another good place to be running.

Coniston:- results.
Chunal:- results.
Red Kite Challenge
Llangynhafal Loop....results.
Saddleworth Cake Rac
e:- results.
  - results.
Jame's Thorn:- 

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posted by DaveT on 29th Apr 2013

"The XX stone is on the Salterbrook track on the top of the Woodhead. The Grin and Bear it goes past it as has some club runs.SK 152 999. It denotes 20 miles to Rotherham but there are no names on the stones"

Too hard? Not one bit, as:-
Tom Brunt rolls in first, with the location and the exact explanation of the two letters.
Russell Beresford also knows it well....
Mike Browell.....
Dave Sykes also...

And a suitable time to ask for any things of interest to go out on Carshare, Mystery Photos, Mystery Trig Points, or anything at all....So what's next?

Permalink | Closed to new comments (2) | Last updated on Tuesday 7th May 2013 at 3:31pm
posted by DaveT on 22nd Apr 2013

Three Peaks:-  resultsLooks to be very strong runs from Helen, 3rd and 1st LV40? and Oli - 6th, Tom 10th with John Hunt 17th. This is the Vets prize retained, with Tony Heron the next counter.  And also the Senior Men, Will Boothman being the vital counter.

The Fellsman :- results.   Nicky is up there again, 14th and 1st Lady.
Three Cabins Champagne Challenge:-

Highlander Mountain Marathon  is 26th/27th April, just south of Inverness. Results.  Glen  and Richard have come 8th in the Score Event , but what this involves will need some enlightenment. Apologies if others have been neglected?
 Indeed, as "Also at Highlander doing C class were Ruth Batty and Carl Betts 7th overall and just 8 minutes behind were Lucy Weigand and friend who were also 1st female team. Beautiful day 1 in sun and snow, day 2 usual MM weather. Well worth long but easy drive."

Dark & White Mini MM -
from Castleton. Results.
Trunce 2.- results.
Tiger's Todger. results.

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posted by DaveT on 15th Apr 2013

Teenager with Altitude:- results. Carshare League Race 4.  Next will be Pendle Cloughs. Saturday 4th May. And it's a right good event, less trodden than the Tour and a visit to hitherto unvisited bits of Pendle. If the clag is down worry not - there are no particular mystery knolls.
Anniversary Waltz:- results.
The Moelwyns -  results.
London marathon - results , but you'll have to wade through for yourself....

Gisborough Moors. results. Very dry up on the moors, even in the traditionally sloshy woods. Road shoes would have done fine. A welcome return from injury for Dan Middlemass, like Joe - resident in them parts. He was driving home when I eventually rolled in. This, 13 miles?, is the longest of the N Y Moors races, worth having done but not really that special. A distinct lack of rough stuff.
Summer Series (2) - Broomhead Bash.
Cakes of Bread.
BOFRA  "Dick Hudson's" - results. From Ilkley tarn, touch the gate on the other side of the moor, and get back. Cyclists line up behind the runners, who immediately set off all over the hillside on secret lines. Once on the level the cyclists squeezed past. Leaving us slower folk to get down as darkness settled in.

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posted by WillyK on 21st Apr 2013

#5 Pendle Cloughs, Sat 4th May @ 11am - entry on the day

Next up is Pendle Cloughs.  Carshare concedes ... "yes, totally contrived, but very good running, an excellent trip out" ... and it's my birthday too, so barring accident at the Fellsman, a pass out is guaranteed.

Lots of information on the Barlick FR website here including this route map; and Carshare's route notes, written in his own inimitable style, available here.  The village is likely to be full of bank holiday trippers, so we're asked to carshare and to park, for a small charge, in the village hall car park.

DT (thus interfering with Willy's stuff...) . Those watching in black and white may remember the film of Whistle Down the Wind, set in Downham, where the race starts, and the farm/barn was nearby. The film has regular backdrops of Pendle. The landowner has, I think, insisted on no new contraptions on the village buildings, so no satellite dishes or the like, which means it is regularly used in TV and films. A very scenic little place, with the stream going through.

#6 Yetholm, Sun 2nd June @1pm - online pre-entry ONLY

Then it's the Scottish counter in the British Champs so, given the smallish turnout in Ireland, I'm thinking the club captains may be chivvying the troops for this one.  You must pre-enter here and so far as we can ascertain, there's no limit to the field ... but also not too many DP'ers signed up to date either (entry list here).

