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posted by DaveT on 17th Apr 2018

Anniversary Waltz – the second race in this Lakes Grand Prix:- results for both races in due course. A most memorable finale for the race organisers, with expressed hopes that the race will continue next year. The first hot day, so plenty of thirsty runners , especially on the longer Teenager...results.

Teenager with Altitude – what better way to be getting ready for Buttermere Horseshoe…results.

Kinder Downfall:- results.

Wirksworth Incline:- results.
Arant Haw:-
London Marathon....

Monday – Summer Series 2 – Broomhead Bash:-
Wednesday – Cakes of Bread:-

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posted by DaveT on 9th Apr 2018

Mourne Highline – British Championship – and Carshare League. No results as yet on Sportident, but this seems correct. Looks to have been "challenging" conditions? Rhys is second overall, Dave Taylor is 3rd MV50, and for our travels to Ireland , a marvellous big support...

Blacko Hill – Junior Championships - results.
Eskdale Elevation:- results.
Chicken Run:- results.
Chunal:- results.

Trunce 2:- results.
Bunny Run Relay:- results.
Herod Farm - results.
Hartcliff Hill:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Apr 2018

Mourne Highline - next weekend. Please let me know if anyone needs a map sending through...

Coledale Horseshoe – Carshare League counter, and some classic Lakeland AM course. Also the first event of this year's Lakes Grand Prix - details are on the inside back cover of the Calendar. The rain just about held off, a bit cold and damp on the tops. As expected, more wet, slippy rocks and slippy muddy drops off Barrow.
Results - and a most welcome big turnout for the attractions of the Carshare League...

Pendle - results , incorporating the Lancashire Championships.
Kong Mini MM – Round 2:- Glenridding:- results.
Mow Cop:- results.
Elterwater Common:- results,
Blubberhouses 25 - results. a long scenic trip around to Wharfedale, and looking at the results, Carshare should have gone along to meet up with familiar runners on those last bits....

Summer Series 1 - Back Tor and Beyond...results.
Foel Lus - results. somewhere up around Conwy...
Loughrigg:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 26th Mar 2018

Dungeon Ghyll:- one of the more serious AS races, where them not expecting full kit checks seem to have been caught short. Simply get up Harrison Stickle, then find the way down. But finding the pathless descent in the mist isn't easy and a good few missed out one of the checkpoints. A classic Lakeland race, only £4.00, and hopefully a bit warmer with no snow flurries for Coledale next week...Results.

Peat Pits Woods – 1 - results.

Bunny Run 2:- results.
Grisedale Grind:- results. Due to bad weather the course was shortened, and no times were able to be recorded.

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posted by DaveT on 19th Mar 2018

Boulsworth Bog:- the clue was in the name - "Boulsworth Bog". If you've not heard of it, sometime try calling in at Wycoller, a hamlet not far from Colne, with a class café and a series of heritage bridges over the stream. The crossing along the top was like Brown Knoll without the slabs, classic stuff indeed. With the mist down, several might still be up there.....Results.

Causey Pike:- results.
Carding Mill Canter:- results.
Doctor’s Gate:- results.
Todd Crag – English Junior Championship Counter:- results.
Heptonstall - results.
Carrock Fell - results.
Trunce 1:- results.
Bunny Run 1:- results.
Friday – yes, Friday – Howgills:- that long, long Sedbergh race. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 21st Mar 2018

FRA Link.
For the MV60 and W50 teams, the tables have been filled in, but it is clearly stated that there must be 4 teams completing enough counting races. The MV60 have only 3, the WV50 have only 1, so somehow we need some more teams getting round the other AL race, Buttermere.

Senior Women:- Megan Wilson – 10th : Nicky – 11th.
WU23:- don't need a long race...
WV40:-Nicky – 3rd : Helen – 6th.
WV45:_Nicky – 2nd : Helen – 4th : Jane Crowson – 10th.
WV50:-Nicky – 1st : Jane – 3rd.
WV55:- Jane – 3rd.

Senior Men:-Duncan – 3rd.
MU23:- don't need a long race...
MV40:- Spyke – 8th : Tom Pape – 11th.
MV45:- Spyke – 4th : John Hunt – 8th.
MV50:- Spyke – 1st : John Hunt – 5th : Mike Nolan – 8th.
MV55:- Keith – 11th.
MV60:- Keith – 6th : Dave Holmes – 11th.
MV65:- DT – 6th.
MV70- only comes along after Clough Head…

Senior Women – 2nd.
WV40:- 1st.
WV50 – 1st.
Senior Men:- 4th
MV40:- 2nd
MV50:- 1st .
MV60:- 1st

Next English Championship race is Clough Head - May 6th. a different thing from Edale, and one for having some Lakeland hills in the legs, i.e Coledale and Anniversary Waltz/Teenager...

