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posted by DaveT on 12th May 2014

Carshare is now back from childminding in Zurich .
Please note that under Rules and Regulations, this year's Tour of Pendle requires a compulsory clanging of a recently acquired cowbell at the usual Checkpoint. Failure so to do will incur words of dis-encouragement as you slog back up that last hill....

Simons Seat - results.
Old Counties Tops:- results . A notable win for Jon Morgan and Stephen Pike. Please help out if you have been missed off...
Fairfield:- results.
Sedbergh Gala - BOFRA. results
Hayfield May Queen - results
Mount Famine:- results.
Inter Counties Championships:- in Blackburn. results . This needs a thorough sift through, to find our runners...
Glaramara:- results
Lantern Pike Dash:-
Eyam Half Marathon - results. And this runner appears to have emerged from Wet Withens Stone Circle?

Summer Series 3 - from Winscar Reservoir.
Totley Moor:- results.
Latterbarrow Loop - results.
Ossy Oiks - results. is up in N Y Moors. Looks like them up there could do with a bit of help, as Dan Middlemas comes home first, Joe - 7th, but another person needed for the team, and those bottles of wine. Anyone thinking of re-locating?

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posted by DaveT on 11th May 2014

English Championships – after Coniston. FRA link.Though the "Team Results" on the link only show the standings after Pendle.

Senior Men:- Rhys – 5th.
MV40:- Tom – 7th.
MV45:- John Hunt – 7th
MV50:- Joe - 5th=
MV60:- Keith – 6th=
MV65:- DT – 7th.
MU23:- Johnny Malley – 4th : Tom Saville – 5th.

LV40:- Judith – 4th.
LV45:- Judith – 2nd : Pippa – 6th.

Senior Men Team:- 4th - (3rd at Coniston)
MV40 Team:- 2nd ( 2nd at Coniston)
MV50 Team:- 4th (3rd at Coniston)
Senior Ladies Team:- 2nd - (2nd at Coniston)
LV40 Team:- 1st - (1st at Coniston)

Next, of course, is Ennerdale. Any help with providing drinks on the course would be invaluable. As ever, if any help is needed on the route, or with travelling, always get in touch.

Sedbergh entries come along at the month end....

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posted by WillyK on 11th May 2014

A third of the way through this year's Carshare League, with Keith Holmes the current leader and only runner at all four events, closely followed by Dave Lund and the current CSL champion Greg Rimmer. I plan to be at Appletreewick on Saturday, en route from a family visit to Leeds, and the whisper is that a few others plan to make the two hour trip from Sheffield on the day, including Dave Lund (see comments for w/c 10/11 May. Please use the comments below (and/or DP FB site) if you want to sort a carshare. See w/c 17/18 May post for Carshare Senior's route notes.

A reminder also that a number of upcoming CSL races are pre-entry only, including Borrowdale (entries open 1 June), Maesgwm Muddle (entries open 30 June) and the Lake District Mountain Trial (entries now open). I've got my entry in for the LDMT Classic course. Here's hoping I can meet the cut-off times.

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posted by DaveT on 5th May 2014

Buttermere Sailbeck - results.
Cressbrook Crawl:- results.
Trunce3 - results.
Mearley Clough - results.
Latrigg - results.

Shing Tor - is cancelled...

For Sale - Blencathra.

Kentmere - July. English Championship. It's full, not a surprise, but substitutions are easily sorted via Sportident. If you need an entry, or are sitting on an unwanted entry, please contact Team Captains, or me - and I'll pass it along.

Ennerdale Drinks:- simply, there ain't much, and if it's hot like last year's Wasdale, it will be thirsty going. Well worth thinking of how to go about it. There are collapsible water bottles available, which could be filled up after Blackbeck Tarn? And for Wasdale I bought some tablets from our bike shop, which would be more beneficial than just water. It might be worth trying something out, well in advance.
Maybe we have some non-running water carriers?

