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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 12th Jan 2015

Anglesey Ultra Long Thing This uses the west coastal path of Anglesey - no official results just yet.
John Hunt, warming up nicely for Flower Scar , "got an entry for the CTS Anglesey Ultra Marathon last minute as someone I knew dropped out. It's 32.7 miles and 3500ft+ of climbing. I was leading or in the leading pack until about 24 miles, then a young fit Ultra runner lad showed us how to run for home, took me apart steadily from there and just cruised away. Nevertheless that's got to count as my January long run even though it was in the daylight (only just). Looks like some negotiations still to be done with the final results, "on the road" 2nd came home and failed his kit check, he was disqualified there and then but the results are still "tbc". So we'll have to see if I'm officially 2nd behind a worthy winner or something else less correct. Kits always a sticking point, no one likes to carry it, but you do, if you don't and you're coming in placed you have to call a spade a spade."

Brass Monkey - well might one wonder what this is, but Simon Dixon found it, a half-marathon in that esteemed fellrunning territory - York. results.

Stanbury Splash. Due to ice, the course changed to the shorter Stoop route. Snow in the air, plenty of lying snow, even more deep slosh to fall in, or lose a shoe. David Lund must relish such stuff, venturing forth.results.

Lambs Longer Leg - results.
Crummock Round - results.

Further distant in time: - Nicky has "rescheduled the Hoppits races as they were clashing with Wolf's Pit. So the NEW DATE is Sunday 15th March. "
For those who've not ventured along for this, get it marked down and highlighted in the Calendar....

Carshare League.
This takes off the next weekend, with Tarren Hendre. , mid-Wales. Entry on Day, a map is on the website.
After that comes Windy Hill, Sat 14th February. , Mike Nolan was there last year, " This new race is a real cracker with lots of fast running and a big climb in the middle , 9 miles and 1300ft. Starting near Hollingsworth lake, the route took us over the M62 and onto a circuit around the Pennine Bridleway and the Pennine Way with a bit of hopping and jumping over Blackstone Edge. Austin sprinted in a few minutes back for a decent team performance .Pie and peas for £2 and decent ale at the bar finished off a good day out."
EOD , if available, is dearer, so pre-entry advised, it seems.

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