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posted by StevenJones on 18th Mar 2018

Applications to enter the Spine Races (full Spine Race and the shorter Spine Challenger) are already open for January 2019. It is likely that places will fill up quickly so for those interested it is best to apply early and if accepted a place can be booked. The 2018 even can be re-played ( to see the course, map and the race in progress (top left buttons fourth one along) and entries can be found at at least one Dark Peaker has already signed up and I suspect that others have already done so or are about to.

Steven Jones

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posted by DaveT on 13th Mar 2018

Triple Crossing…
Middle Fell:-
Blakey Blitz – one of the better N.Y.Moors courses…but it's cancelled. Little surprise, as it starts high up on the moors...
Wolf’s Pit:- cancelled.
Carrock Fell – cancelled.
Heptonstall:- cancelled.
Ian Roberts Memorial:- cancelled
Cautley – Kendal Winter League.

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posted by DaveT on 13th Mar 2018

Triple Crossing…
Middle Fell:-
Blakey Blitz – one of the better N.Y.Moors courses…
Yr Aran:-

Wolf’s Pit:-
Carrock Fell – looks interesting, top end of the Lakes…
Ian Roberts Memorial:-
Cautley – Kendal Winter League.

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posted by DaveT on 5th Mar 2018

Edale:- results. Most favourable conditions, not that cold , clear and little wind. Had it been rough it would have been a hard leg back from Win Hill. It was tiring enough anyhow. The first running in reverse, and with the slabs across from Brown Knoll, we were spared those sinking bogs. But still a most demanding second half race...

Haworth Hobble:-
Odin Mine Juniors:-
Muncaster Luck – a shame about the clash of races, this looks a cracker…

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posted by DaveT on 26th Feb 2018

Ski Mountaineering in Scotland.
Not that I knows much about all this, but this link shows pictures of what Jon Morgan has been up to, roaming around Glencoe....

High Peak Marathon:- cancelled.
Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round:- Carshare didn't get there....

Cloud Nine:- Results.
Loopy Latrigg:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 19th Feb 2018

Entries for Buttermere Horseshoe have been put back a while...

High Cup Nick:- results.
National Cross-Country Championships:- results. Should anyone be wading through them...

Hoppits Hill:- bathed in warm sunshine, hidden from this bitter easterly wind. Competition was indeed fierce for the culinary delights of Nicky's renowned home-baked cakes, one wonders why anyone would be racing elsewhere...If her running was as good as these cakes, wot might she be achieving? Results.

Hope Winter:- results.
Sedbergh School:-

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posted by DaveT on 12th Feb 2018

V60 Team. Our good friends in Pennine mention:-"In addition to Dark Peak, Pennine and Cheshire we need a 4th team to commit so that we get the required 4 teams competing. It. would be beneficial to all of us old guys if any one could gee along other teams to commit to the English Championships. Of particular note is that only 3 teams have secured teams on the Edale Skyline so we need a 4th team to register on Buttermere as the 4th competitive team on the required Long Race. Registration opens on March 1st, so if we can ask people in the other Clubs we would all be in for a mutually very satisfying special year - Rn Rees"

Bleasdale Circle – around the Bowland fells…Results. A most rare occasion, a team of three at this race, Dicky and Kieran Davis. Another gem of fell running, swampy fields before and after, with a steep climb and mad hurtle somewhere in between.

Parbold Hill - results. John Hunt is 1st V50, in 48mins 22secs.

Stybarrow Dodd – the second Carshare League event…Results.
Litton Post-Christmas Cracker:- results. just a bit of searching....
Ilkley Moor:- results. This was also the Yorkshire Championship race, and congratulations to Nathan Lawson, 1st MU23, and Ellie Crownshaw - 3rd WU23, not to ignore Rob Little, in 6th place. For some reason the recorded times don't seem to show seconds, only minutes.

New Chew:-results.