Route map and full details here, and Carshare's notes here.  Given the amount of other stuff going on in May and June, I may just leave this one to sharp end, though it did seem a very fine route when we recced it in early March, notwithstanding the snow blizzards.  If you want a gps track to accompany DT's notes, email me.

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posted by DaveT on 8th Apr 2013

Silent Valley -  British Championship and Carshare League. results. Apologies for not seeing folk before or afters, I'd have preferred the traditional gathering in O'Hare's, where things can be mulled over more. Very difficult conditions, maybe not for our faster members who were dry and changed when the rains set in. Lots of snow patches all around, very easy to slide, sink or crash. Especially hard was this snow-covered valley track where we had to waddle through the rough slosh on the sides. And the last hill seemed more desperate than ever it was before.
The organisers excelled in sorting out a route so that the race could proceed, another time for full and proper equipment to cope with the conditions. The marshalling was above and beyond expectations, people lurking throughot the difficult parts of the course, lest we wander off - never to be retrieved.
  Well, us V50's team made it round, hopefully many more at Yetholm - a good grassy trip round.
First home was re-juvenated Gavin Bland, leading the massed ranks of Borrowdale.

Kinder Downfall:- results
Wardle Skyline - results
Herod Farm:- results.
Hartcliffe Hill
- results

- "Entries  open on April 13th" - .entry form.

Permalink | Closed to new comments (3) | Last updated on Tuesday 23rd April 2013 at 6:22am
posted by WillyK on 21st Apr 2013

Congratulations to Rhys and Judith on their victories yesterday at #4 Teenager with Altitude - with Rhys picking up the first outright victory of the league on his way to a beer festival somewhere.  Judith and Spyke appear to have adopted a team-tag approach to the league, which may work well enough for the individual league, but is unlikely to lead to many car team prizes.  We think Lewis has claimed his second car team prize, following a steward's enquiry which has determined that the calculation will rest on runners journeying up to the event in a vehicle, regardless of the means by which individual runners depart the event subsequently.  If you want a rationale, well it boils down to the fact that the league organiser doesn't trust Mr Kay not to bribe high ranking athletes to depart in his vehicle, on the promise of a pint or night out in Kendal, in order to boost his collective points score.

Spyke, it is alleged, wasn't up to the rigours of #4 (he had "a bit of a cold"), so was taking it gently by running the BG over two days instead ... my displeasure at such lukewarm commitment to the league is, however, entirely outweighed by my delight in thereby being able to reclaim top spot for at least another week or so. 

Full results now available here.  For a full breakdown of current league placings, click 'results', choose 'Local League' from the drop down menu, and then click on that little triangle to the right of 'Local League' in the tool bar.  Choose 'Carshare League' in its place, and click 'update view'.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Sunday 21st April 2013 at 8:37pm
posted by DaveT on 1st Apr 2013

DT - If any help is needed, for any race - either with travelling, map, route notes, anything, whenever and wherever  the race may be, just send me an e-mail, and if I can't help, most certainly someone within the club can sort out any problem!

The Grand National:-  I should have followed the winner, trained up on't moors above Bingley....

- results.
New Dungeon Ghyll -
Blubberhouses Moor. results. A few too many miles for poor Carshare. The first half was on road shoe surfaces, then horrible sinking swampy moors. A good scenic event, lovely views down to Bolton Abbey, well worth slipping in if you can stay nearby for the justified early 8.30am start.
Mow Cop. - results
Trunce (1).-  results
- results

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posted by John on 5th Apr 2013

Roger Baumeister has a bike trailer for sale.  The dimensions are 680 x 560 x 360mm, the external dimensions are 860 x 730 x 510 + connecting bar. There is a fitted waterproof cover. All offers considered.
Contact Roger directly or via the webmaster.

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posted by DaveT on 25th Mar 2013

TheVillage:- any notable extras in this, on BBC? "The Village was filmed in a number of county locations including Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Edale.

Causey Pike:- results. renamed as Outerside Chase, due to the amended course.
Rivington Pike:- results.

   Peat Pits Wood:- cancelled.
   Midgley Moor:
- cancelled.

