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Round Rotherham Run
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Week from 18th/19th August 2018
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posted by DaveT on 29th Dec 2017

And so into 2018. Carshare wishes everyone a healthy, successful year, in whichever direction we are looking....(and get those race entries onto the calendar...)

Bradfield Boundary Run.
Wormstones. - results.
Auld Lang Syne . - results
Bowstones - results.
Barbrook Valley Blast .
Nine Standards - results.
Captain Cook’s Races - results.

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posted by DaveT on 19th Dec 2017

Results from Wansfel

Results From Guisborough Woods.

Very best wishes from Carshare, to everybody, for a successful and happy Christmas.

Next year’s Championships.
With the new magazine, and the FRA Calendar, plenty to be making plans for. Pre-entry dates will need to be watched out for, several don’t yet seem to be declared. Edale will likely be busy, with the alternative being the very hard Buttermere Horseshoe.
The Ireland race, as is usual, looks excellent - and a very strong AM. I’ll put out a map soon, maybe enough of an incentive to be entering. There is a bus from Donard Park in Newcastle to Spelga Dam, and then simply run back home. The first bit is the same as their Spelga race, then a bit of Slieve Bearnagh race, landing out on Slieve Commedagh and finish as for last year’s race. For anyone who’s not done the weekend, it can’t be recommended highly enough.

Totley Two Turtle Doves:- results.
Boxing Day Bog-Trot:-
Chevin Chase - someone usually runs around Otley Chevin..results.

Wansfell - a classic Lakeland AS. Just get up the hillside, don't crash on the icy bits : come down the hillside, avoid the icy bits, and lots of soup, tea and mince pies afterwards.

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posted by DaveT on 13th Dec 2017

Crookstone Crashout:-

The Stoop – and "Wuthering" it was indeed. Health and Safety never seems to have reached those Penistone quarries. Cold, wet, plenty of ice anywhere. The course was shortened to an out and back route, turning round at The Stoop. All seems to have passed off safely. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 4th Dec 2017

Bradfield Christmas Score:-
Mytholmroyd – (not the day as shown in the FRA Calendar….) cancelled
Litton Christmas Cracker:- cancelled.
Peak Raid 3 – Round 4 – Edale - cancelled
Kong Winter Series 2 – Stile-Outerside-Barrow. results.
Shittern Santa Saunter – Glossop.

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posted by DaveT on 28th Nov 2017

The Trigger - forwards thinking indeed! Trevor Matty is asking "Is there a Trigger bus from Sheffield this year as I'm travelling up a long way and getting to Marsden will be difficult without the bus. " Please email if you can help out, and please let anyone else in on any plans....

Crag Fell - results.
Burbage Nutters:-
Gravy Pud:- results.
Cardington Cracker – excellent plus, around Church Stretton - results.
Eskdale Eureka – N Y Moors:-

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Monday 4th December 2017 at 2:45pm
posted by DaveT on 22nd Nov 2017

Lee Mill Relay:- Well, we managed a team, helped out by Mike Bourne running legs 1 and 3.....Hopefully we can have more participants next year, as this is a very good event, especially for those not expecting to get in one of the high-powered Relay teams. Each leg is about 6 miles, so you gets a good run ; it starts from a scenic park, with drinks and cake laid on, and the changeovers are all in the same place. Up on the Rossendale moors snow was lying, very sloshy in many places, finding a flagged way around moors and quarries. Hypothermia seems to have been an issue, and races could consider the good practise set by Ambleside at Langdale, where a long sleeved top was compulsory. Gratefully today the Leg 4 mass start was brought forwards, for the safety of the runners and marshals. results.

Kong Mini MM – Hayfield - Round 4 – Results.
Warts Revenge:-
Clowne Half Marathon - results.

BBC Wales - Sports Personality of the Year - Unsung Hero Award. goes to Mike Blake, and most thoroughly deserved as well. Mike has been running, organising races, takiny people to events, for ages, maybe holding North Wales running together. Congratulations indeed!

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posted by DaveT on 13th Nov 2017

Tour of Pendle:- it seemed alright for the runners, able to keep moving, but chilled down enormously trying to correctly write numbers down. The usual few runners who insist on straps across their number, or numbers on shorts, even one with the number on the back of a rucsac. The wrath of CP9 marshal was distinctly audible, it makes things so difficult when recording numbers. Results.
Max Wainwright was first of us home, not sure about the other runners. Outstanding was the run from Victoria Wilkinson, 2nd overall doing the last climb, only losing out one place on those last roads.

