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posted by DaveT on 5th Oct 2015

Wasdale Show - final BOFRA race. results. Big congratulations to Joe, this final race being decisive, and his first place makes him V50 Champion. Overall results

Lakes in a Day Ultra - results . From Caldbeck to Cartmel. With more and more involvement in these long things, please help out with any results, most of these events are not being looked for...

Gower 50 Ultra - goes around the Gower Peninsula - Steven Jones was 58th , in 11hrs.44m.16s,"I have not had to navigate a fell race before to avoid high tide and change course accordingly!! That is not the sort of thing normally encountered in the Dark Peak or anywhere else I have been. Lovely scenery though."

Pentland Skyline - a most strong 3rd place for Johnny Crickmore. results.

Langdale - final Lakeland Classics race, and not a Carshare League counter...... results.
As for the Lakeland Classics points, team and individual, we put our trust (and backhanders) in the most capable hands of the statistician, but most hopeful for the team trophy being retained....
Good to see so many new faces, and so many getting up for this classic Lakeland course. Hopefully this travelling support can be maintained throughout next year. Apologies to those I never spoke to, and not a remote chance of me remembering who I did speak to...
With so many runners new to these races, I'll try and put out the Route Notes for similar events, and I look forwards to scoffing Penistone's most welcome payment of parkin cake.
Like last weekend at Patterdale, perfect running conditions, dry, clear and still - mostly dry rocks underfoot.
Tom Brunt led a guided tour off the Crinkles, but the other four bided their time until the last dash for home. Judith and Nicky were out for prizes, and a notable 1st Ladies Team, with 3rd Mens Team.

We must thank hugely the organiser, Roger Bell, for his organisation over the last many years, as he is passing the reins over.

Windgather:- results .

Tour de Yorkshire 2016:- "Six towns have been selected to start or finish a stage of the 2016 Tour de Yorkshire cycle race. Beverley, Doncaster, Middlesbrough, Otley, Scarborough and Settle have all been chosen and the exact route will be announced in December."

Missed off results:- and there's plenty. Steven Jones has kindly sent a list of events which have been un-noticed, so please can anyone else send details of missing results.
Longmynd Hike - 3rd October results -
Gritstone Grind - 13th September - results
Grand Tour of Skiddaw - 29th August - results
Peaks Sky Race - 29.7 miles, 6,560' of ascent - 2nd August - results.
Cliff Bar 10 Peaks - The Lakes - 27th June - results
Calderdale Way Ultras - Long and Short - 6th June - results.
Apocalypse 100 (miles) - 4300m+ ascent - 16th June - results. South Shropshire.
The Fellsman - 25thMay - results
Three Shires – 28th March."This was a LDWA Challenge Walk with some walkers and some runners; although it was effectively a fell race for the runners taking in The Roaches, Shutlingsloe and others. there are no published results showing positions and times of the various runners. I (Steven Jones) did it in 6:56."
Millennium Way – 1st March. 1st Alastair Payne; 5:03:00,33rd Steven Jones- 7:03:31:132 starters.
"This was not a fell race as such, since there were no hills involved and was a 38 mile trail run along canal banks and disused railway lines, but it was a good trail run and useful to prepare for future events."

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posted by DaveT on 28th Sep 2015

Lakes Sky Ultra was a few weeks back, but never mind. It starts in Ambleside, and seems to do the Hodgson Brothers full course, with a good few extras. Some long, long day out indeed. results.
Mike was 5th, 1st V40, and out on the hills for a good while.

Ian Hodgson Relays, Patterdale. results.

Mike Robinson "has a green Pete Bland bum bag that was left in my van yesterday. If the owner gets in touch by text on 07778301640 or email, I'll arrange it's return."

It was still the purple vests of Borrowdale.......
Men - 4th : Ladies - 2nd : MVets - 1st.
More detailed stuff will need to come from Team Captains.
Almost ideal running conditions, no wind, not cold, and dry underfoot. For whatever reason I didn't catch up with the Ladies, so can't help much. Ambleside were well clear, but 2nd is a good result.
For the Men, Rhys and Johnny Crickmore took fastest leg on Leg2, but the strength of the other teams on the last two legs pulled them clear. Borrowdale - 1st : Keswick - 2nd : Calder Valley - 3rd : DPFR - 4th.
Not that much at all between these four teams.
With Tom Brunt and Dave Taylor running for the Seniors, it was close, and the crunch came on Leg 4, where Jon Morgan and Spyke legged it down fast off St Sunday Crag to come home with less than a minute to spare.
Thanks to Team Captains for sorting it all out, and next are the UKA Relays, in a fortnight, on Pendle.

Before the prizes, we were told of the death of Michael Hodgson, Ian's brother. Next yearit will be the Hodgson Brothers Relay. "The Joy of Living", by Ewan McColl, was played, and if, like me, you'd not come across this, have a look at this clip.

