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Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 23/04/2018 • 8:57

James Lowe
17h • 23/04/2018 • 8:56

Dark Peak Fell Runners
18h • 23/04/2018 • 8:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
18h • 23/04/2018 • 8:07

Dark Peak Fell Runners
18h • 23/04/2018 • 8:03

James Lowe
1d • 22/04/2018 • 22:29

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 22/04/2018 • 19:38

Helen Elmore
1d • 22/04/2018 • 19:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 22/04/2018 • 17:23

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 22/04/2018 • 17:15

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 22/04/2018 • 17:08

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 22/04/2018 • 17:07

Mount Pleasant Park
2d • 21/04/2018 • 7:39

3d • 21/04/2018 • 0:50

Declan Walsh ūüćČūüĆĽ Deagl√°n Breathnach
3d • 20/04/2018 • 23:45

3d • 20/04/2018 • 21:19

Steve Frith
3d • 20/04/2018 • 10:59

Dominic Watts
4d • 19/04/2018 • 22:56

From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 16th Mar 2015

Middle Fell:- Mike has kindly forwarded the results, he was 10th, in an illustrious field, in 56.42.

Heptonstall:- Unusually pleasant conditions for these moors, warm and sunny, and even a drying up - (somewhat) - of the boggy bits. The runners encouraged from the start by the local Reverend. A notable First Lady for Sally Fawcett, accompanied by brown-vested Tony Heron and Simon Mills. Results

Wolf's Pit:- results.
"Nottinghamshire Fell Championships at Wolf's Pit DPFR results.
Graham Moffatt: Open Silver; V40 Gold
Dicky Wilkinson: V50 Bronze.
Fliss Milner won V50 Gold -
Team Bronze: Graham Moffatt; Dicky Wilkinson; and Simon Reed
Terrific racing conditions and the usual very well organised event by John Boyle and his team."

Blakey Blitz - results.

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posted by DaveT on 1st Apr 2015

It's been a bit of a slow start this year, but with Jim and Olwyn possibly the only ones making the journey to Llantysilio last week - and Olwyn returning home with a prize - our Mr P sits in splendid isolation atop the CSL2015 with three events completed (or at least he will once the results are confirmed). The first British Champs of the year, and fourth CSL counter - Ras y Moelwyn on Sat 18th April - has 27 DP entrants on the start list, so the team prize should be rather more competitive this time around ... you may want to start fixing your lifts via the comments below to ensure your best shot at this prestigious honour.

Following this third of our outings to Wales this year, next up will be the Scottish Classic Stuc a Chroin on Saturday 2nd May (bank holiday weekend), which claims to be ''[r]enowned for its plentiful supply of water, jelly babies and chocolate all along its 22k, [albeit] rumours that some runners actually put on weight during the race are to be treated with caution". It is also, by all reputes, a very fine route. Your CSL organiser will be reccying Scottish Hills in the preceding week and making his way over to the race venue by public transport/foot on the Friday, so will be very glad of a lift back to Sheffield either on the evening of Saturday 2nd, or on Sunday 3rd May. If you're planning to go and can help, please do email me.

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posted by DaveT on 8th Mar 2015

Black Combe - Carshare League (3). results. A goodly turn-out indeed. No doubt our legue Organiser will inform us all about the excitement therein...Indded he does, look within DPFR Results.

Haworth Hobble:- results. More DPFR runners than usual?
Horsehill Tor - DPFR Race.

Nicky's Hoppit's Hill - results. A right pity that this didn't get more club support. At least Penistone realised the true worth of the event. The running is good, nobody got lost, and you're hard pushed not to come away with some kind of prize. That carrot cale looks good...

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posted by DaveT on 1st Mar 2015

Flower Scar. English Championship (1).
Ladies Results. Mens Results.
Very well organised,and the expected extremely efficient results service.
A hard enough couse with plenty of everything, just runnable hills, mud, and hard running. Later on I'll sift through the results, but meanwhile:-
Judith is 2nd LV40 and 1st LV45
Nicky - 3rd LV45
Liz - 2nd LV50.
And the two front Ambleside Ladies finished so very impressively indeed.
Simon Bailey was 1st Man, with Rhys - 4th.
Dave Taylor - 1st MV50.
Tom Saville - 2nd MU23 and Gold MU23 Yorkshire Champion.
Apologies to anyone I've missed off, too hard for me to be sorting out teams, but any help most welcome...
Thanks to everyone involved with representing, next is British - The Moelwyns, and English - Stretton Six Summits. Both need pre-entry.

