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Ashop Horseshoe
Sun 7th Jun
Upper Derwent Stones TT
Wed 10th Jun
Tha Sprunce (Route 1 Race 3)
Thu 11th Jun


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posted by John on 30th Sep 2007

As of 17 March 2020 all club events are cancelled/postponed, see the Home page for updates

Please tell me if you're travelling to an event - don't go by yourself - people will fill up a car if they know there's a lift going - some of the away races are only viable with a full car. email Phone - 07510 705076. New items will appear at the top of the page

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posted by JimP on 31st May 2020

pcoming events:

Until Thursday 4th June - Tha Sprunce (Route 1 Race 2)

From Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th June - Ashop Horseshoe

From Thursday 4th to Thursday 18th June - Blackamoor Chase Strava Flyby Race - Details here:¬if_id=1590990082365525

From Friday 5th to Thursday 11th June - Tha Sprunce (Route 1 Race 3)

At least two more races have been added to the calendar that will be counters in the DP 2020 TT Leagues. The Alport Watershed TT looks to be a proper outing.

The first race of Tha Sprunce series finished on Thursday evening when a number of runners dramatically improved their times from the previous week, including Sally Fawcett who beat her own women's record. Andy Heyes's blistering men's record withstood the vagaries of the age category handicap and so he heads the table. I'm making a minor rule change which is that each race can be run at any time from Friday morning to Thursday evening. This means that George Yates currently leads Race 2, having "had a blast around Sprunce" on Friday. These are the Race 1 results...


I'm delighted that no less than 43 runners have completed Tha Sprunce, 28 of whom can claim a podium position in their age category. It was Willy Kitchen himself who declared that he is in the 95+ Kg category and nobody has questioned this!

Jim Paxman

31st May, 2020

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posted by JimP on 24th May 2020

The Triple Crossing, the first race in the DPFR 2020 TT Leagues has been run over the weekend and closes on Monday evening. Saturday runners had much the better of the weather compared with those who ran on Sunday. It’s set fair for Monday, so if you haven’t already run… Results are eagerly awaited from Lewis. Ashop Horseshoe, a new race, from 4th to 7th June has been added to the calendar with more to follow shortly.

“Tha Sprunce” started this past week and the first race will close this Thursday, 28th May. To date, seventeen runners have completed the route. The course records are currently held by Neil Northrop (32:50) and Sally Fawcett (36:44). I hope and expect both records to be improved upon before the week is out. These are the current (Sunday evening) race standings…


Pie Night at The Sportsman on Thursday evening was a success. Convivial socially-distanced pie eating and beer drinking took place on the grass beside the club hut and I’m looking forward to a repeat this week. Pie eaters and other diners should pre-order. The menu is on The Sportsman’s Facebook page which is here… and orders can be placed with Karon, whose number is 07758 897560.

Jim Paxman

24th May, 2020

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posted by JimP on 21st May 2020

At the half way stage of Tha Sprunce, race 1, week 1 a total of thirteen runners have completed the course with one DNF. This first race remains open until next Thursday evening, 28th May. Runners can repeat the route in order to improve their times.

Neil Northrop (32:50) and Sally Fawcett (36:44) hold the course records. Several runners reported having lost bits of time here and there working out the correct route. No doubt they will be quicker next time and they’ll have to be in order to knock me off the top of the handicap adjusted table!

The Sportman’s Pie Night was definitely a success. The Sportsman are also selling bottled beers, which I think are Farmers Blonde and Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. Please note that Pies have to be pre-ordered either via the Sportsman’s Facebook page or by texting Karen on 07758 897560, preferably by Tuesday each week.


Jim Paxman

21st May, 2020

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posted by JimP on 18th May 2020

Now that lock down restrictions have eased somewhat, it is permissible for us to stage races so long as they are time trials, thereby allowing social distancing to be maintained.

Lewis Ashton writes…

“I’m looking at a return to racing for the club. I’m going to propose a self-timed Kinder Triple Crossing this weekend. I anticipate personal distancing to be with us for a good while yet. So I propose a time trial league for this summer’s club races. 10 races to count. I’m hoping to be able to run the women’s league points as % of the women’s winning time. This will require race results to be separated - a men’s race and a women’s race. However, it will add a note of competitiveness to the women’s field that might have been seen to be lacking using comparison to the winning man. Keep an eye on the web site for upcoming race details.”

The first race in this series is indeed the Triple Crossing which can be run anytime between 18:00 this Thursday, 21st May and 23:59 Sunday, 24th May. Details of this race and the DP 2020 Time Trial leagues for both men and women can be found in the Calendar.

