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From the Photos page

posted by ChrisB on 3rd Mar 2017

A large group for the pre-Watershed gathering and the forecast pestilence didn't manifest itself, instead we had a calm clear night which only started to cloud over much later. Indeed, the group was privileged to have the company of Jim, the ever flatulent, Fulton who rarely puts in an appearance these days. Good to smell him, as always. The warts seem to have become established into two groups, these days. The younger, more able runners, who invariably disappear into the distance, although often in the completely wrong direction and the more focussed, old Scrotes, whose fast running days are but distant memories in which they were often much better runners than the aforementioned younger group. Very much "the older they are, the better they were" syndrome. This latter group included Clive Last who disappeared off the back at some stage, almost ne'er to be seen again, more of which later. Anyway, it was a good route, into the Alport, across the slightly swollen river along the ridge and up to Bleaklow Stones, where whisky was taken at Knob rock. (see photo, it does look like a knob, Jim, you're right, at least in this light)

It was at this point that Mr Last's absence was noted. The blame was squarely put on Mark Harvey's shoulders, although he wasn't there. He is the Club Safety Officer and should have known better than to let Clive drop off the back of the group! However, we didn't waste the time and managed to put a few fond memories of "Good old Clive" together for the obituary on the way back and then.... a light was spotted about a mile away on the top of some god-forsaken hill at the west end of Bleaklow, completely in the wrong direction. It was this point that made us think that maybe it was Clive, well known for his aimless wondering in previous warts runs! A small search party set out, Dave Holmes and dog, and guided the confused Mr Last back to the group. Ah well, the obituary will keep. From here it was a steady run back through Grains in the Water and due south back to the cars and the Snake pub, where we apparently, nearly drank them out of Moonshine, which, given that they had only had 4 people in the pub before us, all week, is quite a feat! A fun night out, thanks to all!!

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Bumblaster Baumeister says:
March 4, 2017 at 03:52 am

takes me back 30 years