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posted by DaveT on 8th Sep 2014

Hodder Valley - final English Championship. Men's Results Ladies Results (Our most reputable Carshare League organiser is temporarily putting the results on the website..)
 An excellent course, genuine AS, a good show venue, and well organised.
The Senior Men not at full strength, but should have won the English Championships already, and many deserved congratulations to all concerned throughout the year.
A very strong MV40 group, but so had Borrowdale, and they may well have dumped us to second place. On a rough count, we may have been 2nd, so equal on 45 points. Countback could be some problem.....
As for the MV50 group, it effectively seemed like a selection race for the FRA Relays, certainly plenty for Keith to scrutinise when facing up to the huge problem of picking a team. Hopefully one/some of any unlucky ones may be selected for the "C" Team?
In due course the final Championship results will be out, and I'll try and list medal recipients...
Ladies - only Judith, and of course she was very high up, as ever. The LV40 Team are Champions.

Dan Middlemas is expecting to be flagging the route - in a manner known only to DPFR runners, we hope, - for Guisborough Three Tops, next year English Championship Medium.

Peris Horseshoe - and Half Peris Horseshoe:-
Nine Edges Race:- results. With no clubs listed, you may well have been left out of the DPFR results, so please ask our webmaster to fiddle any corrections. 

Mountain Trial -  Carshare League Race.
Classic results. 
Nicky is 2nd Lady, after Jasmin Paris. Rhys is 2nd M. after Hector Haines, but a gap of 36 mins. Long day out, seems to have been some strong course?
men are confirmed as 1st Team.
John Hunt doubled up from Hodder Valley:- "Fantastic course if you went over the tops (any combination of Helvellyn, the Dodds, and anything else nearby...) as I did. I couldn't resist them".
Medium Results. - 1st Lady for Kirsty  - and Short Results - can be fiddled from this link

Padfield Plum Fair:-  results
Burnsall -  BOFRA:-results

Monday - Summer Series 12 :- from Strines.
Wormstones - results, from ages since.

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posted by WillyK on 16th Sep 2014

Some new recruits to the league, and a particularly strong showing from the women and over 65s respectively (welcome Brother Lockwood), with some canny entries on the short and medium courses securing particularly high scores ... not least Ms Bryan-Jones whose orienteering class clearly shone through once again.  Indeed, there must be something in the air - independence perhaps? - with (methinks) Father Bryan-Jones winning outright on the Short Course, and our other double-barreled would-be Scotsman (Rhys F-R) securing second on the Classic Course this year. 

In the absence of a determination from the Cat (who may or may not have been a DNF on the Classic Course) as to the Team Prize winners, this particular award must perforce be held in abeyance.  More disappointing still, with the enforced absence of Barber Surgeon Caddick through injury, we will for the second year running not have a woman completing the requisite five qualifying races for the league - leaving your absentee correspondent with a difficult decision to make as to this year's first honorary woman.

We all have our crosses to bear, I guess, chief amongst which for your correspondent this weekend being the call away to higher duties, delivering precious cargo to Glasgow School of Art, such that I could not on this occasion join in the fun.

Last up then, as previously trailed, is The Screes, Nether Wasdale, featuring the first Carshare League Awayday Weekend.  All welcome - kids included - and the opportunity to give our (mostly) youngers and betters a good cheer at the FRA Relays on the Sunday morning.  Do let me know by email if you plan to come along.

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posted by DaveT on 18th Aug 2014

English Championships – after Sedbergh . FRA Website link.

Senior Men:- Rhys – 4th : Oli - 10th.
MV40:-  Tom - 8th : Spyke - 9th.
MV45:- John Hunt - 3rd : Spyke - 6th= : Joe - 10th :
MV50:- Joe - 3rd=
MV55 - Keith - 8th.
MV60:- Keith – 5th.
MV65:- DT – 7th
MU23:- Johnny Malley – 3rd : Tom Saville – 6th

Senior ladies:- Judith - 6th=
LV40:- Judith – 2nd.
LV45:- Judith – 1st, and Champion.

Senior Men Team:- 1st- (1st at Sedbergh)
MV40 Team:- 1st. ( 1st at Sedbergh)
MV50 Team:- 2nd (2nd at Sedbergh)
Senior Ladies Team:- 2nd - ( 3rd at Sedbergh)
LV40 Team:-1st - (1st at Sedbergh. )

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posted by DaveT on 1st Sep 2014

2015 Championship Races:- We know of Duddon, AL, and in a break from tradition, "Manx Fell Runners are pleased and proud to announce that they will be holding a round of the English Championships on the Isle of Man in 2015. This will be a long counter and held on June 13th over a modified Bradda race route."
Other rumours will await a definite confirmation...