Tuesday:- Bunny Runs start up again

Avalanches!  This link is good, (thanks, Lewis...), showing a big slide down the Winnatts Pass. And there's also an avalanche "on Skiddaw, on the west fork of How Gill, there's a notable crown wall and the debris is now the full length of the gill."

Many will also know of the tragic Chew Valley accident of 1963, when two leading climbers were swept away in Wilderness Gully.

Guardian's Running Stuff .  "The Guardian has taken up a weekly running blog this year. This week's entry is one for the long distance crowd: just 1000miles in 30 days.....".     .....(surely not Nicky?)

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Sunday 31st March 2013 at 5:17pm
posted by WillyK on 30th Mar 2013

Important to get an update in now whilst I'm sitting atop my own league since, after the Silent Valley, I fear this'll not be the case again this year.  Indeed, aficionados of the carshare and local league tables might care to note I'm first and second in the league respectively - nothing whatsoever to do with the number of races I've run, of course.

Anyway, to less important matters.

#3 Silent Valley, Sat 13th April  @ 12 noon

Entry list here

... but there appear to be more traveling; you need to pre-enter by 5th April here

Carshare's flight list can be accessed here

... but this isn't comprehensive either, so please do get in touch with DT if you want to sort flight/carshare.

NIMRA course description and other details here

Carshare's map here

And in his own words:

"A completely classic route, not too hard in navigation as the Mourne Wall helps out.  The start is well up a hillside, with the kit check also up there, and not the place to realise you’ve forgotten something. The Mourne Wall climbs up to Slieve Binnian, and then totally classic running along the ridge for a while, and then lose all the height to the dam wall of Ben Crom. Enjoy this bit, the only flat running of the course. Up to Doan is rough and steep. Enough of a trod can be used to contour round above the lake to Carn mountain, and now it’s beside the wall over Slieve Muck to Slievenagloch. Drop down southwards, pick up the last CP and just cross the dam wall to finish."

#4 Teenager with Altitude, Sat 20th April @ 10am

Race is now full, but if you email the RO you might yet sneak a place via the reserve list.  I know of at least half a dozen DP entrants - hoping there may be a few more going - with at least two vehicles departing north and west Sheffield (very) early on the morning of the race; so email or add a comment to sort a carshare.

Race details and CPs here

Race map here

Carshare's route notes here

... and there's even a slightly wobbly gps plot of my track from 2010 elsewhere on the site, should you care to look (and be reckless enough to consider following it).

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Saturday 30th March 2013 at 8:41pm
posted by DaveT on 18th Mar 2013

Edale Skyline:- Have a read of Willy's Comment, within is "Grindslow Knoll was not the place to be today; and the general concensus was that two thirds of the field would probably have missed the cut off at Mam Nick..."

Weather. Although the main reason for the cancellation seems to have been access and parking, the Sunday MWIS forecast suggests we've distinctly had a let-off. "Snow flurries western hills. The light snow may elsewhere become almost constant for a few hours, particularly Peak District in morning. Additionally blowing of already fallen snow will lead to near whiteout in some areas."

The race organiser's decision, in plenty of time to avoid messing around. The hill is still there should anyone want a moorland trot around, though maybe not from Edale.
There needs to be grateful thanks to everyone involved with organisation, especially to Ian (s). And there have been some positives. The entry procedure was, as far as I'm aware, the best way of dealing with extra numbers. Use of the many websites has kept everyone fully informed over kit, requirements, etc, which I can't remember any other event doing so thoroughly.
Ireland Entry List  - mine is in....
Fairfield Entry List.
Buckden Pike Entry List.

Buttermere Horseshoe    AL: 21.2 Miles, 9,100’ climb . 29th June 2013.
   Don't know anything about this, but entries are being taken, 150 limit. An old race, thankfully re-instated. Most likely starts in Loweswater, with a sharp start up Whiteless Pike, round to Dale Head and back the other side, and over Melbreak.
   Our local expert, Rhys, helps:- "Tell the good folks on carshare to make a weekend of it and book into the YHA where I work, Il be happy to provide some very local knowledge."

Helping out in the Eastern Moors:- this article is from " Parklife", the Peak Park newsletter

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posted by DaveT on 11th Mar 2013

Ireland Travel:- Keith has now booked flights, the list is here. Please let me know when anything gets booked, to help with carhire, etc.
So that's enough for our V50 Team, but hopefully more will be coming along.

