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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 29th Jun 2014

Cromford Killer - was ages back, in June, but here are the results...
Heptonstall Festival:- results.
Thurlstone:- results.
Skiddaw:- results.
Langdale Gala:-
Hathersage:- results.
Summer Series (7)- results.
Black Rocks:- results.
Stirton - results. a pleasant race near Skipton:- what finer sight can there be, than seeing the red-spotted Sumo suit at Sharp Haw trip point - or a bottle of beer, Wensleydale cheese and fruit cake at the finish...
Carlton - N.Y. Moors - results
Sedbergh Sports - results.

FRA Relay Entries. Looks like we need a charabanc to be hired, 5 Men's teams - (Senior Men (A) : Senior Men (B), MV40, MV50, and the other, most likely a composite team of runners committed to the cause throughout the year.) - and two Ladies teams. Things will hot up nearer selection days, but there's no substitute for a proven, recent, track record of being good enough for selection. Wishful thinking doesn't really help.

Ian Hodgson Relay:- "we are only allowed the same number of teams as usual so Men's , Vets and Ladies."
DT - glad I'm not having to select the teams, but having learnt the Leg beforehand seems to be some major priority.

Le Tour. Leeds, up Wharfedale, over to Wensleydale and finish in Harrogate. Massive crowds, great atmosphere, Yorkshire at it's very best. Carshare is now the proud possessor of a packet of Haribos, a yoghurt, a packet of "Yorkshire The" - yes, "The" - and a Sheffield Hallam University wristband. Hoping for more tomorrow on Blubberhouses Moor...

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One comment

Rob Little says:
July 15, 2014 at 06:38 pm
A Dark Peak 1,2 at Charlesworth Carnival. Well done to a strong running Mick Stenton holding off the Glossopdale massses.