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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 1st Mar 2015

Flower Scar. English Championship (1).
Ladies Results. Mens Results.
Very well organised,and the expected extremely efficient results service.
A hard enough couse with plenty of everything, just runnable hills, mud, and hard running. Later on I'll sift through the results, but meanwhile:-
Judith is 2nd LV40 and 1st LV45
Nicky - 3rd LV45
Liz - 2nd LV50.
And the two front Ambleside Ladies finished so very impressively indeed.
Simon Bailey was 1st Man, with Rhys - 4th.
Dave Taylor - 1st MV50.
Tom Saville - 2nd MU23 and Gold MU23 Yorkshire Champion.
Apologies to anyone I've missed off, too hard for me to be sorting out teams, but any help most welcome...
Thanks to everyone involved with representing, next is British - The Moelwyns, and English - Stretton Six Summits. Both need pre-entry.

Trollers Trot - results. Martin Smith found it, 24 miles of Wharfedale's best, in 4:27:09, 108th position.
DPFR - 57A "race".
Brough Law - results. Joe is obviously not that tired....
Cautley - Kendal Winter League - results - nor Mike...
Ian Roberts Memorial - results. Neither is Nicky that tired, 1st Lady here.

World Masters, etc - North Wales
. This is September, there is an Open race, up Moel Siabod to the summit, Also the main event for Seniors, and then the World Masters. Entries are now being taken.

Jura Entries:- to be hoped everyone was on the ball, as it now shows "Event Full". Grateful thanks indeed to Simon for flagging this up so promptly.
"Entries for Jura are open via SIentries. They have set up a pre-selection list so if you want an entry, you need to complete this preselection list and wait for an email from the organisers once they have vetted your suitability.

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One comment

Will Boothman says:
March 2, 2015 at 04:51 am

Is anyone planning to go to Flower Scar who can give me a lift? May be able to drive if needs be.

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