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posted by DaveT on 27th Apr 2014

Coniston:- English Championship 2. results.
Team Results:- our most reputable statistician, G Rimmer, Esq, with a Maths degree from the University of Lodge Moor, calculates:-
MV40, 2nd to Borrowdale
MV50, joint 2nd with Borrowdale, Helm Hill 1st . - But maybe not.....
Women 2nd to Ambleside
W40 1st
Rob - see Comments - has it as 3rd Senior Men's Team, after Borrowdale and Pudsey.
Of course these calculations can be taken as gospel, but it might just be worth awaiting the deliberations of the FRA Statiscian?

I count it as 31 runners from DPFR, and every team out, so some marvellous turnout. Just need to keep it rolling along. We does us best.
A classic course, and perfect conditions. Dry, clear, no wind. When I eventually reached Old Man there seemed to be some beaten pathway down the hillside, so no real problem in finding a line down, just a huge big shift.
Thanks, as ever, to the many who represented. Tom Addison (by one second..) and Victoria Wilkinson were winners, Borrowdale and Ambleside Ladies look to have taken strong team positions.
We need an extra special mention for Tom Saville, 21st, 3rd Senior counter, and in the prizes for something.
Ennerdale entries should be in by now....that will be the place to thrive, and watch out for Sedbergh entries, June 1st, from Kendal website. No sign of a limit, but most likely there will be one, and it will fill up inevitably.

Bluebell Run - Church Stretton - results. Many travellers!

Le Tour de Yorksire. Guaranteed to make anyone excellent Youtube thingy...

James Thorn:- results
Burbage:- results.
Wednesday:- Rainow:-
Carlton Challenge:- results.

And many other events, all around...

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posted by DaveT on 21st Apr 2014

Three Peaks:- results. News from Tom within Comments. "1st V40 team (Tom, John and Mike - bizarrrely not Joe due to some arcane aspect of the team rules) and first senior men's team (Tom, Will, John and Joe). We will be the first club to get it's name on the new large and shiny senior men's trophy! Joe and I transported a vast quantity of wine and beer to my car - it will be available for collection at Coniston (providing my rather bruised and battered legs make a reasonable recovery this week).

Highlander M.M. - does someone do this?
The Fellsman:- results. No clubs are listed, so please let us know if you've been along...
Kinder Downfall:- results.
Gritstone Tryal:-
Wirksworth Incline:- results.
57A Run:-
Summer Series 2 - Curbar Triples. results.
Masson Hill:- results
Tiger's Todger:- results.
Cakes of Bread:-

Guisborough Moors, not long since, had a kit check half way round. A most sensible approach - and it sorted out some folk without required stuff...

Permalink | Closed to new comments (4) | Last updated on Monday 5th May 2014 at 8:16am
posted by DaveT on 15th Apr 2014

DPFR Parkrun Bests 2014.
A lifting of the men's % record from Mike Nolan, Carshare wonders whether anyone will stay with him leaving Horton next Saturday?
Any other results? or new venues? Please send email anything along.
I see the Keswick Parkrun has now started, along the old railway line.
Nearly a problem at Harrogate this week, as a Clayton vest dared to appear. Worry not, club honour was upheld....
Men's record % is by Mike Nolan, 84.77%
Men's record time is by Tom Saville, 15.59, 82.48%
Ladies record is by Vicky Chico - 20.07 - 75.23%

Anniversary Waltz:- results link for both races....
Teenager with Altitude:-
The Moelwyns:-
Peat Pits Wood 2 - results.

Thursday - Hartcliffe Hill - is cancelled.

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posted by DaveT on 4th Apr 2014

BritishTeams Positions - after Ireland:-
2nd Senior Men : 2nd MV40 : 1st MV50.

