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Final English Championships
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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 18th Jul 2016

Results from Waun Fach. This took some finding, somewhere remotely near Brecon, or nearby. Jon and Liz Batt must have been exploring...

Results from Ambleside Sports, BOFRA

Results From Stoney Middleton

Results. from Holme Moss.

Carshare is upgrading, eventually , to Windows 10, so it's some reduced contribution just now, until I gets my computer back. No doubt our Webmaster can deal with any pressing urgencies.

British Championships after Sedbergh.

The team results are on the FRA website, under Events, and then Championships. Or Here , for the British. (The link might be working this time...). The individual results seem to have wandered.. Senior Men and MV 50 are Champions, the MV40 need to deliver in Scotland.

English individual results

British Championships after Sedbergh.

Congratulations to Tom Saville, MU23 Champion. When all the results emerge, they can have a better prominence. The final race, Merrick, in September, will find people getting their last counter in, or dropping a weak result, so far too soon to be banking on some excellent current positions being maintained.

Peris Horseshoe, and Half Peris. Not in the calendar, but Saturday 10th September. Will our man be defending his title

Borrowdale - isn't far off, and is English Championships. Substitutions are allowed on the day, so please let us all know if you are sitting on an unwanted entry..
Yvonne Beckwith , email , can't use her entry, if you can make use of it. Ashley is now getting around to taking this entry......,
After Bessyboot - a new fence has emerged along the next part, which may get folk confused. As to where the fence leads, not a clue...

Lingmell Dash:-

Holme Moss. Once again, Holmfirth reminded us how to be putting on an excellent race. The legacy, no doubt, of previous organiser Russell Bangham. Seven pounds, free drinks and top class food afterwards, and lots of prizes throughout all the categories. As for the race, it don't get any easier as each year passes. The boggy bits were deep, but mostly the peat was dry and the rocks not slippy. It is so much harder now that we return on the outrun, whereas once we dropped off Holme Moss road to the dams and legged it in. Does someone have an accurate distance measured? It seemed a long, long way.. Kris Groom has it as 28.6km, with 1106m climb.

Summer Series (9) - UTMBamford

Rydal Round

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posted by DaveT on 12th Jul 2016

Results From Sheldon

Snowdon:- results.
RAB Evening Mini MM:- The Manifold Valley - results
Kerridge Climb:-

Kentmere - results. a goodly set of travellers here, some most welcome new,(to me), faces. Clear, hot lower down but windy and a bit colder higher up. This is the 42nd time that Pete Bland, and his wife, have organised this race, and now he is stepping down. So many of us owe him a great deal for his contribution to this race, and many others. Another remarkable achievement was that the first winner of the race, Jeff Norman, was here running, now being 1st V70.
Results in due course.

Trunce 6:- results.
Some You Win, Some You Lose:-

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posted by DaveT on 6th Jul 2016

Full results are on the FRA website, then Events, then Championships.

British Championships.

Senior Men:- Rhys - 2nd : Neil - 3rd: Tom Saville - 7th.
MV40:- Spyke - 3rd : Dave Taylor -6th.
MV50:- Spyke - 1st : Dave Taylor - 2nd : Steve Bell - 10th=
MV60:- Keith -4th
Mu23 - Tom - 1st, and Champion : Matthew Elkington - 8th=

Men's Team:- 1st - 3rd at Sedbergh.
MV40 Team:- 2nd - 7that Sedbergh
MV50 Team:- 1st - 1st at Sedbergh.

English Championship:-

U23:- Anna Hoogkamer - 2nd: Ellie - 3rd.
V40:- Judith - 7th : Helen - 8th.
V45:- Judith - 2nd : Nicky - 9= :

V50:- Pippa - 8th= : Liz - 7th=

Seniors Team:- 6th - 3rd at Sedbergh
V40 Team:- 6th, no team at Sedbergh

U23:-Tom - 1st : Matthew Elkington - 2nd.
Seniors:-Rhys - 3rd : Neil - 6th
V40:- Spyke - 4th : Tom - 10th=

V 45 :- Spyke - 3rd : Dave Taylor - 9th.

V50:- Spyke - 2nd : Steve - 4th : Dave Taylor - 5th.
V60:- Keith - 5th

V65:- DT - 9th.

