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Sun 22nd Oct

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In Search of the next DP news hounds ...

With the Calendar now in the very capable hands of Tim Rutter, the Carshare League soon to be outsourced, and Messrs Crawshaw and Walwyn lining up to take on FB administrator duties, there's just one last role I'm keen to pass on to a willing volunteer - occasional DP roving reporter, website newshound and (should you be so minded) twitterer.

A number of close(ish) followers of the website have noted the rather slower traffic over the past few months - a function of the reality that the news updates don't write themselves, and I've been much too busy and/or ill-informed to write them myself. It doesn't take much trawling of FB, Twitter and the FRA Forum (if you're especially keen), to lay your hands on the latest results, tales of heroism and woe; whilst the more committed hack also gets the opportunity to sniff out the more nuanced stories over a pint or three in the Sportsman (and other hostelries) throughout the year.

I've had lots of fun over the past few years messing about on these various media - but it's time for someone (or more than one someone) with their ears to the ground to take on the routine updating of stories; otherwise, the news flow is in danger of grinding to a complete halt (which would be a real shame). The webmaster still adds the occasional story, but has more than enough on his plate as it is, and whilst Carshare continues to maintain his most excellent of blogs, he is too distant from the club these days to be on top of the more esoteric exploits of local members.

So roll up, roll up. There's a website log-in with your name on it, and the opportunity to restore some honour to the world of journalism - so sadly tainted by the misdemeanours of the great bard of Loxley and others over the past few years. email and I'll be happy to show you the ropes.

Oh, and in other news, I've finally paid my subs online. Really did only take five minutes when I put my mind to it ... and this way I shan't have to hide from Ann anymore (and will now be able to enter and be suitably humiliated in the club champs next month). So come on folks, if me 'n Cap'n Harmer can get our sh1t together, there's no excuse for anyone else not doing so too.

Over and out. Willy.