Coledale Horseshoe - results. Wild, cold, wet and windy up on the tops of Grisedale Pike and Grassmoor. A benefit of the mandatory kit regulations is that you have to take proper stuff, and well was it needed today.
With Carshare League points going - what other reason could there possibly be? - the true and good were out in depth (with a bit of imagination...). All safely around : some results were out, but a final version will yet be needed.
Excellent sandwiches, cakes, warm drinks : superb effort by the marshals up high.
Next League race is Charlesworth Challenge, Saturday 17th May. I can't recommend this highly enough. Just up Wharfedale, at Appletreewick. Route Notes. Camping is nearby, details in the notes. Up Simons Seat, a genuine AS race. A compulsory pint to be drunk before crossing the finish line - half for the Ladies.
Wardle Skyline -
Gisborough Moors - results.
Dark & White Mini-MM - from Bethesda....results.

London marathon - results. Anyone needing a mention?
Trunce 2 - results.
Herod Farm:-results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Friday 18th April 2014 at 7:28am
posted by DaveT on 31st Mar 2014

Pendle. English Championship. Ladies Results. . Mens Results.
As expected from Clayton, very well organised. After fuss about safety issues, all that mattered was running, and a basic obligation to follow the race instructions. Which everyone did.
Some rain around, but not much, a bit of clag, but not much. Just a case of go flat out and all do us best.
Not a clue as to team results, all that will get sorted. Dicky has it as 4th MV50, after Borrowdale, Helm Hill, Bowland. Looks like we need to drop Pendle....
So a big thanks to all who travelled and represented. Next is Coniston, and anyone with high hopes needs to get to grips with that descent off Old Man beforehand...

Coniston and Kentmere - Championship Races. These are full, but Dave Sykes is looking for an entry for himself and Jenny. He mentions that both races accept substitutes, so please don't sit on an unused entry...

Chicken Run:- Hayfield...results
New Dungeon Ghyll - "Mike Robinson won for the boys (43.16)"
Mow Cop:- results.

Summer Series (1). Back Tor and a Little Beyond - results.

BritishTeam Categories:- I am assured that this year there will most definitely be a MV50 Team category, and also a LV40 Team category - Page 45 of the Calendar was rushed out a bit too soon...

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posted by DaveT on 25th Mar 2014

Ireland - Slieve Donard Challenge. Results .
NIMRA - Team Results. They have it as 2nd MSeniors, and 2nd MV40. Greg has added it all up, and hopefully 1st MV50..
Race Report
- essential reading indeed....
Neil Northrop has had a flier, 3rd, ahead of the big guns. "Slieve Donard could not be seen for the mist at the start of the race. With many losing there way it was Allan Bogle who came home to take the victory in a time of 1:05:25 with the womens race being won by Jacqueline Lee of Eryri Harriers in a time of 1:24:14"
We await news from our runners, but we should have big team points, Neil, Rhys. Dave Taylor, Simon and Mike Rbinson well round.

Lad's Leap:-
Causey Pike:- results
Heptonstall:- results

Nicky's race - or to give it it's Sunday name, David Bell Memorial . A most recommended event, and it comes around again in August. More of a very hard cross-country than open fell, but two demanding climbs give plenty to get stuck into. No wind, no need for gloves, time to dig out the vest for a warm trip round.DPFR Results ., and Full results

Parkruns:- Carshare had a nostalgic plod around Clumber Park. A good pleasant course, two laps around the paths, and no wind, no mud...just enough of a little hill to slow down the finishing bit. Any other parkrunners?

Trunce 1- results
Tuesday - Bunny Run 1. But not for Carshare, good as they are...

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posted by DaveT on 17th Mar 2014

Not much to report, as the Skyline is covered elsewhere....