Seniors Team:- 2nd - one point behind Keswick, 3rd at Sedbergh
V40 Team:- 1st - 5th at Sedbergh
V50 Team:- 1st - 1st at Sedbergh

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Jul 2016

Sedbergh Sports. English and British Championship. results

On a most quick calculation, for the Men, Pudsey are 1st, Keswick - 2nd and us - 3rd.
Ladies - Mercia- 1st , Helm Hill - 2nd , Calder Valley - 3rd and us 4th.

Rob Little, clearly much more statistically able, thinks:- "regards the British, by my calculation the senior men now can't be beaten (2 wins and a 3rd=32 points, best P&B or Keswick can get is 30 even if they win Merrick).
From DT - superb, congratulations to everyone involved. But now it's Borrowdale....job only half done...

Not a clue about the Vets, but that looks like 1st MV50 Team, and thus British Champions.
These results don't show the 5 year categories, so that will have to wait.
A very worthy Championship course. Rain always around, and although windy, not that cold. A lap around the field to thin the race down, into a long road bit out onto the fell. Two strong climbs, then a steep slithery, slidy descent into the finishing fields.

Wasdale. results . Not the best of conditions, with 40 retirements. A very strong team result from Ambleside.
John Hunt sends:- "It was wild even by Lakes standards, awesome, the forecast was bang on."
The race report mentions that it will be Championship next year....

Charlesworth and Chisworth - any results most welcome, not sure we ever found last years..
Great Hucklow:- results.
Peak Forest:- results.

Summer Series (8) - Wicken Whizz:-
Tom's Bransdale Race - N.Y.Moors.
Bamford:- results.
Black Rocks:- results
Golden Acre Park Relays - another extremely popular relay, teams of three, around this Leeds park. An event putting on a relay for all abilities. results.

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posted by DaveT on 26th Jun 2016

Blackfell:- results - is a completely excellent AM course from Kettlewell, well worthy of Championship status. Regrettably there were only 24 runners, such a shame for the organisers and marshals. Hopefully many of us can get along next year. Plenty of rough stuff over the back of Great Whernside, then a last part across to Hag Dyke, where anyone finding any correct line would have thrived. Tom Brunt, 2nd,, Ashley, 1st V50, and Greg removed the Team Prize, so a need to be retaining that next year.

Heptonstall Festival:- results.
Round Sheffield Run - results.

Saunders MM - from Pooley Bridge:- results. I'll surely have missed people off DPFR results, so please let us know when you've been ignored...
Indeed - Jo Barnes - nee Armistead - was 23rd team in Carrock Fell at the weekend,

Dollar:- results. An impressive win for Kris Jones, over 6 minutes clear...
Stretton Junior Championships, and Junior Inter-Counties:- results
Thurlstone:- results
Skiddaw:- results.

Summer Series (7):-

Danefield Relay - around Otley Chevin. Teams of 3. :- a very popular event , teams of 3, with each lap about 5km, and a big uphill finish.

Burbage Summer Sharpener (2):
Ossy Oiks - N.Y.Moors:- results
Wormstones:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 6th Jul 2016

The six races have been completed, with the best four to count. Thanks to everyone turning up to represent.
Final Results

U12 Girls - Isabelle Loombe - 39th (2 races)
U12 Boys - Ethan Roberts-Cutts -44th (1 race)
U14 Girls - Emily Barnett - 22nd (5 races)
U16 Girls - Eve Crownshaw - 1st (6 races) : Katie Barnett and Katie Burnett - (2 races). The correct position will need an amendment....
U16 Boys - Kieran Loombe - 11th (6 races) : Clin Din Htoo - 26th (4 races) : Alexander Woolfall - 37th (2 races)
U18 Boys - Jack Crownshaw - 7th (4 races).

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posted by DaveT on 20th Jun 2016

Lakeland Classics:- I've not yet found any official team results, but Ennerdale looks good, though I'm not knowing whether a Lady counts for the Team points...

Buttermere Horseshoe. This year a counter for the Lakeland Classics, and also the Carshare League. results. With taking the first three places, a clear win for Borrowdale, but 2nd will be useful Lakeland Classics points.

Wharfedale 2 or 3 Peaks:- results. Much like "Grin and Bear it", for the local Mountain Rescue, around Buckden Pike and Great Whernside. Only two peaks for Carshare, quite far enough. But hoping Willy never finds out, there was a most crafty recce of secret lines off Great Whernside. So when the final Carshare League race rolls around, might Carshare be hurtling past, whilst others are wading through the boggy swamps?

