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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 2nd Aug 2015

Sierre Zinal:- results. On a most quick glance through, Gareth Briggs is 64th, 3hrs:12m.15s. Anyone been missed off?

Gladstone 9 - results. This is near Penmaenmawr. With selection for the Relays being tight, what can be better than John Hunt's effort at tweaking the selector's ear by winning the race...."Great course, lucky for me sunny and clear and I didn't lose the people that knew where we needed to be going. It would be a classic in the mist."

Turner Landscape:- results
Half and Long Tour of Bradwell:- results.
Arncliffe Gala results - that completes the required 8 counting races in the BOFRA Championships for Joe, just see eventually where that finishes him.
Teggs Nose:- results.
Round Hill:- marshalling duties for Carshare. Just one runner with a number on their shorts, and this is a right trouble for them trying to write down numbers accurately. To be hoped that DPFR runners have the manners to thank the marshals when passing, several couldn't be bothered today. That doesn't go down well.

Eccles Pike - results. - If winning the race is a necessity for Men's Relay selection, Rob Little need have no worries....
Denis Stitt Memorial:- results.
Ricky's Race:- results.

British Men U23 Championship. After Lingmell, it's looking that Tom Saville has an unassailable lead, so very many congratulations!
And also to Judith, with 4 straight wins, English LV45 Champion!


Show - is a while off, Tuesday 26th August. With, understandably, a limit of 100, pre-entry is worth it, and with free entry to the show,far cheaper. Details. The show is massive, and the race is completely unique, nothing remotely like it.


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