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Declan Walsh 🍉🌻 Deaglán Breathnach
8h • 26/04/2018 • 12:28

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8h • 26/04/2018 • 11:54

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Dark Peak Fell Runners
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1d • 25/04/2018 • 10:45

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1d • 24/04/2018 • 20:33

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2d • 24/04/2018 • 19:31

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Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 24/04/2018 • 17:12

From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 17th Mar 2016

We seem a tad short on depth, no Ladies? , so if you want an eventful, remembered weekend of fun, please think about coming along.

I'm hoping that at Black Combe, the MV40 team also got the maximum points. It's a long, long season, and if this start is to be maintained, it needs enough runners to contribute to the cause, not just by getting the scoring points, but vitally stopping others from getting higher positions. So please keep getting them entries in!

The British Championship race is from Newcastle, County Down, on Saturday 9th April. Details , route, entry, entry list etc.
The course is a complete classic, starting in the park at sea level, over Slieve Donard and Slieve Commedagh, and all the way back down. The whole weekend can't be recommended highly enough, even if like for Carshare there won't be important points at stake. But with a decent start at Black Combe, we need to be strong over there, as the other clubs most certainly will be.
Travelling details, etc. - (car hire...) so far, Rhys, Neil, Rob, Tom Saville, Stephen Pyke, Dave Taylor, Mike Nolan, Carshare : Keith is going also..
There is Entry on Day.

Please let me know if you book flights, or car hire, or accommodation, so that people know what others are doing and booking.
This is a map of the hills, you'll be needing to get it marked up, mind.

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