High Cup Nick - results have finally emerged..

Chrome Hill:- results
Whaley Waltz:- results.
Kinder Trog:- results.
Arnison Dash:-
Bakewell Pudding Race:- results.
Trunce 5:- results.

Calton Crawl:- results.
Hope:- results.
Winster - results

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posted by DaveT on 13th Jun 2016

Great Lakes Run:- results.
James Blakeley:-
Bosley Fete:- results.
Roseberry Romp - from distant days...results
Clougha Pike - English Junior Championships results. - Keith mentions that Eve "is English Uphill only champion, English Schools U14Girls champion, English Fell running Champion, Yorkshire U16 Girls Champion and is now in both Yorkshire and English Team - not a bad year for her so far!"
Seniors Results.

Settle Hills - results. One of the much better Medium races, starting from Settle market square, and previously used as an Inter-Counties course. A long sharp uphill, then to scenically roll around Attermire Scar, with a good mixture of ups and downs, mixed with ample rough stuff across some grassy bits.

Summer Series 6 - Black Tour.
Riber Run:-
Crookstone Crashout:-
Langstrath:- results.

Whorlton Run - results
Blacka Moor:- results.
Pontesbury - (Shropshire..) - results.
Tideswell:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 14th Jun 2016

Not long now until AS Sedbergh Sports, 9th July. A crunch need to be getting there in full strength and depth, as other individuals and teams can do a whole load of overtaking in the last two British events, and it is also an English Championship.
The Howgill website has a map, etc, and entry details if you've not yet registered.

FRA link.

Senior Men:- Rhys - 1st : Neil - 5th : Tom Saville - 6th.
MV40:- Spyke - 2nd : Dave Taylor - 5th.
MV50:- three on equal 1st - Spyke, Dave Taylor and Mark Roberts.
MV60:- Keith -3rd=

Men's Team:- 1st - 1st at Cwm Pennant.
MV40 Team:- 1st - 1st at Cwm Pennant.
MV50 Team:- 1st - 1st at Cwm Pennant.

(No Ladies Teams, yet....).

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posted by DaveT on 6th Jun 2016

Cwm Pennant:- British Championship 2. and also Carshare League. - results .
A clean sweep for the Men's Teams...
My rubbish mathematics gives us 71 points, then Keswick on 79 points. The crunch is getting the team out, and then getting them non-counters strongly into the mix, and vitally here we have John Hunt, Dave Taylor and David Lund home before Keswick's 5th counter. Marvellous all-round support from so many people. Keswick, playing at home a lot more, are going to take some stopping, but....
Tom Saville is 1st U23, Rhys - 2nd : Tom Brunt - 3rd V40 : Spyke - 3rd V50 : Keith - 4th V60. Apologies to anyone missed out who needs a special mention...

Ennerdale:- results.
Turner Uphill Juniors:- results.

Howtown:- results. one of the gems of fellrunning, and only £3.00 for a class AL race. Surprisingly, conditions were perfect, cloudy but clear, very warm. A wander over Loadpot Hill, High Raise, Place Fell, with a nasty sting-in-the-tail up and down Hallin Fell.

Edale:- results. Several runners here impressively doubling up...
Hawkswick - BOFRA. I'm thinking Mike Egner was holding back yesterday, as he still had enough legs to be 1st V60...and others have doubled up...

Monday - Summer Series 5. Rowlee Zig-Zag.

Carlton - N Y Moors . results
Grindleford:- results.

Angela Mudge Interview - a link is here to a Radio 4 program from Monday.

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posted by DaveT on 31st May 2016

Duddon - the first of this year's Lakeland Classics - results - there will be some disappointed V50 who finds that John Hunt has now joined the ranks, and taken the honours...
Dry and clear. Warm, but not as bad as it threatened, with a bit of breeze and occasional cloud cover higher up.
Duddon "Short"- results

Pen Y Ghent:- results
Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon:- results
Wincle Trout:- results
Welsh 1000 metres - results

Trunce 4 - results

Calver:- results
Boars Head:- results.
Tansley:- results.
Castleton:- results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Tuesday 14th June 2016 at 1:18pm
posted by DaveT on 23rd May 2016

Jura:- results.
Hutton Roof - good if you're up that way... results.

