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posted by StevenJones on 16th Sep 2016

Lakes Sky Ultra

Saturday 23 July 2016

56 km; 4,500 metres of ascent; grade III scrambling and sharp ridges in the Lake District.Mike Robinson was there (and I was not) and he was quite enthusiastic about it.

First Man: Donald Campbell; 7:30:40

First Lady: 9th overall; Sarah Ridgway; Run Snowdonia; 8:38:46

12th: Mike Robinson; DPFR; 8:55:03

72nd: John Brierley; DPFR; 13:34:27

The race will be repeated on 14, 15 and 16 July 2017 for those who missed it this year.This clashes with something else already planned but I may well have a go at it in 2018.

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posted by StevenJones on 8th Sep 2016

Lakeland 50 / 100

Confirmed entries for the Lakeland 50 / Lakeland 100 for 28-30 July 2017 show that a few Dark Peak Fell Runners have managed to successfully negotiate the notoriously tight application process with entries selling out within minutes of going live.They are:

Dan Stowers (50 miles)

Peter Hague (100 miles)

Steven Jones (100 miles)

Alison Wainwright (100 miles)

I have also entered the recce from Ambleside to Coniston on Saturday 28 January 2017 if anyone is interested in sharing transport.

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posted by StevenJones on 7th Sep 2016

Grand Tour of Skiddaw

Saturday 3 September 2016

44 miles (70.8 km); 7,136 feet (2,175 m) of ascent

Route: From Lime House School to Caldbeck, High Pike, Lingy Hut, Skiddaw House, Latrigg Car Park, Skiddaw, Long Side, Ullock Pike, Peter House Farm, Fell Side, Caldbeck and back to Lime House School.

Starters: 75

Finishers: 68

Retired: 7

Fastest Man: Jacob Snochowski; Above 2000; M31; 7:03:06

Fastest Lady: Sabrina Verjee; 6th overall; F35; 8:14:12

Steven Jones: 36th; Dark Peak Fell Runners; M53; 11:15:52

Weather: Warm and humid at first but after Caldbeck it started to rain and then got worse on the top of Skiddaw with strong winds too.The rain eased off a bit later.

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posted by StevenJones on 2nd Sep 2016

Some interesting ultras coming up soon ...

Date / Name / (mileage)

3.9.16 Grand Tour of Skiddaw (44)

10.9.16 Ten Peaks (Brecon Beacons) ( 55)

17-18.9.16 Cumbria Way Ultra (73)

23-27.9.16 King Offa's Dyke Race (185)

1-2.10.16 Longmynd Hike (50)

15.10.16 Round Rotherham 50 (50)

29.10.16 Dusk til Dawn (50)

12.11.16 Warrington Way Ultra (40)

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posted by StevenJones on 24th Aug 2016

Long Tour of Bradwell - Saturday 6 August 2016

32.7 miles (52.6 km); 7,218 feet (2,200 m) of ascent

Starters: 66; Finishers: 64; Retired: 2

Fastest Man : Ken SutorCheshire Hash Harriers 5:21:22

Fastest Woman :13th overall Lisa Trollope Unattached 6:50:57

Gregory Crowley : 8th 6:30:50 DPFR

Simon White : 40th 8:21:04 DPFR

Steven Jones : 45th 8:40:19 DPFR

Jim Paxman : 52nd 8:53:54 DPFR

Weather : A hot dry day and quite sunny. Dry underfoot.

Peaks SkyRace - Sunday 7 August 2016

29.7 miles (47.8 km); 6,560 feet (2,000 metres) of ascent

Weather: A hot dry day and quite sunny. Dry underfoot.

While trying to sprint as fast as I could on the outskirts of Buxton about a mile into the race I fell heavily on tarmac.My water bottle dug into the lower ribs (broken ribs?) and various cuts and bruises.My target to finish in under seven hours transformed into a battle to finish.It is hard to run properly when you can't breathe and I was reduced to a brisk walk and jog while limping along.Eventually I was timed out at the Cat and Fiddle pub (the final checkpoint) where I was about 17 minutes behind the cut-off.Even so I was pleased that I had carried on and it was much better than to have retired earlier on and it was still a fun event.The next evening (Monday) I went to the Leicester Royal Infirmary to be checked out and I was examined but not X-rayed.The medic thought that the ribs were not broken but the muscles were badly bruised and it could take up to eight weeks before I was back to normal and my toe was probably not broken.The chances of resting are pretty remote since there will be a busy schedule in September with some interesting ultras taking place.