Isle of Man races:- No clubs listed, so you'll have to let us know if you were there. results
Saddleworth Edges:- results.
Curbar Commotion:- results.. with a Ladies win for Ellie, hopefully there's many more to come...

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posted by DaveT on 8th Sep 2015

FRA Website - English Teams. and Individuals.

Senior Men:- winner is Simon Bailey.
MV40:- Tom Brunt - 6th : Dave Taylor - 9th.
MV45:- Dave Taylor - 3rd : Stephen Pyke - 4th : Jon Morgan - 7th.
MV50:- Dave Taylor - 1st : Stephen Pyke - 3rd= : Joe - 6th :Steve Bell - 9th.
MV55:- Keith -8th.
MV60:- Keith - 5th.
MV70:- John Armistead - 4th.
MU23 - Tom - 1st : Johnny Crickmore - 7th=.
Senior Ladies:- winner is Victoria Wilkinson.
Judith - 5th=
LV40:- Judith - 2nd : Nicky - 6th : Nicola - 11th..
LV45:- Judith - 1st : Nicky - 3rd : Nicola - 5th
LV50:-Liz - 6th
LU23:- Ellie - 6th=

Senior Men:- 2nd - after Calder Valley.
MV40:- 2nd - after Calder Valley.
MV50:- 1st
Senior Ladies:- 3rd .
LV40:- 2nd, after Ambleside.

Medals will be awarded to those who have counted in the counting races. This is a completely unofficial list, and the statistician will in due course send the proper version..
Senior Men:- Counting races are Lingmell (L) : Duddon (D) : Stretton (S) : Guisborough (G).
Rhys (L) : Neil (L) : Tom Saville (L) : Tom Brunt (L): Dave Taylor (L) : Will Boothman (S) : Johnny Crickmore (S) : Oli (D) : Adam Taylor (G).

MV40 :- Counting races are Lingmell (L) : Duddon (D) : Guisborough (G) : Bradda (B)
Tom Brunt (L): Dave Taylor (L) : Jon Morgan (L) ; Stephen Pyke (L) : John Hunt (D) :

MV50:- Counting races are Lingmell (L) : Guisborough (G) Stretton (S) : Bradda (B)
Dave Taylor (L) : Joe Blackett (L) ; Stephen Pyke (L). : Steve Bell (S) : :

Senior Ladies : Counting races are Lingmell (L) : Guisborough (G) : Duddon (D) : Bradda (B)
Judith (L) : Liz (L) : Nicky (L) : Nicola (D)

LV40:- Counting races are Lingmell (L) : Guisborough (G) : Duddon (D) : Flower Scar (F).
Judith (L) : Liz (L) : Nicky (L) : Nicola (D)

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posted by DaveT on 15th Sep 2015

Lakeland Classics - after Three Shires. Judith and Nicky are 1st and 2nd : Tom Brunt and John Hunt are 6th and 7th, 2nd and 3rd V40 : Ashley is 1st MV50 : Keith is 1st MV60.
As for the team results, what a statistician! We are in first place, and Borrowdale really couldn't get any closer. Sneaking up extremely close are
Ambleside..... So, Langdale.....

RAB MM Score - results .Based at Capel Curig, one day over the Glyders, and the other around the Carneddau.

Great Yorkshire 10km seems to have been around the highlights of Sheffield on Sunday. Rob Moore is "ashamed to confess I ran yesterday's Great Yorkshire 10k road race (it was a work thing!). I came 159 out of around 3000 starters (6th in 45-49 section).Maybe I should become a roadie?"

Black Mountains - results.
Royal Dungworth:-

Penistone Hill Race - results.
English Schools Fell Championships:- results. I see that Eve Crownshaw, from Bradfield School, is 1st "Lady" in the Yr 8 and 9 race. Please let us know if anyone else needs a mention, just for being there...

Three Peaks Cyclo-cross:- results. Please help out when someone deserves a mention....

Monday - Winter Series (1) - a plug for these, the perfect means to get that "good strong winter" in, ready for next year.

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posted by DaveT on 9th Sep 2015

Carshare is back from Zurich, penniless, and gradually sorting stuff out. And a first - not any queue at Manchester passport control....
If stuff has been forgotten about, please let us know...

World Juniors - Betws-y-Coed -results .Congratlatations to Ellie, running for England, and 10th place in her particular race.
Three Shires - results.
Carshare League . Jim Paxman and David Lund have acquired their 5 counting races, just Guisborough Moors to come, November 1st, providing it is still being held.
Lakeland Classics - a most perilous result from Borrowdale, getting their third counter in, with some strength. They could well have gone to the front, so all depends on Langdale, where we would need to drop the Borrowdale race result.
A notable 1st and 2nd Lady for Judith and Nicky , and wondering about finisher 221, Is P Hopkinson really Richard, hiding under a pseudonym?