Helvellyn and the Dodds:- results,dry, hot and sunny up there. And there aren't that many streams to be crossing, so for many runners it seems to have been hard going. But not for the winner, Carl Bell, with a new record. The organiser, Allan Buckley, has been doing this race, and its earlier version from Bram Crag Farm, from time hardly remembered, and it has always been a classic event, so a big thanks to him for many years of committment, now that he is passing it on.

Bamford Sheepdog Trials:- results , with a bit of fiddling...
Hallam Chase:- results

Otley Chevin - results. short and right sharp. Get up the hill as best you can, along the top and hammer back down the dark woods. The 40th anniversary event, it seems to be in good company...

Blencathra:- results...

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posted by DaveT on 16th May 2016

Howtown - 12th June, is now reinstated, and it's a most recommended race to be at...

Buttermere Sailbeck:- Carshare League counter as well..results
Mount Famine:- results.

Charlesworth Chase - a right classic up Wharfedale, up Simon's Seat, with a compulsory pint to be drunk before crossing the finish line. A most impressive new course record from Ian Holmes, and it was a good record to be beating. Back down just before the heavens opened, and some very delicious soup in the pub afterwards. results

Old Counties Tops:- results.
World Youth Cup Trial - at Sedbergh, up Arant Haw .results.
Excalibur - Don't know what this is, looks like a marathon distance over the Clwydian Hills.
Cader Idris:- results

West Nab:- Yorkshire U23 and English U20 Championships. results.
"Good day for the Club at West Nab:-
Tom Saville 1st U23male + Yorkshire champion
Ellie Crownshaw 1st Yorkshire U23 Female - Yorkshire champion
Ellie Crownshaw 2nd U20 female - English silver medal as 1 off competition.
Tom Saville overall winner
Austin Frost 1st V40
Kev Saville 1st V50
Keith Holmes 1st V60
Dark peak men - 1st Team - Tom, Austin + Kev.
So every Dark Peak member who took part won something!"

Glaramara:- results
Lantern Pike Dash:- results
Peat Pits Wood 2:- results

Summer Series 4 - Pike Lowe Direct:-

Burbage Summer Sharpener1:-
Roseberry Romp:-
Batch Bash - Church Stretton:- results.
RAB Evening Mimi MM - Dovedale - results

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posted by DaveT on 8th May 2016

Very many congratulation to Nicky on this magnificent double BG , 45hrs 30 mins. We must now await a suitable response from Roger?

Fairfield:- results . Hot and sunny down below, clear and a lot colder high up. A group of old men lined up,(apologies to Craig, never met up with you..) with Jenny for the Ladies. We now need to keep left of the wall dropping off Dove Crag, it didn't seem to make much difference?
Worth remembering that the most thorough Ambleside kit check takes time, and best not to be last minuting.

Moel Eilio - Inter county Championships, with Tom Saville running for Yorkshire.results
Cressbrook Crawl:- results
Bollington 3 Peaks:- results

Malham Kirkby Fell:- Seniors and Juniors - results

Calderdale Relay:- results
Trunce 3:- results
Totley Moor:- results
Blackstone Edge:-

Kildwick - a pleasant evening race, near Keighley. rolling up and around some nearby hill, catching the evening downpour, with a careful last bit to avoid sliding into the canal. results

Latterbarrow Loop:- results
Shining Tor:- results
Hayfield May Queen:- results

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posted by DaveT on 9th May 2016

FRA website link.

U23:- Ellie - 3rd : Anna Hoogkamer - 2nd.
V40:- Judith - 7th= : Nicky - 9th=.
V45:- Judith - 4th= : Nicky - 6th= : Pippa - 10th=.
V50:- Pippa - 5th= : Liz - 7th=
Seniors Team:- 6th - 3rd at "Up the Nab"
V40 Team:- 5th - 1st at "Up the Nab"

U23:-Tom - 1st : Matthew Elkington - 3rd=
Seniors:-Rhys - 3rd : Neil - 5th
V40:-Tom - 2nd : Spyke - 5th
V45:- Spyke - 4th= : Steve Bell - 10th
V50:- Spyke - 2nd : Steve - 4th : Dave Taylor - 7th
V60:- Keith - 6th=
V70 - John Armistead - 10th=
Seniors Team:- 2nd (on countback to Keswick) - 2nd at "Up the Nab"
V40 Team:- 1st - 2nd at "Up the Nab"=
V50 Team:- 1st - 1st at "Up the Nab"

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posted by DaveT on 2nd May 2016

"Up the Nab - English AS Championship.
Mens Results and Ladies Results
A much better course than I'd been expecting. Not any big hill, but five strong climbs, some just runnable and some right steep. A good mixture of stuff to be descending on. Warm and dry.
Good to see so many people representing, but then it is a nearly local race, and to be hoped this committment can be applied to the other important events throughout the year.
Not sure much of who did what. Judith and Nicky walked out for prizes, and it should be a 1st for the Ladies, which should also mean the LVets.
Keswick, clearly getting their act together, look to have taken, just, the Men's Team, with us 2nd?. not any idea about the other teams.