Trollers Trot - results. Martin Smith found it, 24 miles of Wharfedale's best, in 4:27:09, 108th position.
DPFR - 57A "race".
Brough Law - results. Joe is obviously not that tired....
Cautley - Kendal Winter League - results - nor Mike...
Ian Roberts Memorial - results. Neither is Nicky that tired, 1st Lady here.

World Masters, etc - North Wales
. This is September, there is an Open race, up Moel Siabod to the summit, Also the main event for Seniors, and then the World Masters. Entries are now being taken.

Jura Entries:- to be hoped everyone was on the ball, as it now shows "Event Full". Grateful thanks indeed to Simon for flagging this up so promptly.
"Entries for Jura are open via SIentries. They have set up a pre-selection list so if you want an entry, you need to complete this preselection list and wait for an email from the organisers once they have vetted your suitability.

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posted by DaveT on 11th Mar 2015

FRA website link.

Senior Men:- Rhys - 4th.
MV45:- Dave Taylor - 7th.
MV50:- Dave Taylor - 1st.
MV65:- DT - 7th
MV70:- John Armistead - 4th.
MU23 - Tom - 2nd
LV40:- Judith - 2nd : Nicky - 4th : Liz - 8th.
LV45:- Judith - 1st : Nicky - 3rd : Liz - 5th : Nicola - 8th. (How impressive is that, then?)
LV50:-Liz - 2nd

Senior Men:- 3rd
MV40:- 3rd
MV50:- 2nd.
Senior Ladies:- 4th.
LV40:- 1st.

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posted by DaveT on 23rd Feb 2015

High Peak Marathon:- Results. Plenty to sift through...With Yiannis having had his birthday, is that the first V70 to complete, and very well?

And another thing: if anyone has the energy left to write the story of their night it would be much appreciated by the editors at email

High Cup Nick -
Pie Dream - results Most of us haven't any clue where this may be, but somehow Bob Johnson found it, near Dolgarrog, somehere near Conway
Cloud Nine:- results.
Cunswick - Kendal Winter League - results
Sedbergh 3 Peaks:- was cancelled.

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posted by DaveT on 15th Feb 2015

Not the National - DPFR Event.
The National - not a DPFR event. results. But there's no way I'm sifting through these...Anyone needing a mention?

Loughrigg - Silver Howe Chase - Rhys - 1st, and Mike 7th. results .
Ilkley Moor - results. some most welcome visitors on the Moor. Simon Bailey is looking very strong just now, and clearly running well.
New Chew:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 9th Feb 2015

Windy Hill:- Carshare League (2). results.
A good enough course around Blackstone Edge, with a lot of everything. Wide lanes, a strong climb up the Roman Road, classic moorland stuff along the top, rather like running round the Downfall, and plenty of muddy grassy stuff coming back down.
Jim Paxman will have maintained his lead, but for how long?

Parbold Hill Race - results. Once was in the FRA Calendar, I'm thinking? But not now. John Hunt did decent, 5th place, but eclipsed by Gareth Briggs, 2nd. You'll have to sort out these raiders into your home territory, John...

Carnethy 5:- results. Can't just see anyone there?
Commondale Beacon - N.Y.Moors - results
Warts Revenge - DPFR event.
Barbondale - Kendal Winter League - results.

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Feb 2015

Margery Hill:-
Wadsworth Trog:- results. 3rd Mens Team - fine : but a most encouraging 1st Lady's Team. A trend-setter for the year to come?
Titterstone Clee:- results. A guest appearance from Lloyd....
RAB Mini MM Round 1 - based at Calver. results.
Long Mynd Valleys:- results.
Fairmile - Kendal Winter League:- results.