Mourne Mountain Marathon - results . "Winners of Elite class - Bob Johnston & Charlie Stead 10:09:26"
To be hoped this is our Bob Johnston, lest we've given praise to someone unknown to us...Indeed it is....see Comments.
Lantern Pike:- results
OMM Lite - and Peak District Challenge - if anyone can find any results for these, please help us out...
Stanage Struggle:- results.

Peak Raid 3 MM - those 3hr score events. The venues are:-
October 18th Edale/Kinder
November1st Glossop/Bleaklow
November 22nd Grindleford/Eastern Moors
December 13th Crowden/Heyden Moor

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posted by DaveT on 6th Sep 2015

World Masters - Betws-y-Coed:- seems to have been a hard course up and down the woods, and around a mid-way lake. Overnight rain had made it a bit slippy. As at Keswick Masters, not so many foreign visitors, but the sharp end of races would still have been top class. Numbers in each category seemed to be lower than usual at these events. Susa, in Italy, next year.
results - with a bit of fiddling..
DPFR results are out, most likely with mistakes, so please get in touch if you've been missed out, or given a wrong position.

GB (FRA) Relays Pendle - Sun 18th Oct.
Maps now available. We are particularly all asked to read it all up before having any recce.
Rob Little sends:-"The organisers have granted DPFR a team in each of the championship classes. Therefore we will have open mens/womens and V40 men/womens teams (4 in total). I will coordinate selection/organisation for the men and Helen Elmore is the contact for any females. As you can see the opportunities are limited. "
DT - it seems that, with the limit in numbers, we've been lucky to be given these four teams. As ever, if you want to be considered, it's up to you to contact Rob or Helen, rather than them scratting around to see who is available.

Mountain Trial - Rhys wins the main event, Nicky looks to be second, and Kirsty is second in the Medium course. results
Nine Edges Endurance:- results
Padfield Plum Fair:- results.
Great North Run - results. - Mo Farah might well have run decent, but think where he might have been had he also done the World Masters the previous day.
Trunce (9):-
Moel Siabod. Part of the Wales Mountain events, finish at the trig point. Any results anywhere?

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posted by DaveT on 31st Aug 2015

Guisborough 3 Tops. Final English Championship event.
Dave Taylor was 1st MV50, and wins the Championship. Many deserved congratulations indeed. Spyke is 2nd V50, and hopefully 3rd=overall . Judith is 1st LV45 Tom Saville - first counter - is 1st MU23. Ellie is listed as 3rd Junior, whatever that age-group consists of.
Senior Men look like being 2nd, close behind Calder Valley, similarly with the MV40 .The MV50 Team were 1st, to win the Championship. Not worked out the Ladies...
In due course the statistician will have worked out the final placings, and promises to send the official list of medal recipients.
Warm, dry and sunny. The route is typical of the races up here, ample opportunity to get lost in the woods, which seems to have been used to maximum disadvantage at the front end, and a lot of tracked fast running.
Above all, thanks to everyone who has joined in the campaign over a long season - now for the Relays.

Longshaw:- results on DPFR results.
Ben Nevis:- results.
Exterminator:- results...
Shelf Moor:- results.
Grisedale Horseshoe:- results.
Stretton Skyline:- results.
Cliff Bar 10 Peaks - seems to be a right long thing in the Brecon Beacons. results

Monday - Summer Series (12) - from Strines.
Thursday - Pilsley - a most welcome return.

Transalpine Run:- this starts in Germany, across Switzerland and Austria, to land up in Italy. Rhys and Oil are up there somewhere, and it looks to finish, the 8th day, on Saturday. The DPFR Facebook page is likely to be keeping track on it all.

Lakeland Classics. After Borrowdale. The team are first, but only just, with Ambleside, Pennine, Helm Hill far too close for complacency. Two races left, Three Shires , Saturday 19th Sptember, EOD, and Langdale, Saturday 10th October. Pre-entry, but entries still available. Hopefully these can be made some priority, and Three Shires is also Carshare Leag

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posted by DaveT on 24th Aug 2015

Pendleton - Carshare League counter. Only Carshare in attendance. results. Though there are many races on just now. A shame, as this is a classic AS course, in a quiet village, start alongside the pub, and at £3.50, keeping to the best of fellrunning traditions and expectations. An impressive pre-race check to ensure that all them signed up to start actually did start. Up out of the village, fields, then a tour of those hills halfway around the Tour Of Pendle, and back down.

RAB Mini MM (3) - around Skiddaw:- results. Looks like a successful time out? Another event, not on the regular list, from which some news would be welcome?

