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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 21st Feb 2016

High Cup Nick:- Carshare League 2. News eagerly awaited...
Not the National:-
National Cross Country - Donington Park, results.. - plenty of familiar names lurking within...
Hope Winter:- results

15 Trigs:- a reminder that anything you've been doing can get a mention on Carshare.
Adam Micklethwaite "had a go yesterday. 14h20m, so not particularly fast by the look of some times, but a great day out and a fantastic route. Didn't know if I was supposed to let someone at DPFR know for the record. If not, well at least I've shared it with somebody!"

Wolf's Pit:- "The Nottinghamshire County Fell Running Championships are on 20th March 2016, hosted by Wolf's Pit fell race. Full details from the Notts AAA homepage
Qualification is by birth in Nottinghamshire or resident in that county for the last 9 months.
Many individual age category medals; team categories for men and women with 3 runners of any age required. Team Dark Peak usually collect individual and team medals and it would be great to continue with the success we've enjoyed in the past.
I'll (Dicky Wilkinson) be organising the champs again on behalf of Notts AAA."

Glencoe Skyline on TV:-
Dave Sykes sends:- "I'm due on the adventure show tonight, Sunday 21st Feb,18.20 BBC2 Scotland. I'm not sure if this can be seen live on iplayer or whether it will have to be seen a couple of hours after screening. I've not seen it so can't comment on the quality or quantity. It follows me round the Glencoe skyline last August and looks at the psychology of enjoyment and performance." - Search for "Adventure Show" in the iPlayer to see it, will be available for 30 days - Dave's piece starts at 17 minutes in.

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