There is also to be a weekly time trial race from The Sportsman to be called “Tha Sprunce” that can be run anytime between Monday morning and Thursday evening, so as to coincide with Pie Night at The Sportsman. To get Tha Sprunce up and running, the first time trial will be open for two weeks, from today Monday 18th to Thursday 28th May. The second one will be from Monday 1st to Thursday 4th June and weekly thereafter for the foreseeable future. I intend to run Tha Sprunce at about 17:45 each Thursday and partake of one of The Sportsman’s pies out on the grass by the car park afterwards. Socially distanced of course! Further details including the all-important route are in both the calendar and the news section. Weekly results and a league table will appear on the DPFR Facebook Group page and in this blog.

Another event is the Blackamoor Chase Strava Flyby Race. Details on Facebook here...

Finally, sad to report, the 2020 British Fell Running Championship has had to be cancelled.

Jim Paxman

18th May, 2020

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posted by JimP on 10th May 2020

For those who cannot or will not follow social media, the attached file ‘Mountain Navigation for Runners’ may be of interest.


10th May, 2020


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posted by JimP on 3rd May 2020

Unfortunately, updating the Carshare bog with tales of derring-do by club members out on the fells and details of up coming races has been an absolute doddle for the last six weeks. However, the arrival of my copy of The Fellrunner inspired me to put fingers to keyboard…

On 23rd March the FRA announced the cancellation of the 2020 English Championships. However, the first of the British Championship races had already been staged the previous weekend. This was Ras Yr Aran on a wet day near Bala, in mid-Wales. Top 10 finishes in their respective categories were taken by Judith Jepson (2nd WV50), Oli Johnson (10th MV40), Dave Taylor (3rd MV50), Spyke (5th MV50) and John Hunt (9th MV50). In the team events, our MV40’s were 4th and both the MV50’s and the women’s team were 2nd. Since then, the Northern Irish race that should have been held on 25th April was cancelled but, at the time of writing, the Scottish and English races which are both due to be run in August are still on. If, and it’s a very big if, they are both run then there will be a British Championship this year. I understand that decisions on this will be taken next month. UPDATE - This year's British Championship had to be cancelled as of 13th May.

After six races, the FRA’s 50@50 Race Series had to be put on hold for the time being. It is, however, the FRA’s intention to complete the series in due course and the expectation is that it will continue into 2021. We have no less than four runners in the top ten. Sally Fawcett leads the women’s standings and is 10th overall. Simon Mills and James Lowe, who is the 50@50 organiser, are 5th and 6th respectively. Finally your correspondent, who knows that whilst he can bring little in the way of quality to a fell race he can do some damage by repeatedly turning up at races, is lurking in a completely undangerous 3rd position.

Jim Paxman

3rd May, 2020

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posted by JimP on 23rd Mar 2020

Our very own Jon Morgan, an NHS anaesthetist, writes “Avoid all people like the plague because this is millennium 3 plague. Your individual actions will save other people’s lives, possibly your parents or other loved ones. And quite possibly yours, because I guarantee if you need an intensive care bed at the peak of the badness you won’t get it, because it will be full with 10 other people waiting. I’m sorry to be so frank but I’ll be operating one of those ventilators and will be seeing a lot of people die. The time to act is RIGHT NOW, not when the government tells us.”

With the current grim situation get grimmer by the day there is, of course, nothing to report so I’ll move on immediately to more frivolous things.

The answers to last week’s anagrams are:

Two DPFR races

1 broke facades Cakes of Bread

2 call prostates Alport Castles

Two Local League Races

3 ankle seedily Edale Skyline

4 centre hut The Trunce

Two Lakeland races

5 Helen headers sooner Ennerdale Horseshoe

6 admirers courage resignees Grasmere Senior Guides Race

Two Celtic nations races

7 Posh Eire shores Peris Horseshoe

8 ainus crotch Stuc a’Chroin

Two longer races or challenges

9 mantelshelf The Fellsman

10 forehands streak Heart of Darkness

I’ve not seen any brown vests out hammering the roads so I’ll assume that everyone solved these in under the stipulated 15 minutes.


23rd March, 2020

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posted by JimP on 19th Mar 2020

When a couple of days ago Carshare, aka Dave Tait, appealed for someone else to take over the Carshare blog, I had a lightheaded moment, volunteered and was immediately appointed. I am a bit daunted by the fact that I am stepping into a very large pair of Mudclaws, but will strive to maintain Dave’s high standards.

The first thing I’d like to say here, and I’m certain that I speak for all in the club, is a big thank you to Dave for writing Carshare almost weekly since, he tells me, early in 2003. That’s approximately 884 weeks ago! So… big thank you Dave! Luckily, this isn’t an obituary and I know that, once fell racing resumes, we will have the pleasure of seeing Dave loping in at the end of races the length and breadth of the country with his big grin whilst complaining about his ankles / knees / hips / back etc., before going up to collect his near weekly MV70 prize!