Heptonstall:- 15miles, 4200ft.
This was a similar kind of race to Wadsworth Trog, finding a way over Dean Gate and Shackleton Knoll. Very heavy going, lots of sloshy sinking stuff, and finishing with likely the hardest fell finishes going, far longer and steeper than Wadsworth. Extremely well organised, lots of flagging and marshals. One wobbly river crossing, but there was a nearby bridge which could easily have been used had the stream been in spate.
Some notable firsts:-
a quick, to the point, sermon from the local vicar before setting off.
- some poor fellow trying to persuade runners to eat more flapjack at the end, they had loads of it!
£5.00 for the race, unlimited soup, tea, cakes, flapjack. Excellent!
Wolf's Pit:- results. "Wolf's Pit race hosted the Nottinghamshire Fell Champs again for 2013 and the following competed:
Graham Moffatt 4th and V40 gold
Dicky Wilkinson 8th and V50 silver
Trevor Milner 22nd
Phil Walters 23rd
Graham, Dicky and Trevor taking team bronze.

Wirksworth Incline:- results.

Jura Travel:- Tim Rippon is "looking for car share to Jura. Can fit around any plans for leave/return. Have car and O.K. to drive up or travel with others. Leave from Sheffield area. Please message me. determined not to miss it this year! "
DT - please email  if you can help!

Worry not ....When it comes up that the Wasdale results have been updated, or the likes, those with no faith in our Webmaster (surely there aren't any?) might think that it's taken nearly a year to get the results out. Reality is that the available results from distant years past have been found and included, a right mammoth task to be undertaken indeed!

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posted by WillyK on 29th Jan 2013

Full Carshare League listings in the calendar and here.  Please email or leave a comment below if you want to hook up a carshare.  Everybody, new members and old, encouraged to get involved - there's nowt like a long car journey to get to know people and catch up on the latest DP politics.

Races future -

Race three; Saturday 13th April - Silent Valley (NI) - Carshare's flying from Leeds to Belfast and not yet sorted travel at the other end; Greg's also interested; sadly I can't make this one, but happy to spread info around where I can.

Race four; Saturday 20th April - Teenager with Altitude - entries online here - field limited to 75, and it's already at least half full, so get your entry in now.  I'm planning a there and (probably) back in a day.

Race six; Sunday 2nd June - Yetholm - pre-entry only, online here - and no limit to the field that I can see at present.

Races past -

Race one; Sunday 10th Feb - Long Mynd Valleys - results and brief report here. Five cars in the end, with the team prize determined by totalling up the points score of all (counting) car occupants, divided by the engine size ... one ringer allowed per car, and where there are more than one ringers in a vehicle, it is the lower scoring (so later finishing) ringer that counts.

Race two; Sunday 10th March - Brough Law in the Cheviots - results and very brief report here. Only the one car this time sadly - in retrospect, a six hour round trip on Mother's Day was not perhaps ideal timing - but a fine time had by Carshare and myself, including a rather chilly recce of the Yetholm route (race six and the Scottish British Champs counter this year) in the afternoon. email if you want a GPS track for the Yetholm route.  And what's more, I got to take my mum out for dinner on the way home, so honour was satisfied all round.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Sunday 17th March 2013 at 9:09pm
posted by DaveT on 4th Mar 2013

British MV40 and LV40 Teams:- "It was decided at an FRA Championship sub-committee that there should be a M50 Team and W40 Team championship for this year (2013). "
  That's Medium Silent Valley and Yetholm : Long - Peris : Short - Blisco.
Plenty of time to get travel sorted for Ireland.....and get Yetholm entries in....

Ireland Travel:-
Matt Hulley's flights are  here - and Greg is now on the same flight, etc - but who can share car hire? Please send through when anything is booked...
Just a prize-giving night and no food this year?