World Masters Mountain Race - is in the Stubai Alps, Austria. 
I've not found the results yet, but I'm told Craig Roberts was 2nd, and Ann Marie Jones - 1st. Few other medals, i suspect.
Next year it is in Wales, at Betws-y-Coed, Five-year categories, from V35.

Ben Nevis:- results  . With 2nd Lady for Judith.
Grisedale Horseshoe - any results, even from last year, most welcome...Sue Robinson has found this on Twitter, thanks!, "Won by Rhys FR then Lloyd T and Mark Roberts. Ladies: Jackie Lee then Lyn Thompson."
  Getting rather secretive are we, Rhys?

OMM Lite - Penrith -

Helvellyn Triathlon:-
Exterminator - results.
Loweswater Show -
Shelf Moor - results.
Great North Run......results. I see that Keith didn't stay with Mo Farah, but well round in 01:36:54. Anyone else need a mention?Trunce 9 - results.
Roseberry Topping -results

Coming Soon:- "The Lake District Mountain Trial, on Sunday 15th September has been announced as being from Patterdale. This is the penultimate counter in the Carshare League…and the decision is that " unless persuaded otherwise, any course counts. % of winner's time in each case."
All will be relieved to know that Carshare's navigational skills will not be unleashed upon those hills..

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posted by John on 4th Sep 2014

The newsletter editor has been nagging me to put the latest caption competition photo online. I have avoided it as long as possible but had to give in eventually. So here it is: comments please directly to Dave Holmes or in the Comments section below.

The webmaster (and roving trig point)


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posted by DaveT on 26th Aug 2014

Maesgwm - Llanberis.   results. The final British Championships race, and best put that our Team positions will remain unchanged. For the Seniors, Carnethy were out in force, and a posse of Borrowdale runners had got the team out most strong in the MV40. Hopefully a weakened MV50 team were saving themselves for Hodder Valley. Donna made up the Ladies Team.
An excellent course indeed. Moel Eilio has oft been a Championship course, but with the up-and-down of Cynghorion, and also the loop at the end to Cefn Du, this was much harder. Thankfully the weather held clear.
Performance of the day was clearly from Keith, first V60, and either 2nd or 3rd for the Championships. Deserved reward for consistency throught the year(s).
 Some notable candidates for the FRA "C" Team would have enhanced their chances of selection.
So in a fortnight it is the final English Championship race, Hodder Valley, just inland from Clitheroe. Entry on Day - just don't be late. Hopefully our Club can round it off in style?

As for final Team placings, individual medals, etc, we'd best await the findings of the FRA Statistician...

Our esteemed Carshare League Organiser was heard to claim the finish at Hoppits Hill amongst the hardest in Fell Races....little did he know about Maesgwm...or did you sprint up it? So what is the steepest finish?...(now that the original Boulsworth Hill is  no longer..)

Peak District Challenge - various long distance courses. Anyone doing any of these?

Longshaw Sheepdog Trials:- results.
Crowden Horseshoe:-
 Summer Series 11 - "Ultra Tour de Mont Bamford"
Burbage Summer Sharpener 3.
Derbyshire Chevin 2:- results. Gt Longstone:- results

Permalink | Closed to new comments (4) | Last updated on Sunday 7th September 2014 at 5:49pm
posted by DaveT on 18th Aug 2014

FRA Relay Maps  are now available.
Legs 1 and 4 are the same, just alternating the direction. About 5 miles?, but a 2000ft climb - not far off? (that is two Grindslow Knolls...)
Leg 2 - Long pairs, looks to be a hard, strong effort.
Leg 3 - navigation, could be anything.
As for Team selection, some unenviable task indeed. Not that long, now, and getting a similar "AL" or "AS" result would help enormously. And there are two Championship races left, what better way to show current capabilities?
For us poor souls who won't make any team, it must make a marvellous place to be running. And handing out Jaffa Cakes..,.

BOFR A Malham Show:- results. A most recommended event. Typical BOFRA, listed as 2.5miles, and at least 4 miles. Out of the show field, wade the stream/river, a long 2 miles up - round the top and hammer back down. Turn round was some hill just to the side of Malham Cove. The announcer called me in as "Dark Peak - wherever that is..." . We need some missionaries to venture up another year, it seems.

Thornbridge - Ashford race:-
Arnison Crag Horseshoe:- Rhys "ran Arnison Crag Horseshoe on Saturday.  and won in 22.30 knocking 27 seconds off Phil Davies' record. A nice course, well worth a visit for the Dog Day and show attached. Dan Middlemas also in attendance, 5th, 26.38"

Burnsall Classic - results.
Chipping Show:-

Pendleton:- results.   Judith and Spyke travelling, no doubt upsetting the locals who were thinking of prizes...
Cnicht - results.