FRA Presentation Night 2018 - will be at Craiglands, in Ilkley, and hosted by Pudsey and Bramley.

2018 UKA Relays - look to be hosted by Langdale. They previously held the event in 2002, from fields just beyond the campsite. Legs 1 and 4 were effectively the Blisco Dash, the longer Leg 2 wandered around Lingmoor Fell. They seemed to be deliberately shorter legs, to compensate for our Edale in the previous year, when hardly any teams avoided the mass start for Leg 4.
To be hoped we fare a touch better, as the Men were disqualified, and Leg 4 got lost over Blisco. The sorry details are here , recorded for posterity in the Newsletter, Winter 2002, page 34.

Club Championships and Dinner:-
Harriers v Cyclists:- results.
Two Riggs – Kong Winter Series – 1 - results.
Peak Raid 3 – Round 3 – Glossop:- results.
Wrekin Wrecker:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 6th Nov 2017

FRA Presentation Night:- Helm Hill had worked hard for this, and put on a good night. Hopefully medals are safe somewhere for those unable to be there. Apparently next year it will be held in/near Ilkley, not far to be travelling from The Peak, and the campaign to start by playing our joker on Edale Skyline. Or will the traditional evil conditions return and cause a postponement?

It also seems that Ambleside will be hosting the Relays next year. A good while back, they put on the event at Langdale.

A look through the FRA website races for next year shows that Wharfedale are taking over the popular races organised, since times long forgotten, by Dave and Eileen Woodhead. There will be so many of us being enormously grateful to all they have done for Seniors and Juniors running. And The Stoop this year is pre-entry...

Dunnerdale:- results.
Burley Moor– a pleasant trip around part of Ilkley Moor……Yes, low key, no fuss, no prizes, and the added bonus of a good course...results.
Roaches:- results.
Legit Round Lathkil - results.

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posted by DaveT on 30th Oct 2017

Peak Raid 3 – Round 2 – Totley. Results.

Saltergate Gallows - N Y Moors. A good enough scenic trip around the moors near the steam railway line, due to competition in the woodlands from the Network Q Rally : it was more of a moorland course, with plenty of not that steep running. Joe kept the front runners better company than poor Carshare...results.
Cop Hill:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 23rd Oct 2017

OMM - Langdale - Results. Looks to have been a bit grim on the Saturday?

Really Wild Boar – a classic, up Wildboar Fell….results.
Hell O'The Mynd – a new right long event near Church Stretton.
Buttermere Shepherd's Meet:- results.
Bronte Way – a linear race through Bronte settings…results.
Grin and Bear It:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 14th Oct 2017

Carshare will shortly be appearing on Mastermind, the chosen subject being "Swings and Playgrounds in Zurich"......

Lakeland Classics Completions. This list has - or should have - a record of anyone completing the series. Apologies to Dave Sykes, who is now rightly instated as finishing every year since 2009...
Should anyone discover the final Lakes Grand Prix results, please help us out....

Isle of Man next year:- there appears to be a distinct level of worry about this, not in the running, mind. It seemed easy, get to the top and the train back down. but here, it appears that the railway has succumbed to inspections, which don't like things going wrong, and it is , just now, closed down....

Peak Raid 3 – Round 1 – Hayfield:- results.
Clwydian Hills:- results.
Wirksworth Undulator:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 9th Oct 2017

Results for Windgather

Results for the Gormire Gamble

Results. for the British Relays

Carshare was regrettably unavailable for Relay selection, as it is school holidays, and child-minding duties beckon, now over in Zurich. Fly out on Sunday, back Friday...

Llanberis UKA Relays. Congratulations to everyone for representing, an to the Senior Men, retaining their title. By a country mile? Together with the WV40, by aCountry mile and a lot further...

Kate Burge from Sea to Summit – this gets a mention, as it is a July English Championship race next year, in the Isle of Man. Start on the beach at Laxey, finish at the top of Snaefell. Rather like the Welsh 1000m race, there is a train back down. And the course looks to be right good. results.

Round Rotherham:-

Lakeland Classics 2017 - Final Positions.
Carl Bell - 1st : Pete Davies - 9th : Spyke - 12th , 1st V50 : John Hunt - 13th - 2nd V50 : Dave Lund - 14th - all of them : Mike Robinson - 17th - all of them : Dave Sykes - 24th - all of them : Judith - 26th/1st Woman : Nicky - 30th/3rd Woman : Ashley - 37th : Jenny Caddick - 40th/4th Woman : Jack Foxall - 45th : Pete Jackson - 46th : Keith - 47th - 1st V60.
Ambleside are 1st Team, DPFR - 3rd.
Here is the table of all the Lakeland Classics Completions. The Series began in 2002, when there was a reluctance to be doing these races. Of the 16years, John Hunt has completed the set in 14 of these, no doubt effectively getting 14 cups. Is that more than Leigh Warburton?

