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posted by DaveT on 5th Jul 2015

Bradda Niarbyl - English Championship AL:- Men's results : Ladies results.
Neil was first home, 10th, with Simon Bailey winning. Dave Taylor headed Spyke by 3 seconds for 1st V50, Judith is 4th Lady, and 1st LV45, Victoria Wilkinson winning overall, Calder Valley will be clear for first Mens team, hopefully 2nd for Senior Men, V40 - wait and see : 1st MV50 team . And wait for the Ladies team.

Wasdale:- results. Nicky, 1st Lady, sends:- "a lot of people clagged out. Stories of visiting Red Pike, Esk Pike and the corridor route abound. Unfortunately we spied Pennine making off with the Team prize but well done to Tim Rippon and Ashley for their V50 prizes!"

Pen y Fan - Brecon Beacons. results. A big 2nd place for returning Matt Crane.
Thurlstone Chase - results.

Charlesworth Carnival:-
Bollington:- results.
Broomhead Chase:- results.
Peak Forest:- results.
Trunce (6) - results.
Blisco Dash - results. Nobody ahead of Rhys.
Bamford:- Ian Charlesworth has most kindly sent a copy through. Gone onto DPFR Results. A link up to them all...
BOFRA Gargrave:- results. is different than any other BOFRA race, in that it's all runnable, and no big hills at all. Carshare wasn't last, but t'was a close-run thing. Mike Egner, honorary member of Settle these days, seems to be thriving up here, 3rd home, and the boys both doing well in their races. Didn't a famous comedian oft ask "Where's me shirt?".

Langdale - is a while off, October 10th, but it's pre-entry and popular, rightly so. The final Lakeland Classic, and a good way for the non-relay participants to close out the Lakeland year. Entry Details, etc

Autumn Relays; The Ian Hodgson Relay, from Patterdale, is 4th October, four paired legs. As ever, Borrowdale will be looking to maintain their stranglehold on the event, but .......We'll likely have the usual Senior Men, Ladies, and MV40.
Two weeks later are the FRA (British) Relays, from Barley, and around Pendle Hill. Two paired legs, two single legs. "All runners must have completed two category A fell races". No news yet as to what teams can be entered.
Selection is inevitably difficult, and there's no substitute for having some good results to press your cause.

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WillyK says:
July 12, 2015 at 12:50 pm

For Bradda Niarbyl results, see

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