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posted by John on 24th Mar 2016

A new definition of Warts emerged on the last outing before the clocks went forward for British Summer Time. Thanks to Maurice, We All Regularly Turn Stupid was coined after an interesting return from the run from the Snake Inn.

It all started well, as we left the Snake through the woods to join the foot of the Fairbrook ridge. The quad track encouraged some speed work at the front of the group (Tim, Rob and Dave) thus enabling the lingerer (me) to have a magical view of a string of lights ascending the final climb to the Naze in the semi darkness. In good tradition, the Naze's mushroom stone was climbed (by Rob's friend, newcomer Gus??) and then the first decision on choice of routes was made. The fast group, including Fi and shorts clad Tom, headed for the Downfall with an option later for Mermaid's pool. The remaining others set off for Seal Stones with the intention, once there, of descending the path to the Snake Inn, following the route of the Triple Crossing. This latter group included Sarah, Kev and Willy who had impressively completed an eight hour Kinder Round the day before and were having an easier, warming down run. John, who was rationing his running in preparation for a cycle trip to a Mediterranean island, Maurice and I also joined this group. It is quite a long way (nearly three kilometres?) from Fairbrook Naze to Seal Stones and the path appears and disappears particularly near Fairbrook itself where some scrambling was to be enjoyed. The edge path then introduced an effect which warps time and distance particularly when a full moon is rising, as it was. Such was the warp effect that it was decided that a cluster of rocks was Seal Stones (it turned they weren't!) so it was, therefore, the time and place to descend, which we duly did. There was a gradual splitting towards the left for one set and towards the right for the other set (Willy, John and I). The right leaners realised that the descent path still had not been reached so more right was applied, now making the leftists disappear out of sight. Crossing both pasture, Harmerian deep heather and Bob's spring, we continued to descend, eventually reaching another quad track linking numbered shooting butts until we found the track which was enjoyed for about as much as a hundred yards to the Fairbrook stream crossing. To our astonishment, the faster leftist group followed us in having enjoyed the pleasure of descending one of the Seal Cloughs into Fairbrook itself.

It was in the car park when the route analysis started, that Maurice voluntarily came up with the new definition of Warts. This was also based on the experiences of several winter Warts seasons where wanderings of some sort always occur. Back at the pub, there was a bit of a wait before the Mermaids arrived, having visited the pond, the Sandy Heys trig, the northern edge and the Naze. As always, the post run pub discussion ranged far and wide from Fi's admiration of a mobile home in the car park, through politics, Maurice's further attempts at warping, this one on the measurement of temperature and time (ask him!) and a long rant about dogs and their owners.

All in all, a classic Warts' outing and a grand finale to the 2015 2016 season!


There is a map of this run, view the post to see it

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