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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 7th Nov 2016

FRA Presentation Night - all was given out, so somebody, somewhere, has your trophy were you not able to be along....
Photos - with the most impressive garb from Tom Saville, distinctly worth looking through for...
The venue was first used in 1997 - when Mark Roberts was 1st English, Ian Holmes 3rd, Liz Batt - 3rd. In the British, Ian and Mark were joint 1st.
In 1998, same venue, Ian was 1st English, and in the British, Ian - 1st and Mark - 2nd. They've held it all together most excellently over the years!

Win Hill for Sale. Details - should anyone wanting to be moving....
" An exciting opportunity to acquire about 612 acres (247.69 hectares) of moorland, grassland & woodland, including the landmark of Win Hill, within the Peak District National Park." An opportunity not to be missed, maybe putting a toll gate for all walkers and runners? Or a café on the top?

Club Championships:-
Dunnerdale:- results.
Harriers v Cyclists - results.
Burley Moor Run - results - a pleasant enough trip around Ilkley Moor....Well, pleasant enough, though right wet and sloshy, and the rain had mostly passed through.

Leg it Round Lathkil:- results.
Roaches:- results.
Wadsworth Half Trog:- results.

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Pete E says:
November 13, 2016 at 12:58 pm

Roaches was the usual mudfest, although 'on the day' conditions were a lot more pleasant than last year... Personally saw 4 or 5 Dark Peak hovering round at the start... I think the first DP home was probably Tom Pape (hope I spelled the name correctly).... A few DPers 'packing well' in quick succession just under 3 hours... Personally a strained hamstring at the first river crossing robbed me of a rare chance to beat Keith Holmes, or as my mum says "that silver haired guy who always beats you".... Although managed to equal last year's time almost to the second...