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Oct 2017

The Lee Mill Relay is November 26th , at Rossendale. Unlike the earlier winter Calderdale Relay, this is from one changeover base. Greg has put some stuff on Facebook - and with Carshare not being interested in the likes of Facebook, another reason why the Carshare Page needs an overhaul - and is looking to get something sorted. Can anyone with bright ideas, or wanting to be involved, please be contacting Greg?

The Carshare page started ages back, when dinosaurs ruled The Peak. Going along the Dockray Helvellyn AL race, someone mentioned how unusual it was to see a DPFR vest on a proper race. Well, things have changed, we have strong teams and looking at the Langdale entries, so many of us running further than the Hope Valley.
But things change and develop, and the page really needs to be held together by someone in touch with local goings-on. And my days of getting round the Lakeland courses are diminishing rapidly. So hopefully new blood will keep Carshare going into whatever is needed. All suggestions most welcome!

Langdale – the final event in the Lakes Grand Prix – I can't just see the results after Three Shires? – and also the final Lakeland Classics event.
We need to appreciate the marvellous contribution of Bob Johnson, who forfeited a high position by going to the aid of an injured runner on that slippy traverse under Esk Pike.

Well, that was grim. As wet as I've known it, and nastily slippy. . Results. Wet throughout, cold enough, but the visibility held good, and visitors to Blea Tarn and Cockley Beck seemed few. A matter of not getting into trouble high up.
Full credit to Ambleside's race organisation, marshals up there, for putting the race out.
Rhys was in confident mode, giving the race a clear start before setting out. And sympathies to Nicky. Having run a decent race, the organiser made her walk out three times, for 2nd overall, and thus V40 and V50. Not a bad effort, really!

Curbar Commotion:- results.
Pentland Skyline – Carshare League counter…results. Jim Paxman and Willy being our representatives....
Withins Skyline:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 7th Oct 2017

E – Don Morrison Edale skyline (AL) 11th March
B- The Mourn Highline. N Ireland (AM) 14th April
E- Clough Head (AS) May 6th. (new race)
B- Tal y Mignedd. Wales (AS) 9th June
B/E -Darren Holloway Memorial Buttermere Horseshoe (AL) 23rd June
E – The Kate Burge Sea-To- Summit Fell Reace (IOM) (AM) 14th July
E - Turner Landscape (AM) August 12th
B - Ben Nevis. Scotland. (AM) 1st September. (be aware. The entry system may differ from previous years. details to follow)
E- Cautley Horseshoe (AS) 15th Sept

Inter-Counties - Lads Leap (AS) 19th May

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posted by DaveT on 5th Oct 2017

Final English Championships Results.

Many a rumour of next year's races, though sadly the Otley Chevin Dash seems to have been overlooked. No doubt all will be revealed in due time.

WU23 - Anna - 2nd : Ellie - 3rd.
W:- Judith -9th.
W40:- Judith – 2nd : Helen – 3rdh= : Nicky - 5th
W45:- Judith – 2nd : Helen – 3rd : Nicky – 5th.
W50:- Judith - 1st : Nicky - 5th=.

MU23:- Matt Elkington – 2nd :: Tom – 3rd : Max - 7th
M40:- Spyke - 9th : John Hunt - 10th .
M45:-: John Hunt – 5th : Spyke – 6th :
M50:- Spyke and John Hunt – 3rd= : Dave Taylor - 7th.
M60 - Keith - 10th=.
M65:- DT – 3rd : Mick – 9th.
M70:- DT - 2nd : Mick – 4th.

Senior Women – 4th.
W40 – 1st . Counting races are Long Mynd , Gt Whernside , Wasdale, Tebay.
Senior Men – 5th
M40 – 5th
M50 – 2nd. Counting races are Weets, Long Mynd, Wasdale, Tebay.

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posted by DaveT on 22nd Sep 2017

Hodgson Brothers Relay - results. Men - 2nd : Women 3rd : MV40 - 4th.
The organisers had got this spot on, and full praise to them for managing to stage the event at all. Conditions weren't that bad around the start, but later on, for the original Legs 3 and 4, the rain was lashing down. The revised course was effectively to turn round at Kirkstone Inn, and do Legs 1 and 2 in reverse, avoiding High Street. Following their dominant year in the Championships, Keswick were clear winners for the Men. Ambleside won the Women, with Helm Hill second. Ambleside were also first Vets team.
So now to the UK Athletics Relay at Llanberis....