Thornbridge Weekend:-
Grasmere - results
Bradbourne:- results.
Crowden Horseshoe:- results
Hairy Dog - New Mills - results.
Reeth Show - BOFRA - results
Hebden Sports - almost BOFRA. near Grassington. Short and right sharp, typical of these events!
Barrel Inn, Eyam:- results
Kilnsey:- Simon Bailey is just ahead of Rob Hope - no brown vests....
Burbage Summer Sharpener (3):-
Great Longstone:- results

If that Glencoe Skyline seemed a tad easy, perhaps someone could be thinking next year of the Trans Atlas Marathon? It looks quite simple, just get an atlas and run for six days across the top of Africa?

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posted by DaveT on 17th Aug 2015

Peris Horseshoe - results. a veritable set of travellers indeed. John Hunt, 1st home, "reckons we won the team prize as well as outright victory. New start (longer) new finish (longer longer). Not 30 minutes longer though, we've got the clag to thank for the times and the slippy sheep poo to thank for my 11 stitches. I also got to do 3.5 hours in Bangor A&E but I got 11 stiches and a tetanus for free, after taking a tumble "
DT - this was a mile from the finish, and some most impressive effort to re-overtake someone on that last bit...

Relay Selection:- is forever drawing nearer, and proof of current form, in the big races, is likely the best way to influence our esteemed Captain's decisions. And there have been two huge events this weekend...

Burnsall Classic - results.
Glencoe Skyline:- results. Any feedback from those who were there? Indeed there is!
"Es Tressidder, Mike Robinson, Ralph Skrimshire, Will Spain and myself lined up for this, the first race of its type in the UK (along with billions of midges). It was meant to blend mountain running and alpinism - and it was. The weather was favourable for the top runners but by the time Mike, Ralph and I crossed the Aonach Eagach it was wet. Curved ridge on the Buchaille was a great way to the top but unfortunately created some bottlenecks for those at the back, some having to wait 10-20 minutes. On top of Stob Dearg (the peak of the Buchaille) Will thought better of it and retired which was a sensible decision as looking ahead there were ascents of Buchaille Etive Beag and Bidean nam Bidean with a cruel there and back to the top of Stob Coire nan Lochain. Here I saw Mike (35mins ahead) and Ralph (7 mins ahead). The ascent onto the Aonach Eagach was huge but a large rest was then had as in the wet it was hard to push it across the pinnacles. I had caught Ralph at checkpoint 10 - the half way point (actually 3/5 point) but he had a good climb and more importantly a good run in. This was the only negative for the event; namely the 5 mile run out and therefore run in. The 150m height gain from Kingshouse to the Glencoe Ski Centre being particularly hardwork. Es battled it out at the front but tired in the second half finishing eighth.Sponsored heroes Joe Symonds and Emilie Scandawegian finished 1st and 2nd overall - Emilie is the World and European skyrunning champion. Most impressive performance though came from Jasmin Paris - 5th overall and only 10 mins behind Emilie!! I was determined to finish under 10hrs and just managed it. Ralph finished in 9h45 and Mike an impressive 9h.
The Adventure Show did a small feature on the race (you may remember the Jura coverage). This involved some performance coaching for me before the event - to improve my enjoyment and secondarily my performance - with some coverage of during and after the event. Did it help? The techniques taught were used and were easy to undertake (Mindfulness, Acceptance, Commitment; MAC) - carrying a GoPro over the Aonach Eagach on a chest harness which meant I struggled to get my cag on and then couldn't zip it up was more trying. The results will be shown in Scotalnd but will be available on the iplayer. I will post a note with a due-date when I know this for those who wish to see the extent of my grazes from a fall descending off the 1st peak (acceptance techniques used a lot here!)
Would I do it again? - probably - although this would be a different undertaking in cold driving rain."

"What I forgot to mention was a big thank you to Dave Taylor who helped at the event with flagging the route - the entire course was flagged!!! - marshalling on curved ridge and at the midway station and sweeping the course - as well as refilling my drinks bottle."

Rochdale Half Marathon - I see that Dave Archer is first home, in a Hallamshire vest....
Trunce (8):- results
Ennerdale Show:-
Ragleth - (Church Stretton) - results.

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posted by DaveT on 17th Aug 2015

FRA Link.

MU23 - Tom Saville - 1st
Senior Men:- Neil - 6th : Tom Saville - 10th.
MV40:- Tom Brunt - 6th : Dave Taylor - 8th.
MV50:- Dave Taylor - 2nd : Joe - 6th : Andy Dickenson - 9th.
MV60 - Keith - 6th.
LV40:- Liz - 9th.
LV50:- Liz - 2nd,

Senior Men:-2nd, behind Calder Valley.

