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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 20th May 2014

F.R.A. Relays - up by Sedbergh -( ish.). A while off, but not a doubt that the required teams will get entered.
This is likely to be the same as last year, 2 senior mens, 2 senior Womens, 1 V40 Mens, 1 V50 Mens. If any different plans are in any pipeline, then best to speak out right sharply...

Jura:- results. What more could anyone want, have a read of this....(grateful thanks, of course..) . A huge turnout, and first team prize!

Helvellyn and the Dodds - results. any bad weather kept well clear, so clear, dry and warm enough up there. Joe seems to be trying hard, 5th, and 1st V50. Carshare went up Skiddaw and Blencathra as a touch of deviant route choice...
Saddleworth:- results.
Howgill Trails:- results. Helen is 4th in the 13 mile event - I may well have missed off someone?

Bamford Sheep Dog Trials:-
"We were at the Bamford Sheep Dog Trials Fell Race yesterday (26 May) and left late. We found the above (Grindleford Gallop) t-shirt in the field. It was worn earlier by one of your members. He is either V60 or V70, It's a nice t-shirt so thought he might want it back. We have it here at home, Litton Mill but I'm sure we can drop it off somewhere. Would you make enquiries as to who it belongs to? Regards, Sue Jeff"
Dt - please email if this is yours...

Shutlingsloe:- results.
Hallam Chase...

Thursday - Roseberry Romp. N.Y . Moors.

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One comment

Mike nolan says:
June 5, 2014 at 10:29 pm

in answer to "what more could you want" (re Jura) how about putting the race on a soddin' Sunday so that folk with proper jobs (i.e. school teachers) can get up there. I don't want to wait 15 years until I retire!