Nicky's - David Bell Memorial. Carshare League Counter - results. David Lund romped home with maximum points. Considering the work and effort that goes into this event, we shouid be giving it the support it deserves. A good, hard enough course, good place to be running, and very hard to get away without a prize. What more could be asked for? So next year, put it (them?) on the list.
Bradbourne:- results
Cnicht:- results.
Grasmere Sports:- results
Tour of Norland Moor - results.
Barrow - part of Keswick Show - results. Nobody here ahead of Rhys..."Barrow was also a nice route, great to do the Barrow descent without having to do Grisedale and Crag Hill first! "

Hope Show:- never seems to have happened?
BOFRA Reeth Show:- results.
Hebden -  near Grassington. A stream to negotiate, two high walls to scrabble over, a wire fence - all part of another BOFRA race.
Eyam Barrel Inn:- results.
Kilnsey Show - another win for Rob Hope. results.
Ennerdale Show.
Inclined to Madness - N.Y.Moor - results

Lakeland Classics series.  Two races left, Three Shires and Langdale. Just now, John Hunt - 3rd, Tom Brunt - 4th, Joe - 5th. Many others in the placings for that prestigious mug, but all depends on who else may get their 3rd counter in. As for the Team Prize, them others had best contend 2nd place.

Championship - last two races.
Hodder Valley (Bowland) - is Entry on Day, limited to the first 400, but filling that up would be a surprise. Five races gone, a shame not to round off the Series by getting all teams out in full effort.

This is the top part of Totridge. The lower part is on private fields, but easily looked at on the day. Then some way up this hillside, a little loop, and hammer back down the way we came up.
The venue is Dunsop Bridge, inland from Clitheroe.

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posted by DaveT on 10th Aug 2014

Sedbergh. English AL Championship. - results.
Wild, windy and wet at times, but enough drier spells to make things reasonable. Lots to sort out, but meanwhile.
Ladies - 2nd Senior Team, which must help enormously. No idea where the LV40 team came, but most definitely they did enough to close 1st place in the overall Championships. Many congratulations indeed. Judith was 1st LV45, which makes her Champion, and all to play for in the other categories.
Men - 1st Senior Team, hopefully 1st MV40 Team, and 2nd MV50 team. Not that bad, really...
Keith was 3rd V60, Joe - 2nd V50. Apologies if I've missed someone off. Oops! Spyke was walking out for something important...

Team Positions. This was after Kentmere...
Men - now have 12+12+12+8= 44. My adding makes it that we can't be caught?
MV40:- now have 12+12+12+9 = 45. We need to win at Hodder Valley.
MV50:- 12+9+9+8=38. We can'tcatch Helm Hill, but should be safe as 2nd.
Ladies:- 9+9+9+6=33. Ambleside have won, close now between us and Helm Hill for 2nd/3rd.
LV40:- 12+12+12+??? = 1st overall.

 Belper Rugby Rover:- results.
Trunce 8 - results
Golf Ball - Rossendale. results
Taddington Lanes:-
Shipman Knotts:-
Guisborough Grunt - N Y Moors - results

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Saturday 23rd August 2014 at 7:23am
posted by DaveT on 3rd Aug 2014

Arncliffe Gala - BOFRA. Up in Wharfedale...results.
Tour of Bradwell - Half and Long:- results for both

Turner Landscape - results - as good a course as they come, with a handful of DPFR connoisseurs lining up to appreciate the tops around Dow Crag. Colder and windy up tops, but no real clag problems. Some distinct travellers worthy of our FRA "C" team, but sadly Carshare's performance didn't fit the bill...
 And a timely reminder for the Men, you need to be contacting Rob Little should you want to be considered for any team...

Summer Series (10) - Hurkling Howler - results.
Eccles Pike - results.
Denis Stitt Memorial:- results.
Tom's Bransdale Race - N.Y.Moors - results.
Ricky's Race:- results

Peak Forest - results - can't remember when this once was...

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Monday 18th August 2014 at 7:20am
posted by DaveT on 28th Jul 2014

Maesgwm Muddle:- From Nicky:- "At Arenig Fawr race today the MM organisor was saying he has 200 entries for this race and a 250 limit so anyone wanting to enter best do so very quickly."

Sedbergh - in a fortnight. Completely essential that all our teams are out strong. The current standings are:-
Senior Men Team:- 1st
MV40 Team:- 1st.
MV50 Team:- 2nd
Senior Ladies Team:- 3rd
LV40 Team:-2nd
All the men's teams scored heavily at the other Long, Ennerdale,  but most definitely still need the points., whereas it is now vital that the Ladies make it count at this second Long counter. Especially the LV40 team just need points on the board, having already three wins. I'm not seeing any entry list, to see who is running? Or any news about substitutions?

