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Dark Peak Fell Runners
8h • 18/06/2018 • 7:47

Dark Peak Fell Runners
8h • 18/06/2018 • 7:46

Dark Peak Fell Runners
8h • 18/06/2018 • 7:45

Dark Peak Fell Runners
9h • 18/06/2018 • 7:24

Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 17/06/2018 • 23:02

Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 17/06/2018 • 22:56

Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 17/06/2018 • 22:51

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 17/06/2018 • 16:33

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 16/06/2018 • 18:45

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 15/06/2018 • 12:55

Rhys FindlayRobinson
3d • 15/06/2018 • 6:17

Chris Brown
3d • 14/06/2018 • 22:48

Sheffield Wellness
3d • 14/06/2018 • 16:51

Stuart Walker
4d • 14/06/2018 • 8:57

Ruth Howie
7d • 11/06/2018 • 15:41

Dan Gilbert
8d • 9/06/2018 • 22:10

Nathan Lawson
8d • 9/06/2018 • 21:31

From the Photos page


Anniversary Waltz on Saturday 19th April 1997

An excellent addition to the early season calendar with marshals in full wedding attire. Good hot food and fine beer from Hesket Newmarket.

We awoke to snow on the hills but conditions were sunny with a strong cold wind on top. Beginning in Stair the race followed a good track to Little Town allowing the road runners to get away from the gnarly wide eyed, bushy bearded fell runners. There followed good grassy running over Robinson, Hindscarth, Dalehead and High Spy before a fast descent off Catbells lead to Stair and the barrel of Blencathra bitter.

Al Sealy
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1S. Booth01:35:04   
9Alan Sealy01:41:20Dark PeakM 
22Andy Harmer01:52:10Dark PeakMV452nd M45
39Bob Berzins01:59:20Dark PeakM 
57Paul Sanderson02:07:52Dark PeakM 
70Richard Hakes02:12:52Dark PeakM 
80Hilary Musson02:20:11Dark PeakW 
83Jeff Harrison02:22:36Dark PeakMV55 
86Dick Pasley02:23:40Dark PeakMV50 
87Peter Dyke02:23:56Dark PeakMV45 
98J. Cave02:34:23   
102Neil Palazon02:38:17Dark PeakMV40