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Following on from the initial work of Keith Holmes, the club now has a functioning Junior Section. Membership is open to runners from the age of 10, for the many and varied fell running related activities that the membership arranges, and of course the honour of wearing the coveted brown vest in local and national events.

Lewis will be discussing the possibilities and options about coaching with the coaches known to be in the club, in the coming weeks and months. The hope is that regular sessions can be established on something like a monthly basis.

In order to make the junior section successful, it will be necessary to organise events oriented to fell running. The intent for such events would be that they have a similar level of formality to senior club activities, but address the basic requirements of Juniors, e.g. a level of management of participants and responsibility for participants.

Number of possibilities for Junior events have been floated so far, please can anyone who would like to organise an event get in touch with Lewis? Plans are a foot to get some Junior sized vests ordered.

I'd like to thank a number of people in getting the junior section up and running. Not least Keith Holmes for creating the imputus to get started. Tim Rutter for taking up the cudgels on the welfare documentation, Helen Elmore, Andy Barnett, Paul Walwyn, Richard Bembridge, Dave Taylor and Tim Tett for ongoing input and pursuing strands of work and investigation.

Your input is needed to make this a success!

Lewis - May 2017

Here are some links to forms for juniors:

Junior Membership Form 2017 (pdf)

Junior Membership Form 2017 (Word)

What is a Junior Membership?

Parental Consent Form

DPFR Welfare Policy