Brough Law, Carshare League 2. results.  A long day out, but well worth the visit. Brough Law is in the Cheviots, and put out by the Kielder Blast organiser. This was an excellent AS course, excellent lonely valley venue. It began with a 10metre dash, and spread out up a wide sharp hill. Then lots of good grassy running, enough ups and downs, and a shifting grassy finish. About 5 miles, and another hill could easily have been slipped in, whilst still AS. A much better place to be running than within Kielder forest. Gavin Bland was first home, clearly running well with Edale coming up. Don't worry, we gave him enough rubbish advice which can stuff Borrowdale's chances....
   We then slipped around to Yetholm to plod around the British Championship course.
. Another excellent course. Cold and wintry, we needed one shelter behind a wall to escape the elements. Not hard to navigate, though if the clag is down, things could go wrong. But a hard course, as it should be. A roller coaster first half, once you get up , over the top and lose lots of height.Four times. A very sapping climb up the last hill to half-way, somehow sinking into marshy grassy stuff high on a hillside. Then a fast second half, which goes on and has lots of running, but with a sharp hill near the end.
We'd met the organiser earlier, and he was waiting for us at the end. No entry limit, just a closing date.  If you want a .gpx file of Willy's track, drop him an email

Off goes the Carshare League organiser....

Brown Knoll - "A select bunch of hardy souls turned out for the inaugural running of Brown Knoll the hard way. There was much debate on the start line about the best route from the start to Mam Nick. That turned out to be the most straight forward bit. Driving snow and low cloud made for some interesting navigation. Rich Bradbury took the scenic route to Brown Knoll - having left his compass behind. Very pleasant tussock trotting was found on the sweeping decent into Pennine territory to the west. There was a grim climb into the wind back over into the head of the Edale valley. Where Lewis got too casual with his map reading and visited an extra unofficial control before the hard climb up to Lords Seat, it was all wrapped up with the fun descent back to Odin mine off Mam Tor. Matt Hulley set off in his traditional late fashion and had very little idea about where he went. Tim Rippon went for a wander somewhere out on the course and so enabled some of the slower members to get in a valued head to head victory. He also has a passion for a very direct line off Mam Tor - the geologist at the bottom of the face were less passionate about his line through the unstable debris. A very worth while course. Hopefully the race will see the light of day (or torches) again. " - from Lewis...

Haworth Hobble - Wuthering Hike:results. A bit grim? But some folk clearly enjoyed it so much they finished twice, as T Atkin and P Kenny finished 256th and later 295th. Can you help, please?
Grindleford Gallop.  - results.
Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round results,
Ian Roberts
Absent Friends:- "Jon Morgan is out in the Alps for the winter ski mountaineering racing. Here are a few choice bits: Jon gets a photo of himself in the French newspapers, and also Es is lurking beside...:Here are his blog postings for his sponsor RAB: for the technically minded, there are some interesting bits in the Blog about basic blood & oxygen physiology which gives some context to the numbers, and what you might view as the privilege of athletic capability."

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posted by DaveT on 25th Feb 2013

 Ireland Travel Arrangements:-   This link  should have a list to show which flights, etc, are being used. A lot sparse just now. Greg is wishing to know who else is going, to share costs, etc. So please contact Willy or myself if/when any arrangements are made.
 I can't stress enough what an excellent course this is, and venue, and a right good weekend in every way.

Buckden Pike - details, etc.  No panic, worry not!. AS English Championship. Barlick is a club that has developed from Wharfedale - (Barnoldswick in real terms..). £4.00 pre-entry, £6.00  on the day. The website has a list of entries....

High Peak Marathon:- results.
Black Combe  .- results.  A visit from Richard Hakes. Borrowdale Vets out in strength, 4th,5th,6th,7th, and V50 Paul Cornforth a distant 9th. If they have a third V50 counter things will be awkward...
Trollers Trot .
PhotoA long LDWA kind of thingy from Grassington. These moors drying out fast up here. A long 25 miles all around Wharfedale, 3000ft of uphills. Carshare plodded wearily home in 4.00, followed soon by Rachel, 4.09. A most impressive run from Jo Waites, 3rd overall, and she hopes she can remember her guided tour of Edale the other day....results.

Cloud Nine. - results.
Glaisdale Rigg:
- reputed to be lurking in Joe Country.

Tuesday - Sedbergh 3 Peaks.

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posted by DaveT on 18th Feb 2013

High Cup Nick:- Up by Dufton. Not easy conditions at all. Snow blowing head-on plodding up the valley to High Cup Nick, where the top rocks were nastily icy. Lying ice and snow needed caution where usually we're legging it back down. Stuart was 2nd, behind Ricky Lightfoot : Tony Heron 25th, running strong despite fretting about York being in the lands of flat : Carshare made up the team, but far distant to worry the team prize-giving. It's a right well organised race, highly recommended, soup and rolls on tap afterwards, and immediate results available - by the tried and tested sticky labels.


