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Wed 26th Nov
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Wed 26th Nov
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Tue 25th Nov
Rab Dark & White MMM Round 3
Sat 29th Nov
Peak Raid 3 (Round three)
Sun 30th Nov
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Dark Peak FR Website 3d Dark Peak website updated: Tour of Pendle: Dark Peak FR Website 4d Dark Peak website updated: 10K run Sunday 23rd in Ecclesall Woods: Dark Peak FR Website 5d Dark Peak website updated: Commondale Beacon: DPFR Calendar 7d ... we're heading off the hill for a pint. DPFR Calendar 7d ... and that Moz, probably, never made it to Horse Stones since they were one short too according to Spyke. Either way, it's cold and ... DPFR Calendar 7d Jim's through with a long suffering Spyke as sweep. We reckon that's 60 through (one down on starters) ... Edale Skyline 42d Very pleased to get one of only 9 black badge (for sub 24) in the #BB200 220km/7500m in 23:49. Hardest thing I ever did on a bike!

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Commondale Beacon16th Nov 201497
Peak Raid 3 Round 216th Nov 201476
Tour of Pendle15th Nov 2014372
Club Championships15th Nov 201461
Leg it Round Lathkil9th Nov 2014312
Roaches9th Nov 2014167
Dunnerdale8th Nov 2014235
Peak Raid 3 Round 12nd Nov 201484
Guisborough 3 Tops2nd Nov 2014128
Cop Hill2nd Nov 2014125
Grin and Bear It1st Nov 2014103
Shepherd's Skyline1st Nov 2014234
Bronte Way26th Oct 2014158
OMM25th Oct 2014 
Urban Nights Race 122nd Oct 201431
Wirksworth Undulator18th Oct 201494
The Screes18th Oct 201457
Round Rotherham Run18th Oct 2014228
Withins Skyline12th Oct 2014255
Langdale11th Oct 2014357