Firth – a new event, from Buckden. It's partner, the earlier Buckden Out Moor, was a right cracker, and this is up the other side of the valley from Buckden Pike. And indeed it was a class, hard enough, course. A long climb up out of the valley, a veritable slosh across the moors, leaving the drop, the top part rating with the very best of flying descents. then slippy limestone paths, and a long leg home beside the river.

Royal Dungworth:-
Thievely Pike:- results.
Go Big Moor:- results. As usual, please let us know if you're missed off DPFR results, as no clubs are listed.

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posted by DaveT on 18th Sep 2017

Great Whernside – Final English Championship race , and Yorkshire Championships. Results. And that's the closure of this year's Championships. In the Yorkshire Championships, congratulations to Tom Saville - 1st MU23, and Anna - 2nd WU23 and Ellie - 3rd WU23. And then the Teams, the Women are Yorkshire Champions, with the Men 2nd.
Final FRA Championship results won't be long coming...
The Women's race seems to have been a good bit colder, into the mist up the top. This had cleared for the Men's race. A simple course, get to the top as best we can, and hammer back down again.
With no Relays for Carshare to fret about, fish and chip suppers now by the bucketful, with chocolate hobnob biscuits...

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Thanks, as ever, to the excellent service Dave Woodhead does for fell photos, plenty more on his website. Can't find you Senior Men, wot a shame!

Bogfest – from Edale. Results.
Nine Edges Endurance:- results. No clubs are listed, so as ever, please let us know if you've been missed off DPFR results...
Peak District Challenge events:-

Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross - no doubt featuring some of yesterday's absentees...Results.
English Schools Championships:- by Settle.
Ian Roberts Memorial:- results.
Rossendale Harriers 50th MMM -

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posted by DaveT on 11th Sep 2017

Three Shires - the next event in the Lakes Grand Prix. Results so far. Either this, or Langdale, is needed to be getting a Long race in, for the series.
A goodly DPFR turnout for this classic course, in its 35th year, for which we all got an anniversary mug. Clear, so no visits to Grey Friar this year. A lot slippy in places, and coming off Lingmoor was far easier when ages back it was flagged for the Juniors races. Race results.

Glencoe Skyline - results. No clubs are listed, so apologies if you're missed off DPFR results - just let us know...
Ring of Steall - results. and also, please let us know of mistakes . Up around the Mamores...

There are plenty more of these events around, far beyond Carshare's range of searching out results. Please tell us wot you've been getting involved with....

Shipman Knotts - from ages back - results.

Junior Home International - up by Peebles...
Lantern Pike:- results.
Scafell Pike:- results
Simonside:- results.

Dale Head:- Results.
Stanage Struggle:- results.
Summer Series 12 – Strines.

Lakeland Classics - results so far... just Langdale to come...

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posted by DaveT on 5th Sep 2017

Great Whernside - entry list. (so far) . The final English Championship race, also Yorkshire Championships, and some big help as to how the Relay Teams will be decided....
Hodder Valley Show – Carshare League counter:-
Longshaw Sheepdog Trials:-
Peris Horseshoe – results. Not that easy up there, and that's only doing the Half Peris. A downpour at the start passed over, so no more real soaking, but cold at times, windy, misty and very slippy rocks. Apologies to those I didn't recognise as they passed by, and for not hanging around afterwards, sunnier warmer places beckoned...

Mountain Trial:- results. Lots of retirements, was it a bit grim? With courses being cancelled, any results might be open to interpretation...But John Hunt assures us that it is 1st Team for the Classic Course....

Bluebell 3:- results.
Padfield Plum Fair:- results.
Yorkshireman – results.
Great North Run -results, but you'll need to wade through them...

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posted by DaveT on 28th Aug 2017

Castle Carr – English Championship AL. Enormous credit must go to Calder Valley, especially to Bill Johnson, for instigating this race, and then staging it as Championship. Extremely well organised, complicated woodland bits safely flagged, loads of marshals all over the course. This would be the only AL event in the area?
the weather held good, the rain only arriving later, and with plenty of runners around, it wasn't a lottery in the clag. Results.

Grisedale Horseshoe:- Big thanks to Dave Sykes for sending DPFR results along...and now the full results.

Wasdale 2017. Mike Robinson " has the certificates for all of the Dark Peak runners who completed Wasdale this year. I will send them down to Sheffield with Adrian Davis who will bring them along to The Sportsman but I will keep hold of the few who I will see at The Ian Hodgson Relay this year. I do not want to post them out individually as there are far too many."