Starters:147; Finishers:136

Fastest Man : Ben Hulkins Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers 4:36:12

Fastest Woman : 3rd overall Sarah Ridgway Unattached 4:56:39

John Brierley : 95th 7:23:44 DPFR

Steven Jones:DNF (timed out at the final checkpoint)

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posted by StevenJones on 11th Jul 2016

Chained 130 Ultra

Saturday 9 July 2016 - Sunday 10 July 2016

An ultra with a difference! It was tough and full details may well emerge in due course in Dark Peak News, Runner's World magazine or perhaps remain shrouded in mystery.

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posted by StevenJones on 30th Jun 2016

Ten Peaks The Lakes (Long Course)

Saturday 26 June 2016

45 miles; 5,600m of ascent

Weather : Good visibility and mild to warm. Some cloud and mist on the Scafell Massif and brief but heavy rain late in the afternoon and again early in the evening. Very thick mist on the top of Skiddaw.

Route description: Starting at Swirls Car Park near Thirlmere at 4 am the route visited the ten highest peaks in the Lake District plus two more mandatory peaks and some manned checkpoints.

There were 104 starters and 67 finishers and 25 DNF with 12 transferring to the Short Course.



Transferred to the Short Course:12


Fastest Man: Ian Symington; Calder Valley Fell Runners 12:47:23

Fastest Lady: Carol Morgan; FV40; 7th overall; Nidd Valley 14:05:15

55th: Steven Jones; MV50; DPFR 22:34:00

64% of Long Course starters finished and 71% of Short Course starters finished.

Overall a great day out over a tough course visiting some of the best peaks in the Lake District.

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posted by StevenJones on 22nd May 2016

Apocalypse 50

Saturday 14 May 2016

50 miles; 9,800'

Weather : warm and hot in the afternoon

Conditions : too warm to run efficiently and that slowed the pace but at least there was no rain and the visibility was excellent.

The event was centred on the Church Stretton School which operated as the start/finish/central checkpoint/base for refreshments and bag drop.The route consisted of four loops from and back to the HQ as follows:

Conquest:Caer Caradoc Hill (mildly observant runners would have noticed the iron age hill fort around the summit); The Wilderness; Willstone Hill and Gaer Stone.

War:Over The Long Mynd via the Carding Mill Valley; through Ratlinghope and back over the Betchcott Hills

Death:A double ascent of The Long Mynd.

Famine:Out to Wenlock Edge then back over Ragleth Hill.

The loops could be completed in any order and, indeed, in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction so long as all the self-clip checkpoints on the course were duly clipped into the race "passport".The permutations meant that at the start runners scattered in all directions and it was never possible to know where you were in relation to other competitors until the end.With everyone coming back to the race HQ at the end of each loop the organisers only needed one main central base to monitor proceedings and keep the runners fed and watered.



Ascent (feet)

















Finishers (all four loops):64

Finishers (only three loops):18

Finishers (only two loops):19

Finishers (only one loop):1

Retired:All but one finished at least one loop; 38 retired before completing all of the loops

Fastest Man:Colin Earl10:08:00

Fastest Lady:Kirsty-Jane Birch5th11:13:38

Steven Jones:32nd13:40:13(DPFR)

Trevor Matty:39th13:47:29(DPFR)

There were also seven entrants who did the Apocalypse 25 (just two loops).

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posted by John on 11th May 2016

Sally Fawcett writes:

Highland Fling Race 30th April 2016 - 53 miles, 7500ft

After the race was announced as the UK and Scottish Ultra Trail Championships for 2016, a number of elite runners entered. Competition was particularly fierce as this was also to be the selection race for the GB & NI team for the Trail World Championships in Portugal on 29th October. The British Athletics selection criteria states: At the trial, the first three eligible Senior Men and three Senior Women will be selected subject to them meeting the following selection criteria: (a) Has demonstrated the ability to be competitive and successful against World Class opposition in domestic and/or overseas international trail races of a similar length between 1 January 2015 and up to 10th June 2016.