The Carshare blog started before social media became what it is today and was at that time an excellent way to co-ordinate and promote carsharing. Nowadays, this tends to be done via Facebook, WhatsApp groups and so on but I will be more than happy to use this blog to co-ordinate carsharing which is especially useful for newer members of the club when they don’t know many other members.

With the suspension of both fell races and club runs, there may not be much to report here for quite some time, so I’ve some anagrams for you to solve whilst you are not working from home. The answer to each is the name of a fell race. The use of online anagram solvers is strictly prohibited. If you solve all ten in under 15 minutes award yourself an off-road run, if not, get your road shoes on and hit the tarmac!

Two DPFR races…

1 broke facades

2 call prostates

Two Local League Races

3 ankle seedily

4 centre hut

Two Lakeland races

5 Helen headers sooner

6 admirers courage resignees

Two Celtic nations races

7 Posh Eire shores

8 ainus crotch

Two longer races or challenges

9 mantelshelf

10 forehands streak

Answers next week.

Jim Paxman

19th March, 2020

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posted by DaveT on 17th Mar 2020

With all races, events and gatherings being cancelled, there isn't much point in keeping the Carshare page going for a while. Indeed, when things do start up again, it seems right and proper that someone with more direct Peak links takes over Carshare.
Please will anyone (else..) able to take over Carshare get in touch with our Webmaster, who is a fountain of help and understanding...
Whilst in 2001 , Foot and Mouth, we could still carry on using roads, this time it is more of a complete closure. Just now, here, running alone on Otley Chevin is fine, diverting into the woods to avoid other people. Maybe for not that long.
All I can do is wish everyone a safe outcome, look after each other and our neighbours, act responsibly, and hopefully I'll be meeting up with folk at the other end of things.

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posted by DaveT on 10th Mar 2020

Yr Aran – British Championship AM. Results. Interpretations and team results when the statistician sorts them out. Next should be the English, at Guisborough, but that's a long way off just now.

Haworth Hobble:- Results.
Lad’s Leap:- Results.
Bilsdale:- Results.
Brough Law:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 3rd Mar 2020

I Black Combe:-the first of the Lakes Grand Prix series. Results. Rhys back into top form, then?

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round:- Results. Even decent weather for Pendle, clear, a good bit windy at times, and planty of wet sloshy stuff.

Saddleworth Ten Res’s:- Results.

Horsehill Tor:- "Fine spring day for this classic in the making. A much more respectable turnout this year in the sunshine, but unfortunately no ladies - perhaps occupied with other International Women’s Day duties. All found their way round with the usual minor variations right from the off. Apart from Jim, who apparently struggled with a map too small for his needs. Neil luckily remembered Mam Tor is indeed the last checkpoint just in time, and Gabor’s pioneering individual line down the final descent provided good value for the spectators. No records in the windy and very heavy underfoot conditions, but pretty close run to the finish for the only four to wait for the official 10am start."

Bluebell 1:- Results.
Peak Raid 3 – Round 1 :- Abney and Bretton. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 25th Feb 2020

Loopy Latrigg:- Results.

Ilkley Moor:-50@50 event. Apologies to those I never spoke to, it all was busy at the start, and you'd likely be on the way home when I rolled in. Extremely boggy, a nasty head wind blowing across the tops, a need to be keeping that 'at on up there... Results.

Cloud Nine:- Results.
Hope Winter:- Results.
Long Mynd Valleys re-arranged. Results. No clubs seem to be listed, so please help us out if you're missed off...
Hoppits Hill:- Results.
James’ Thorn:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 20th Feb 2020

High Cup Nick :- 50@50 Series. -Results.

Heartbeat Hobble:-Results
Midgley Moor:- Results. We had it all, rain, wind, hail, then sunshine. Those tracks around Sheepstones Trig Point and Crow Hill, with every opportunity to be wandering, which many of us did...

Clwydian Sheeptracks:- "Yesterday - (for John Hunt) - started out pretty wild but soon cleared up and turned out to be glorious run in the sun albeit still a bit breezy. I never took this race seriously from the start which was a good thing as for this very special race, the course is issued on a map months in advance and folk recceit to death such that they don’t need to read or follow a map on race day. Which if you turn up to “on sight it” you’re going to be going backwards at numerous points.Great run out though as a long training run building to race pace." Results ..

Sedbergh – Kendal Winter League - another cancellation

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posted by DaveT on 11th Feb 2020

Flower Scar:- is cancelled
Jarrett’s Jaunt:- also cancelled.
Carnethy 5:- Results.

New Chew:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 4th Feb 2020

Half Tour of Bradwell:- Results.