Edale Skyline:-
Blakey Blitz - results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Thursday 27th March 2014 at 7:19am
posted by DaveT on 10th Mar 2014

DPFR Parkrun Bests 2014. These young whippersnappers got - rightly, it must be said? - put in their place today, as Mike Nolan shifted around Endcliffe Park in 16.52, which is now the best %, 84.68%. Just as important is a minute's improvement on the M55-59 time by Jim Paxman.
Any other results? or new venues? Please send email anything along.
Men's record % is by Mike Nolan, 84.68%
Men's record time is by Tom Saville, 15.59, 82.48%
Ladies record is by Vicky Chico - 20.07 - 75.23%

Llantysilio - is around Llangollen. results report. John Hunt (5th) keeps finding these Welsh places most of us have never heard of.
Narradale - results. Lloyd and Jackie , now in Manx colours, may well be needing their navigational skills as they seem to be so far ahead of anybody else. - 1st and 3rd...
Middlefell:- results.
Haworth Hobble:- results . First home was Borrowdale runner, Kim Collison....
Bwlch Maesgwm - looks like a warm-up for the Welsh championship race?

Wolf's Pit:- Results and here's the Notts Fell Championship bit:-
" 2nd and silver - Graham Moffatt and county vest for Notts in the fell intercounties V40
silver - Graham Moffatt
5th and V50 gold - Dicky Wilkinson : 1st reserve fell intercounties
31st Trevor Milner The three above won the team bronze as DPFR. Conditions were good if a bit breezy. Hats off to John Boyle and his team for organising another great race. "
Helm Hill - Kendal Winter League

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posted by DaveT on 3rd Mar 2014

ShAFF - The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival is 4th, 5th ,6th April. Have a look through the contents, and it looks some right appealing set of everything. " including a talk by Emma Clayton and a wealth of interesting films".

Pendle AS - Championship. Entry list

Any Parkrunners?

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round - Carshare League 2 results. The barbecue weekend hadn't reached Pendle Hill, it never does. So cold and windy up top. A much better, varied course than the replaced Half Tour of Pendle, plenty of fast running for them that could run fast. David Lund seems to have maintained his recent impressive efforts with a 12th place, Keith was 3rd V60, and Willy's full report (largely about himself, it has to be admitted), can be found here. Carshare had a most leisurely plod round, much nearer the bottom of the field than the top...which is now very usual. Next up is the British Champs in NI, then the Coledale Horseshoe in April.

Grindleford Gallop - results.
Jarrett's Jaunt - results.
Ian Roberts:- (Marsden)- results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments (3) | Last updated on Tuesday 25th March 2014 at 7:25am
posted by DaveT on 24th Feb 2014

Coniston Entry Form now available, English Championship. And, would you believe it, Joe's entry is also in the post...

DPFR Parkrun Bests 2014. There's no escaping my correspondent's eagle eyes, perusing the results. Tom Saville has now stuffed Mike Nolan's time and %, with some blistering 15.59. giving 82.48%. Also to mention 16.44, 82.17% from Carl Egdell, and 16.47 , 78.15% from Mike sprot. Any other results? or new venues?
Please send email any parkrun results which can go on the table, to fill in a gap or improve on a given time. ?
Men's record is by Tom Saville, 15.59, 82.48%
Ladies record is by Vicky Chico - 20.07 - 75.23%

High Peak Marathon:- results.
Black Combe - results.
Carding Mill Canter - results.
Trollers Trot - a scenic plod around the Grassington moors, Rylstone and Cracoe. Willy will no doubt be fretting about getting stuffed at Pendle, as Carshare romped home in 6th place. ( I now need to keep the total of entrants a secret...)

Fountains Abbey parkrun - started today, and is reported to be "a definite MUST DO parkrun – fabulous setting, great atmosphere and quick route."

Horsehill Tor -
Cloud Nine:- results.
Glaisdale Rigg - North York Moors. results. Dan Middlemas keeps flying the brown vest in them distant lands, this time being 3rd, and 1st V40. No doubt enjoying those bottles of wine...
Cautley Spout - Kendal Winter League.results

Tuesday - Sedbergh 3 Peaks

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posted by John on 19th Mar 2014

The webmaster has moved on to some different technology for tracking his runs and rides, so has a Garmin 310XT watch with heart rate monitor for sale. Also has a bike mount. It's about a year old, and currently sells for about £140 at Amazon. Any sensible offer accepted.