Borrowdale - Lakeland Classic and Carshare League counter. results
The accident is mentioned by Andy Holden on the FRA Forum.
That must wrap up this year's Lakeland Classics?
In the absence of our esteemed Carshare League organiser, Lewis tells all:- "The attraction of the double header for points brought in throngs of Dark Peakers for this race; Lakeland Classics and the most important Carshare leagues. Some 40 club members were rumoured to be on the pre-entry list. A raft of prizes went to the Dark Peak whippets across most categories. The weather varied from foul to mediocre through the course of the race. With very blustery conditions on eastern aspects and bands of heavy rain blowing through. So, tough conditions underfoot: sloppy in the mud and slippy on the rocks. With some poor visibility across Glaramara and on top of Scafell. Conditions to favour the lakeland aficionados and the mountain goats (wherever they may actually be in the field). It was good to see Richard Hopkinson on the start line - still going strong. Fiona Fullwood is ploughing on with her campaign of long, hard races and came away with a good result in another tough outing. Kenny Turner is getting back into the swing of things after last year's enforced layoff. Glen Borrell was in the unlucky position of getting an improved result that would have put him in last year's prizes, but the prize pot shrunk this year to first 20, rather than the previous 30. Jim Twohig made an impressive return to the fray after some absence. George Yates made a solid return to competition after his successful BG five weeks ago. And the club chaplain was on hand to offer words of wisdom to competitors of all denominations.
Both men's and women's team prizes went to Dark Peak.
In the absence of League convener Kitchen, no calculations were made for Carshare team prize. A finger in the air assessment suggests less than a nose between Sykes/Caddick and Holmes/Spinks/Lund."

Osmotherley Show - is one of the better N.Y. Moors courses, though all on good tracks. An entry largely comprised of them that can't get round Borrowdale. Just down before the heavens opened.

Farleton Knott - BOFRA:- results
Tegg's Nose - results

Arenig Fawr:- Nicky sends:- "After Borrowdale - well done all Dark Peakers there! I travelled to Bala, Wales for this Yiannis classic! 8.5 miles, 1000m climb and only 400m of track to contend with. Lloyd Taggart and Jackie Lee won, 1 was 4th Lady and 1st V40. Highly recommended race.". results

Trunce 7 - results.
Bradwell:- results.
Cracken Edge:- results.
Steel Fell - results.
Gribdale Gallop - N Y Moors:- results. Our local leaves all the rest behind him....
 Derbyshire Chevin:- results

So here we go! First is the Ian Hodgson, Sunday October 5th. Senior Men, Senior Ladies, V40 men, from Patterdale. For many, even most, this is the more important of the Relays, with Borrowdale Men looking at others from their long unbeaten run at this event.
Two weeks later is the FRA Relays, in the Howgills. Two Ladies Teams, and for the Men, two Senior teams, V40 , V50, and a strong open "C" team.
  Keith will look after the selection for MV50. As shown on the Homepage, ASAP would hopeful runners please contact Rob Little for all other teams, and don't miss out on running for the "C" team, or even? organise it?
   It really is up to runners to come forwards, and not sit waiting for a phone call.
And for runners who, like poor Carshare, won't make a "Z" team, all support on the days would be most encouraging...

As for selection of teams? The Ian Hodgson needs good pairings, a track record of being able to deal with Lakeland height, and a knowledge of the route. For the FRA, not a doubt that the Howgills will be harder than most Peak races. Potential isn't much help in picking the teams, whereas recent results really do help. The last two Championship races, Hodder Valley and Maesgwm, might well clear things up somewhat. Hodder Valley (Bowland) is E.O.D : the Welsh race needs an entry beforehand.

Le Tour de Yorkshire.

There's always someone, isn't there? Whilst most of us were content to find a way to Blubberhouses, Buttertubs, Holme Moss, etc, someone has to go that bit further, this time to Paris.
“You wouldn’t have the Edale Skyline in Versailles, so you can’t do this in Yorkshire.”- says our Paris Correspondent, typically moaning that it cost "roughly £22.00 for 3 ice creams and 2 sorbets".
 But then John Hunt won't be getting any hill reps stuck in Paris...

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posted by DaveT on 21st Jul 2014

Nottinghamshire AAA County 5K Champs. Dicky Wilkinson tells us " it was run in Newstead Abbey Park. I bust a gut to get a V50 silver in 18:26 - it makes up for the initial climb to dib 1 at Kentmere when I felt right poorly!"
DT - and the Parkrun league table could be resurrected if needed?

Lingmell Dash:-
Summer Series (9). Pike Low Direct - results.
Rydal Round - results. ,
Ambleside Sports, BOFRA - results.
Salt Cellar - results.