Not the Nationals -
Ilkley Moor. Results. Sorry to miss our runners, I got cold up on't moor....
New Chew - for our regulars....results.  

More news from distant lands:-Rhys "did another race on Saturday - Avalanche Peak. I'm in decent shape for hill running as confirmed by being first to the top of a 1100m ascent but struggled on the river bed running - when NZ do rough, they do rough! So 4th place it was. A tough race for anyone out in NZ in February in the next few years, but a good day out. Did get some support on the hill in my brown vest from Hilary Bloor's sister, plus ex-Dark Peaker Alastair Cory-Wright was first vet. " 2hrs 41mins....
Race report.  - DT - well worth a look and a read... with it saying "who stormed up the 1100 meter scramble of Avalanche Peak to claim the “King of the Mountain” title in 50mins"
In the Prizes photo....

Edale Skyline. We seem to be getting little help with the Championship campaign from the organiser, as he seems to have accepted entries from Borrowdale, of all things.
 But more seriously, it's not just the team scorers who matter, it's the runners who can push back the other clubs. Those four points from last year.......Edale must surely be the race to make a real mark for the Championship....

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posted by WillyK on 24th Feb 2013

Only very limited intelligence on this one.  An out and back clockwise loop (race route here) from near Bulbys Wood car park, Ingram Valley, nr Powburn, Northumberland - 5 miles, 1300 foot - and no evidence whatsoever on the DP site that anyone from the Dark Side's ever run it.  But surely one or more of our north-eastern residents must have given it a go at one time or another?

It's a very early start if you're doing a there and back in one day - the race kicks off at 10am and it's a good 3.5+ hour drive from Sheffield - so I'm planning to travel up Friday night or Saturday morning, staying at Wooler YHA (£15 per night, and within spitting distance of several pubs), and having a potter up to the Cheviot on Saturday daytime.  May also throw in a recce of the Yetholm Scottish Brit Champs counter on the Sunday afternoon.  I'd welcome any offers of company - not least because the team prize will very likely be beyond my grasp otherwise.

Lewis is travelling up separately, en famille, earlier in the week/weekend, and Carshare himself plans to break his carshare league duck if he can persuade someone to pick him up en route on the A1 - there and back on the day, I believe, Carshare?

I'm thinking this may be one of the less well attended league races, so if you're up for a slightly different weekend in Northumberland, do get in touch via the comments - or email - and we'll see what we can do to fill at least one car.

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posted by DaveT on 12th Feb 2013

Carnethy 5 - results. A long-distance visit from Jim Paxman....
Ovenden -
Commondale Clart - whatever that may be, but some folk do run up by Guisborough..Results.    Only one brown vest, that of Joe. Not too many ahead of him, first home in 40.00.
Dark and White Mini MM- (1) - from Chinley. results
Loughrigg - Silver Howe -

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posted by DaveT on 3rd Feb 2013

Carshare is back from Zurich , cold and then cold. Plenty of snow down. Must take my headtorch next winter for some of their night sledging - an idea for a Warts Winter Sports Night?
All navigational lost souls will be pleased to know that my CP below Pendle Big End, on the Tour, will now have a clanging cowbell, to guide wayward runners along.....

Yetholm - British Championship and, more importantly, Carshare League. Willy points out that entries are being taken. This reminds me of last year's Scottish race, Arrochar Alps. I left my entry until near the closing date, only to find there was an unidentified race limit. This also seems to have no limit, but.... entry list.
  My entry is  in....

Three Peaks Entry - another race filling up fast. £25.00.

Wadsorth Trogresults.

