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From the Photos page

posted by WillyK on 11th May 2014

A third of the way through this year's Carshare League, with Keith Holmes the current leader and only runner at all four events, closely followed by Dave Lund and the current CSL champion Greg Rimmer. I plan to be at Appletreewick on Saturday, en route from a family visit to Leeds, and the whisper is that a few others plan to make the two hour trip from Sheffield on the day, including Dave Lund (see comments for w/c 10/11 May. Please use the comments below (and/or DP FB site) if you want to sort a carshare. See w/c 17/18 May post for Carshare Senior's route notes.

A reminder also that a number of upcoming CSL races are pre-entry only, including Borrowdale (entries open 1 June), Maesgwm Muddle (entries open 30 June) and the Lake District Mountain Trial (entries now open). I've got my entry in for the LDMT Classic course. Here's hoping I can meet the cut-off times.

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