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Dark Peak Fell Runners
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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 19th Sep 2016

Lakeland Classics Final Results are here. Borrowdale are marginally ahead of Ambleside, with us 3rd, but well off the pace.
First is Andrew Schofield. Completions from John Hunt - 10th, 1st V50 : Mike Robinson - 11th : David Lund - 12th : Judith - 19th and 1st W : Dave Sykes - 26th : Nicky - 27th and 2nd W40 : Jenny - 33rd and 3rd W40 : Keith - 37th and 1st M60. Congratulations to you all.

Next year's Championship races are now on the FRA website, though only provisional. A most welcome move, as plenty of planning can be started, especially next year's Carshare League, for which our organiser would gladly listen to any recommendations. Castle Carr is the alternative to Wasdale, but underestimate this at your peril, it is seriously hard and rough, with every opportunity to be getting lost

If anyone is wanting a most interesting read, look out for "Bob Cole, The Runner". It is written by Steve Herington, a regular at the World Masters events. Bob Cole, nobody has ever heard of him, lived in Hereford around and after the First World War, in the days of professional races, and the prestige events at the Powderhall Meetings

Two Breweries:- results. up in Scotland...
Royal Dungworth:-
Isle of Man Races:- were cancelled, due to bad weather.
Three Peaks Cyclo Cross - results. Anyone deserving of a mention?
English Schools Championships:-results. I see that Bradfield School are 11th, and no doubt their Team Manager will let us know of those deserving a special mention...

Rydal Round -results from ages back, on a shortened course.

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