Ben Nevis - results.

World Masters - over in Slovakia...with congratulations to our good friend, Jim Patterson , as 1st MV70...
Exterminator:- results.
Shelf Moor:- results.
Stretton Skyline:- results.

Trunce 9 - results.
Ilam National Trust - results.

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posted by DaveT on 7th Sep 2017

English Championship – after Castle Carr.

FRA Link.

WU23 - Ellie - 2nd : Anna - 3rd
W:- Judith -6th.
W40:- Judith – 2nd : Helen - 6th : Nicky - 8th
W45:- Judith - 1st : Helen - 5th : Nicky – 6th.
W50:- Judith - 1st : Nicky - 6th=.

MU23:- Matt Elkington - 1st : Max - 5th : Tom - 8th=
M40:- Spyke - 8th : John Hunt - 9th .
M45:-: John Hunt - 3rd : Spyke – 4th : Dave Taylor - 11th.
M50:- Spyke - 2nd= : John Hunt – 2nd= : Dave Taylor - 5th.
M60 - Keith - 10th.
M65:- DT – 2nd :
M70:- DT - 2nd : Mick - 3rd=.

Senior Women - 3rd=
W40 – 2nd
Senior Men – 4th=
M40 – 5th
M50 – 2nd

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posted by DaveT on 29th Aug 2017

As is given on P47 of the FRA Calendar, you need to have done three (out of four) races to get a ranking.

Senior Men. Josh Williams – 13th : Tom Saville – 23rd : Dave Taylor – 24th : Stephen Pyke – 32nd.
MU23 – Tom Saville – 3rd.
M40 - Dave Taylor – 8th : Stephen Pyke – 15th : Mike Robinson – 22nd.
M50 - Dave Taylor – 3rd : Stephen Pyke – 4th.
M60 - Keith Holmes – 11th : Dave Tait – 15th.

Senior Women – Judith Jepson – 5th : Liz Batt – 11th.
W40 – Judith – 3rd : Liz – 6th.
L50 – Judith – 1srt : Liz – 2nd.

Men – 4th.
V40 – 4th.
V50 2nd. Counting races would be Donard, Stuc a Chroin and Tebay. Medals go to the first three counters in these races.

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posted by DaveT on 21st Aug 2017

Arnison Crag:- results.
Dufton Show:-
Pendleton:- a real AS gem, at the far end of Pendle, back to the real essence of fell running. And only £3.50. Just a few problems avoiding the muck spreaders plying up and down the village highway....results.

Grasmere sports:- results.
Norland Moor:- results.
Kong Mini MM – Round 3:- Wasdale. results.
Kilnsey:- the event that Health and Safety takers from DPFR...

Barrel Inn - results.
Ennerdale Show:- results.
Roseberry Topping:- results.

Great Longstone:-most kindly has Jack Foxall sent the results, it's some enormous help to the DPFR results service if you can send any missed out results. They are on DPFR results, I'll link up to the full set in due course...but can easily pass them on...

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posted by DaveT on 14th Aug 2017

Pendle 3 Peaks:- A lot windy and blustery, with bits of rain lashing in at times. Pendle as usual......Those last three climbs without doing the first half of The Tour. results.
Weasdale Horseshoe:- results
Darwen Gala -results.

Crowden Horseshoe:- results.
Sedbergh:- results.
Lakeland Country Fair:- results.
Rusland Show - results.

Summer Series 11 - Pike Lowe Direct:-
Shipman Knotts:-


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posted by DaveT on 7th Aug 2017

Castle Carr - the next AL English Championship. Their recce is on August 20th, details somewhere on the race website. It is essential to have, somehow, looked at where we are meant to be going, and this will likely have permission to go through the private grounds.

Maesgym Muddle - final British Championship race for this year. A bit grim up here at times. It was raining earlier on, but thankfully stopped as the race started. Just a drenching shower later on. Mist on the Moel Eilio ridge caused a good few problems. Dave Taylor, Liz Batt and Tom Saville walked out for prizes for whatever, but hardly the best team contribution, for any teams...Results , (with a bit of fiddling around....)

Sierre Zinal - results. They take a bit of wading through, but I see Judith is in the prizes...

FRA Relays Leg details for legs 1, 2, and 4.

Half and Long Tour of Bradwell:- results.
Turner Landscape - results.
Boulsworth Fell - results.

Trunce 8:- results.

Gribdale Gallop:-

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