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posted by John on 17th Mar 2017

After an epic outing I was disappointed that neither of out appointed scribes were present, however Graham, who found us in the pub, has valiantly produced a report from the various tales with which he was regaled:

At the beginning of this Warts' blog, let me make it very clear that there is only a limited amount of truth included (I've listened to too many politicians)! Through the limiting joys of injury, I've been reduced to turning up at the pub to meet the DPFR Warts after their run so it's only possible to have the vicarious pleasure of listening to their post-outing analysis. As Roy, Steve and I waited and waited in the Ladybower, there was some feeling that we might have been in the wrong pub……had the Warts all gone to the Angler's or were they just late? Eventually, the Warts trickled in with talk of visits to cabins…….which ones and how did they get there and what had happened to the Cap'n who hadn't been seen since somewhere near Black Clough? Fortunately, more Warts and more bits of information came dribbling into the pub. I was hopeful that more clarity would emerge, perhaps too optimistically.

On this night, which happened to be the Cap'n's last winter Warts outing, it seems that all started well for the first climb from the Westend car park to the ruined farm house. However, there are accounts, noticeably by the old Scrotes, of some, perhaps the fast ones (?), missing Black Dike to reach the Lower Small Clough cabins but, after the Scrotes. The continuing drift of the post run tales was one of the fast ones doing more "training" by spending longer getting to the check points. The Scrotes, however, suggested this was more a case of mis-navigation than more training. Indeed, Maurice claimed to have spent time star gazing in the clear night sky whilst waiting for and watching the young ones scrabble about in an unknown valley. This time for leisure was claimed to be due to his better contouring route. Who knows where anybody went? With stories from most of the Warts of lights in the distance in valleys and on hillsides, I suspect not many knew where they were or where they had been. Whatever the stories, there was much amusement in the pub when the Cap'n appeared somewhat shamefacedly and sometime after most of the other Warts had arrived. On his way back via Black Clough, it seems that one visit there was not enough, so a further one was made just to check it was still there. Having completed his check, there was then a deal of grough hopping which had also been encountered by Maurice ("Why are there so many effing groughs?").

In the true spirit of Warting, the further post-run analyses were not in any chronological order so following the hut visit, the descent into the Westend was apparently to short-cut the zig-zags and apply a bit of right, though it turned out to be too much right. A "correction" was needed to reach Raven Clough and, in over compensating for this rightness a bit too much left was taken subsequently whilst heading for Black Clough. This may have explained the double visit there but, wait, there was also talk of Fagney Clough and thick forest?…………………………………….So, the Warts navigation seminar continued and, confused, I decided to abandon all hope of understanding the Warts wanderings and went for another drink!

Below is the route taken by John; Moz took an extra detour to the sheepfold, and took Eoin with him ("found an excellent trod, just a shame it went in the wrong direction"). Lots of falling into groughs/holes, in at least one my feet didn't touch the bottom.

There is a map of this run, view the post to see it

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