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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 2nd Nov 2015

The Pain Barrier:- 24th October. This seems to be a 10km "race", at Tong, between Bradford and Leeds. "The Pain Barrier at Parkwood is a 10km mud race set amongst 100 acres of off road wood and parkland. The course twists and turns across a variety of terrain so you'll find yourself running along muddy tracks and open fields, through woodland, across ponds and water obstacles and tackling steep hills and ravines."
In 56mins 39secs, first home is Kris Groom:- "It is a fully taped 10k race on a Land Rover driving centre, crossing various marshes, streams, ravines, and muddy-water filled dips and ruts. It is run by Neil Northrop and Pete Hodges and was great fun!"

Lakeland 100 - was a good while back, in July. Please let us know if you're doing events that are off the radar for poor Carshare. This looks like 100 miles around The Lakes. Kirk Hardwick was round, in 26hrs 36mins 50 secs.
Lakeland 50 results are already on DPFR results.

Roaches:- results
Leg it Round Lathkil:- results.

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Sam Williams says:
November 4, 2015 at 09:21 am

Anyone keen to lift share for Tour of Pendle? I'll be travelling from Nottingham but happy to meet folk in Sheffield area. Always happy to put in fuel money & offer conversation, ranging from the inane to inconsequential... Posted this on Facebook group also - comment, PM via Facebook or email if interested. Ta, Sam

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