Health Warning to all you fast runners.
This link
reveals that it is only safe to run at 12 minute mile pace. And who could possibly question such scientific research? Seems to me that Edale Skyline, and other such races, need to impose a too-fast cut-off time, so all those arriving too soon at Mam Nick get booted down the road to Edale. What a most sensible suggestion, as an aid to us pathetically slow runners?

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posted by DaveT on 26th Jan 2015

Kinder Trial. - results.
Charnwood Hills - results.
Broughton Wood Wobble - was cancelled, carparking being a skating rink.
Birkrigg Common - Kendal Winter League - results.
Mickleden Straddle:- was cancelled.

The Spine. Some completely major achievent going on here. Start in Edale and keep going, in atrocious conditions at time, until Kirk Yetholm. Anyone lasting the course deseves total acclaim, and here it's John Vernon, results, who managed to keep going for 5days 22 hours 33minutes. Roughly 50% retirements...Congratulations indeed!

Pre- entries. Time to be watching out. On Sunday, Edale Skyline entries came along, also Three Peaks.
Windy Hill , Rochdale, 14th Feb needs to be in, the next Carshare League counter - (mine is in...)

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Thursday 5th February 2015 at 2:21am
posted by DaveT on 19th Jan 2015

Tarren Hendre. results. ,The first event in the Carshare League, and hopefully Jim Paxman may tell us all about it?
Indeed he can:-"There is an unexpected early leader in the Carshare league after Saturday's race at Tarren Hendre, as there was the only DPFR runner in the field. Tarren Hendre is across the valley to the south of Cadair Idris in a delectable and quiet corner of Wales. The course had 2,000 feet of climbing in the first three miles to keep you honest but had a little too much fast running on Landrover tracks down through the forest than would be acceptable to some tastes."
But will he still be leading after Windy Hill, 14th Feb?

Blake's Heaven - results.
Ashurst Beacon - results.
Northern Cross-Country Championships - Pontefract. - results. Some familiar names within.
Tigger Tor:- results.

Am I the only person marking the passing away of Ronnie Ronalde, and his remarkable talents? No doubt the youth of today aren't in the know?

Wolfs Pit:- Sunday, 22nd March. As in previous years, this will incorporate the Nottis Fell Championships. details

Tour de Yorkshire Day 3, Sunday 3rd May, looks a good effort, heading to Roundhay Park, via Skipton, Cow and Calf, and Otley. Favourable rates for carparking available, again...

World Masters in Wales. This is on 12th September, from Bettws y Coed. Five year categories above V35, Men and Ladies. Map of the route. Not one bit sure that Carshare will be along...

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posted by DaveT on 12th Jan 2015

Anglesey Ultra Long Thing This uses the west coastal path of Anglesey - no official results just yet.
John Hunt, warming up nicely for Flower Scar , "got an entry for the CTS Anglesey Ultra Marathon last minute as someone I knew dropped out. It's 32.7 miles and 3500ft+ of climbing. I was leading or in the leading pack until about 24 miles, then a young fit Ultra runner lad showed us how to run for home, took me apart steadily from there and just cruised away. Nevertheless that's got to count as my January long run even though it was in the daylight (only just). Looks like some negotiations still to be done with the final results, "on the road" 2nd came home and failed his kit check, he was disqualified there and then but the results are still "tbc". So we'll have to see if I'm officially 2nd behind a worthy winner or something else less correct. Kits always a sticking point, no one likes to carry it, but you do, if you don't and you're coming in placed you have to call a spade a spade."

Brass Monkey - well might one wonder what this is, but Simon Dixon found it, a half-marathon in that esteemed fellrunning territory - York. results.

Stanbury Splash. Due to ice, the course changed to the shorter Stoop route. Snow in the air, plenty of lying snow, even more deep slosh to fall in, or lose a shoe. David Lund must relish such stuff, venturing forth.results.

Lambs Longer Leg - results.
Crummock Round - results.

Further distant in time: - Nicky has "rescheduled the Hoppits races as they were clashing with Wolf's Pit. So the NEW DATE is Sunday 15th March. "
For those who've not ventured along for this, get it marked down and highlighted in the Calendar....

