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posted by The Safety Officer on 4th Nov 2010

An interesting little run, some had tired legs from the OMM, others were holding themselves back prior to the champs on Saturday, so a shortish one was agreed. Ocean View via the Conduit and then..... the "hole" in the woods.  Dave Holmes ( for 'twas he who was leading at this stage, Capt. Harmer having lost some of his authority of late), led us in the completely wrong direction, in  the manner of his previous weekend's OMM run. Consequently completely disorientated , we wandered aimlessly round the woods and never did find the infamous hole. The feeling was that it was always somewhere to the left! Ah well, never mind, we'll just have to keep practicing at this navigation business. As a finale, we ran down the now flooded gutter into the waterworks and back to the pub.

There is a map of this run, view the post to see it

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posted by WillyK on 27th Oct 2010

Happy Birthday to young Thomas - even if he seemed a tad diffident upon his return to the pub ... what no speeches, Tom? A fine route and the crack trio of myself, Rob Moore and Dave Bollington were more than satisfied with our top ten finish tonight. We may even win Tom's 80th race ...

There is a map of this run, view the post to see it
As the man said above, an excellent and quite knackering route and happy birthday to Tom on reaching adulthood.  Some interesting route choices, not least by Messrs Harmer and Martin,  and the spread of lights across the hills was quite impressive. Black Holes was a particularly interesting checkpoint as it was only visible from a few yards away and required spot on navigation. Chris Barber
There is a map of this run, view the post to see it

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posted by John on 25th Oct 2010

Warts night race Lateish note: please make sure you use the UPPER car park, as in the route below, so as not to frighten away other pub users. Also the landlord will be doing chip butties, first-come, first-served (that rules me out then, JD). On Wednesday 27th October I am putting on a warts night race from the Strines pub.  There will now be a mass start at 6:45.  Teams should have a minimum of 2 people and obviously need to be able to navigate themselves around,  or escape from,  this night orienteering course & are expected to carry standard FRA kit and some form of emergency safety bag sufficient for individuals & the team.   As ever there is no support out there and so teams need to be responsible for themselves & to be able to cope with whatever happens – emergency or otherwise.  The run will take “average” runners 1.75 hours.   Teams need to get a good mix of navigational skills & experience to be able to cope with a toughish course. Teams should register with email or email. TW


Grid ref
Start Strines pub upper car 223 906
01. End of spur & fence corner Closes 8:00 Checkpoint manned 187 923 200m East of Cogmans
02. Berristers Tor Closes 8:15 Checkpoint manned 199 926
03. Bents Clough / Abbey Brook stream junction 200 924
04. Blackholes rocks/tor 208(5) 902(5)
Finish Strines pub upper car
Only road permissible between Strines pub & access point at 223 904 Route available via calendar or here

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posted by WillyK on 17th Oct 2010

In a late but entirely credible bid for this year's Pertex Trophy, I received the following text from Dave McG last night, who's up in the Lakes a-BG recceing with Ruth B. They were booked into the YHA in Grasmere ... "... did legs 1 and 2; navigational cock up coming off Fairfield that [as it transpired] was actually St Sunday Crag; ended up on the A592 near Patterdale after 12 hours on our feet. Got a lift up to the Kirkstone Pass Inn and taxi from there after a couple of beers." At least Ruth can now look forward to a diet of Wednesday night ribbing that extends beyond the dangers of slipping off steep valley sides.

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posted by MArundale on 7th Oct 2010

Back at the Sportsman for an eclectic evening of entertainment. Moz and John D had been overtraining so decided to give their legs a break by pottering up to the Pole and back. Willy, as he scandalously reveals below, moved to the really dark side and ran on the road. The rest of us opted for a downhill start after last week’s thrash up Win Hill and headed for Rivelin waterworks. The notorious duck boards to the stepping stones were as greasy as ever, with even the dog losing his footing. Then it was up to Rivelin Needle where we posed for a new title picture for the blog, (you can see/download the uncropped original below). Over the dams and up to the Headstone, (which we shamefully forgot to climb). On to the haunted house, where Clive rescued the day by producing the night’s only flask of whisky. Ruth introduced an element of sophistication by inviting us to wash down the scotch with Stone’s Green Ginger, albeit worryingly disguised in what looked like a Calpol bottle. Then, in deference to a certain absentee, we thrashed through tussocks and bog to Ocean View and thence back to the pub, where there was a convivial mingling of the various Dark Peak tribes and some of us even spoke to Willy. A really good club night. DH [caption id="attachment_156" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warts show their legs at Rivelin Needle before winter kicks in"]Image of Warts at Rivelin Needle, Wed 6th October 2010[/caption]

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posted by WillyK on 6th Oct 2010

It took me a little over two years to crack, but as penance for a rather idle week I finally donned reflective vest and road shoes tonight for what the roadies call the "Full" Dungworth (evidently the Warting equivalent of Dungworth "direct").  The entire sorry tale would be revealed below, but my battery ran out in protest.

