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From the Photos page

posted by John on 11th Feb 2016

The Loxley Lads were busy chasing Landmarks so missed the delights of the Westend on a moonlit night largely free of any rain or snow. The eight Westend Warts included Fi F and Pete G who were both back after a bit of a lay off due to coughs, holidays and, in Pete's case, a rather impressive cut of the knee (we were shown it later in the pub!). Stewart was also back, taking time off from his campaigning.
Bob took charge as we headed for the Alport trig via Fagney Clough. On the climb across the moor, we either talked too much so we walked too much or was it visa versa? Whichever, the trig point appeared out of the darkness giving us the chance to catch our breath after all the talking. Just a bit east of north was the next call, towards the tributaries of Black Clough. On the ridge, Pete and John D decided to go for home (the car park) directly, leaving the remaining six to head for a thigh deep crossing of the Westend river. Thanks to Sarah and Penny for making the human chain across the roaring river…. well, if not roaring, it was certainly deep, wet and cold! Gratitude was expressed for neoprene socks and there was speculation on extending the neoprene wearing not just to socks and gloves but to full body cover, as finely modelled by Rob Davison at the previous week's Priddock Wood outing. The conversation then took a turn to the dark side with mention of zombies and Pulp Fiction. Staying on the dark side, there was some road running up the zig-zags, though thankfully this was short lived as we escaped them and went eastish up to Black Dike. To make up for the early walk-talk episode, a good speed, with no talking, was achieved along the dike. Turning off it (southish), we reached the fence before descending into the trees to drop into the carpark. All in all, it was an agreeably good two hours' outing.


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