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From the Photos page

posted by John on 20th Jan 2011

A perfect cool, clear night for a run. 29 of us started from a new venue, straight up onto the top the over to Ouzeleden Clough (shades of the Crookstone Crashout), then out via Cote Clough and lots of heather bashing. From there the main group went to Green Clough but 3 of us wimped out and went direct to the edge. Sadly the 3 who took the short route missed out on the climb of Alport Tower, no doubt tales of that to come... Then a quick run back to the farm before a refresher in the Ladybower. Full route - thanks to Clive for remembering to start his watch -

There is a map of this run, view the post to see it
Unfortunately both Willy and I forgot to start our fancy watches, my excuse was that I was being verbally abused by Mr Holmes and attempting to corral me bitches and stop them harassing any local livestock! The run was  billed as one of Andy's Clough runs, taking in a lot of very rough ground etc., etc. We started with the usual grind up to the top of Alport and then on some very rough ground towards Ouselden, I think, then over some very rough ground through a wood and then some very rough ground to the bottom of another clough and so on, at one point we did manage to break into a run on this very rough ground but thankfully, not for too long before we hit some more very etc. etc.,  and then up to Alport Castles. This was undoubtedly the highlight of the run  and, who knows, perhaps the entire warting season. The climb to the top of the castle was one of those true bowel moving moments that you we seem to conjure up occasionally on the warts routes - it certainly worked for me bitches who have been traumatised since, (I won't mention looseness) ! The climb up was bad, the climb down suicidal but the safety officer, that tower of reassurance was there, as ever to help us out, with his helpful cries of "move a bit faster" and "don't worry I have a bandage for this sort of break/trauma". A gentle jog back ensued with much merriment in the pub, although I missed it because of a prior engagement, so I made that bit up.

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Willy Kitchen says:
January 20, 2011 at 10:21 pm
For the price of a pint, definitely worth another visit.
Chris Barber says:
January 20, 2011 at 02:55 pm
Excellent venue, notwithstanding the previous comment about the farmyard shite!
Clive Last says:
January 20, 2011 at 02:39 pm
It was a good venue in taking in Green Clough, Cote Clough and Alport without coming up from Fairholmes. Oh by the way, if we do use the farm again, would you get the farmer to clean the yard up a bit, it was a bit mucky.
電工 says:
January 20, 2011 at 02:00 pm
To show appreciation for the use of his yard, I bought the farmer (Peter Atkin) a pint after most had left the Ladybower Inn. Peter asked if we had a good night. I did, what's anyone else think, do we want to use Rowlee Farm again?