Previous course records were: Lee Kemp 7:02 (2013) Lucy Colquhoun 8:10 (2008) So the scene was set for a fast race, even the weather was perfect for ultra running after torrential downpours the day before. A frosty start soon cleared and the sun came out, even with the occasional light, refreshing shower! My aim was for a top 3 female finish, I wanted to back up recent good results, but mainly to try to gain another GB vest.

Results: Starters 700 Finishers 625 DNF 75

Top 3 Male: Donnie Campbell 6:51 Damian Hall 6:58 Kim Collinson 7:00

Top 3 Female: Beth Pascall (7) 7:52 Sally Fawcett (15) 8:14 Sophie Grant (16) 8:15 Other Dark Peak results: Bonnie van Wilgenburg (31) 8:50 Julie Bembridge (148) 10:26

Both the male and female course records were beaten convincingly. I'm now waiting for the selection meetings in June, when the squad for Portugal will be announced, hopefully, my Fling performance will be enough, fingers crossed. Here's my blog on the race:

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posted by StevenJones on 24th Apr 2016

The Fellsman

Saturday 16 April 2016

61 miles; 11,000'

Weather : mild and good (patches of snow remaining in places) but very cold winds and colder later with some retiring due to hypothermia and frost-nip. The bogs froze with a crust of ice on top at night with the ice not being strong enough to support a runner leading to feet and legs plunging into icy waters.

Conditions : even boggier and wetter than usual!

Starters: 312

Finishers: 217

Retired: 94

Disqualified: 1 (lost tally)

Fastest Man: Konrad Rawlik 11:31

Fastest Woman: Karen Nash 15:45

Laurence Piercy: Joint 8th 13:18 (Lawrence?) DPFR

Steven Jones: 113th 19:41 DPFR

Neil Drake: Joint 168th 22:27 DPFR

John Vernon: 183rd 23:17 DPFR

At the awards and presentations the next morning (with some runners/walkers still out and yet to finish) someone received an award for their 40th Fellsman (36 successful completions) which gives a hint of how addictive The Fellsman is. It is perhaps roughly equivalent to two laps of the Three Peaks Fell Race followed by a Warts Run in terms of distance, elevation and the terrain and bogs. No wonder people keep coming back year after year.

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posted by StevenJones on 20th Apr 2016

Calderdale Hike (long course)

Saturday 9 April 2016

37.2 miles of undulating trails with 6,300 feet of ascent across moorland west of Halifax.The race took place in glorious sunshine making it a little too warm for the first half of the run but rain was threatened for late in the afternoon.The faster runners were able to get to the finish before the heavy rain started.I had to resort to my waterproof top before reaching the final checkpoint!Although the race was over a week ago the results have only just been released today.

Starters:54 runners on the long route

Finishers:48 runners

Retired:6 runners

Fastest Man:Edward Davies 5:36

Fastest Woman:Nicky Spinks DPFR 6:18

Steven Jones DPFR 9:09

John Vernon DPFR Retired (saving himself for the Fellsman the following week)

There were also 25 walkers on the long course (19 of them finished) and a short course option of 26 miles with 25 runners and 65 walkers.

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posted by StevenJones on 18th Mar 2016

Haworth Hobble

Saturday 12 March 2016

32 miles of undulating trails with 4,400 feet of ascent across moorland north-west of Halifax.

First men: Ian Symington CVFR and Ken Sutor Cheshire HH 4:16:01 (running as a pair)

First lady: Lucy Colquhoun 5:10:14

Peter Eccleston DPFR 128th 6:10:58

Jennifer Scotney DPFR 190th 6:42:43 DPFR

Steven Jones DPFR 214th 6:57:55

Alison Wainwright DPFR and Eleanor Wainwright 7:02:56 (running as a pair)

John Vernon DPFR 8:30:25

There were 310 finishers.There are no details of starters and those who retired.

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posted by StevenJones on 8th Mar 2016

Millennium Way

Sunday 6 March 2016

41 miles of flat trails from Newport to Burton upon Trent with a bonus of flooded fields to wade through near the end courtesy of recent inclement weather. First man Alastair Payne 5:54:51; first lady Helen Corrin 6:28:58; first (and only) DPFR runner Steven Jones 7:59:25 34th place. 131 starters and 119 finishers. The route has only 242m of ascent and 267m of descent to it was effectively a downhill race and a good tune-up for future events.

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