MV40:- 2nd, behind Calder Valley.
MV50:- 1st
Senior Ladies -7th
LV40:- 4th

For all teams, counting races are Moelwyns,(M), Durisdeer (D), and Lingmell, (L). Medals will be awarded to anyone who has scored points in these races. This is my unofficial effort. Hopefully the Statistician will send his own list in due course, and it can all get sorted out.
Senior Men: Oli Johnson (M) : Neil Northrop (M) : Tom Saville (M) : Tom Brunt (M) : Dave Taylor (M) : Jon Morgan (D) : Rhys - (L)
MV40 - Tom Brunt (M) : Dave Taylor (M) : Mike Robinson (M) : John Hunt (M) : Jon Morgan (L) : Joe Blackett (D) : Stephen Pyke (L).
MV50 - Dave Taylor (M) : Joe Blackett (M) : Steve Bell (M)

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posted by DaveT on 10th Aug 2015

Mourne Seven Sevens:- final British Championship race .results. Shall we say that DPFR weren't out in force. 19.19 miles and 9324' ascent, or near enough. A hard day out. Rumours of next year being the Medium race, on a different theme of Donard/Commedagh, in April.

Two Hill Forts - near Ruthin. results. John Hunt "nipped in to Wales for another sharpener. Even though I broke the course record 3 others broke it by a little more. A great sharp pace and good to train through".

Appleby Murton Pike -
Dig Deep races from Whirlow:-
Sedbergh:- results.
Lakeland Country Fair - results.

Summer Series 11 - Birchin.
Shipman Knotts:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Aug 2015

Sierre Zinal:- results. On a most quick glance through, Gareth Briggs is 64th, 3hrs:12m.15s. Anyone been missed off?

Gladstone 9 - results. This is near Penmaenmawr. With selection for the Relays being tight, what can be better than John Hunt's effort at tweaking the selector's ear by winning the race...."Great course, lucky for me sunny and clear and I didn't lose the people that knew where we needed to be going. It would be a classic in the mist."

Turner Landscape:- results
Half and Long Tour of Bradwell:- results.
Arncliffe Gala results - that completes the required 8 counting races in the BOFRA Championships for Joe, just see eventually where that finishes him.
Teggs Nose:- results.
Round Hill:- marshalling duties for Carshare. Just one runner with a number on their shorts, and this is a right trouble for them trying to write down numbers accurately. To be hoped that DPFR runners have the manners to thank the marshals when passing, several couldn't be bothered today. That doesn't go down well.

Eccles Pike - results. - If winning the race is a necessity for Men's Relay selection, Rob Little need have no worries....
Denis Stitt Memorial:- results.
Ricky's Race:- results.

British Men U23 Championship. After Lingmell, it's looking that Tom Saville has an unassailable lead, so very many congratulations!
And also to Judith, with 4 straight wins, English LV45 Champion!


Show - is a while off, Tuesday 26th August. With, understandably, a limit of 100, pre-entry is worth it, and with free entry to the show,far cheaper. Details. The show is massive, and the race is completely unique, nothing remotely like it.


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posted by DaveT on 3rd Aug 2015

FRA Link

Two races left, everything so very tight. Ireland next weekend and Guisborough on September 6th. The final results could well depend on the non-counting runners getting in the mix. Guisborough is a surprisingly easy, fast trip up. Pre-entry....
It's not a counter in the Carshare League, that honour goes to Gisborough Moors, 1st November - if it is still to be held...

MU23 - Tom Saville - 1st, and can't be caught! Excellent and big congratulations!
Senior Men:- Neil - 5th : Tom Saville - 9th : Tom Brunt - 10th.
MV40:- Tom Brunt - 5th : Dave Taylor - 6th.
MV50:- Dave Taylor - 2nd : Joe - 5th : Steve Bell - 10th.
MV60 - Keith - 5th=.
LV40:- Liz - 11th.
LV50:- Liz - 2nd,

Senior Men:- 2nd (1st at Lingmell). Could do with a win in Ireland.
MV40:- 2nd (1st at Lingmell) .Could do with a win in Ireland.
MV50:- 1st (1st at Lingmell) . Champions!
Senior Ladies:- 6th ( 4th at Lingmell). Could do with a good result in Ireland.
LV40:- 1st.( 2nd at Lingmell) . Could do with a good result in Ireland

Senior Men:- Rhys - 11th
MV40:- Tom Brunt - 7th=
MV45:- Dave Taylor - 7th : Mike Robinson - 9th : Stephen Pyke - 11th.
MV50:- . Joe - 4th : Dave Taylor - 5th : Stephen Pyke - 7th : Steve Bell - 9th.
MV55:- Keith - 7th.
MV60:- Keith - 5th.
MV65:- John Armistead - 11th
MV70:- John Armistead - 2nd=.
MU23 - Tom - 1st : Johnny Crickmore - 4th.
Senior Ladies:-
Judith - 5th..
LV40:- Judith - 2nd : Nicky - 4th : Nicola - 11th..
LV45:- Judith - 1st : Nicky - 3rd : Nicola - 6th
LV50:-Liz - 6th

Senior Men:- 2nd (1st at Lingmell). Could do with a win at Guisborough.
MV40:- 2nd (1st at Lingmell) . Could do with a win at Guisborough.
MV50:- 1st (1st at Lingmell) . Could do with a win at Guisborough.
Senior Ladies:- 3rd= ( 3rd at Lingmell). Could do with a good result at Guisborough.
LV40:- 1st. (no team at Lingmell). Could do with a win at Guisborough.