There is a map of this run, view the post to see it
Certainly not as much fun as a Wart, but we were back to the pub 15 mins earlier, and it's just possible I'm a wee bit fitter as a result.  Back to heather bashing next week, if we've not all fallen out in the interim ...

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posted by John on 29th Sep 2010

A late change from Birchin Clough because of roadworks on the Snake meant a hilly but runnable route taking in Win Hill and Lose Hill, with a second trip to the top of Win Hill for the masochists amongst us. No jungle or bog this week. Here is the profile, without the final Win Hill climb, we took an early path through the woods. [gpx2graphics elevation 478]

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posted by WillyK on 26th Sep 2010

It looks as though we may be unable to reach Birchin Clough because of roadworks, so please meet at Yorkshire Bridge instead, Ladybower Inn afterwards. This is the final update - promise. As it's rather short notice please let people know if you can.

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posted by The Safety Officer on 24th Sep 2010

Promises to be the true start of the warting season. Looks like it's going to be Kinder this time as went on the Bleaklow side last time. Any route suggestions?  We haven't climbed up the Naze to the Downfall for a while, the question is where to go from there?

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posted by John on 13th Sep 2010

Should be compulsory for all Warts but is really here to test the map

There is a map of this run, view the post to see it

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posted by John on 16th Sep 2010

From Bradwell last night, led by Al Ward across every valley he could find, including Cavedale and Winnats, where we climbed the hill just to come back down it again. He even took us to look at the top access point of Titan, which I could not have found unaided, and another bit of cave system near Dirtlow Rake, details of which Gavin has found here. Good running and a very respectable turnout although at least two managed to lose the pack after about a minute and did their own route, perhaps more of that later. We finished in the Bowling Green pub. (Chris Barber) and Neil Woods (a newcomer, all the way from Oldham!) having stopped for a slash at the start were amazed to find that everyone had buggered off and left us, (bastards) so we went for a run on our own!

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posted by The Safety Officer on 23rd Sep 2010

A steady start to the true warting season and a more normal turn out. Mr Harmer had returned from his African journey, so normal service was resumed! None of this wild abandoned running....back to the bog-trotting and bracken/heather bashing, strange how we missed it. It was David Holmes'(Holmes, the elder) birthday, so cake was provided at the start. Some of greedier members consumed it at Hordron Edge stone circle but the more restrained managed to control their cravings until Crow Chin rocks, where the second whisky stop of the night was had, the first being an early nip at the stone circle. After this the usual battle across bog and tussocks was enjoyed all the way back to the cars at Redmires.

There is a map of this run, view the post to see it

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posted by WillyK on 16th Sep 2010

With Royal Dungworth just around the corner, and bearing in mind we'll not be wartin' from Dungworth this year, here's a clue for anyone in daylight search of the Limpopo ... a short wart November 18th 2009 taking in Rod Moor trig to boot.

There is a map of this run, view the post to see it
Just to clarify, we left Dungworth off the official list this year because it's a good "fallback" should we need an awayday and can't get to the nether regions of the Dark Peak

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posted by The Safety Officer on 11th Sep 2010

In the absence of Capt. Harmer, on leave in Kenya, some 20 keen runners (as opposed to scramblers, walkers etc), set off to Rivelin Needle and Rod Moor, back via the Headstone, Ocean View (almost) and the (moist) culvert by the water works. Nothing much to report, Lucy had the only whisky flask, which was a bit of a disappointment and much running was done by all, (see previous comment). A good opener for the real stuff to come. 8.55 miles, 1635 feet (the wonders of technology!) And... there was absolutely no trespassing, not a bit of it.. all on access land or public footpaths!
There is a map of this run, view the post to see it

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posted by The Safety Officer on 16th Sep 2010

Seems a while since the last Warts T shirt was released so thoughts are in progress on a new Winter 2010/2011 design.

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posted by John on 14th Sep 2010

The Warts have their first meeting of the season tomorrow evening from Bradwell. I think the meeting point is on the main road in to the village, by the playing field. Check the website for any changes. Newcomers are welcome but please read the safety note on the website.  Though one of our aims is to keep things informal, personal safety should be uppermost in everybody’s mind. We do run as a group but it is our individual responsibility to be able to get back to the transport or keep yourself, or others, warm if something goes wrong. Basic equipment to be carried should include:-

  • Head torch plus spare batteries or backup micro LED torch
  • Map, compass and whistle
  • Full waterproofs & body cover plus hat and gloves and spare thermal top
  • Food
  • Survival bag – light weight, foil type, for example
  • Hip Flask with decent whisky or other spirit! - very important and not your cheap Tesco stuff, we're all connoisseurs!!
Some Warts do carry additional safety gear but don’t rely on this as they don’t always turn up. We do operate an informal ‘car share’ system, by word of mouth, so do ring round if you can offer a lift or are stuck for transport. If you want any further information then contact Mark Harvey (0780 258 7598) or Tom Westgate (0773 406 6386) Mark

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posted by John on 10th Sep 2010

This is the blog for Dark Peak Warts, information about winter Wednesday night runs will be here.

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