   Long Mynd Valleys
. Carshare League race 1. Results  A successful start to the Carshare League indeed. Roll up for Brough Law, looks to be a good race, and fine if the cars can be filled up. If anyone can pick up a lonesome soul beside the A1 at Wetherby?  Plenty of time to sort things out.
   Winter Hill:- Results   Austin sends:"Three brave Dark Peak runners braved the brutal blizzard conditions on this year's race. Rain, snow & loads of mud made it heavy going under foot, the clagg was down again as well covering the TV masts. Looks like Tom had a good race, as the top four must have had a epic battle as all four came in under 30 seconds of each other. I had a slight walk about which costs me a few places, but had a good run even though I was 5 mins slower than lasts year. Also new club member Matt Pentney christen his lovely new club vest. "

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posted by WillyK on 18th Jan 2013

Three days to go to the inaugural Carshare League - Long Mynd Valleys. ROs have requested full *waterproof* body cover, so be sure to pack it.  We're up to at least four cars and runners in double figures; a diverse crew, as one might imagine, with recent converts including the Pocket Rocket, a Munro record holder, the current Pertex holder, the captain of Totley's women's team (will need to reach a decision on the start line as to whether ringers can count in the team prize) and now, I'm delighted to report, a DP women's captain too.

Please get in touch if you want to tag along - there's space in cars from Sheffield, Hathersage and Derby now, and everybody's welcome.  Just email or use the comments link below.  

Carshare himself will, regrettably, be off doing family things on the continent, but proclaims the race "excellent".  Captain Harmer, by contrast, declares it "not a proper fell race; all grass and running".  And at 11.5miles (but 4500 ft), it's almost within ex-Chairman Moore's boredom threshold ... so something for everyone, I'm sure you'll agree.

Route notes here and a map here

Carshare advises that anyone wanting to make a weekend of it should consider the "Shropshire Weekend" taking in the AS Titterstone Clee race on the Saturday.

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posted by DaveT on 28th Jan 2013

Rombald's Stride:- is a LDWA event, with plenty of runners all around Ilkley Moor. Enough ice about, with people slipping : once again the justification for taking decent spare kit. 22miles, 3000ft was hard work for poor Carshare. Whilst wobbling up Otley Chevin near the end, Rachel whooshed past and disappeared from view. Most welcome support from Mr and Mrs Rachel and Rhys. At least my emergency train fare home wasn't needed.
Jarrett Jaunt - another of Mike's favourites over by Ennerdale.
Jarrett Jaunt - Indeed was Mike there, 6th place. Results.
Mickleden Straddle:- results.
Lad's Leap:- 
Charnwood Hills
- does anyone now run this?

Weekend afterwards.
  Long Mynd Valleys. Hoping that Willy's Carshare League can get off to a good start. It's one of the best AM courses going, and well worth the trip down. Please contact Willy if you want to share, can drive, or whatever....

Edale entries....wot a surprise, it filled up fast....I can't see much else that can be done, with enough places being held back for deserving runners....
   Make sure to read all that stuff on the Skyline link, there's essential things within. Such as "Full waterproof body cover cagoule with hood and over trousers – this means kit sold as waterproofs with taped seams. "
   If it's not waterproof, top and bottoms, best get shopping....

Other Championship Entries:- just so we know what's coming along and when:-
Silent Valley:-  13th April - entries by 5th April. No limit on numbers.
Fairfield. 11th May. Entries are being taken, 500 limit. Mine is in, and the cheque cashed.
Yetholm:- 2nd June. Entries  being taken.
Buckden - 15th June. Pre-entry by 8th June. No sign of any limit on numbers?
Wasdale - 13th July:- Postal entries open 13th April, limit of 250, so it needs watching out for.
Blisco Dash - 27th July. The Ambleside site says that entries are now open, closes 20th July, no sign of any limit.
Turner Landscape:- 10th August. Entries from May 1st.
Peris Horseshoe - 14th September. Pre-entry after 1st August.

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posted by DaveT on 21st Jan 2013

Over in New Zealand:- Rhys "did my first race since the FRAs yesterday - the Jumbo-Holdsworth race in NZ. You could pick which way round you ran, so long as you visited the two peaks of Jumbo and Holdsworth (both over 1400m). The race started at 300m in the thick NZ bush at 8am to avoid the heat of the day. I went via Jumbo first to ge the udulating riverside trail out of the way early, and pulled away from a fella as we hit the very rough uphill. Crossing over with the runners who chose the other way round was unnerving as you had no idea how you were getting on so I ran hard down the 6 mile downhill trail, also rather rough in spots but good fun. Pleased to be in good shape at this stage of the year. "
DT - this appears to be a classic understatement, as Rhys was 10 minutes clear - results.
, 2hrs 22mins.

