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Club Road run
Wed 3rd Dec
Warts run
Yorkshire Bridge
Wed 3rd Dec
Other runs
Peak Raid 3 (Round three)
Sun 30th Nov
North Grain There and Back
Sat 6th Dec
Oxspring Hunshelf Amble
Sat 6th Dec
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Dark Peak FR Website 2h Dark Peak website updated: Urban Nights Race 2: Dark Peak FR Website 13h Dark Peak website updated: Kinder Night Race: Dark Peak FR Website 3d Dark Peak website updated: Gird your loins for a seasonal jamboree of fine racing.: DPFR Calendar 12d ... we're heading off the hill for a pint. DPFR Calendar 12d ... and that Moz, probably, never made it to Horse Stones since they were one short too according to Spyke. Either way, it's cold and ... DPFR Calendar 12d Jim's through with a long suffering Spyke as sweep. We reckon that's 60 through (one down on starters) ... Edale Skyline 46d Very pleased to get one of only 9 black badge (for sub 24) in the #BB200 220km/7500m in 23:49. Hardest thing I ever did on a bike!

Welcome to Dark Peak Fell Runners

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Dark Peak Fell Runners is an athletics club for (mostly) hill & mountain running. The club is based in Sheffield and although the majority of the 300+ membership is local, the famous brown vest has migrated as far New Zealand. The club caters for a wide range of running interests and abilities, from short local races to ultra distance events, with some individuals achieving success in the English and British championships. The club thrives on minimal organisation and if you have a slightly anarchic sense of humour and an appetite to compete in unusual events, you will feel at home with people of a similar disposition. 
Fell running has a culture for individuals to take personal responsibility for safety when out on the hills, as terrain and weather conditions can be severe. Therefore it is expected that you assess your own physical ability, mountain craft skills, clothing and equipment before going for a run. 
Just updated the calendar with, I think, the full festive offering ... starting with Bob Berzins' inaugural night race from the Snake Inn this Wednesday night, Graham Berry's celebratory waltz from King's Tree on Saturday 6th, Carols at the Headstone on Wed 17th, Andy Harmer's evergreen Crookstone Crashout on Sunday…
For those who missed the club dinner, Charlie Ramsay was in attendance to present Nicky Spinks with a print from the club in recognition of her third record breaking 24hour round ... or rather, in Nicky's case, her third sub-20 hour round. She's clearly been practicing her smile :-)
Dave took on the magazine many years ago and changed it from a twentieth century leaflet into a twenty first century magazine with the help of Tim Mackey. Because of pressures from other commitments, Dave is now looking to take more of a back seat role and so the club…
From Friends of the Peak District I learn that there is going to be a debate on green lanes in the House of Lords next Tuesday (28th October). Sorry for the short notice!The focus of the debate is an amendment to the Deregulation Bill requiring government to (a) identify the…
Keith Holmes has been running with and coaching junior runners with great success over the last few years. Following approaches from two junior runners to Ann Watmore and an approach from Keith everybody in the committee has agreed that having a junior section would be a great idea. The initial…