Doctor’s Gate:- Results.
Long Mynd Valleys – 50@50 Series , and with all this stormy weather, it needed to be cancelled
Longsleddale:- is cancelled.

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posted by DaveT on 29th Jan 2020

Yukon Ultra - Results, etc. Steven Jones looks to be well finished, hope he's keeping warm out there, whatever it might be like...To me it looks desperate out there, very cold and competitors being hauled off with touches of frostbite. Also, besides this 100mile event there is a 300mile course still ongoing.
A bit of a report.

Make no mistake, this must be one of DPFR's really major achievements, close after finishing The Spine, and clipped onto that Dragon's Back last year.

Margery Hill:-
Pendle Way:- Results. Can't just be seeing any of us there?
Stybarrow Dodd:- Results.
Wadsworth Trog:- Results.
Rombalds Stride:- seems to have been a lot windy over Ilkley Moor tops....I’ve got a copy of the results should anyone need them.....

Kong Mini MM Round 1 - over the Carnedds…Results.
Mickleden Straddle:- Results.
Runners and Riders:- so we all lines up, runners and bikes, from Appletreewick in Wharfedale, and chase each other around the organiser’s farmland...A lot windy, with a bit of wet, all good preparation for probably the very best in post-race cakes and refreshments. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 21st Jan 2020

Yukon Arctic Ultra - starts January 30th. I knows nothing about this, "Quite simply the world's coldest and toughest ultra. 430 miles of snow, ice, temperatures as low as -40°C and relentless wilderness, the MYUA is an incredible undertaking."
There appear to be softer touches at 100mile and 300 mile.
Fresh from that triviality up the Pennine Way, Steven Jones might be needing an extra jersey up there, it seems. Might we well be watching those dots once more?

Hoofstones – by Todmorden. Perfect conditions here - wet sloshy bogs, clag, and featureless moorland. All is simple until the trig point, and despite numerous pre-race and post-race discussions, there is now't much better than getting the compass out, head off into somewhere and hope to land out at the CP on the other side. Pete Davies will have upset the locals by winning on their home patch...Results.

Tigger Tor:- next in the 50@50 Series. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 14th Jan 2020

It all looks a lot quiet?

Upper North Grain:-

Lamb's Longer Leg - Results.

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posted by DaveT on 7th Jan 2020

The Spine, and the Half Spine....and it don't look to be easy going.....For those following the dots, Stephen Jones is 177.....and thankfully safely finished

Ashurst Beacon:- Results. A timely return to action from John Hunt.....

Peak Raid – Event 4:- Calver. Results.
Stanbury Splash:- Results. three swollen streams, mud and slosh all over, and most relieved not to be heading to Kirk Yetholm....
Trigger:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 27th Dec 2019

Very best wishes from Carshare for a healthy, safe New Year.

Saturday 28th - Bradfield Boundary Run:-
Sunday - Moz's Birthday Run:-

Tuesday 31st:-
Bowstones:- Results
Auld Lang Syne:- Results.
Wormstones:- Results.

New Year's Day:-
Captain Cook's Races - the first of the 50 at 50 Series. Results. With 449 runners, the idea is clearly attractive. This year it will replace the Carshare League, and as for next year......
The next event in the Series looks to be Tigger Tor...

Nine Standards:- Results.

Saturday:- Burbage Nutters:-

Commondale Beacon:- Results.
YHA King of the Castle:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 18th Dec 2019

Crookstone Crashout:-

Tuesday 24th:- Christmas Eve Breakfast Run:-

Thursday 26th
Chevin Chase - Results.
Boxing Day Bogtrot:-
Two Turtle Doves:-Results.
Whinberry Naze:-

Friday 27th:-
Wansfell:- a lot misty, damp and drizzly, short and very steep...Results.
Guisborough Woods:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 10th Dec 2019

The Stoop:- there's wet, boggy, right boggy, sinking and after that comes The Stoop. Previous heavy rain, new overnight snow had soaked these Haworth Moors, bleak at the best of times. Never mind , we just gets on with it...Results

Peak Raid 3 – Event 3 – Grindleford. - Results.
Three Tops:-

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posted by DaveT on 3rd Dec 2019

Lakeland Classics 2019. Final Results. We had 7 runners completing the series, Pete Davies, Lova Chechik, Dave Sykes, Nicky Spinks, Ed Richardson, Jim Paxman, Alison Wainwright. Positions and etc are on the all-time list of completions, here.

Bradfield Christmas Score:-
Litton Christmas Cracker:- Results.
Mytholmroyd:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 25th Nov 2019

Baslow Bolt:- Results.
Kirkby Moor:-

Peak Raid 3 – Event 2 – Great Longstone:- Results.
Gravy Pud:- Results.
Cardington Cracker:- Results.

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