Carshare League.
This takes off the next weekend, with Tarren Hendre. , mid-Wales. Entry on Day, a map is on the website.
After that comes Windy Hill, Sat 14th February. , Mike Nolan was there last year, " This new race is a real cracker with lots of fast running and a big climb in the middle , 9 miles and 1300ft. Starting near Hollingsworth lake, the route took us over the M62 and onto a circuit around the Pennine Bridleway and the Pennine Way with a bit of hopping and jumping over Blackstone Edge. Austin sprinted in a few minutes back for a decent team performance .Pie and peas for £2 and decent ale at the bar finished off a good day out."
EOD , if available, is dearer, so pre-entry advised, it seems.

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posted by DaveT on 5th Jan 2015

Yorkshire Cross Country Championships. results. at Lightwater Valley, Ripon.
The Trigger:- results
Cannock Chase Trig Points:- results. With Rob winning this, again, and Neil winning The Trigger, are the Senior Men getting their act together?
Firbank - Kendal Winter League:- results.

Giant's Tooth - results A while back, New Years Day, near Halifax. . But a most welcome renaissance from Mike Pedley, erstwhile DPFR News editor, our first webmaster, Calderdale Relay host, and no doubt plenty more.

Wednesday - Carshare unleashed his navigational skills on the poor unsuspecting organiser of "Ilkley Streets". 7pm start, and 45 mins to get to as many controls as possible. Maybe an idea for a home territory event? Plenty of people along, I wasn't last...quite. Every control was a post box, just a matter of visiting as many as possible.

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posted by DaveT on 1st Jan 2015

Moz's Birthday Race:-
Clay Bank East - N.Y.Moors:- results
Kendal Winter League - Scout Scar. results.

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posted by DaveT on 22nd Dec 2014

Very best wishes from Carshare to everbody, and their hopes for 2015.

Wadsworth Trog entries are open. February 7th. And a deviated course this year, though hardly to be any easier...

Boxing Day Bogtrot:-
Chevin Chase (Otley). results. Alastair just ahead of Johnny, and any brown vests will need to sift through for themselves..

Festive Disorientation:- results.
Wansfell:- results.
Auld Lang Syne:- Alastair again....results.
Bowstones:- results
Nine Standards:- results.
Captain Cook's Races:- results.
Giants Tooth:-

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posted by DaveT on 22nd Dec 2014


This is Deer Gallows, SD995555 for those with a map. A most scenic cliff, and there's lots of good running all around the nearby moors, never mind climbing...

Did Carshare , at last, triumph? Of course not. Ron Fawcett remembers it well, and that's not really much of a surprise.
- Dave Sykes was nearly there, just about two miles to travel....

Clue 1 :- Try the Yorkshire Gritsone Guidebook...
Clue 2 :- not to be listed as a roadside crag....
Clue 3 :- that lump of rock in the left side of the picture is a big, detached block...
Last Clue - a moorland meander, but often walked up from a reservoir, and that's not Grimwith...

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posted by DaveT on 15th Dec 2014

Tour de Helvellyn - results

The Stoop - Haworth. results. That last event up here, basking in warm sunshine, was as suspected a never-to-be repeated occasion. This time we reverted to pattern - cold, wet, windswept and a veritable slosh through slippery everything. Compulsory kit requirements were the free Santa Hats.

Crookstone Crashout:-

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posted by WillyK on 3rd Dec 2014

With DP News likely to be some time yet, and entries already open for at least one of next year's counters (Y Moelwyn), it's time to reveal the eagerly awaited fixture list for the Carshare League 2015.  So here you go, kicking off in Wales on 24th Jan with the possibility of an awayday weekend taking in some fun and games in the Rhinogs on the Sunday as a warm down ...

