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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 31st Mar 2014

Pendle. English Championship. Ladies Results. . Mens Results.
As expected from Clayton, very well organised. After fuss about safety issues, all that mattered was running, and a basic obligation to follow the race instructions. Which everyone did.
Some rain around, but not much, a bit of clag, but not much. Just a case of go flat out and all do us best.
Not a clue as to team results, all that will get sorted. Dicky has it as 4th MV50, after Borrowdale, Helm Hill, Bowland. Looks like we need to drop Pendle....
So a big thanks to all who travelled and represented. Next is Coniston, and anyone with high hopes needs to get to grips with that descent off Old Man beforehand...

Coniston and Kentmere - Championship Races. These are full, but Dave Sykes is looking for an entry for himself and Jenny. He mentions that both races accept substitutes, so please don't sit on an unused entry...

Chicken Run:- Hayfield...results
New Dungeon Ghyll - "Mike Robinson won for the boys (43.16)"
Mow Cop:- results.

Summer Series (1). Back Tor and a Little Beyond - results.

BritishTeam Categories:- I am assured that this year there will most definitely be a MV50 Team category, and also a LV40 Team category - Page 45 of the Calendar was rushed out a bit too soon...

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