Very useful for anyone who wants to know where they have been - the webmaster rarely knows where he is so it's always interesting afterwards to find out.

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Wednesday 19th March 2014 at 3:27pm
posted by DaveT on 18th Feb 2014

Baldwin Valleys - results. This is somewhere on the Isle of Man, an interesting set to glance through. Lloyd was home and showered before the next finisher, running here, and at Donard Challenge, for Manx Runners.

Lost - (and hopefully found?) : Simon Patton "has lost last Saturday - somewhere between Outer Edge trig and Swains Head (!) - pair of mountain equipment waterproof trousers (in green / blue stuff sac). If you found them on a day-out of bog bashing whilst recceing for the HPM then let me know. Thanks. email"

Moel y Ci - happens to be near Bangor. results. John Hunt (4th) sends:- "Excellent run out on a bump most will have noticed as a little bump on the way to Llanberis. Superb view of Snowdonia from the top."

DPFR Parkrun Bests 2014. Mike Nolan has blitzed the current 2014 record and percentage, so please send any other bits of interest, or of different venues. It's also a time to praise the efforts of any youngsters, in this case Mike's two daughters, entered on the list. Any others?
Most pleased to add Nicky's result, from that lovely Dewsbury park...
Please send email any parkrun results which can go on the table, to fill in a gap or improve on a given time. ?
Men's record is by Mike Nolan, 17.22 - 82.25%
Ladies record is by Vicky Chico - 20.07 - 75.23%

Coniston:- entry form . A reminder that this comes available on 1st March - next Saturday. And would need to go in the post. English Championship - Medium. Some classic course, and completely essential for anyone with serious intentions to nail the descent off Old Man. The best line is there somewhere, somewhere....

Carshare League the Next - Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round. Saturday 8th March. Entries close on 1st March, and a good chance to survey the forthcoming English Championship race, having much the same start and finish...

High Cup Nick - Full results , and nobody ahead of Rhys...
National Cross Country - Wollaton Park. Mens Results. Ladies. Some familiar names lurking within....
Not the National -
Ovenden - results. "Good swift 8 mile race up on the moors between Halifax and Haworth. I (Tom Brunt) managed another 2nd place, and Paula Gould (not Paula Youle as on the official results) was pleasantly surprised to finish 4th lady and 1st LV40 in her first outing as a Dark Peaker. "

New Chew - results. A most impressive trip round by Nicky, 3rd home. But it don't seem a lot of support for thisclassic event?

Sedbergh School - Kendal Winter League. results.

Carshare's e-mail account:- Someone seems to have hacked into this, sending rubbish around. BT had been in contact, asking me, legitimately, to change my password due to unexpected usage. Any e-mail from me would have a safe, sensible title, and if there was a link/attachment, some safe reason to be opening it.

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posted by DaveT on 9th Feb 2014

All seems quiet, maybe the time for some Parkrunning?
Carshare was at Sedgefield, without the previous MP, a most pleasant park to be visiting.

Parbold Hill results. Race - Over in Lancashire. John Hunt sends:- "This is a classic hill trail race that is a crazy blast across fields, roads and footpaths. They’ve changed the course over the years it now finishes with a mud bath/swim across two fields that are in normal years mud mud and more mud. I’d have been 5th if I hadn’t been laughing at a runner from Bedford A.C. dancing and staggering through the mud and moaning and complaining, I waded past him like he was standing still, however his comedic tactics paid off and he beat me and didn’t catch the lad in front of him who was backwards equally as fast."

Carnethy 5 - results. Just Rhys " flying the vest today. Strong field, lots of slippy snow! Cal Gilhooley was spotted dishing out some stick on East Kip - has he paid his subs or can we call him a lapsed Brown Vest!? Great route, good day out all round"
Commondale Clart - up North-east...results.
Windy Hill - Littleborough...results. Mike asked if anyone was going - indeed there was. Good race?
Hopefully the Carshare League will be maintained next year, and surely Willy would welcome suggestions as to which races could be included. Such as this Windy Hill, a new event, is it worthy of a club interest in future years?
Barbondale - Kendal Winter League.