Duddon Valley mentioned in the Fellrunner as a Championship AL race next year. Not a clue as to the others, though.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Monday 4th August 2014 at 8:41am
posted by DaveT on 14th Jul 2014

Kentmere - English Championship. It was sweltering hot at the start, and pouring rain at the finish, with a major struggle for cars to get out of the muddy field. Results.  
Teams - Senior Men - looks like 1st (Rhys, Oli, Neil, Rob Baker, Spyke). It needs adding up closely with Calder Valley, and, as so often, the non-counters could well have been decisive.
MV40 - 1st? (Spyke, Joe, Simon, Jon Morgan).
MV50 - 2nd, after Helm Hill . (Greg works out..) - Joe, Andy Dickenson, Keith.
Ladies - too hard for me to add up.

Don't forget that for the FRA Relays there is also a "C" team, of willing contributors to the cause, and there are plenty of candidates here staking their claim.
So Sedbergh next, and if the clag is down, a recce would be most useful, importantly for the descent off Winder.

Borrowdale - Entries are full, but substitutions are easily arranged, on the day. Any spare entries going, please, as Jon Morgan would like to take one. email

Snowdon:- results. Helen is 1st LV45. With that threat of lightning, a turn-round at Clogwyn Station.
Dark & White MM - Mungrisedale. results.
Great Hucklow:- results.
Holme Moss:- results.
Coniston Country Fair:-

FRA AGM - what's at Kendal, Saturday 26th July. Plenty of things to sift through, an increase in membership fees, nominations for next year's officers. And if there's things that concern us about the FRA, this is the place and time to speak out.
Proxy Vote - is some big consideration, to have your say if unable to get to the AGM.

Kit Checks - worth remembering that gloves are (I think?) part of the mandatory kit requirements. I'm putting a pair in with the waterproof bottoms, to go to every race, just in case...

Summer Series (8) - Wicken Whizz - results.
Cock Howe - N Y Moors - results.
Stoney Middleton:- results

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posted by DaveT on 28th Jul 2014

English Championships – after Kentmere. FRA Link

It doesn't need much brain power to work out that the last two Championship races are crucial, so off to Sedbergh we go..... 

Senior Men:- Rhys – 3rd : Oli - 8th.
MV40:- Tom - 5th : Spyke - 9th=
MV45:- Spyke - 4th= : Joe - 7th : John Hunt - 10th
MV50:- Joe - 1st=
MV60:- Keith – 4th=
MV65:- DT – 5th
MU23:- Johnny Malley – 3rd : Tom Saville – 6th

Senior ladies:- Judith - 4th
LV40:- Judith – 2nd
LV45:- Judith – 1st:

Senior Men Team:- 1st- (1st at Kentmere)
MV40 Team:- 1st. ( 1st at Kentmere)
MV50 Team:- 2nd (2nd at Kentmere)
Senior Ladies Team:- 3rd - ( 2nd at Kentmere)
LV40 Team:-2nd  - (1st at Kentmere)

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Thursday 31st July 2014 at 11:40am
posted by WillyK on 24th Jul 2014

With seven races down and five to go, there's a rather familiar flavour to the current top four, with Keith the only newbie, and Dave Lund looking good for top slot if he can just turn up and run consistently in the right direction for one more race.  I'm hoping that Dr Dave can persuade his significant other to turn up another three times, failing which I may be in danger of retaining the Jordanthorpe 1st Year Rounders trophy for first honorary woman (though Keith may very well be a more deserving recipient this year) ... and more generally it'd be good to see a few more contenders of any gender completing the requisite five counting races.

Next up is Borrowdale (entries already closed) on Sat 2nd Aug, then Nicky's Hoppit's Hill short (Sun 24th Aug), the final Brit Champs counter in Llanberis (Maesgwm Muddle, Sat 30th Aug; pre-entries filling up very fast so get onto this one now), the Lake District Mountain Trial (another pre-entry job, Sun 14th Sept), and finally The Screes from Nether Wasdale on Sat 18th October.

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posted by DaveT on 7th Jul 2014

Langdale entries. details. Carshare League - the last? and always popular. No form needed, that comes on the day, just put some stuff in the post to the organiser...

Wasdale:- results. 5th (John Hunt). 6th (Joe) , 8th (Johnny Malley), gives first team, and must just about settle the Lakeland Classics?. Nicky 15th - second Lady, and Keith is 1st V60.
This is the 3rd Lakeland Classics race, placings so far. Tom is 3rd, John Hunt - 4th, Joe - 7th.

