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Final English Championships
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Week from 18th/19th August 2018
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posted by DaveT on 8th Sep 2014

Hodder Valley - final English Championship. Men's Results Ladies Results (Our most reputable Carshare League organiser is temporarily putting the results on the website..)
 An excellent course, genuine AS, a good show venue, and well organised.
The Senior Men not at full strength, but should have won the English Championships already, and many deserved congratulations to all concerned throughout the year.
A very strong MV40 group, but so had Borrowdale, and they may well have dumped us to second place. On a rough count, we may have been 2nd, so equal on 45 points. Countback could be some problem.....
As for the MV50 group, it effectively seemed like a selection race for the FRA Relays, certainly plenty for Keith to scrutinise when facing up to the huge problem of picking a team. Hopefully one/some of any unlucky ones may be selected for the "C" Team?
In due course the final Championship results will be out, and I'll try and list medal recipients...
Ladies - only Judith, and of course she was very high up, as ever. The LV40 Team are Champions.

Dan Middlemas is expecting to be flagging the route - in a manner known only to DPFR runners, we hope, - for Guisborough Three Tops, next year English Championship Medium.

Peris Horseshoe - and Half Peris Horseshoe:-
Nine Edges Race:- results. With no clubs listed, you may well have been left out of the DPFR results, so please ask our webmaster to fiddle any corrections. 

Mountain Trial -  Carshare League Race.
Classic results. 
Nicky is 2nd Lady, after Jasmin Paris. Rhys is 2nd M. after Hector Haines, but a gap of 36 mins. Long day out, seems to have been some strong course?
men are confirmed as 1st Team.
John Hunt doubled up from Hodder Valley:- "Fantastic course if you went over the tops (any combination of Helvellyn, the Dodds, and anything else nearby...) as I did. I couldn't resist them".
Medium Results. - 1st Lady for Kirsty  - and Short Results - can be fiddled from this link

Padfield Plum Fair:-  results
Burnsall -  BOFRA:-results

Monday - Summer Series 12 :- from Strines.
Wormstones - results, from ages since.

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WillyK says:
September 14, 2014 at 06:30 pm

Guisborough Three Tops eh, Carshare? Good to see the English Champs following where the Carshare League has been before.

Steve Bell says:
September 8, 2014 at 12:59 pm

If anyone is able to give me a lift to Hodder Valley on Saturday it would be mopst appreciated. I live in the Hunter's Bar area in Sheffield. Alternatively I can get to Clitheroe by train if someone can provide a lift for the final bit to the back of beyond. Please tel 07971 649682 or e-mail email if able to help. Thanks! 

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