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Rydal Round
6h • 21/06/2018 • 20:21

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7h • 21/06/2018 • 19:12

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7h • 21/06/2018 • 19:08

Grand Day Out
13h • 21/06/2018 • 13:48

Dark Peak Fell Runners
15h • 21/06/2018 • 11:39

Dark Peak Fell Runners
19h • 21/06/2018 • 7:25

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 20/06/2018 • 23:45

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 20/06/2018 • 22:26

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 19/06/2018 • 19:08

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 19/06/2018 • 14:16

Invisible Jim
2d • 19/06/2018 • 11:58

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 19/06/2018 • 7:26

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 18/06/2018 • 7:47

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6d • 15/06/2018 • 12:55

Rhys FindlayRobinson
6d • 15/06/2018 • 6:17

Chris Brown
7d • 14/06/2018 • 22:48

Sheffield Wellness
7d • 14/06/2018 • 16:51

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Back Tor and Beyond on Wednesday 30th April 1997

This was the third running of this extended Back Tor race with 2 new checkpoints plus the Back Tor trig itself. The controls were; the top of a grassy spur above Abbey Brook, and rocks adjacent to the 499 spot height at Cartledge Flat. They could be visited in any order. As last year it was a choice between a clockwise or anti clockwise route. Unlike last year it was a beautiful evening, and it was possible for me to start the race without insisting on heavy duty cagoules. Andy Harmer\'s ‘baby grow’ put in another appearance. On this occasion he was probably overdressed in it.

There was a record turnout of 49 runners, all of whom completed the course. Several young orienteers took part and one of them, Alastair Buckley, won just ahead of Alan Sealey. Andy Harmer was lst vet less than a minute behind the winner, and Karen Dalton was first lady. It was good to see 7 women complete the race this year. During the last 2 years there have been none at all. Everyone seemed to enjoy the course. The climbs, although short, were steep and testing. As most people chose the clockwise loop they had a long run back from Cartledge Flat and the heavy goimg made it quite hard work.

All in all it was a good evening\'s sport. I will endeavour to change the checkpoints again next year. There are still lots of unexplored possibilities. There are two considerations on which I would appreciate some opinions. Firstly the keeper, who was quite happy with us running the race as it was planned, told me that if it was held a couple of weeks earlier before the grouse started nesting, we could use the moorland north of the path. This would open up a lot more route choice but would necessitate an earlier start to avoid people being out in the dark. Secondly, it was a bit chaotic getting served in the Strines, despite them being warned that 50+ people were going to turn up. Maybe we should return to the Sportsman after the race next year and give Trevor our custom. He\'s used to coping with our numbers and our other idiosyncrasies . I\'d appreciate some comeback on these points.

Thanks to Jack for timekeeping with the new Dark Peak gadget. Digital readout below.
Howard Swindells

49 starters
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1Alastair Buckley00:53:43   
2Alan Sealey00:53:45   
3Phil Winskill00:54:27Dark PeakM 
4Andy Harmer00:54:42Dark PeakMV451st M40
5Phil Crowson00:56:12Dark PeakM 
6Ron Cave00:56:25   
7Jamie Stevenson00:57:19   
8Gavin Williams00:57:27Dark PeakM 
9Dave Tate00:57:53   
10Geoff Ellis00:58:37   
11David Holmes00:58:48Dark PeakMV40 
12Chris Barber00:59:19Dark PeakMV40 
13Bob Berzins00:59:38Dark PeakM 
14Mark Harvey01:00:02Dark PeakM 
15Roger Freeman01:00:35   
16Alan Yates01:00:53Dark PeakMV50 
17Martin Fox01:00:59Dark PeakM 
18Paul Westwood01:01:24   
19Dave Lockwood01:01:28Dark PeakMV50 
20Tom Westgate01:01:28Dark PeakM