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posted by DaveT on 11th Sep 2017

Three Shires - the next event in the Lakes Grand Prix. Results so far. Either this, or Langdale, is needed to be getting a Long race in, for the series.
A goodly DPFR turnout for this classic course, in its 35th year, for which we all got an anniversary mug. Clear, so no visits to Grey Friar this year. A lot slippy in places, and coming off Lingmoor was far easier when ages back it was flagged for the Juniors races. Race results.

Glencoe Skyline - results. No clubs are listed, so apologies if you're missed off DPFR results - just let us know...
Ring of Steall - results. and also, please let us know of mistakes . Up around the Mamores...

There are plenty more of these events around, far beyond Carshare's range of searching out results. Please tell us wot you've been getting involved with....

Shipman Knotts - from ages back - results.

Junior Home International - up by Peebles...
Lantern Pike:- results.
Scafell Pike:- results
Simonside:- results.

Dale Head:- Results.
Stanage Struggle:- results.
Summer Series 12 – Strines.

Lakeland Classics - results so far... just Langdale to come...

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One comment

September 20, 2017 at 03:23 am

Hi Webmaster

Can you correct my results on dprf website please? My result for 3 shires 2017 are wrong- already emailed Selwyn but ignored so far :( I finished with time 2:36:57 (according to my watch)not 3.24.53.