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Wed 24th Dec
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Crookstone Crashout
Sun 21st Dec
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Boxing Day Bogtrot
Fri 26th Dec
Festive Disorientation
Sun 28th Dec
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Dark Peak FR Website 3h Dark Peak website updated: Crookstone Crashout: Dark Peak FR Website 2d Dark Peak website updated: Simonside Cairns: Dark Peak FR Website 3d Dark Peak website updated: Runs on Christmas Eve: Edale Skyline 11d Hmmm. @DPD_UK driver zooms up road passing bike too close. Pulls onto wrong side of road onto pavement blocks Xing 👎 DPFR Calendar 36d ... we're heading off the hill for a pint. DPFR Calendar 36d ... and that Moz, probably, never made it to Horse Stones since they were one short too according to Spyke. Either way, it's cold and ... DPFR Calendar 36d Jim's through with a long suffering Spyke as sweep. We reckon that's 60 through (one down on starters) ...

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Crookstone Crashout21st Dec 201426
Simonside Cairns14th Dec 201489
Eskdale Eureka14th Dec 201478
Litton Christmas Cracker14th Dec 2014165
Peak Raid 3 Round 414th Dec 201477
Gravy Pud7th Dec 2014155
Crag Fell6th Dec 201428
Graham's Birthday Race6th Dec 201430
Oxspring Hunshelf Amble6th Dec 201477
Famous Grouse30th Nov 2014108
Peak Raid 3 Round 330th Nov 2014100
Kirkbymoor29th Nov 201480
Dark and White Mini-MM Series 2014 - Round 329th Nov 2014162
Kinder Night Race26th Nov 201428
Wrekin Wrecker23rd Nov 2014189
Three Tops22nd Nov 201418
Urban Nights Race 218th Nov 201435
Commondale Beacon16th Nov 201497
Peak Raid 3 Round 216th Nov 201476
Tour of Pendle15th Nov 2014372