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Sunday 23rd February 2014 at 7:48am
posted by WillyK on 8th Feb 2014

Given recent deluges, it was little surprise to find the Wadsworth Trog this year even damper under foot than is usual; throw in a fierce head wind on the return slog over Low Brown Knoll and Sheep Stones Edge, and it's fair to say our eleven gallant Carshare Leaguers (plus Roy G, recently relegated to a social member after defection to the Kendal vest) had to work hard for their points today.

Tom B was a close second (and first MV40), having led the eventual winner off Sheep Stones trig, and takes pole position in this year's League. Nicky took the honours for the women, second only to Helen Fines, with Heather a close third. Your correspondent knew he had his work cut out to defend the title of first honorary woman, but was nonetheless pleased to claim the rare scalps of a number of fellow DP'ers, regardless of the various injuries and afflictions they may have been sporting. Together with Paul F, Jim P and Tim R, he also had the pleasure of bagging the team prize for this particular fixture, whilst Paul was well chuffed to secure his first prize as an MV40 as third counter in the victorious DP mixed vets team (with Tom and Nicky). Another good run from Dave Lund also, whilst Carshare finally took delivery of the Arthur Eaton Retirement Salver - was that a tear I saw in your eye, Carshare?

Not quite sure what happened to defending champ Greg, or Drs Dave and Jon M - perhaps they'd been on the lash last night?

Next up is the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round on Saturday 8th March, which is pre-entry only, so time to get your entry sent off if you've not done so already.

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posted by DaveT on 3rd Feb 2014

Wadsworth Trog - Carshare League the first. Results.
The feared evil weather mostly held off, so merely the expected heavy wet ground, with a strong headwind on the return leg, from Top Withens and from Cock Hill. The resonsibility for putting on these demanding courses is big, and this was excellently organised.
Hunting for Carshare League points, the most important reward imaginable, Tom Brunt and Nicky were both second, closely followed respectively by David Lund and Heather.
Carshare visited Sheepstones and High Brown Knoll, but got cold and scurried for warmth at the finish. And what greater accolade can there be, than to receive the Arthur Eaton Memorial Salver, from our Carshare League organiser...

Museum of the Great Outdoors:- sounds a most interesting idea. Details.

Photos of the Route, and essential route notes. List of Entrants.
Accommodation:- “To help with logistics for travellers to the Donard Challenge championship race, 12 places have been provisionally reserved in self catering cabin accommodation at the YMCA Greenhill, in Donard Forest , a short walk from the start and finish. If you want a place, contact Rob Little asap.”
This list shows 11 people who have booked flights - Rob Little, Greg, Dave Taylor, Simon Reed, Simon Patton, Dave Sykes, Matt, Keith, Ashley, Jenny Caddick, Neil Northrop , which flight, which airport etc. This may help sharing of travel costs, etc. Please let me know if anyone else books a flight.
Rhys is trying to get. Mike Robinson is on the entry list. This is shaping up to be a points scoring Men's team...
If help is needed over anything, please, please ask.....or if a map is needed...

Kentmere best get that entry in soon....
Next seems to be Coniston, 1st March, via a form from their website...
Fairmile - Kendal Winter League.- results.

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posted by DaveT on 27th Jan 2014

DPFR Parkrun Bests 2014. Please send email (this is DT, Carshare...) any parkrun results which can go on the table, to fill in a gap or improve on a given time. ?
Jim Paxman has kindly sent some results, entered on the table. You'll need to lok to find out...Any others?
Men's record is by Mike Nolan, 17.36 - 81.16% (or is someone sitting on a secret?)
Ladies record is by Vicky Chico - 20.07 - 75.23%
Fountains Abbey starts on March 1st. This must be one of the most scenic of all...