Saunders MM - from Patterdale. results. Dicky Wilkinson sends:- "Andy Dickenson and me were in the Bowfell class and on both days and overall were the first vet men's team but on the age handicap they use we were second behind a team of 127 years to our 104.First MM for me and don't know why I've never done one before. Great event, excellent organisation and atmosphere. Weather was good both days for running and rained after tents and food prep was done. Navigation on both days went well but on checking optimum routes on the organisers maps for day 2 there were options we didn't consider - I've learned a lot from that. Interestingly, few if any chose these 'optimum routes'. If nothing else, Andy and me covered about 30 miles & 11000 feet over the weekend so a bit of prep for Kentmere!

Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival:
Alva - BOFRA:- results.
Wharfedale TTT  - results. Kettlewell was still basking in the decorations from Le Tour, and like everywhere, had made a resplendent effort. Some variations to the usual route this year, plenty more rough, and every opportunity for some to wander afar should the compass stay in the bag. The yellow sheep all around. The finish changed to the same finish used in the Relays - some desperate sting in the tail.

Loxley Lunge:-
Broomhead Chase:- results.
Peak Forest:-
Trunce 6 - results.
Blisco Dash:- results
Sheldon:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 29th Jun 2014

Cromford Killer - was ages back, in June, but here are the results...
Heptonstall Festival:- results.
Thurlstone:- results.
Skiddaw:- results.
Langdale Gala:-
Hathersage:- results.
Summer Series (7)- results.
Black Rocks:- results.
Stirton - results. a pleasant race near Skipton:- what finer sight can there be, than seeing the red-spotted Sumo suit at Sharp Haw trip point - or a bottle of beer, Wensleydale cheese and fruit cake at the finish...
Carlton - N.Y. Moors - results
Sedbergh Sports - results.

FRA Relay Entries. Looks like we need a charabanc to be hired, 5 Men's teams - (Senior Men (A) : Senior Men (B), MV40, MV50, and the other, most likely a composite team of runners committed to the cause throughout the year.) - and two Ladies teams. Things will hot up nearer selection days, but there's no substitute for a proven, recent, track record of being good enough for selection. Wishful thinking doesn't really help.

Ian Hodgson Relay:- "we are only allowed the same number of teams as usual so Men's , Vets and Ladies."
DT - glad I'm not having to select the teams, but having learnt the Leg beforehand seems to be some major priority.

Le Tour. Leeds, up Wharfedale, over to Wensleydale and finish in Harrogate. Massive crowds, great atmosphere, Yorkshire at it's very best. Carshare is now the proud possessor of a packet of Haribos, a yoghurt, a packet of "Yorkshire The" - yes, "The" - and a Sheffield Hallam University wristband. Hoping for more tomorrow on Blubberhouses Moor...

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posted by DaveT on 23rd Jun 2014

Dollar. British Championship AM. results. A most welcome return from Mick Stenton, which looks to have given 1st MV50 Team. This stuffs Carshare's hopes of standing as FRA Statistician, as Carnethy are clearly first V50 team....The other teams, someone with brains will need to work them out. But most likely we all need to be at full power at the last event in Wales - entries need to be in....should by now be in the post...

Buttermere Horseshoe:-results

Maesgwm Muddle - is the last British Championship, reminiscent of the Relay course. Map. And it looks a cracker. Entry form. (thanks, Neil..)and with a 250 limit best be getting an entry in soonish. Also the start is 11.00am, so if you turn up at the calendar time of 1pm, even I may have finished...

Kentmere:- Carshare had a guided tour just now, so if anyone wants a map, or notes, or anything, just ask....
Spare entries? Substitutions are allowed, Jenny Caddick and Dave Sykes would like an entry, so if you're sitting on an unused entry, please get in touch.

100 Lakes Extremes in a day:- that's another impressive day out, a touch more spread out than Ron's similar wander along Stanage....

Upper Wharfedale Races:- two trips from Kettlewell, which may be of interest? 22mile and also 13 mile. Mine was the softies shorter race, up Buckden Pike and along to Great Whernside. A good pleasant event.
Foel Fras:- results.
Whaley Waltz:- results.
Chrome Hill:-
Arnison Dash:-
Bakewell Pudding Race:- results.
Maybeck 3 Crosses - N.Y.Moors. results.
Cronkley - results. appears to be somewhere in Teesdale, where only Joe knows, it seems...
Summer Series (6) - results.
Saltwell - is far distant somewhere, Weardale. results

 Danefield Relays -Otley Chevin.results. A right pleasant event, loads of runners,83 teams of three, all abilities. Just hope the Relay selectors weren't watching...
Hope - results
Burbage Summer Sharpener 2.
Winster:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 3rd Jul 2014

British Championships – after Dollar. FRA link. As ever, these may be needing alterations...
A look at the Senior Men and MV40 Team shows the absolute need for full effort in Wales. If we win there, things could happen. If you can contribute to the Team, just as important are the non-counters, as Countback may be called on, please get that entry in the post ASAP.
Race details and Entry Form.

