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Dark Peak Fell Runners
3h • 19/06/2018 • 19:08

Dark Peak Fell Runners
8h • 19/06/2018 • 14:16

Invisible Jim
11h • 19/06/2018 • 11:58

Dark Peak Fell Runners
15h • 19/06/2018 • 7:26

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 18/06/2018 • 7:47

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 18/06/2018 • 7:46

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 18/06/2018 • 7:45

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 18/06/2018 • 7:24

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 17/06/2018 • 23:02

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 17/06/2018 • 22:56

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 17/06/2018 • 22:51

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4d • 15/06/2018 • 12:55

Rhys FindlayRobinson
4d • 15/06/2018 • 6:17

Chris Brown
5d • 14/06/2018 • 22:48

Sheffield Wellness
5d • 14/06/2018 • 16:51

Stuart Walker
5d • 14/06/2018 • 8:57

Ruth Howie
8d • 11/06/2018 • 15:41

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Headstone Headache on Saturday 19th December 1987

This years race was advertised as the "8th and Final" race. The landowner, the infamous Jeremy Archdale, has withdrawn his permission for the race to cross the moor around the Headstone, claiming that it was causing damage and erosion. What a load of ! Has he seen how many people walk to the Headstone in the summer, and he doesn't mind us running out there on Wednesday evenings (so long as we don't cross the wall) 50 at a time! I think he's just using his muscle after the episodes in the early summer. Enough of my grumblings, on with this years race..
At last Rob relaxed the rules and allowed th road to be used. This year the headaches returned! You should have done this long ago Rob. The question was of course "Is it quicker on the road?'"., and the answer was "Yes and No". The road route to Wyming Brook and across the moor to the Headstone was slower on the way out, but up to a minute faster for some people on the return run. The wind probably had a lot to do with it.
Just like last year, Malcolm was oblivious to the jinx which had plagued the yellow jersey for so many years, and knocked up his second consecutive win . not as easily as the last one though. After bodging the first descent, he eased past Andy Kitchen and myself to gain a 20 second lead at the Headstone* Some good downhill running by Andy saw him catch Malcolm by the forest road with myself a mere five metres adrift. Malcolm ascended to the edge as if there was no climb at all, Andy struggled and I crawled, thus extending the gaps to 30 seconds.
There was more fun over the minor placings with Andy Harmer and Mark Dyson opting to return on the road and pass Adrian Pickles and an irate Tony Farne11who was later heard to say "I never thought I was going to get beaten by Andy Harmer running on the road!" Tony had thought he was fighting for 4th place, not 6th.
Will we ever know which route is the fastest? Will the Headstone ever be revived? What will happen to the infamous Cake raffle? Who will eat all of Rob's mince pies? And what of the classic Headstone/Crookstone double? Watch this space for further details

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1Malcolm Patterson00:28:20Dark PeakM 
2Andy Kitchen00:28:54Dark PeakM 
3Tim Tett00:29:25Dark PeakM 
4Andy Harmer00:30:02Dark PeakMV40 
5A Pickles00:30:10   
7T Farnell00:30:45   
10Bob Berzins00:31:14Dark PeakM 
11M Meysner00:31:32   
12J Fisher00:31:38   
16Mark Harvey00:32:00Dark PeakM 
20Ged Desforges00:33:01Dark PeakM 
23P Gregory00:33:22   
25Graham Berry00:33:34Dark PeakMV40 
26T Trowbridge00:33:47   
27Mike Pedley00:34:12Dark PeakM 
28David Holmes00:34:16Dark PeakM 
30Ed Hutt00:34:28Dark PeakM 
34Peter Gorvett00:35:10Dark PeakMV40 
38Alan Yates00:35:34Dark PeakMV40 
39C Crofts00:35:35