Margery Hill.
Titterstone Clee - results.
Rombald's Stride - anyone entered this, around Ilkley Moors?
Long Mynd Valleys -results.

Mickleden Straddle:- results. A tiring slog up into the cold wind to reach Cut Gate, but only wet, no ice on the slabs and no rain in the air. Most thoroughly organised, with excellent , even high cuisine, refreshments afterwards.
There will be photos in so many places, but in does no harm to flag up the contribution Dave Woodhead makes to fellrunning. Besides organising his races, taking photos today down in the Peak, after Rombalds Stride yesterday.
Oops! Looking through the photos, there are still number(s) pinned to legs, after the correct procedure being made most evidently clear...

Charnwood Hills - results.
Birkrigg Common - Kendal Winter League . (Ulverston.)

Edale- is onto the waiting list....
Three Peaks - can go in...
Coledale Horseshoe - 12th April. Can't just see the entry limit - cheque to the organiser. Carshare League event.
Anniversary Waltz and Teenager with Altitude. 19th April. Entries can go in.
Buttermere Sailbeck. - Saturday 10th May..

Wolf's Pit - is Sunday 16th March, and once again will incorporate the Notts Fell Championships. Details. - "to catch any Notts based or born runners"

5th April .Pendle - English Championship. Due to the large numbers of entries already taken, restricted parking and race congestion, entries for the Senior Race will close on Sunday the 9th February 2014.

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posted by DaveT on 20th Jan 2014

Kinder Trial:- "The winners were Tom Brunt and Kirsty. The course was longer than usual, but covered the same mix of terrain around the Hayfield basin. It was chill on the hill and the late finishers had to contend with lightning and a truly painful, stinging hail storm. None the less, another great event."
Here is a set of photos, kindly sent by Lewis, following the trip round...Results:-

Northern Cross Country Championships - Knowsley Park. Men's results. Ladies
Blakes Heaven - results.
Tigger Tor - results.
Whitestone - Kendal Winter League (Cartmel).

1st February - Edale entries.....

Buttermere Sailbeck is most welcomely re-instated in the FRA Calendar, Saturday 10th May. Pre-entry always helps, though EOD is listed, the organiser being the most esteemed Rhys. Words of thanks are needed for taking this excellent course on once more.
And in similar vein, it seems that Reeth Hills might be re-instated later in the year....

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posted by DaveT on 14th Jan 2014

Anglesy Coastal Run.
There is this Endurance Life set of coastal trail events around the country, and apparently very popular as entries get filled up. This is a map of the Anglesy course, and don't it look appealing? There are 10km, half and full marathon, and ultra courses.
Our man spurned the usual haunts of Ashurst Beacon to guide the others around the full marathon course. Either he ran well, navigated well, or misdirected the others as he was home first by 22 minutes. results. John Hunt finished in 2.56.10, which seems no bad time for an off-road event.

CP details and route notes. Absolutely vital is to check the compass on leaving the summit, even when it is clear. Entry details

Please, please, send email (this is DT, Carshare...) any parkrun results which can go on the table....
DPFR Parkrun Bests 2014.
Big thanks to Jim Paxman, who has sent results in from Endcliffe Park. He adds "I hope that the others don't mind being outed as road runners! However, we'll fill in a few gaps in the table."
Most pleased now to have a Ladies table, as Jenny Caddick was along.
Mike Nolan has clearly gone for it today, setting the Age-Graded Score at 81.16%, and the fastest - 17.36.
Not to miss off:- "David Arundale, 25:31, VM55-59 62.31 % and Guy Seaman 28:22, VM60-64, 58.58%

Box Hill:- results. Pete Tapping and Tony Maycraft found it, wherever it may be....
Stanbury Splash - results. distinctly tropical condtions on the Haworth moors, with a most rare appearance from the sun. The paths and slopes were soaked and slippy, with three streams to waddle across. Tom Brunt and Stuart Bond had ventured out, changed and in the hostelry before Carshare eventually finished.
Lamb's Longer Leg -results.

