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Wed 24th Dec
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Boxing Day Bogtrot
Fri 26th Dec
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Festive Disorientation
Sun 28th Dec
Moz's Birthday Run
Sun 4th Jan
Peat Pits Wood 1
Sun 4th Jan
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Dark Peak FR Website 22h Dark Peak website updated: Crookstone Crashout: Dark Peak FR Website 3d Dark Peak website updated: Simonside Cairns: Dark Peak FR Website 4d Dark Peak website updated: Runs on Christmas Eve: Edale Skyline 12d Hmmm. @DPD_UK driver zooms up road passing bike too close. Pulls onto wrong side of road onto pavement blocks Xing ūüĎé DPFR Calendar 37d ... we're heading off the hill for a pint. DPFR Calendar 37d ... and that Moz, probably, never made it to Horse Stones since they were one short too according to Spyke. Either way, it's cold and ... DPFR Calendar 37d Jim's through with a long suffering Spyke as sweep. We reckon that's 60 through (one down on starters) ...

Welcome to Dark Peak Fell Runners

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Dark Peak Fell Runners is an athletics club for (mostly) hill & mountain running. The club is based in Sheffield and although the majority of the 300+ membership is local, the famous brown vest has migrated as far New Zealand. The club caters for a wide range of running interests and abilities, from short local races to ultra distance events, with some individuals achieving success in the English and British championships. The club thrives on minimal organisation and if you have a slightly anarchic sense of humour and an appetite to compete in unusual events, you will feel at home with people of a similar disposition. 
Fell running has a culture for individuals to take personal responsibility for safety when out on the hills, as terrain and weather conditions can be severe. Therefore it is expected that you assess your own physical ability, mountain craft skills, clothing and equipment before going for a run. 
Just posted final details of the cafe & beer run, and added an alternative to celebrate Graham Berry's 70th birthday. Details on the calendar but briefly, the run to the Grindleford cafe will leave Hunter's Bar at 8.45 ish, with the aim eventually of catching the train to Sheffield at…
I've now uploaded all the relevant Calendar entries (Local & Carshare League, English & British Championships, Lakeland Classic Trophy counters and various other bits and pieces) using the FRA online calendar for info.¬† Once the hard copy handbook arrives I'll look to cross-check and fill in any blanks, but if…
The Moscar Estate will be exercising its right to restrict access under s22 of the CRoW Act 2000 again in 2015 to try to minimise damage by trampling and disturbance to the ground-nesting birdlife during its most critical time.As per the map the moors will be closed on 11 -…
The FRA¬†are concerned (perhaps even¬†worried)¬†that members may not have realised that the arrangements for membership payments have changed this year. Those who paid in the past by Standing Order are particularly likely to have missed it as previously no action was required. They say"Renewal of FRA Membership should now be…
Our annual outing, as well described in the calendar entry. There will be chicken curry with rice and poppadum, plus a vegetarian curry option available at the Sportsman after the event, cost ¬£4.50 per head. I am told there should be about 30 chicken and "several" vegetarian portions prepared, which…