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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 26th Jul 2015

Lingmell results? Something is here, but I can't rightly read them, so a typed up set may well be awaited...
Our esteemed webmaster must have visited that well-known opticians, as he has managed to put enough out on DPFR results...

FRA Relays - Pendle. Saturday 17th October. Details.
Four teams from each club are permitted, clearly parking and swamping the village will be issues.
So that is Senior Men, Senior Ladies, MV40, LV40. This year there will be no MV50 category, neither a "B" team. DPFR entries have been submitted for the permitted categories.

"Team members must be experienced fell runners who have run in at least 2 Category A fell races.". This seems most sensible. Likely the two shorter legs will be on the top bit of Pendle Hill somewhere, and in October, conditions could well be evil. Last year's Leg4 was run in cold, wet and clag. Didn't so many go astray in last year's Full Tour, getting off the top......

No doubt Club captains will enlighten you hopefuls about it all, and if you want to be considered, a CV of big races would help. Pendle 3 Peaks on Saturday 22nd August would be useful, especially if you don't know the area well.

Borrowdale:- Not! in the Carshare League, bide your time until Three Shires.. results.
Osmotherley Show - for them that can't get round a pleasant country show, and a good enough trail shoe course up through private grounds and then to the nearest trig point. Some removed arrows led to the leader going astray. But it's a fell race, and we are supposed to find us own way round, with any additional help being a bonus.

Farleton Knott, BOFRA - results
Trunce (7) - results
Parwich:- results.
Cracken Edge:- results.
Gribdale Gallop:- cancelled. Dave Parry, who organises so many of these N.Y.Moors races, is ill, and future races have been cancelled, although the Championship race still goes ahead.
Derbyshire Chevin 1 - results.
Salt Cellar:- results.

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