2013 Snowdon Race - is on Channel 4, Sunday 19th - tomorrow....7.05am....
Tour de France/Yorkshire - the timings for Stages 1 and 2.

Carshare League entries. Wadsworth Trog, 8th February, race 1, entry form, needs to be in - it will fill up! I've sent in an entry for race 2, Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round on March 8th. Pre-entry, using the standard FRA entry form. The organiser has kindly confirmed acceptance, so no worries about getting the entry in early. Carshare's big chance to stuff Willy, you see...

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Nobody running? Any parkruns that you can please send?
DPFR Parkrun Listings.
(to get on this list it needs to be this year....)
The Age-Graded Score is now lifted to 76.33%, hopefully more results to be sent , especially to fill in gaps in the table, and from our Ladies. Children of course would get a listing...
Jon Pemberton has set the fastest, with a trip around Graves Park. 2nd place, 19.27. Any other parkruun results out there?
Please send email (this is DT, Carshare...) along any Parkrun results, from wherever.

Langdale 2014. The Ambleside website shows:- "This race will go ahead provided agreement on safety procedures can be agreed with the FRA. Entries will not be accepted before July 1st. Any entries received before then will be destroyed. Entry details will be posted here on or before July 1st."

Pendle AS - Pre-entry English Championship (1) .

The Trigger:- results.
Trig Point:- Cannock Chase:- results. A repeat victory for Rob Little.
Firbank - Kendal Winter League . results
YHA "King of the Castle" - Borrowdale. results. And another win, here by Rhys, followed shortly by Tom Saville, and Rachel making up the set.
"Uphill TT course, good fun, a bit different, and excellent cakes and drinks afterwards."

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Greg , Rhys, and Willy have the correct answers
CP1 - Ian Hodgson Relay, Angle Tarn (and passed by on Howtown.)
CP2 - Kinder Downfall
CP3 - Ennerdale - Blackbeck Tarn.
CP4 - Tour of Pendle - Ogden Clough.
CP5 - Sedbergh - (the top West CP, before heading back across..)


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Yorkshire Cross-Country Championships. at Lightwater Valley, near Ripon. results.
Auld Lang Syne:- results.
Captain Cook's Races:- results. A hopefully safe return up there from Joe, 1st V50.
Nine Standards:-
Moz's Birthday Run.
Clay Bank East - far away by Guisborough. results. A most notable win by Johnny Malley.
Scout Scar - Kendal Winter League. results.

Meanwood Trail race. (Leeds). I only mention this because the idea is so good. Start and finish from the pub. 6 miles. £4.00 entry, of which £2.00 is a voucher to use in the pub. You get a detailed set of route instructions, and set off by yourself any time between 11.00am and 12.00 noon. Maybe the idea will catch on? Wot's more, I didn't get lost...

Ilkley Moor is AS, 2nd March. (missed from the FRA Calendar ). Pre-entry now available.
Great Lakes Run - is looking for a new host club, and that's some big ask. Changing times indeed.

Parkruns. If anyone hasn't considered these, they work so very well. 5km, 9.00am , every Saturday all over the place. Venues. Free, no hassle, and you get a right shift on. With Parkruns all over, no way I can keep tabs on them all, so any results would please need to be sent to me. Only a Men's table just now, easily a Ladies thing can be put on if wished.

Quite a decent year for our Teams in 2013, but that's been and gone. Now for this year's campaign. First is Pendle, AS. Pre-entry, .which needs now to be in. For those not used to the start and finish, the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round , Saturday 8th March, could be extremely useful. Willy has wisely included it in the Carshare League - another pre-entry.
For Ireland, Rob Little can likely help out with any accommodation needs. Please let me know when any flights are booked, as this will help with car-hire, etc. A memorable weekend is some certainty....

Kendal Winter League:-
Not that I've done any of them, but worth having a think about if you can join our esteemed Lakeland residents? Short and sharp, it seems.

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