The organiser of the Howtown race scheduled for Sunday 12th June has with regret, cancelled the race"

Hawkswick - Junior Championships - results
Seniors - results.

Sunday - 57A.
Summer Series 3 - Way Out West.
Lose Hill - Uphill only.

Jack Bloor - A damp evening, but the earlier rain has pssed by. I'd forgotten what a good course this is, wandering and twisting all over Ilkley Moor. Plenty of running, fiddling through heather and swamps to be sinking in. Tom Brunt, clearly fresh from Saturday, was 4th and 1st V40. results

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posted by DaveT on 23rd Apr 2016

Tour de Yorkshire - begins on Friday : Beverley to Skipton : Saturday is Otley (the capital of Yorkshire Cycling) to Doncaster, and Sunday is Middlesborough to Scarborough.

Coniston:- dire conditions yesterday had put the race in jeopardy, but a safe compromise was worked out to avoid the drop off Coniston Old Man, which is slippy at the best of times. From Swirl Hawse we dropped to Levers Water, and then across to join the usual descent route. Plenty of snow around, filling in the holes between lumps of rock, so every opportunity to crash badly. Results .

Three Peaks - Carshare League - results

The Cake Race:- results
Stuc a Chroin:- results
Tigers Todger:- results
Rainow - results

Saturday - English Championship AS - Up the Nab. Crunch time, again....

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posted by DaveT on 17th Apr 2016

Some big effort from Jasmin. with a 15hr 23min BG. Big effort indeed!

Kinder Downfall:- results
Dale Head Dash:-
Mynd Dragon - Shropshire:-
Wirksworth Incline:- results

Trunce 2:- results
Masson Hill:- results
Cakes of Bread:-

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Sunday 15th May 2016 at 1:11pm
posted by DaveT on 12th Apr 2016

The Fellsman:- results
Moelwyns - results
Anniversary Waltz:- .now with a complete set of times - results
Teenager with Altitude:- results
Todd Crag Juniors:- results , good to see that our Juniors are getting involved...

Horsehill Tor - DPFR.
Mow Cop:- results
RAB Mini MM 2 - Grasmere - results
Summer Series 2 - Broomhead Bash.
Herod Farm:- results
Hartcliff Hill:- results

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Apr 2016

Donard-Commedagh Horseshoe - results .British Championship 1.
Big apologies to ignoring Tom Saville, being 1st U23, and this being in a very strong grouping indeed!
The expected stuff from Ireland, hard, steep, plenty to be slipping on, and had the clag been down, plenty to be getting lost in. Donard/Commedagh has oft been a Championship course, but an extra loop this year stepped it up a good notch. Start at sea level, climb to nearly 3000ft, and plenty more to come. Threatened bad weather never came, so clear, cold, a bit of snow on the top.
Rhys was 3rd, right close to Rob Hope and Sam Tosh at the finish. But crucially the others packed in tight, Neil, Tom Saville, Rob and Dave Taylor. I'm presuming that gives 1st Team. Now for a special mention for Keith. Dave Taylor, 1st V50, and Spyke - 2nd V50, superb, but the Team needs three, and it's that last counter which is so important. Keith, as one would expect, delivered the goods, and I'm told it was 1st MV50 team. But the MV40 were effectively one short, Mike Nolan coming also well up. But maybe? 3rd?
So please can loads of others consider getting these entries in, to add that crunch depth to the teams.
Carshare wasn't last but not so many behind me.
An excellent weekend, and hope that many more will make plans for next year, most likely to be their AS course.

