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Wed 24th Jan
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Sun 21st Jan
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Debbie Smith
7h • 21/01/2018 • 21:33

Helen Elmore
9h • 21/01/2018 • 19:18

Dark Peak Fell Runners
10h • 21/01/2018 • 18:14

Dark Peak Fell Runners
12h • 21/01/2018 • 16:24

Dark Peak Fell Runners
14h • 21/01/2018 • 13:58

Dark Peak Fell Runners
16h • 21/01/2018 • 12:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
16h • 21/01/2018 • 12:01

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 20/01/2018 • 16:06

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 20/01/2018 • 16:02

Stuart Walker
1d • 20/01/2018 • 9:11

DPFR Calendar
2d • 20/01/2018 • 1:31

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 18/01/2018 • 17:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 18/01/2018 • 17:09

Dave Archer
3d • 18/01/2018 • 13:45

sally fawcett
3d • 18/01/2018 • 7:52

Mud, Chalk & Gears
5d • 16/01/2018 • 20:25

Faye Marie Warner
5d • 16/01/2018 • 14:13

5d • 16/01/2018 • 12:47

Tampa Bay Cannons
6d • 16/01/2018 • 4:16

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Crookstone Crashout

Club races that appear in the calendar are primarily organised for the benefit of our members and are not normally open to non members. It is recommended that non-members who are interested in joining Dark Peak come along to one of our club runs in the first instance.
Date and Time: Sunday 17th December 2017, 9:30am
Event type: DPFR race
Gridref: SK150891
Distance and climb: 8.2km, 850m
League: Dark Peak Races League

Andy H says "Expect a special to celebrate my 70th birthday". Not one to be missed. Full FRA kit recommended.

Three starts - 09:30 for slower runners, 09.45 for the middle order and 10.00 for the swift (fast runners please don't all run with the middle order, as has been known).


Following a recce by Graham Berry, who came back with bloodied shins and reports of drifts on the route, the Edale YHA control will be taken out, so it's likely to be Crookstone Knoll, Holly Tree in Dean Clough, Holly Tree in wall by Blackden (all as before), then Kinder East Trig and back to the Knoll via Madwoman's Stones. Could still be a long day out...

Also be prepared to check out the descent to the usual parking for ice, and if necessary park up on the Snake at Hagg Farm and jog to the start.


  • Start Rowlee Bridge SK149890
  • CP1 Crookstone Knoll SK145883
  • CP2 Holly tree in the clough to the East of Dean hill-below Wall SK134889
  • CP3 Holly tree up the Wall on the West of Blackden brook SK126889
  • CP4 Edale youth hostel,boundary fence on North side SK139866
  • CP5 Crookstone knoll SK145883
  • Finish Rowlee Bridge SK149890

Park around rowlee bridge, please car share as there is limited space.