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posted by DaveT on 26th Jul 2015

Lingmell results? Something is here, but I can't rightly read them, so a typed up set may well be awaited...
Our esteemed webmaster must have visited that well-known opticians, as he has managed to put enough out on DPFR results...

FRA Relays - Pendle. Saturday 17th October. Details.
Four teams from each club are permitted, clearly parking and swamping the village will be issues.
So that is Senior Men, Senior Ladies, MV40, LV40. This year there will be no MV50 category, neither a "B" team. DPFR entries have been submitted for the permitted categories.

"Team members must be experienced fell runners who have run in at least 2 Category A fell races.". This seems most sensible. Likely the two shorter legs will be on the top bit of Pendle Hill somewhere, and in October, conditions could well be evil. Last year's Leg4 was run in cold, wet and clag. Didn't so many go astray in last year's Full Tour, getting off the top......

No doubt Club captains will enlighten you hopefuls about it all, and if you want to be considered, a CV of big races would help. Pendle 3 Peaks on Saturday 22nd August would be useful, especially if you don't know the area well.

Borrowdale:- Not! in the Carshare League, bide your time until Three Shires.. results.
Osmotherley Show - for them that can't get round a pleasant country show, and a good enough trail shoe course up through private grounds and then to the nearest trig point. Some removed arrows led to the leader going astray. But it's a fell race, and we are supposed to find us own way round, with any additional help being a bonus.

Farleton Knott, BOFRA - results
Trunce (7) - results
Parwich:- results.
Cracken Edge:- results.
Gribdale Gallop:- cancelled. Dave Parry, who organises so many of these N.Y.Moors races, is ill, and future races have been cancelled, although the Championship race still goes ahead.
Derbyshire Chevin 1 - results.
Salt Cellar:- results.

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Lingmell - English and British short. ?????

Lakeland Classics. After Wasdale. John Hunt - 2nd : Nicky - 1stL : Keith - 1stMV60 : Team is 1st, but far too close for comfort are Pennine. Is this a shift in success to the Peak, and away from Lakes clubs? With Calder Valley looking so strong in both Championships? Or will normal service be resumed?

Ultra Tour of the Lakes - 100 miles - results. and 50 miles - results.
Bingley Show -results.
Summer Series (9) - UTM Bamford.
Stoney Middleton - results.
Rydal Round - results.
Ambleside Sports - BOFRA. - results.

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Ingleborough - Carshare League. results.
Regrettably, not one of DPFR's finest moments, I refer, of course, to the egg throwing. Our two representatives Willy and Clare, survived a good while, but a smashed egg proved to be their downfall.


Rather like "Spot the Egg" competition. Our sports correspondent isn't revealing who smashed that egg.
The race results were a lot better, and Tom, David, John and Gareth would have been in with a shout of the team prize had there been one. Tom was 5th, 2nd U23, and qualifying for whatever he was trying to qualify for. Carshare League points for new entrants Gareth and John Bottomley. But where was Jim?

Snowdon:- results.
Kentmere:- results.
Holme Moss:- results.
Cracoe - BOFRA - results.

Summer Series (8) - Wicken Whizz.
Burbage Summer Sharpener 2.
Cock Howe and Beyond - N Y Moors:- results.
Golden Acre Park Relays - in a good Leeds park. Any visitors, teams of three...Carshare staking his claim for Relay selection? As if.....

Sheldon - results.

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FRA Website link

Senior Men:- Rhys - 9th=
MV45:- Jon Morgan - 5th : Dave Taylor - 7th : John Hunt - 10th : Mike Robinson - 11th.
MV50:- Dave Taylor - 4th. Joe - 8th : Steve Bell - 9th.
MV55:- Keith - 6th.
MV60:- Keith - 5th=
MV65:- John Armistead - 10th=
MV70:- John Armistead - 2nd.
MU23 - Tom - 1st : Johnny Crickmore - 4th.
Senior Ladies:- Judith - 3rd.
LV40:- Judith - 2nd : Nicky - 5th : Nicola - 8th..
LV45:- Judith - 1st : Nicky - 2nd : Nicola - 5th
LV50:-Liz - 8th

Senior Men:- 2nd (2nd at Bradda)
MV40:- 2nd (2nd at Bradda)
MV50:- 1st (1st at Bradda)
Senior Ladies:- 3rd.( 2nd at Bradda)
LV40:- 1st. (no team at Bradda)

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Bradda Niarbyl - English Championship AL:- Men's results : Ladies results.
Neil was first home, 10th, with Simon Bailey winning. Dave Taylor headed Spyke by 3 seconds for 1st V50, Judith is 4th Lady, and 1st LV45, Victoria Wilkinson winning overall, Calder Valley will be clear for first Mens team, hopefully 2nd for Senior Men, V40 - wait and see : 1st MV50 team . And wait for the Ladies team.

