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Final English Championships
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Week from 18th/19th August 2018
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Ladybower Inn, 31st January 2018
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Joe Baxter
1h • 21/10/2018 • 8:10

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Rydal Round
17h • 20/10/2018 • 15:54

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Rydal Round
18h • 20/10/2018 • 15:03

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1d • 20/10/2018 • 8:50

Leven Valley AC Running Club 🎽
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Stuart Walker
1d • 19/10/2018 • 23:53

From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 30th Dec 2015

It's another year, and appropriate good wishes from Carshare to everybody, for whatever may be longed for.

Ireland British Championships. Saturday 9th April.
details A completely excellent course, from Donard Park in Newcastle. Muchly the long established Donard-Commedagh course, which has often been Championship, but now with a variation around the back of Commedagh. For once, no worry about entries, needed before late March, with no limit.
And being part of the Carshare League, what more incentive could there be to be joining in the excitement. A compass can sometimes help out.

Auld Lang Syne:- results
Padley Skyline:-
Moz's Birthday Run:-
Hunshelf Amble:- results.

Coming along soon. Sunday 17th Jan is the start of 2016 Carshare League, and that's Stanbury Splash. If you've not done one of Dave Woodhead's (MBE, don't forget..) races, they are character building. This is the longest, best of the courses, inevitably needing the shoes to be fastened tight. There is an art to parking, just ask if any help is needed. For the prize giving, nothing is remotely like it. Plus a free Malt Loaf thrown in for good value.

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