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posted by DaveT on 6th Feb 2018

Winter Half Tour of Bradwell:- did someone mention:- "If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind.." We seem to be stuck in winter. Nastily icy down Cave Dale, nastily windy on Lose Hill, and plenty of frozen grass to slip on. One of those events where the organisation needs to be spot on, and indeed it was. More excellent food and warm drinks after. A larger field, with Edale looming up. And for Edale, it could be a long, long way home from Win Hill.....Results.

Longshaw Junior Run:-
Mercia Hill Trial:-

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posted by DaveT on 29th Jan 2018

English Championships V60 Team?
P46 of the FRA Calendar has:-“For Teams – English Championships – additional team vet categories will be created if the number of runners in the category reaches the following levels.
- the category must have had teams from at least 4 clubs, scoring points in each of the 4 or more Championship races, including one from each distance.”
It may be that on the Edale entry list, there are possibly teams from Dark Peak, Pennine, and Cheshire. so there needs to be a bit more participation if the "meaningful competition" is to be achieved...

Margery Hill:-
Wadsworth Trog:- results.

Mickleden Straddle – results. Out very quickly indeed. The usual mixture of slosh, bogs, ice, and anything else you care to name. But no wind, no snow, and higher up the beaten track through the ice eased things off a good bit. As expected, the most excellent cakes, sandwiches and soup.

Long Mynd Valleys:- results.
Birkrigg Common:-
Kong Mini MM – Round 1 :- from Bethesda, all around the Carneddau… results.

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posted by DaveT on 22nd Jan 2018

Wolf's Pit - Notts Fell Championships. Details. As regular, Dicky Wilkinson has sent the stuff through, all incorporated into Wolf's Pit race, Sunday 18th March. All the attachment is needing to be read...

Mickleden Straddle - is now full. Yet another reminder that entries for important races need to be sorted out immediately...
Blakes Heaven – the first counter in this year’s Carshare League. Results.

Hoofstones – this is a complete fell classic, above Todmorden. For once, a proper fell race, where following the person in front is liable to disaster. It is flagged up out of the valley, tracks onto the fell, and then you're on your own. Getting back from the summit trig point is totally reliant on the compass, all misted and featureless heather bashing. Superb! Results.

Northern Cross Country Championships – just down the lane at Harewood….results.

Tigger Tor - results.

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posted by DaveT on 16th Jan 2018

As The Spine runners gradually finish. congratulations to anyone who manages to complete, in demanding conditions, it appears...Might it be warmer come this summer?

Big thanks to Mike and Jim for continuing the Carshare League, just be asking around to share transport. As ever there is a mix of various events, starting soon with Blake's Heaven, in the Lakes. (one of Mike's regulars..) And as with any needed race, get pre-entries listed on the calendars and diaries....set the alarm if necessary.

Kinder Trial:- results.
The Hebden - One of those races to be getting miles in the legs pre-Edale....
Mytholmroyd - re-arranged from before Christmas.
Peak Raid 3 – Round 4 – Castleton :- results.
Giggleswick School – Kendal Winter League:-
Lamb's Longer Leg:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 8th Jan 2018

The Spine – sets off, and us lesser mortals will be following in awe…..either to Hawes, or all the full Pennine Way. It looks a bit chilly out there, congratulations to anyone who managed The Challenger, and hope everyone stays safe on the longer course.

Upper Burbage Bridge – Juniors.
Ashurst Beacon:- results. , with a bit of searching...
Clough Head – this could be an important chance to be looking over the similar Championship course in May. Results.
Trigger:- results.
Cannock Chase Trig Points:- Results.

Stanbury Splash:- some things change, as Wharfedale are now organising these races, and successfully done. Sadly we missed the familiar shouts of "Get Back!" at the start. Some things will never change, the usual cold and heavy going. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 1st Jan 2018

Yorkshire Cross Country Championships - Lightwater Valley. Results. Plenty of familiar names, representing their "other" clubs.

Ireland 2018.
There now seems to be a waiting list, for those who have missed off. It might well be worth getting in touch....
Well, it filled up fast, though no doubt a waiting list might help latecomers. Carshare wasn't going this time. And if this fills up fast, other races will be similar. Likely that team captains will be sending out reminders, but it's up to us as individuals to get the entry dates pencilled in, even if it means setting the alarm clock....

These maps will likely need a bit of fiddling around with, they should enlarge to something usable. the first map is the first part, from Spelga Dam. I've not marked CPs, etc. Please ask if any help is needed with travel, car hire or accommodation.