Wasdale:- results. Nicky, 1st Lady, sends:- "a lot of people clagged out. Stories of visiting Red Pike, Esk Pike and the corridor route abound. Unfortunately we spied Pennine making off with the Team prize but well done to Tim Rippon and Ashley for their V50 prizes!"

Pen y Fan - Brecon Beacons. results. A big 2nd place for returning Matt Crane.
Thurlstone Chase - results.

Charlesworth Carnival:-
Bollington:- results.
Broomhead Chase:- results.
Peak Forest:- results.
Trunce (6) - results.
Blisco Dash - results. Nobody ahead of Rhys.
Bamford:- Ian Charlesworth has most kindly sent a copy through. Gone onto DPFR Results. A link up to them all...
BOFRA Gargrave:- results. is different than any other BOFRA race, in that it's all runnable, and no big hills at all. Carshare wasn't last, but t'was a close-run thing. Mike Egner, honorary member of Settle these days, seems to be thriving up here, 3rd home, and the boys both doing well in their races. Didn't a famous comedian oft ask "Where's me shirt?".

Langdale - is a while off, October 10th, but it's pre-entry and popular, rightly so. The final Lakeland Classic, and a good way for the non-relay participants to close out the Lakeland year. Entry Details, etc

Autumn Relays; The Ian Hodgson Relay, from Patterdale, is 4th October, four paired legs. As ever, Borrowdale will be looking to maintain their stranglehold on the event, but .......We'll likely have the usual Senior Men, Ladies, and MV40.
Two weeks later are the FRA (British) Relays, from Barley, and around Pendle Hill. Two paired legs, two single legs. "All runners must have completed two category A fell races". No news yet as to what teams can be entered.
Selection is inevitably difficult, and there's no substitute for having some good results to press your cause.

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Lakeland Classics 2015 - the table looks decent. Those having done them both so far, are John Hunt - 3rd : David Lund - 4th : Judith - 8th and 1st Lady : Dave Sykes - 9th : Nicky - 10th and 2nd Lady : Keith - 15th and 1st M60.
Team is 1st, and the unmentionable threat looming behind is Pennine...
Wasdale next, but clashing with Bradda in the Isle of Man...

World Masters Championship. In Wales this year, Bettws-y-Coed, and for those wanting a late August holiday, next year it's in Susa, Italy.

Roseberry Romp - up Roseberry Topping. results. Back in May, but only just appeared.

Saunders Lakeland MM - from Torver:- results.
Oakworth Haul - near Keighley. results. A good, sharp little course from the village gala. Shall we say that there weren't that many finishing behind poor Carshare...

Dollar - results.
Kirkby Gala - BOFRA - results.
Gt Hucklow:- results.
Skiddaw:- results
Hathersage:- results
Summer Series (7) - from Cutthroat Bridge:-
Saltwell - results.
Black Rocks:- results.
Guisborough Grunt:- results.
Wormstones:- results.
Stirton - near Skipton. results. A good little trip round, up Sharp Haw should anyone be looking at a map. No prizes, but chocolate and a bottle of beer on the finish line.

Friday - Sedbergh Sports:-

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Doesn't this take some beating! John Snowden's 50th Birthday Cake!

Dragon's Back 2015. Results. Five days of running from Conway to Cardiff.
Greg looks to have finished in 105hrs 52mins : big congratulations for getting through this, and to the winners, Jim Mann and Jasmin.

Wharfedale 3 Peaks/2 Peaks. - from Kettlewell, results. A big fundraiser for the Mountain Rescue. Carshare wobbled around the shorter course, visiting the many delights of Buckden Pike and Great Whernside, but having to walk at the slightest sign of anything uphill....

Whaley Waltz:- results
Foel Fras:-

Cronkley - up in Teesdale. results.
Kinder Trog:- results.
Arnison Dash:-
Bakewell Pudding Race:- results.
Langley Fete:- Dicky Wilkinson has sent the results through, going onto DPFR Results...
Wharmton Dash - Saddleworth.
Summer Series (6) - Black Tour. (Woodhead)
Hope:- results. No clubs are listed on this improved version, so please get in touch if you're missed off DPFR Results.
Winster:- results.
Loxley Chase:-

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FRA Link

Senior Men:- Neil - 9th : Tom Brunt - 11th.
MV40:- Tom Brunt - 5th= : Dave Taylor - 7th=
MV50:- Dave Taylor - 2nd : Joe - 6th: Steve Bell - 10th.
MV60 - Keith - 5th.
MU23 - Tom - 1st.
LV50:-Liz - 3rd.

