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posted by DaveT on 28th Sep 2015

Lakes Sky Ultra was a few weeks back, but never mind. It starts in Ambleside, and seems to do the Hodgson Brothers full course, with a good few extras. Some long, long day out indeed. results.
Mike was 5th, 1st V40, and out on the hills for a good while.

Ian Hodgson Relays, Patterdale. results.

Mike Robinson "has a green Pete Bland bum bag that was left in my van yesterday. If the owner gets in touch by text on 07778301640 or email, I'll arrange it's return."

It was still the purple vests of Borrowdale.......
Men - 4th : Ladies - 2nd : MVets - 1st.
More detailed stuff will need to come from Team Captains.
Almost ideal running conditions, no wind, not cold, and dry underfoot. For whatever reason I didn't catch up with the Ladies, so can't help much. Ambleside were well clear, but 2nd is a good result.
For the Men, Rhys and Johnny Crickmore took fastest leg on Leg2, but the strength of the other teams on the last two legs pulled them clear. Borrowdale - 1st : Keswick - 2nd : Calder Valley - 3rd : DPFR - 4th.
Not that much at all between these four teams.
With Tom Brunt and Dave Taylor running for the Seniors, it was close, and the crunch came on Leg 4, where Jon Morgan and Spyke legged it down fast off St Sunday Crag to come home with less than a minute to spare.
Thanks to Team Captains for sorting it all out, and next are the UKA Relays, in a fortnight, on Pendle.

Before the prizes, we were told of the death of Michael Hodgson, Ian's brother. Next yearit will be the Hodgson Brothers Relay. "The Joy of Living", by Ewan McColl, was played, and if, like me, you'd not come across this, have a look at this clip.

Isle of Man races:- No clubs listed, so you'll have to let us know if you were there. results
Saddleworth Edges:- results.
Curbar Commotion:- results.. with a Ladies win for Ellie, hopefully there's many more to come...

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