Moz's Birthday Run:-
YHA King of the Castle:- results.

For the many of us aiming for international selection, the 2018 international Championships, and their trials, are as follows:
World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships - 24 June 2018, Karpacz, Poland
Trials: 28th April 2018, Three Peaks Race

European Mountain Running Championships (Up & Down) - 1 July 2018, Skopjie, Macedonia
Trials: TBC

World Mountain Running Championships (Uphill) - 15 September 2018, Andorra
Trials: 5 August 2018, Keswick

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posted by DaveT on 29th Dec 2017

And so into 2018. Carshare wishes everyone a healthy, successful year, in whichever direction we are looking....(and get those race entries onto the calendar...)

Bradfield Boundary Run.
Wormstones. - results.
Auld Lang Syne . - results
Bowstones - results.
Barbrook Valley Blast .
Nine Standards - results.
Captain Cook’s Races - results.

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posted by DaveT on 19th Dec 2017

Results from Wansfel

Results From Guisborough Woods.

Very best wishes from Carshare, to everybody, for a successful and happy Christmas.

Next year’s Championships.
With the new magazine, and the FRA Calendar, plenty to be making plans for. Pre-entry dates will need to be watched out for, several don’t yet seem to be declared. Edale will likely be busy, with the alternative being the very hard Buttermere Horseshoe.
The Ireland race, as is usual, looks excellent - and a very strong AM. I’ll put out a map soon, maybe enough of an incentive to be entering. There is a bus from Donard Park in Newcastle to Spelga Dam, and then simply run back home. The first bit is the same as their Spelga race, then a bit of Slieve Bearnagh race, landing out on Slieve Commedagh and finish as for last year’s race. For anyone who’s not done the weekend, it can’t be recommended highly enough.

Totley Two Turtle Doves:- results.
Boxing Day Bog-Trot:-
Chevin Chase - someone usually runs around Otley Chevin..results.

Wansfell - a classic Lakeland AS. Just get up the hillside, don't crash on the icy bits : come down the hillside, avoid the icy bits, and lots of soup, tea and mince pies afterwards.

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posted by DaveT on 13th Dec 2017

Crookstone Crashout:-

The Stoop – and "Wuthering" it was indeed. Health and Safety never seems to have reached those Penistone quarries. Cold, wet, plenty of ice anywhere. The course was shortened to an out and back route, turning round at The Stoop. All seems to have passed off safely. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 4th Dec 2017

Bradfield Christmas Score:-
Mytholmroyd – (not the day as shown in the FRA Calendar….) cancelled
Litton Christmas Cracker:- cancelled.
Peak Raid 3 – Round 4 – Edale - cancelled
Kong Winter Series 2 – Stile-Outerside-Barrow. results.
Shittern Santa Saunter – Glossop.

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posted by DaveT on 28th Nov 2017

The Trigger - forwards thinking indeed! Trevor Matty is asking "Is there a Trigger bus from Sheffield this year as I'm travelling up a long way and getting to Marsden will be difficult without the bus. " Please email if you can help out, and please let anyone else in on any plans....

Crag Fell - results.
Burbage Nutters:-
Gravy Pud:- results.
Cardington Cracker – excellent plus, around Church Stretton - results.
Eskdale Eureka – N Y Moors:-

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Monday 4th December 2017 at 2:45pm
posted by DaveT on 22nd Nov 2017

Lee Mill Relay:- Well, we managed a team, helped out by Mike Bourne running legs 1 and 3.....Hopefully we can have more participants next year, as this is a very good event, especially for those not expecting to get in one of the high-powered Relay teams. Each leg is about 6 miles, so you gets a good run ; it starts from a scenic park, with drinks and cake laid on, and the changeovers are all in the same place. Up on the Rossendale moors snow was lying, very sloshy in many places, finding a flagged way around moors and quarries. Hypothermia seems to have been an issue, and races could consider the good practise set by Ambleside at Langdale, where a long sleeved top was compulsory. Gratefully today the Leg 4 mass start was brought forwards, for the safety of the runners and marshals. results.

Kong Mini MM – Hayfield - Round 4 – Results.
Warts Revenge:-
Clowne Half Marathon - results.

BBC Wales - Sports Personality of the Year - Unsung Hero Award. goes to Mike Blake, and most thoroughly deserved as well. Mike has been running, organising races, takiny people to events, for ages, maybe holding North Wales running together. Congratulations indeed!

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