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Dark Peak Fell Runners
16h • 23/04/2018 • 8:57

James Lowe
16h • 23/04/2018 • 8:56

Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 23/04/2018 • 8:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 23/04/2018 • 8:07

Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 23/04/2018 • 8:03

James Lowe
1d • 22/04/2018 • 22:29

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 22/04/2018 • 19:38

Helen Elmore
1d • 22/04/2018 • 19:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 22/04/2018 • 17:23

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 22/04/2018 • 17:15

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 22/04/2018 • 17:08

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 22/04/2018 • 17:07

Mount Pleasant Park
2d • 21/04/2018 • 7:39

3d • 21/04/2018 • 0:50

Declan Walsh 🍉🌻 Deaglán Breathnach
3d • 20/04/2018 • 23:45

3d • 20/04/2018 • 21:19

Steve Frith
3d • 20/04/2018 • 10:59

Dominic Watts
4d • 19/04/2018 • 22:56

From the Photos page


Y Moelwyn on Saturday 18th April 2015

An unseasonably sunny and pleasant day, with a largely helpful breeze on the three main tops, made for very fine running conditions on a varied course with a little bit of something for everyone. Looks like 2nd Open Men's, 3rd MV40s and 1st MV50s team, plus 2nd MU23 for Tom Saville and 2nd MV50 for Dave Taylor. The carshare team prize probably goes to Dave Sykes, Dave Lund, Keith Holmes, Jim Paxman and myself ... unless we receive a better bid ... and Jim P just about retains his place at the top of the league, with Dave L only a couple of points behind. The League organiser was relieved to finally offload the Honorary Women's Trophy to Jordanthorpe High School alumnus Dave S, and things might have been better still had Keith not espied me sneaking up on him at the first summit, whereupon he set off downhill at a canter, not to be seen again. Oh, and whilst I'd like to think it was the lure of the Carshare League that brought so many brown vests out to play, it's just possible that the British Championship billing also had a certain attraction for many at the sharp end. Another race well worth adding to your list if you've not done it.

350 starters
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1Finlay Wild01:13:09   
12Oli Johnson01:19:29Dark PeakM 
17Neil Northrop01:20:28Dark PeakM 
19Tom Saville01:21:17Dark PeakM 
21Tom Brunt01:21:33Dark PeakMV40 
35David Taylor01:23:57Dark PeakMV50 
44Stuart Bond01:25:43Dark PeakM 
68Mike Robinson01:29:22Dark PeakMV45 
69John Hunt01:29:27Dark PeakMV45 
70Jon Morgan01:29:38Dark PeakMV45 
79Rob Little01:30:32Dark PeakM 
80David Lund01:30:45Dark PeakM 
86Joe Blackett01:31:07Dark PeakMV50 
110Steve Bell01:34:58Dark PeakMV50 
116Thomas Smith01:35:47Dark PeakM 
129Gavin Williams01:37:30Dark PeakMV50 
180Andrew Dickenson01:44:03Dark PeakMV50 
181Dave Sykes01:44:11Dark PeakMV40 
192Matthew Hulley01:45:38Dark PeakMV40 
199Jonathan Batt01:46:26Dark PeakMV50