Kinder Springs:-
Coledale Horseshoe:- results
Wardle Skyline:- results
Lakes Mountain 42
Pendle Cloughs:- results
Summer Series 1 - Back Tor and a Little Beyond. results
Win Hill Uphill only.
Grisedale Grind:- results

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posted by DaveT on 28th Mar 2016

Eskdale Elevation - some excellent looking event from Boot, wandering up and around Scafell.
Rhys sends:- "New race in deepest Eskdale (run by our friends across the Peak). Start and Finish in Boot, and take any line between Whin Rigg, Sca Fell summit and Eel Tarn. Excellent course, lots of rough ground. Yours truly took the honours (and a rubbish new record) in thick clag, wind and rain (or spring as we call it up here). Unfortunately the other Brown Vest in attendance had a bad fall on Whin Rigg and got Mountain Rescued - best wishes to Joe Blackett for a speedy recovery."
Rescue Report.

Northern Road Relays - 12 legs, up in Sunderland. A look at the results shows Hallamshire as finishing 7th, with Salford home first.

Three Cabins Challenge:- DPFR event.
Blubberhouses Moor - a very good long, mostly runnable trip around Wharfedale, very arduous later on.
Lads Leap: results

Trunce 1 - results
Loughrigg:- results

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posted by DaveT on 17th Mar 2016

We seem a tad short on depth, no Ladies? , so if you want an eventful, remembered weekend of fun, please think about coming along.

I'm hoping that at Black Combe, the MV40 team also got the maximum points. It's a long, long season, and if this start is to be maintained, it needs enough runners to contribute to the cause, not just by getting the scoring points, but vitally stopping others from getting higher positions. So please keep getting them entries in!

The British Championship race is from Newcastle, County Down, on Saturday 9th April. Details , route, entry, entry list etc.
The course is a complete classic, starting in the park at sea level, over Slieve Donard and Slieve Commedagh, and all the way back down. The whole weekend can't be recommended highly enough, even if like for Carshare there won't be important points at stake. But with a decent start at Black Combe, we need to be strong over there, as the other clubs most certainly will be.
Travelling details, etc. - (car hire...) so far, Rhys, Neil, Rob, Tom Saville, Stephen Pyke, Dave Taylor, Mike Nolan, Carshare : Keith is going also..
There is Entry on Day.

Please let me know if you book flights, or car hire, or accommodation, so that people know what others are doing and booking.
This is a map of the hills, you'll be needing to get it marked up, mind.

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posted by DaveT on 20th Mar 2016

Sportsman Terminator.
Peat Pits Wood1- results

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posted by DaveT on 13th Mar 2016

Yr Aran - counter in the Carshare League. From Bala. DPFR results are out, and good to see the re-emergence of John Hunt.results

Boulsworth Bog:-
Chicken Run:- results
Middle Fell:-

Wolf's Pit:- results. " was another great event with John Boyle and his team doing another professional job putting on the event and the conditions were perfect for an early spring race. Graham Moffatt won a Notts fell champs V40 Silver."

Hoppits Hill:- results
Blakey Blitz:- results
Carrock Fell:-
Rivock Edge:-
Wrekin:- results
Helm Hill - Kendal Winter League.

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posted by DaveT on 5th Mar 2016

DPFR News - there is a most regrettable omission on Pages 4/5, of Achievements. How could we possibly ignore (I put it down to my senility..) Joe Blackett's placing of 1st MV50 in the BOFRA Championships, and especially the huge amount of travelling and committment involved.

Black Combe - English Championship 1 - results Well! The clag was down, and many runners seem to have gone badly astray. Reaching the CP after White Combe has caused problems, as also has the line off the final CP. Ben Mounsey was first, then Kris Jones and Rhys. Tom Brunt - 3rd MV40 - and Tom Saville - 2nd MU23- counted to take 1st team, ..Not a clue about the V40 team, but V50's were strong, Dave Taylor - 2nd MV50 - , Stephen Pyke - 3rd MV50 - and Joe, with Steve Bell getting in amongst any other counters.
For the Ladies, Victoria Wilkinson was far ahead, but we only seem to have Kirsty and Ellie - well up in the LU23 group - running.
Any better news most gratefully needed..

.Ultra Running Blog - those with sharp eyes will have noticed that, within the "Members" heading, is the place for any of these long, long things that people are doing. So please send any news through, whatever it may be...

Haworth Hobble:- results .Apologies for missing Peter Eccleston off the results, should be getting sorted out.
Edale Skyline, and not to be forgetting Don Morrison.
Cautley Spout - Kendal Winter League

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