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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 16th Nov 2015

New Eiger Nordwand record - the Youtube clip shows Ueli Steck getting up in 2hrs 22mins, this November.

The Trigger:- nothing like getting going early, is there? Sam Williams asks:- "Already put this out there on DPFR Facebook page but thought it'd be worth posting here too. Looking to arrange liftshare for Trigger (Marsden to Edale) in January. If anyone is keen, do get in touch ( email , comment, Facebook). Happy to put in money towards minibus (I'd offer to arrange but not local to city) from Sheffield or liftshare from Sheffield area/Notts/Derbyshire borderlands. Cheers, Sam"

Sale Fell - Mike has kindly sent the results for this local race, the top end of Bassenthwaite, finishing th, in 27.46. "There are no age categories but it was good to see a lad of about 17 or 18 winning, shortly ahead of his dad."

FRA Presentation Night - at Grasmere:-
Badger Bar Blast - results
Harriers v Cyclists - results. We appear to have a mystery runner, as "Joseph" has finished 99th, in 48.19. If the secret individual could enlighten us, please?
Clowne Half Marathon - results.

Peak Raid 3 - Round 3.-results "The Grindleford round of Richard Patton's Peak raid series was another well organised affair. It was a gloriously sunny, but distinctly chilly start. the race map re-used some of the area from last year's Totley round and added some more, but managed to produce a wholly different set
of choices. There was a lot of fast running to be had, despite the challenging terrain that characterises much of Big Moor. At the sharp end, there were a few teams that cleared all controls. Only one of whom
kept all of their points in the final reckoning. It was notable that many of our repeat offenders on the
coming-back-late-and-losing-all-your-points front were more canny on this occasion. Of the notable performances, Peter Gorvett put in an outstanding run to come in 12th over all. It is believed (but
unconfirmed) that he didn't quite get round to stopping in at home for a cuppa, despite it being on the map. The final round is at Crowden on 13th December."

Wrekin Wrecker:- results

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One comment

Sam W says:
December 1, 2015 at 10:07 am

Cheers for posting my Trigger liftshare request, indeed nowt like arranging these things early! Not that long after my request went up here, talk of a minibus being arranged has emerged on DPFR Facebook page - worth a look for those wanting a seat if you've not seen this already.

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