Senior Men:- 2nd. (2nd at Durisdeer)
MV40:- 2nd.(2nd at Durisdeer)
MV50:- 1st.(1st at Durisdeer)
Senior Ladies:- 9th.(not at Durisdeer)
LV40:- 9th.(not at Durisdeer)

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BG Weekend - Congratulations to everyone involved.

And also to Tom Brunt, "Starting from Llanberis on Friday night , I made it round in 23.11 despite some "challenging" weather conditions overnight over the Carnedds and the occasional navigational mishap trying to pinpoint minor pimples along the boundary ridge. As always with these things the support team both on and off the hills did a fantastic job. The round was a tribute to Craig Harwood (who was probably known to many Dark Peakers of a certain vintage). The Paddy Buckley was the one big round that had eluded Craig during his lifetime, but his ashes made it round this weekend - a posthumous completion of the Big Three"

Great Lakes Run - results
Cwm Pennant Hoseshoe:- results.
Chrome Hill:- results. These are within the FRA Forum, and no clubs shown, so lease get in touch if you've been missed off...
James Blakely:-
Bosley Fete:- results.
Helm Hill BOFRA - results.

Turner Uphill Junior Championships:- The final event of this year's Junior Championship series:-
U16 results. U14 Results : If/when we find any overall positions??

Humbleton - results. Well might you wonder where this may be. Research shows it as up near Hexham, somewhere. But we should know that Joe has the knack of finding races most of us have never heard of, or is it the hunt for yet another 1st V50 prize?
Killington Sports - results. Some while back, but never mind...
Windy Gyle:- far up around the Cheviots, but some very good course.
Trunce (5) :- results.
Riber Run:- results
Whorlton Run - results. (N.Y.Moors)
Blackamoor Chase:- results.
Tideswell:- results

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FRA Relays - some preliminary stuff. Mainly that it is based at Barley, organised by Clayton, and running around Pendle Hill. Saturday 17th October. The usual format of legs, etc, but no details yet, understandably, of teams allowed and entering. We'll be lucky to be allowed the multiple teams of last year, methinks.

Durisdeer - British Championship.results.On a quick glance through the results, our men, as usual, got their act together and strong teams made it up to Dumfries hills. Calder Valley look well clear for first team, but likely 2nd, led home by Neil in 9th place. Dave Taylor, just..., was 2nd V50, and that team should be 1st. And the V40 team is well in the mix at 2nd.
Apologies for missing off Tom Saville, a notable 1st U23.

Buttermere Horseshoe:- results.
Edale Short:- results.
Passing Clouds:- results.

Monday - Summer Series (5) - Rowleee Zigzag.
Calton:- Dicky Wilkinson (11th and 1st V50) has kindly sent the results .
Crookstone and Beyond.
Gill Garth Gallop - around Horton. results.
Grindleford - results.

Queen's Birthday Honours:- Very many congratulations to Dave and Eileen Woodhead on receiving the British Empire Medal, for "services to fellrunning". Their contribution to Penistone Hill races over many years, and countless sets of free race photographs is immense, and thoroughly deserving of recognition.

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FRA Link

Senior Men:- Rhys - 9th=
MV40:- Tom - 7th.
MV45:- John Hunt - 5th= : Jon Morgan - 7th=
MV50:- Joe - 4th : Dave Taylor - 5th.
MV55:- Keith - 9th.
MV60:- Keith - 6th=
MV65:- John Armistead - 8th=
MV70:- John Armistead - 2nd.
MU23 - Tom - 1st : Johnny Crickmore - 4th.
Senior Ladies:- Judith - 5th.
LV40:- Judith - 2nd : Nicky - 3rd.
LV45:- Judith - 1st : Nicky - 2nd :
LV50:-Liz - 5th

Senior Men:- 2nd (1st at Duddon)
MV40:- 2nd (1st at Duddon)
MV50:- 2nd (2nd at Duddon)
Senior Ladies:- 3rd.( 2nd at Duddon)
LV40:- 1st. (2nd at Duddon)

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Ennerdale:- bad weather course again. results.
Pen y Ghent:- results.
Wharfedale Half Marathon:- results.
Kettlewell BOFRA. - results.
Summer Series (4) - Pike Lowe Direct.
Burbage Summer Sharpener (1).
Cross Keys Killer - results.
RAB Evening MM.Dovedale - results.

West Nab Juniors:- (ages back, apologies indeed!) : results for U16/18 : U14 :
Coiners Juniors :- results for U16 : U14 :
Pendle Juniors:- results. This has our U16, U14, and U10 runners.
Errwood Hall Juniors:- results. This has our U18, U16, and U10 runners.

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