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Women's 24-hour Lakes record attempt - successful

Nicky's report, schedule and actual times here
With some added audio files here:
If you get a string of characters here instead of a pair of media players, try this link instead
Tom on the Dodds
Tom on Helvellyn Lower Man
Photos here Thanks to Verity Williams for snaps, who writes "I'm not a member of your club but thought you might like these photos I managed to get of Nicky Spinks on Saturday to add to your website.  She flew by me early Saturday morning as I was coming down Swirral Edge - she was about to tick off Catstye Cam, the guy on the first photo told me who she was and what she was doing - I managed to snap this photo as she passed me again on the way back up to Helvellyn - amazing lady, really pleased she made it." 
Likewise thanks to Ian Charters, whose sent a few snaps from around Rosset Pike and blogged his brief encounter here.
Do please keep those photos coming by email and we'll pass copies on to Nicky too to go on her site.
Below are the updates as they came through on the day (with a few the webmaster slept through added in).  Thanks for your help with this, webmaster, and thanks also to Ian for playing "lookout" on Causey Pike.
02.17 Nicky's done it, 64 peaks in 23hrs 15 mins. Congratulations Nicky.
1.50 Almost on top of Causey Pike. One last gruelling descent and the record is Nicky's.
1.38 Passed Sail.
1.16 They're on Crag Hill.
00.58 Sunday.  Ian W's just spotted them on Sand Hill and it looks like they're now turning for home. If Nicky can make it back in time that'd make it 64 peaks.
23.55 Brent and I are taking a gentle stroll back via Ard Crags. Just seen Nicky's party reaching top of Whiteless Pike approx 50 mins up.
23.12 Still 56 mins up leaving Newlands Hause on the last leg
21.54 News from Honister is that Nicky is 60 mins up on schedule
19.54 Still 40 mins up at Steeple. Road support getting ready to leave for Honister.

Temperature back at basecamp dropping nicely now. A cloudless evening in prospect

17.14 News from Dave Sykes. On top of stirrup crag. 40 mins up and Nicky's OK. Simon Rippon and Chris Chripps also supporting.

16.24 Amanda Heading says she's through Wasdale 40 mins up but some stomach problems due to heat.

1.35pm Still 35 mins up at Rossett Pike, but it's hot and food and drink might be an issue.

11.10 She's just topped the climb out of Dunmail.

10.52 Looking very strong through Dunmail. Getting hotter but there's a bit of a breeze on top and there's some high cloud around promising welcome shade. Roughly 40 mins up at present, and Martin, Tom and Mike are still smiling. Kirsty Hewitson joined the support too below Raise with Julie Gardner providing a pitstop for food.

Neil has continued through on to leg 3 with Gavin Williams also in support. Bob Berzins and Ian Charlesworth have gone up Steel Fell in advance in order to have a head start ...

8.40 Textbook first leg with Simon Cox, Rick Houghton and Neil Talbot supporting. Yiannis Tridimas led Nicky down the parachute route off Blencathra and she was through Threlkeld 27 mins up.

Latest news from a rather breathless sounding Tom Westgate on the Dodds is that she's "going like a train". To Tom and Martyn Goodwin's relief, Mike Robinson has also pitched up to look after the two rather fearsome out and backs on leg two.

If there's a concern at the moment, it's that a glorious early morning could turn into a rather hot one. A little bit of cloud later on might be welcome.

3am, Saturday
She's off.  Nicky set off from Stair at 3am this morning as planned. Conditions couldn't be better. Cool, calm and clear. Simon Cox, Rick Houghton and Neil Talbot are supporting on leg one, with Yiannis Tridimas ready to lead the party off Blencathra. It transpires Nicky's Dad has made his way here to help with road support too - but thought we might keep the updates coming regardless.
Thursday evening ...
It will not have escaped the notice of anyone paying any attention to Nicky Spinks' escapades over the past year or two that not only can she keep running for a very long time indeed, but she's been doing so at an increasingly frightening pace - witness her recent jaw-dropping run at the Fellsman where she lowered her own women's record by 48 minutes, coming in in a time of 11hrs 51mins and third overall. 
There has, as it happens, been an ulterior motive; an attempt on Ann Johnson (nee Stentiford)'s 24-hour Lakes record of 62 peaks, in a time of 23hrs 17mins, which was set back in 1994. 
Weather permitting, Nicky will be setting out in the early hours of Saturday morning in an attempt to add up to three more peaks to the record within the stipulated 24-hours and she's asked that we keep "people (like my dad in Lewis!)" - hello Dad - informed of progress via the DP site.
There can be no doubt that everyone within Dark Peak, Penistone Footpath Runners, and indeed the whole fell running community, will want to wish her the very best of luck in her attempt.  She has been a real inspiration and support to many people within both clubs and will no doubt continue to be, regardless of the outcome of this weekend's attempt. 
One thing is sure; Nicky's put in the training and the preparation - see her ever informative website for background here - and we look forward to reporting on her progress as events unfold over the weekend. The plan is to provide updates after each leg changeover (which are as per the BGR, with a final additional leg changeover at Newlands Hause).
Watch this space ... and good luck, Nicky!