Calderdale Way Relayis Sunday 19th May. Last year we managed no teams, but if anyone should wish to get organising something?  It's a busy weekend of other attractions, though - and especially Simon's Seat the day before...
 Kinder Trial:
- results
 Blakes Heaven -
 White Holme Circular -
  Tigger Tor:- results.

Notts Fell Championships 2013. Dicky Wilkinson is " organising the Notts Fell Champs for 2013 again and tagging it on to the Wolf's Pit race in March."
This flyer might, at last, be the right one. As ever, Carshare's mess-up, as if Dicky would ever do such a thing...

Ilkley Fell Race - is 24th February, a good AS course, after a bottleneck start. Entries open 1st February.

Dark Peak Fell Runner Apprehended for Running in the Woods! (alias Steve Matthews..)
"Did you ever wonder if the Police Helicopter was watching you – or were you just being a bit paranoid? Yesterday (20th Jan)  I was out for a steady local footpath run; clambering over the stile at Dore & Totley Station to head up into Poynton Woods, I noticed the Police Helicopter come steaming in from the south west and come to a halt in a lowish hover above and slightly in front of me. As I climbed up into the woods it dropped down even lower over the railway and then appeared to follow me as I ran along through the woods. I dropped down to the river level then zig zagged back up to the top of the bank and threw in a quick loop into the houses at Bradway Bank, and sure enough the Eye in the Sky came barrelling round the estate to keep me in view. Adrenaline levels were up a bit now but still not 100% convinced I found the footpath down to the bottom of Totley Rise, sprinted down there as fast as I could, over the footbridge and then came to a halt in an alleyway behind the shops. Sure enough the helicopter overshot and then came around to catch me again as I doubled back down Laverdene Avenue. I decided that trouble might be brewing if I continued evading the law, so headed through to Abbeydale Road where I reckoned I might find some uniforms waiting for me….sure enough two police cars boxed me in like a trapped rat at the end of Bushey Wood Road. A Policeman wound the window down and after a short conversation it transpired that they were looking for someone and it wasn’t me (of course!), although I was slightly worried because I hadn’t yet paid my Dark Peak Subs; also I stole a Matchbox catalogue from Cooper’s Toy Shop in Rotherham in December 1974 and I thought that might have surfaced in a ‘Cold Case Review’ like they have on the telly.
I am fully prepared for some mickey taking, especially as I got caught (and so close to the sanctuary of Totley Tunnel!), but would argue that this does not count for a Pertex award unless it does actually feature on ‘Police-Camera-Action’."

Ireland - Silent Valley. Saturday April 13th.  This is British Championship, and also Carshare League. The weekend over there is recommended for any reason you like. Superb hard course, an evening of merriment, everything. If you book flights, and/or car hire, please will you contact Carshare, or better still Willy, so that we can get a list out as to who is flying from where, so that sharing travel and car hire can be sorted out. A map will appear, or I can forward a copy, similar with Route Notes. Or help with anything else.
    Carshare has booked flights, just holding back on entering just yet. If you do enter, the evening meal fits nicely in with the "lively" prize-giving.

Thursday - Edale entries. "Entries open Thursday 31st January 2013 at 00:00."

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posted by DaveT on 15th Jan 2013

Stanbury Splash:- resultsLoads of snow up on't moors. Not the usual course, but a less icy alternative, and unless you had to break the trail, justifiable bad weather running, just one part with glassy ice that needed care. Considering the obvious serious conditions, setting off in vest and shorts, with no spare kit, is needlessly asking for trouble should anything go wrong. Rachel made up the ranks, happily clutching her  box of chocoates at the prize giving.
Full credit to the organiser for ensuring a race took place, and a good one at that.

Thursday - Cycling's big day.
   - I've never found that Oprah Winfrey show before, but this one could be full of interest!
   - More locally important, the routes for the Leeds start of 2014 Tour de France will be revealed. Look out for specially reduced B/B rates for DPFR members should it pass through Wharfedale.....
"The UK route of the 2014 Tour de France
Stage one
Leeds - Harewood - Otley - Ilkley - Skipton - Kettlewell - Aysgarth - Hawes - Reeth - Leyburn - Ripon - Harrogate
Stage two
York - Knaresborough - Silsden - Keighley - Haworth - Hebden Bridge - Elland - Huddersfield - Holmfirth - Sheffield"

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