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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 14th Jul 2014

Kentmere - English Championship. It was sweltering hot at the start, and pouring rain at the finish, with a major struggle for cars to get out of the muddy field. Results.  
Teams - Senior Men - looks like 1st (Rhys, Oli, Neil, Rob Baker, Spyke). It needs adding up closely with Calder Valley, and, as so often, the non-counters could well have been decisive.
MV40 - 1st? (Spyke, Joe, Simon, Jon Morgan).
MV50 - 2nd, after Helm Hill . (Greg works out..) - Joe, Andy Dickenson, Keith.
Ladies - too hard for me to add up.

Don't forget that for the FRA Relays there is also a "C" team, of willing contributors to the cause, and there are plenty of candidates here staking their claim.
So Sedbergh next, and if the clag is down, a recce would be most useful, importantly for the descent off Winder.

Borrowdale - Entries are full, but substitutions are easily arranged, on the day. Any spare entries going, please, as Jon Morgan would like to take one. email

Snowdon:- results. Helen is 1st LV45. With that threat of lightning, a turn-round at Clogwyn Station.
Dark & White MM - Mungrisedale. results.
Great Hucklow:- results.
Holme Moss:- results.
Coniston Country Fair:-

FRA AGM - what's at Kendal, Saturday 26th July. Plenty of things to sift through, an increase in membership fees, nominations for next year's officers. And if there's things that concern us about the FRA, this is the place and time to speak out.
Proxy Vote - is some big consideration, to have your say if unable to get to the AGM.

Kit Checks - worth remembering that gloves are (I think?) part of the mandatory kit requirements. I'm putting a pair in with the waterproof bottoms, to go to every race, just in case...

Summer Series (8) - Wicken Whizz - results.
Cock Howe - N Y Moors - results.
Stoney Middleton:- results

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Rob Little says:
July 20, 2014 at 10:38 pm
Indeed I think DPFR senior men won. 2nd Calder V, 3rd Borrowdale, 4th Helm Hill. I'll await offical confirmation on vets.
neil n says:
July 20, 2014 at 09:26 pm

results are here. Tentative 1st team? Maths isnt my strong point.