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Sun 22nd Oct

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Ricky's race - a message from the organiser

I am contacting you regarding Ricky's Race, hosted by Matlock Athletic Club last Thursday, for which I was one of the race organisers. According to the entry forms, we had runners from your club in attendance and, whilst I have tried to contact everyone personally (where I had an email address) I would be grateful if you could also share this with your members. Unfortunately we had an issue during the first half of the race where a number of runners were misdirected off the official route. It appears that (despite marking out the course only a few hours before the race) someone had gone out of their way to scrub out arrows that had been sprayed onto the path, and to move a whole range of tape so that runners were sent off in the wrong direction. I don't know whether this was done maliciously, or whether some idiot simply felt it was amusing to tamper with the route. I am truly sorry for everyone that was affected by this.

As a club we will learn lessons from this and next year we will have an additional marshal at that junction, and hopefully a couple of pre-race runners to run the two halves of the course immediately before the start. I had hoped that the 20th anniversary of Ricky's Race would be memorable for very different reasons. I can only apologise to everyone that had their evening spoiled. It will be little consolation I'm sure, but I'm gutted too! Could you please pass on our thanks to everyone that attended and supported this race, together with our sincere apologies and shared disappointment for the way it turned out for so many people.

Best wishes

Andy Mellor