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1h • 23/06/2018 • 13:35

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2h • 23/06/2018 • 12:38

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4h • 23/06/2018 • 10:57

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4h • 23/06/2018 • 10:24

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6h • 23/06/2018 • 8:44

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6h • 23/06/2018 • 8:28

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7h • 23/06/2018 • 7:19

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18h • 22/06/2018 • 20:17

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1d • 22/06/2018 • 13:18

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1d • 21/06/2018 • 20:21

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1d • 21/06/2018 • 19:12

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2d • 21/06/2018 • 13:48

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4d • 19/06/2018 • 14:16

Invisible Jim
4d • 19/06/2018 • 11:58

Dark Peak Fell Runners
8d • 15/06/2018 • 12:55

From the Photos page


Bakewell Pudding on Sunday 25th June 2006

This is just very fast and very boring. The two miles out in the woods and 2 miles back on a gravel track seem to go on for ever. Still it was a class field as Dave Neill & Sally Newman made surprise but welcome appearances. At last I managed to show Sally the way home (home alas being the Pudding table after we'd finished).

Phil had to push himself slightly harder to win than on Saturday, with Kev Lilley and Dave Neill for company. DPFR won the team prize by a (very boring) country mile. Thankfully I wasn't in the winning team, so wont have the dubious pleasure of two plastic gold archangels adoring my mantle piece again.

Not sure whether it was racing adrenaline or the several pints of Guinness after the race, that made the prospect of watching England half bearable.

184 starters
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1Phil Winskill00:40:32Dark PeakMAlso Top of Hill
2Kevin Lilley00:40:42Dark PeakMV40 
3Dave Neill00:40:53Dark PeakM1st MV50
4Gareth Turner00:41:32Dark PeakM 
6Simon Patton00:42:52Dark PeakM 
8Mike Nolan00:43:38Dark PeakM 
12Christine Howard00:45:05Matlock ACFV351st F
15Ron Fawcett00:46:18Dark PeakMV503rd MV50
20Dave Harrison00:47:09Dark PeakMV40 
25Keith Holmes00:48:36Dark PeakMV50 
30Andrew Moore00:49:13Dark PeakMV45 
33Karl Marshall00:49:17Dark PeakM 
40Andy Barnett00:50:41Dark PeakMV40 
51Roger Slater00:51:29Dark PeakMV45 
56Peter Gorvett00:51:52Dark PeakMV55 
60Russel Beresford00:52:29Dark PeakMV40 
87Gasan Chetty00:56:50Dark PeakMV40 
116Tim Mackey00:59:35Dark PeakMV50 
141Michael Arundale01:03:45Dark PeakMV50