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Wed 27th Jun
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8d • 15/06/2018 • 12:55

From the Photos page


Cakes of Bread on Thursday 10th July 1986

Rob Hand and Malcolm Patterson took an early lead and although I pulled some of the gap back by taking the longer but faster Back Tor route, the lead by Male was never lost.
The route to the tumulus was as usual never simple, with runners spreading out across the hill. Malc's route to the left looked best. Alan Yates was toppled in the vets ranking by a speedy Graham Berry who smashed the record in the process. The lucky lad then had to take one of the edible prizes!
The finish as usual surprises people with runners appearing from all directions, all hell bent on finishing so that the midges, which for 40 minutes had been moribund, could once again start their play. Clare Crofts had an excellent run in a good time but as usual only one lady felt able to take on this little frolic.
The pub afterwards was a safe haven from the midges although the involuntary shaking by the organiser was neither alcohol or bites but part of a personal disintegration that culminated in the loss of two teeth. Rumours that the jaw may yet be removed, as the evil persists, have been denied by a local surgeon who was employed by Patterson to debilitate this runner from winning the club champs.

30 starters
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1Malcolm Patterson00:41:40Dark PeakM 
2Andy Harmer00:42:48Dark PeakM 
3Bob Berzins00:44:33Dark PeakM 
4Graham Berry00:45:57Dark PeakMV40 
5T Daniel00:46:28   
6Pete Lewis00:47:31Dark PeakM 
7P Collingwood00:47:37   
8R Hand00:48:16   
9A Riley00:48:17   
10C Hughes00:48:27   
11Alan Yates00:49:03Dark PeakMV40 
12N Goldsmith00:50:18   
13G Jackson00:50:43   
14K Lowry00:51:10   
15P Sweet-Escott00:51:21   
16Dave Moseley00:52:00Dark PeakM 
17John Herbert00:52:29Dark PeakM 
18Mark Harvey00:52:31Dark PeakM 
19T Trowbridge00:52:35   
20C Crofts00:52:41