Senior Men:-Neil – 5th : Rhys – 8th.
MV50:- Joe – 6th : Ashley – 7th
MV60:- Keith – 3rd.
MU23:- Johnny Malley – 3rd= : Jon Crickmore – 3rd=

LV40:- Jenny – 8th=.


Senior Men Team:- 2nd - ( 2nd at Dollar). One point behind Carnethy....(who could score decisively if they get to Wales...)
MV40 Team:- 2nd - ( 2nd at Dollar) – one point behind Borrowdale....
MV50 Team:- 1st - (2nd at Dollar). This gives 1st overall. Big congratulations indeed!
Senior Ladies Team:-– no team at Dollar.
LV40 Team:-– no team at Dollar.


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As ever, so many races all over the place, but here are some of them....

Clougha Pike. Senior Results.
Buckden Pike:- results.
Whirlow Long Ultra(s):-
James Blakeley:- results.
Bosley Fete:- results
Reservoir Bogs - results.
Windy Gyle - (Cheviots) - results.
Kinder Trog:- results.
Another Whirlow:-
Trunce 5 :- results.
Riber Run:- results.
Dockray - Great Dodd - results.
Blackamoor:- results.
Tideswell:- results.

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Cwm Pennant Horseshoe - Carshare League - results.
Howtown -
Hawkswick BOFRA - results.
Knowl Hill - results. If, like most folk, you've no idea where this may be, best be asking travelling Joe. A touch of research finds it near Rochdale.
Passing Clouds:- results.
Sutton Fell - results. .A very good little course, though not really worth a special trip up. Fine if you can fiddle an excuse to be nearby. Some classic running between the towers above Earl Crag, (Keighley), then a mixture of bogs, heather, grass, and anything. No fuss, just a bottle of beer - not Wards - to every finisher.

Summer Series (5). - results
Calton:- results.
Crookstone and Beyond.
Grindleford:- results.
Whorlton - N.Y.Moors...results.
Beamsley Beacon - BOFRA. results.  A gem of an evening race up from Addingham, just runnable up to the hill top, and hope for the best coming back down, and then seek out the dock leaves....

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English Championships – after Ennerdale
FRA website link.
(There may well be mistakes, either here or on the FRA link....)

Senior Men:- Rhys – 3rd : Oli - 10th=.
MV40:- Tom – 3rd.
MV45:- John Hunt – 3rd.
MV50:- Joe - 4th.
MV55:- Keith - 10th=.
MV60:- Keith – 5th=
MV65:- DT –7th.
MU23:- Johnny Malley – 4th : Tom Saville – 5th.
Senior Ladies:- Judith - 5th.
LV40:- Judith – 2nd.
LV45:- Judith – 1st: Pippa – 8th

Senior Men Team:- 1st- (1st at Ennerdale)
MV40 Team:- 2nd ( 1st at Ennerdale)
MV50 Team:- 2nd (1st at Ennerdale)
Senior Ladies Team:- 4th - (no team at Ennerdale)
LV40 Team:- 2nd - (no team at Ennerdale)

British Championships – after Ennerdale.

Senior Men:- Rhys –.5th : Neil - 6th.
MV40:- Dave Taylor– 10th=
MV50:- Ashley -8th : Greg and Joe - 10th =.
MV60:- Keith – 4th=

LV40:- Jenny - 3rd= :Judith –.9th

Senior Men Team:- 1st - (1st at Ennerdale)
MV40 Team:- 2nd ( 1st at Ennerdale)
MV50 Team:- 1st (1st at Ennerdale)
Senior Ladies Team:- no team as yet.
LV40 Team:- – no team as yet.

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Three classics up next in the Carshare League. First is the Cwm Pennant Horseshoe on Saturday 14 June at 11am. A bit of an early morning trek over to the western side of Snowdonia, but a very fine route makes the journey more than worthwhile. The start and finish are marginally altered from last year. Full details here and here. Next is the Scottish counter in this year's British Champs, Dollar, on Saturday 28 June at 2pm. Entry on the day possible, which is no bad thing since the current entry list is looking a little sparse from a DP point of view. See here for further details. Third in the trilogy is the ever popular Borrowdale, which is PRE-ENTRY ONLY *by 17 July*. Download the entry form here and get it sent off pronto.

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Jun 2014

Sedbergh Entry Form - try this... . .500 entries, 400 limit, so them biding their time are going to be disappointed...S.A.E is essential, or you've blown it...