Sat 24 Jan 12:00 Tarren Hendre AS EOD 6m/2000ft NW Wales
Sat 14 Feb 11:30 Windy Hill BM Online entry now open 9m/1280ft SW Pennines
Sat 14 Mar 12:00 Black Combe AM EOD 8.1m/3280ft SW Lakes
Sat 28 Mar tbc Llantysilio AS 6.2m/2100ft NE Wales
Sat 18 Apr 14:00
Y Moelwyn AM (Brits) Online PE from 1Dec 10.5m/2800ft N Wales
Sat 2 May 13:00?
Stuc a’ Chroin AL 13.7m/4920ft C Scotland
Sat 13 Jun tbc Durisdeer, Dumfries AM (Brits) Online PE from 1Mar 9.1m/4070ft Lake District
Sat 18 Jul 15:00 Ingleborough AM 6.8m/1970ft Yorks Dales
Sat 15 Aug 11:00 Seven Sevens AL (Brits) 18.9m/8780ft N Ireland
Sat 29 Aug 14:00 Pendleton AS 5m/1500ft SW Pennines
Sat 19 Sep 11:00 Three Shires AL (LCT) 12.4m/4000ft Lake District
Sun 1 Nov 10:30 Gisborough Moors BL 12.4m/2790ft N Yorks Moors

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posted by DaveT on 8th Dec 2014

Eskdale Eureka - N.Y.Moors:- results.
Peak Raid3 - Round 4 - Crowden. - results.
Litton Christmas Cracker:- results
Simonside Cairns -results

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posted by DaveT on 11th Dec 2014

"Oli Johnson was a real menace".
"Oli Johnson showed Stockport just what they were missing as he ripped his former team apart with a goal, two assists and a shot against the post in front of 2,547 supporters on a freezing afternoon."

Looks like our esteemed runner is doubling up as a footballer, lining up for Guiseley United.
He's certainly kept quiet about this...
Read all about it...  (if anyone can be bothered, that is..)

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Thursday 11th December 2014 at 1:25pm
posted by DaveT on 2nd Dec 2014

North Grain and Back:- a beautiful morning and a testing course, winning time over 2 hours. A very good turnout for this special occasion, results now on DPFR Results.
Oxspring Hunshelf Amble:- results. was a good trip around Trunce territory. The race will be held twice next year, in each direction, and makes for scenic running, and plenty hard enough.
Gravy Pud:- results.
Percy Pud:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 24th Nov 2014

Carshare is back from Zurich. Just got the timing wrong, missing being DPFR's first entrant in the Zurich Silvesterlauf through the streets. And very close to getting dressed up for the Parade of Santas....

Dark and White Mini-MM 3 : from Edale. - results.
Kirkbymoor - results.
Peak Raid 3 - Round 3. from Totley.- results.

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posted by John on 27th Nov 2014

Stewart Kemp says: "I've entered the Trigger. Now need to sort out logistics. I can drive and offer lifts to Marsden but need someone at Edale willing to take me back to Marsden afterwards (and I expect race will take me about 4hrs 30mins depending on conditions)."

It's a while away yet but anyone who can help with the logistics please talk to Stewart.

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Thursday 27th November 2014 at 10:21pm
posted by WillyK on 21st Nov 2014

With apologies to Carshare for invading his blog, it only seems fair that the whole club (and not just the Facebook cognoscenti) should get to comment on this one.  

We are deeply indebted to both Adi Davis and Jim Fulton for providing the tracks that allow us to pose the questions:

2014-11-21--image.jpg1. which track is Ashley's?

2. is this finally the proof we needed that great fell running minds (Jim and Ashley's) think entirely alike?

3. if 2. is conceded, then how can genetics account for the occasionally inspired variations upon variations upon a route which these two magnificent tracks reveal?

No cheating now; only answers backed up with a plausible explanation can be accepted - so don't just refer to the tracks on the website for your answer. A pint for the best set of answers, in the Carshare comments section below (comments on Facebook also welcome, though these will not qualify for beer).

Permalink | Closed to new comments (6) | Last updated on Monday 24th November 2014 at 7:41am
posted by DaveT on 17th Nov 2014

"Three Tops" :-
FRA Presentation Night:- Congratulations to all our medal recipients, and hope that you had a successful, most deserved, evening.
Wrekin Wrecker:- results.
Clowne Half Marathon:- results. Some familiar names lurking within...

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