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Totley AC
3h • 22/10/2018 • 9:36

Totley AC
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Rydal Round
1d • 20/10/2018 • 15:03

From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 13th Apr 2015

The Moelwyns - British Championship (1) and Carshare League 4 results. Looks like 2nd Open Men's, 3rd MV40s and 1st MV50s team, plus 2nd MU23 for Tom Saville and 2nd MV50 for Dave Taylor. Not sure I can count well enough to work out the women's team result but they've likely featured somewhere. There's a short report with the results. Full results.

DT - next Championship Race is Stretton Six Summits, Saturday 9th May. I've booked three nights in Ludlow Travelodge, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I'll not be getting there, so please can anyone use any of these nights?
- also, the report is from Willy. If anyone can help over races you get to, please send something through, as Carshare isn't likely to be on that starting line for a while.

West Nab:- results. And a deserved special mention for Ellie Crownshaw, 1st Ladies U20, just behind Jo Buckley.
Chicken Run:- results.
Anniversary Waltz:- results.
Teenager with Altitude:- results.
RAB MM2 - from Langdale. - results.
Trunce (2) - results.
Hartcliff Hill:- results.
Dick Hudsons.- across Ilkley Moor. Not that anyone was likely to be there - - but a reminder to push the BOFRA races. 2015 Calendar. These races are highly recommended, short and sharp, but always a good day out, and class juniors races.

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