Ennerdale - English and British Championship. results.
It's worth noting that at Black Sail CP, numbers were not asked for, the race requirement was for everyone to have dibbed.
With the promise of thunder, lightning and torrential rain, a low-level route was taken, - to Buttermere, Scarth Gap, a loop around to Black Sail pass, and back down the valley, which included a sprint finish - of seven miles. The forestry tracks appealed well to all our gnarled hill runners (well not quite..).
But ..decision made by the organiser, and nobody stood up to object at the start, and high time any organiser gets full backing.
The thunder, of course, never came.
Looks like 1st in Senior Men, MV40, MV50 - but results from the statistician needed lest we get excited.
Most thankfully the race organisation was able to deal with a serious accident above Black Sail. Maybe all the fuss about new safety regulations has an element of correctness?

Missing Results:- please help out if you find any results that have been missed off, often runners are in unexpected lands, and all deserve a mention. Hallam Chase and Bamford Sheep Dog trials, and even New Dungeon Ghyll?

LAMM - far up in Scotland...Strathcarron. Results.
Welsh 1000m:- results.
Knaresborough Bed Race - results !! Next year?

Kettlewell , BOFRA - results
Wharfedale Half Marathon:-results. Kenny keeps coming up for the distinct attractions of Wharfedale...
Edale Country Day:- results.
Monday - Summer series 4 - Westend Valley.results.
Two Lads - (Horwich) - results.

Saturday After - Cwm Pennant Horseshoe - Carshare League the Next.
Our renowned League Organiser will neeed to elucidate on this race, as I've not been there, and sadly is far too long and potentially awkward for Carshare these times...

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Nicky's new record. All I can do is gaze with awe and admiration at this latest achievement, and give the greatest of congratulations.

Dollar - British Championship AM. 28th June. Entry Stuff, Map etc Though E.O.D will be available. A very good course, and a good place to be running..

Duddon Long - results . Looked to be a very strong Men's team - though rather aged - and most likely excellent conditions to be running by.
Lewis sends:- "In the results for the long course, the organiser did note that Dark Peak seemed to be "rather cleaning up" in the prizes. This included: Mens team prize, a prize for Joe, two for John Hunt, one for Julie Gardner and a few other's besides. Steve Storey was in the prizes for the short course. Anyone who thinks they may have won a prize, but has not received the spoils, should probably talk the Dr Dave and see if he's spent it already, as he left the field with a fistful of envelopes.
I was surprised by how dry it was underfoot on the course. All this Londoner's rain doesn't seem to have made it to the north west. That said, I did make the most of the opportunity to get covered in the first few miles of the race by diving head long into one of the fetid pools in the woods. By the time I found a stream to wash in. Halfway round, the stinking mess had dried so much, I couldn't get it off. I crossed the finish line covered in black peaty mud from the waist down."

Duddon Short - is a right good course, which deserves better than to be offered as a poor person's cop-out. With only a small field, a need to think for yoursely, rather than blindly follow. A long climb reaches the Dow CP, then the same route home, but on your own, needing to get a decent line off Caw. results

Killington Sports - is a BOFRA race up by the M6. We need a mention for dad, Mike Egner, trying to run well, and especially for John, running right well in the U11's . More BOFRA events from this duo?

West Nab:- results.
Wincle Trout:- results.
Coniston Gullies - BOFRA. results.
Peat Pits Wood 3:- results.
Trunce 4 - results.
Calver Peak:- results.
Blencathra:- results
Boars Head :- results.
Otley Chevin:- results. as frantically short and sharp as ever, but beloved by the connoisseurs....
Tansley:- results.
Castleton - results.

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F.R.A. Relays - up by Sedbergh -( ish.). A while off, but not a doubt that the required teams will get entered.
This is likely to be the same as last year, 2 senior mens, 2 senior Womens, 1 V40 Mens, 1 V50 Mens. If any different plans are in any pipeline, then best to speak out right sharply...

Jura:- results. What more could anyone want, have a read of this....(grateful thanks, of course..) . A huge turnout, and first team prize!

Helvellyn and the Dodds - results. any bad weather kept well clear, so clear, dry and warm enough up there. Joe seems to be trying hard, 5th, and 1st V50. Carshare went up Skiddaw and Blencathra as a touch of deviant route choice...
Saddleworth:- results.
Howgill Trails:- results. Helen is 4th in the 13 mile event - I may well have missed off someone?

Bamford Sheep Dog Trials:-
"We were at the Bamford Sheep Dog Trials Fell Race yesterday (26 May) and left late. We found the above (Grindleford Gallop) t-shirt in the field. It was worn earlier by one of your members. He is either V60 or V70, It's a nice t-shirt so thought he might want it back. We have it here at home, Litton Mill but I'm sure we can drop it off somewhere. Would you make enquiries as to who it belongs to? Regards, Sue Jeff"
Dt - please email if this is yours...

Shutlingsloe:- results.
Hallam Chase...

Thursday - Roseberry Romp. N.Y . Moors.

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